After the visit from the ‘Gestapo’ in November 2016 & my being told in no uncertain terms that I was Never to make a complaint to Anyone about my neighbour Melissa Janson (name changed for legal purposes) or her children about Anything she chose to do to me, my whole world began to look very bleak. Then on the 23rd December 2016 at 09.10am there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find a man standing there holding a briefcase, who held up a name badge for me to look at before introducing himself as Mr R Davies, chief fraud officer for Cornwall Council & he told me he was investigating my living in my home fraudulently on my own.
I was pleased to see him as I knew I wasn’t committing fraud & he was visibly taken aback by my being so; he was even more surprised when he saw my granddaughter sitting on the sofa in her pyjamas watching tv & her toys all over the place! Firstly he told me that he didn’t want to know Anything about what was going on with my neighbour or, indeed, anything that the housing officers had said to me when they came in November 2016.
I took him through to the kitchen & listened to what he had to say, which amounted to the ‘Gestapo’ (housing officers Lindsay Baxter & Sarah Payne from Cornwall Housing) having lied their asses off to him in official documents in an attempt to help my shitty neighbour, Melissa Janson, have me evicted after we fell out over her son back in October.
I listened to his questions & answered them all truthfully. I told him that when Lindsay Baxter showed us the house in July 2016 I had informed her that my daughter would only be home on weekends as she was Navy training as a flight engineer & that my granddaughter, who was 5 at the time, would only be with me on weekends & half the holidays as she was staying with her father in Helston during the week to attend school. I told him that Ms Baxter, when we told her about my daughter joining the navy, offered us the house straight away telling us she was from a Navy family herself.
Then my daughter appeared in the doorway as the conversation had woken her up. She sat down at the table & I left them to talk whilst I went & sat with my granddaughter in the lounge.
About 10 minutes or so later Mr Davies called me through to the kitchen & said “Right, I want you to tell Everything the housing officers said to you when they came to see you last month”. So I told him. I said they had ordered me not to complain about anything my neighbour did etc. & that they had threatened to take my home away within 2 weeks if I did not obey them. I also told him they had lied about my first house check with Sarah Payne in September 2016 & her telling me Melissas’ noise at night was her coping mechanism for Davids’ behaviour & screaming rages & that they had been informed I was living alone in my home fraudulently & that it wasn’t Melissa that had told them.
By this time Mr Davies’ face had turned quite red & he slammed both his hands down on my kitchen table as he leant half way accross it saying “ It Was Melissa”. I told him I knew it was & then he told me to lodge a formal complaint against the housing officers for lying & threatening to take my home away. I told him I was too scared to complain for fear of losing my home. He assured me that ‘I was fully entitled to my home & that as far as he was concerned it was the end of the matter’. He told me to complain to the housing officers manager, a Mr Mathew Clemments & he then gave me his business card & told me to call him if I had any further issues. I asked him if I could have a copy of his file, but he said I would need a solicitors request for that if it ended up in a courtroom in the future & again told me to complain to Mr Clemments.

I felt a little less stressed after his assurance I was not about to me made homeless, but was still too afraid to complain about the ‘Gestapo’ & their bully boy tactics so we just put up with all the noise nuisance from next door.

Christmas came & went fairly quietly, which was nice, then in the new year Melissa got herself a new boyfriend. (she had been left by her husband in November 2015 for a younger woman so one of the neighbours told me…Melissa put a brick through his caravan window when she found out where he was living! Such a charmer.)
The arrival of her new man, Lyle Trout (name changed for legal purposes) coincided with a phone call I was having on speaker phone with my sister, who lives in East Sussex where I grew up, one afternoon in early January 2019, when all of a sudden all we could hear coming from next door was the sound of Melissa & her new man having sex! (paper thin walls with no cavity insulation, you could hear a pin drop!) It culminated in a girlish Yelp from the man & then one from her….me & my sister laughed about him sounding more like a girl than Melissa did before ending our call. A fact that has irritated Lyle ever since, because they both heard me & my sister laughing about it!

Two weeks passed with a plethora of various purposely made noises, doors slamming, cupboards doors & drawers slamming etc. then one afternoon Lyle asked Melissa “Why are you being so horrible to the woman next door?” I didn’t hear what her answer to that particular question was (unusually because the walls were so thin it was like living in the same house!), but whatever it was it caused Lyle to join in with the noise abuse with gusto.
This went on day & night, with me being prevented from sleeping properly, my daughter being prevented from sleeping properly when she came home from navy training on the weekends & each time my granddaughter was put to bed at 7pm the noise levels went up tenfold to keep her awake as well. It was bloody awful & there was nothing I could do about it for fear of reprisals from ‘the Gestapo’.

