An Introduction…

This is my first attempt at publicising the events that have unfolded over the last 7 years & since the Police in both Cornwall & Sussex have proven themselves to be completely corrupt & totally incapable of conducting themselves with any form of decency I have had to resort to writing a Blog! As I sit here typing I am fully aware that This account, like all my other online accounts, has been hacked & cloned & it has been par for the course since the middle of 2017, a year after moving from Helston, where I lived very happily for 13 years, to Mayfield Road, Port Isaac... A place that will be forever etched in my memories as the beginning of a hellish nightmare that seems to have no end.

I will start the proceedings by informing my readers that there will be things spoken of here that will seem too extreme to be true but, I can assure you all, that Every single word written throughout this blog is the Gods honest truth & there is Hard Evidence for everything… some on video that sees my next door neighbours attempting to break into my car to remove evidence against them & a corrupt police officer, some photographed, some in voice recordings that capture corrupt police officers admitting their crimes. Some from other people who have their own proof of events by either being witnesses or having filmed events as they occurred. All of which have been ignored by police officers for 5 years, so you will have to excuse me if I seem to exude utter contempt for them from time to time! 🐷🙉🙈🐵

My “Tormentors’’ illegally took videos & photographs of me whilst I was drugged ((more on this subject later)) which they gleefully shared amongst Their friends & My neighbours before uploading them to the internet to cause me maximum degradation & humiliation.
They broke into my homes, my mobility cars, stole from me, threatened me & my dogs, even poisoning one of them. They spread vicious lies about me to neighbours & even threatened some of my friends & my sister, before then contacting my ex husband to see if he would be interested in helping them to further their harassment of me…

My ex husband & I had a Very bitter ten year custody battle, which saw me awarded full custody with no contact allowed for him & it seems he has spent 20 years harbouring a terrifying hatred of me! His father is an extremely rich arab & I have discovered, to my horror, that he agreed to fund my being ’professionally stalked & harassed’ by ex police officers who are now working in the ’private investigator’ sector… Again, there is Hard Evidence for this & a money trail!

My home & my life have been completely & irreparably Violated in Every way possible by these Vile Monsters & it still continues daily, despite 4 house moves to date, since December 2018, resulting in me eventually being forced out of Cornwall altogether in May 2019 putting a distance of nearly 300 miles between me, my daughter & my three grand children… I made Cornwall my home for 16 years. My daughter grew up there, my grand children are growing up without me there, my friends are there & my eldest dog was murdered there…

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I am a staunch believer in treating everyone with the respect they deserve... I am an energy healer, a proud grandmother & I strive to help others whenever the need arises in whatever way I can. Love makes the world go around & Karma gets Everyone in the end!

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