The Third Time My Human Rights Were Obliterated By The Police.

By November 2017 things had got so bad my local MP had already been involved in my housing issues with the “Gestapo” making sure jobs were not carried out on my property, the garden not being done, even after the surveyor saw the state of it the day he came in for a cuppa & heard next door talking clearly through the wall as if they were in the same room! & a plethora of noise nuisance complaints made to Cornwall Housing after my tenancy became an assured one on 1st August 2017 a year after moving in. By that time I had put myself straight onto the housing exchange list, desperate to move.
The garden was finally done by May 2017, very badly, causing me to have to spend vast amounts of money to create some sense of privacy from the ever present Lyle peeping through the fence into my garden at every opportunity to piss me off; or the kids would be sent out to make shed loads of noise to scare my 2 rescue chihuahuas & my 15 year old Parsons Russell dog. They had started dropping broken pieces of glass over the fence daily & always in the same place to injure my dogs, myself & my granddaughter. Police informed … nothing done as usual. I started collecting it in a big bag for evidence.
I also discovered my home had been violated by Lyle entering it whilst I was out & had left the back door open… I was 40 metres down the end of my garden sorting out some weeds behind a fence so couldn’t see my house due to the outside shed & attached outside loo. He bragged about it to their friends later that day. By that time I had been told by police in Bodmin & my MP to keep a daily diary of events & when I heard him telling someone that he had been in my house because he “Just wanted to see what was in there” I was so worn out with the never ending abuse I just kind of took it in my stride & simply added it to the list of shitty things they were doing every day!
I did start to put tiny pieces of folded card at the top of my front door every time I went out to see if he would break in again, as the card would obviously be on the floor if he did, but it was always in the same place when I got home so I thought he had just done it the once…. I later found out he had, in fact, come into my home through the open back door & taken one of my spare back door keys from the kitchen shelf next to it, had one cut & then replaced it whilst I was out with my dogs.
The break in & entering had occurred to facilitate my laptop, mini iPad, 2 smart tv’s & my Sky router being hacked. Police not interested…what a surprise!
My pc man (who has an IQ of 180 & speaks 11 languages including Mandarin Chinese & Russian & used to work for RAF intelligence at St Mawgan RAF base near Newquay, was called when my laptop started acting up…he told me that All my devices had been accessed from an ‘outside source’ & recommended I inform the police! If it would have done me any good I would have done so!
I simply nodded & agreed to him wiping Windows from my laptop & installing Linux instead, which he said would be safer. IF ONLY!…
I later discovered my laptop had Again been hacked when all my accounts started playing up, notifications of tampering with passwords were received & then finally I found that every time I logged onto the internet it was being done via Richard Pinders’ mobile WiFi connection & Not via my Sky Router…. I was mortified. Richard Pinder was the son of the couple 2 doors down & a close friend of Melissa & Lyle, as were his parents Alistair & Angela Pinder.
After getting over the initial shock of realising people were coming into my home whenever they felt like it & going through my belongings, violating the sanctity of my home, I wrote down the WiFi address belonging to Richard Pinder for evidence purposes & deleted it from my connections list. I then had the awful realisation that even my home had been completely breached along with all of my human rights. I then noticed things were not in their usual place. A large labradorite crystal had been turned around & upon inspection I discovered it had obviously been dropped & had a crack in it & a small chip had been made because of it.
I have been an Energy Healer for nearly 30 years & have a large collection of crystals, most of which had been moved from their usual spots. (dust marks gave it away!). I never noticed previously so it must have been a recent ‘visit’ from my neighbours! I also found a large ivory coloured Buddha statue was missing, the one I kept Eddies’ first puppy collar hanging from on the right hand finger. Eddie was my Parson Russell dog. A little sod, but I loved him to bits…he was my constant companion throughout the previous 15 years. Little did I know he would soon be prematurely leaving this life…

As I looked around my home, a feeling of utter hopelessness enveloped me & I cried my eyes out. I was depressed, stressed & living next door to a couple who had very obviously developed some sort of morbid obsession with trying to make me move. I often heard them arguing about me. On one occasion Lyle was heard shouting “You told me you wanted That woman out of that house & I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do, what more do you want?”… They had both been trying their hardest for months to create as much noise as was humanly possible day & night. I caught them climbing back over my garden fence on one occasion…obviously just after having another regular nose around my home whilst I was out. Being rural it took a good 20/25 minutes driving to get to anywhere with shops, so I was always out for at least 2 hours giving them plenty of time to go through my belongings, steal a few things here & there & hack every device in sight! All provable as evidence has mounted over the last 5 years & it still is!
The noise levels were unbearable in the mornings, so I started getting up at 7am & just sitting quietly in my kitchen listening to them crash around the pan cupboard, slam all the kitchen & bedroom drawers & doors, clank around in the fireplace & then stop to see if they could hear any sound in my house. Usually followed by Lyle saying “Is that fat cunt up yet?” On one occasion I was actually standing in my garden when all this was going on & after he had said it to her I replied “Yes Lyle, the fat cunt Is up”! There was a deathly silence for a few minutes, then their back door slammed shut!
I had started recording them on & off by this time under the instructions of my doctor after he showed me how to do it with my phone. On that particular visit to the surgery in Helston, which is a 1 & a quarter hour drive away from Port Is It (name changed for legal purposes), my doctor told me it was ‘’Going to get a lot worse before it got better’’, so I braced myself for another life event I ‘fight or flight’ mode. A coping mechanism well known to me over the years of abusive relationships.
Realising my entire life had been invaded & totally violated by Melissa, Lyle, their friends & neighbours, I decided to up the anti & complain yet again to the police & Cornwall Housings’ ASB team, better known as the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team to ask for sound recording equipment to be installed after yet another visit to my MP’s office in Bodmin for advice.