By February 2017 it had become so bad I went to see my GP back in Helston about it as the stress was making me severely depressed. (I kept my doctor there as he had known me for years. Spending ten of them trying to persuade me to go for therapy at the women’s centre for complex PTSD caused by child abuse then very abusive relationships as an adult, resulting in me shutting off from men altogether from 2006/7)
I asked him if I could be prescribed diazepam to help me cope with the stress. He told me I would have to stop taking the Tramadol I had been on for the previous ten years for my severe arthritis & back problems due to it being broken by my first husband when I was 22 years old. He said that because they were both opiate based medicines he could only prescribe one or the other. I didn’t hesitate to make my choice…the neighbours were making life intolerable for both myself & my daughter when she came home on weekends exhausted from training, even going through a miscarriage whilst in the middle of it.
The stress from the neighbours was too much for me to cope with so I took the Diazepam option & then had to cope with the lack of proper pain killers, something that was extremely hard to do after using them for so many years. I would wait all day to take the Diazepam in the evening to enable me to sleep & started drinking with them to make sure I at least got a few hours sleep. Melissa & Lyle would stay up late & then wake up at around 4.30 am every morning, banging around in the kitchen to make sure I was deprived of sleep.
It got worse by the week, with Lyle banging pans around in the cupboard repeatedly, then slamming drawers & cupboards whilst Melissa slid things up & down on the kitchen tops bashing them up against the walls before stopping to see if I had got out of bed. Lyle would say “Is she up yet?” If they couldn’t hear any movement in my house they would continue the pattern until I had been forced to get up.

During the day when Melissa was out for a few hours doing her Dance fitness classes (she holds fitness groups around North Cornwall) Lyle would do the same noise routines on a fifteen minute rota system until Melissa came home. In between this there were David’s constant & ever worsening screaming rages to contend with daily. My Diazepam was increased to 10mg from 5mg & more booze was consumed before bed time to help me get some sleep!
My dogs were stressed, my daughter was stressed, I was spiralling into PTSD induced depression at an alarming rate & my doctor once again begged me to go to the women’s centre for therapy. He had spent 10 years trying to persuade me to go, telling me I had ptsd from child abuse then abuse as an adult in my very violent relationships, but I kept resisting as I didn’t want to drag up my very abusive past if I could help it. Over a seven year period I made my doctor refer me to therapists, psychologists & finally a mental health Panel who All told me the same thing…I had absolutely No Mental Health Issues…no Bi Polar, no Personality Dissorders including Schizophrenia, no Manic Depression etc. Nothing at all, but that I did indeed have COMPLEX PTSD brought about by childhood trauma & abuse & then abusive relationships which could Only be treated via the women’s centre in Bodmin & Bude as it wasn’t a mental health issue! I conceded to my doctors diagnosis for my depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bouts of agoraphobia, self isolation & stress & agreed to call WRSAC for help & was put on the waiting list, which, I was told, was a long one!
I tried, amongst all the crap the neighbours dished out almost 24 hours daily & all the nasty lies they spread to villagers to stop them talking to me, to mentally prepare myself for dredging up my very abusive past; a journey into a very deep dark chasm I was dreading. All those little boxes that had been filed & hidden away at the back of my mind for so many years.

Next door were aware of how bad things were for me as they listened to every phone call made to my sister whilst crying, every call to friends doing the same. My daughter stopped coming home every weekend & skipped the odd one here & there due to the lack of sleep from the noise nuisance & constant screaming from David’s tantrums that were Never quietened by Melissa. It was like living in a never ending nightmare with no end in sight & all the while I was still too afraid to complain to the housing or the police due to fear of losing my home. My doctor was the only person I told of all the abuse, harassment, hate crimes, threats & intimidation hurled at me daily from next door, with ever increasing intensity. It got so bad he started hugging me every time he saw me to try to comfort me…bless him. He wrote to Cornwall Housing asking them if they would make an exception to the rules & give me a full tenancy early so I could get an exchange, but Lindsay Baxter refused. Even my dentist wrote to them to tell them the stress was making my gums recede at an alarming rate making my teeth loose. My life was Shit. My health was suffering. My dogs were unhappy & so was I.

