2pm… Prevented from sending a subject access request to the POLICE & CRIME COMMISSIONER , Alison Hernandez, for Devon & Cornwall police.
My emails are being sent back to me under a ‘mailer deamon’ heading once again.
& her secretary’s emails to My email address are now blocked too, preventing me from circumventing the blockage of my email address on their system! …(Same thing happened when I tried to email in an additional request to the SA1 subject access form I sent in on 11/05/2020 to Exeter Police Headquarters Data Protection Office. STILL AWAITING MY POLICE FILES REGARDING THE LAST 5 YEARS…Keep getting letters every 2 months putting me off for another 2 months!)

I will now have to go back to Hastings Library to send my request with my identification documents & hope that Their system isn’t hacked again like it was in July… I had to write to the IT people at the library to let them know why their pc system was crashing repeatedly after I had been using their computers for just over a week after my New desk top was hacked & crashed twice! As have all 4 of my pc devices since 2017.
The library management/IT dept. sent me a reply thanking me for informing them that their firewall had been taken down allowing unauthorised downloads to their system, which is protected as a rule from this sort of thing due to the pc’s being used by the general public for private secure use!
I knew why their system was acting up as my Russian Yandex email account was still being hacked whilst using their server & pc’s! So I thought I would test their firewall by trying to download the Russian Yandex Server to their system & to my surprise it let me do it effortlessly…& believe me, I am 54years old & by no means computer savvy, but I have spent the last 4 years being hacked & cloned to shit on every device I own including 2 iPads, one laptop, one desk top pc, 2 smart tv’s, 1 mobile phone SIM card that was cloned 2 years ago when Melissa & Lyle (name changed) broke in to my mobility car after stealing my spare key, & still collects evidence to that effect every time I send a text message due to them setting my number to forward my messages to 2 other phones, one being Miss Jameson’s!
3 routers from SKY, who have kept all info from the routers hacked & returned for exchange & Sky Priority Services Fraud Dept. have been personally & exclusively dealing with my account since the end of 2018 up to the present time!
My sister has been hacked, some friends have been hacked & every online account including this one have been hacked & cloned. All reported to Police & Action Fraud with Feck all done about it!

The email sending prevention operational activity has been happening regularly since March 2019 when I was still living in B————, Cornwall.

Starting with online reports I tried to send to the police regarding my online accounts being hacked & cloned by Melissa Janson (name changed) & her friends Mick Nolan (name changed) + (ex army & living 2 doors down from me in B————), & others…

Ex High ranking officer for Devon & Cornwall police THE SCOTSMAN of B————, who has been a close friend of Melissa’s family, some of whom lived in the house next door to me in B————& have lived there since 2004 to the present time as specified on electoral role records! They are her aunt & uncle.

Ex Police Sergeant CANNOT BE NAMED-YET, ( dog handler & trainer, who still rears & trains the dogs for the services in Cornwall & surrounding counties) another close friend of Melissa & her family since she was at school & living in d———-where He still lives … they are all also originally from Birmingham.
I also have recording of him in her house in Port Is it… from 2017 telling her he would make sure the police did nothing to help me & that he would contact his friends to make sure she & her boyfriend were not arrested for anything! Accompanying video footage of him leaving her house on multiple occasions with his dog which he ordered to ‘Talk’ making it bark to upset my dogs, is also available for the police when they are finally forced to act due to my human rights being denied me, especially Article 3 & multiple laws being broken repeatedly over the last 5 years to date.

Ex Police Sergeant Andy Stuart who blames Me for his having to take sudden early retirement at the end of 2017 to protect his pension (&freedom!) after being reported to the then OPCC & complaints upheld both times for lying to protect WPC Helen Lentern (also reported to opcc & complaints upheld).
Sgt Stuart decided it was safer to do a runner after he received a rollicking in an email from a fellow victim of Devon & Cornwall Police services Corruption & also that of Cornwall Housing’s dishonest housing officers after I contacted her to discuss my own ‘difficulties’ with them all & to ask for advice!
By the way, I never requested that Linda Timpson (name changed) send ex-Sgt. Stuart an email asking him ‘Why he was bullying yet another disabled tenant of Cornwall Housing?’, but he very obviously thought I had…that is the only reason I can think of for his involvement in the unrelenting Hate Campaign waged against me by the ever delightful Miss Jansen & Co. !

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I am a staunch believer in treating everyone with the respect they deserve... I am an energy healer, a proud grandmother & I strive to help others whenever the need arises in whatever way I can. Love makes the world go around & Karma gets Everyone in the end!

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