By the 2nd June 2017 it got so bad from next door I decided, in desperation for help, to drive 2 miles down the road to a lay-by to make a call In Private to the PIP section of the DWP (I had been registered disabled for years due to physical problems & severe depression from the ptsd.)
I spoke to a man named Phil for about 50 minutes & sobbed as I told him about everything that had happened since 2016, with Melissa & her son, the ‘Gestapo’ preventing me from making any complaints, not even to the police, & the constant unrelenting abuse from next door day & night & the threats of violence made towards me from Lyle when he drank at night.
The PIP man was horrified & insisted I go home to call the police as I was being “SUBJECTED TO SERIOUS HATE CRIMES & THREATS OF VIOLENCE”.
I told him I was too scared to complain, but he insisted & said he would calling them too as soon as our call ended & that my call to him had been recorded in case it was needed for legal purposes. I asked for a copy to be sent to me & agreed to call the police when I got home, which would take me about 20 minutes. I thanked him for his help & drove back home.
The police took my details & the reason I was calling & told me that as my home was rural it would take 2 or 3 days to get an officer to come out to see me, then he said “Oh, no wait a minute, we’ve just had a call from the DWP about this, an officer will be with you within 30 minutes”.

That police officer came at approximately 6.30pm, sat on my sofa & said “I know exactly what type of people we are dealing with here & I can tell you now that THE POLICE WILL DO NOTHING AT ALL TO HELP YOU & NIETHER WILL CORNWALL HOUSING. They will simply tell you to move & that’s the best advice I can give you. You need to move as quickly as you can”
Then we heard Lyle say to Melissa “ Fucking hell, she’s got the police next door”.
The police officer pointed to the wall & said “Is that them?”… when I answered YES he said “If I go next door & tell them to reign it in it will only make things a thousand times worse for you so I’m not going to, you need to move as soon as you can, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help to you” & with that, he left.

THAT WAS THE ENTIRETY OF ARTICLES 2, 3, SEVERAL OTHERS & PROTOCOL 1 – ARTICLE 1 OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998 being Completely Denied me by the authorities & signalled the end of my life as I knew it.

Melissa called an ex police sergeant who has been a close friend & neighbour of her family for donkeys years in another village a few miles from Port Is It (name changed for legal reasons) to ask him for help to keep her & Lyle out of the shit for what they were doing to me. That ex Sergeant had been a dog handler & trainer who still rears & trains the dogs for the police & the Navy in Devon & Cornwall & also trains the dog handlers in those forces too. He & Melissas’ family are all originally from the same place in the midlands as well.
He was recorded by me just after that telling Melissa, in her lounge, that he would “Make sure the police did nothing to help me & would not act on my complaints & that he would call a friend of his, an ex chief inspector, called Douglas Mcbride (name changed for legal reasons) to ensure it”. He then instructed the dog he had with him to “TALK, TALK” to make it bark…upsetting my dogs. Lyle said “Hahaha, that’s great, we’ll have to get a dog & you can help us teach it to do that, it will really piss her off”
I then filmed that ex police officer leaving Melissas’ house & getting into his blue BMW with his dog. He visited several times after that whilst I was still living there.
From that day Lyle would sit in their lounge with David making barking noises together to upset my dogs & make them bark…everything was escalated & the stress became intolerable.

My life was more miserable than it had Ever been. I was severely depressed. Terrified of Lyle threatening to hit me, come to my door & threaten me. He constantly peeped through my windows, encouraging their visitors & his brother Del to do the same thing. He even said repeatedly very loudly “I’ll just get a shotgun & shoot the cunt”.
The police did nothing except give me crime numbers & close the investigation without doing anything…not even a caution or warning letter was given to my neighbours from hell.
My therapy with the women’s centre started a few months later & she would tell me every week that serious hate crimes were being committed against me & that I was to report them to police each time they occurred & she gave me a rape alarm to press if Lyle came anywhere near me. I went to Bodmin police station so many times the desk staff & I were almost on first name terms! Crime numbers were mounting, but nothing was ever done. I had proof, but it made no difference….I was fobbed off each time. & all the while Melissa & Lyle grew more obsessed with their quest for my decimation & more confident with the severity of their onslaught.

By December 2017 my weekly therapy sessions at the women’s centre were being totally taken up with what was going on with my neighbours, instead of talking about the abuse issues from my past that had caused my complex ptsd. My therapist & I both agreed it would be better for me to concentrate on trying to find an exchange & then come back for 1 to 1 therapy when things had improved. By this time she had given me 2 rape alarms & was very concerned for my safety, as was my elder sister in East Sussex. My daughter was so worried about what the neighbours were doing to me she cut down the amount of time my granddaughter spent at my home, which was gut wrenching for me as I had been involved in her life since she was born. I missed them both terribly, but understood the safety issues.

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