I was summoned to a meeting at the offices of Cornwall Housing on the Chy Trevail business park estate, just off the main road into Bodmin to meet with a Miss J Kinsman, the neighbourhood enforcement officer.
Upon arrival at the reception desk I was told to take a seat & wait for Miss Kinsman, who arrived shortly afterwards & asked me to follow her to an office just accross the hall. When the door opened I was greeted by the very sullen looking Lindsay Baxter & introduced to a WPC Helen Lentern from Bodmin police station.

I wasn’t expecting a police woman to be there & was immediately made to feel ‘uncomfortable’ by the seating arrangements already laid out for my arrival with Lindsay Baxter behind a long desk, Jo Kinsman seated next to her but slightly on the corner, my chair 3 feet away from the desk in the middle of the room & WPC Helen Lentern sitting directly behind me slightly to my right. It made me feel like I was being paid lip service which was, of course, the whole idea!
The meeting didn’t go well, with Lindsay Baxter very obviously totally disinterested in everything both I & Miss Kinsman had to say. Baxter never once made eye contact with me, instead she just kept looking over my right shoulder at WPC Helen Lentern with a look of boredom in her eyes. Lentern returned the looks of disinterest each time I looked round at her for a reaction to what both Miss Kinsman & myself were pointing out as serious harassment & abuse from my neighbours. At one point Miss Kinsman held up one of my diaries, pointing to a page frantically & saying to WPC Helen Lentern “Look, this is serious Hate Crime, something needs to be done about this”. WPC Lentern said absolutely nothing &’didn’t even bother to read the page! She just looked over at Senior housing officer Lindsay Baxter who was also completely uninterested. I couldn’t believe what was very obviously happening. Cornwall Housing are famous for Shafting people they deem to be ‘nuisances’…people who don’t tow the line & do as they are told. I was, after all, the Newcomer to Port Is It (changed for legal reasons) having moved there from South Cornwall the year before to facilitate my daughters’ Navy training & then career as a flight engineer at RNAS CULDROSE in Helston where I was living previously for 13 very happy years! & Oh God how I wished I was still there!
The meeting ended with Baxter reluctantly agreeing to install sound recording equipment in my home to capture the noise nuisance & ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR & Threats from my next door neighbours from Hell. She told me that Melissa would be notified in writing that this was to happen, but would not be told the date it would be installed. I didn’t hold out much hope of it working due to previous dealings with them all in 2016 onwards! The last time I had seen Baxter she was threatening me with Immediate Eviction if I dared to complain about Melissa at all, so I wasn’t confident anything useful would. One of it all…
Miss Kinsman said she would be in touch to let me know when it would be installed; I thanked her for her help & drove back home to Port Is It. dreading another evening of ASB & Lyle & David making barking noises constantly to upset my dogs. Mindless morons spent all their time obsessing over me, day & night. I had been the only topic of conversation I that house since the day he asked her why she was being so horrible to me back in January 2017 just after he started dating her & he moved in a few weeks later!
Personally I would have thought a new relationship would have been all about how smitten they were with each other & how lovely everything was to be in love…..but not Melissa. Her Only goal in life was to make me as miserable as possible & to make me move out of the house next door to her & she made no secret of it either! Everyone in the village knew she hated me. She & Lyle gleefully told visitors to their house one time “We’ve successfully alienated her from almost everyone in the village, she’ll have to give up & move soon”. It was a relentless hate campaign designed to cause as much stress, misery & sleep deprivation as possible.

The recording equipment went in on a Tuesday; by Friday it was full due to me having so much to record….next door were a little quieter, but not much. I rang my sister to tell her the equipment had stopped working & had a moan about it all.
The next morning I saw Angela Pinder, the neighbours 2 doors down who were close friends with ‘next door’ leaving Melissas’ house wearing a long purple coat with the hood up & carrying a small case under her left arm & a Bruel & Kjeer hand held sound recording monitor in her other hand with the front panel of it facing backwards so I could see it. I recognised it straight away as the same equipment that was installed in my home by the NET officer! It’s bloody expensive kit so I knew it hadn’t been bought. I watched In amazement as Angela scurried off down the road & disappeared into her fathers house over the road. When I mentioned it to my sister she thought the same as me…the housing officers had told Melissa what day the equipment was going in & she borrowed the same equipment to record me too! It’s the only logical conclusion.

The recordings were collated & Baxter informed me there was nothing on it except ‘Normal Household Noise’. I wasn’t at all surprised by this as I already knew I would be shafted again by her & WPC Helen Lenterns’ attitudes toward both myself & Miss Kinsman during the previous meeting at Cornwall Housings’ offices at Chy Trevail.

I protested that I did not agree with the findings as they did not match my own recording of incidents as they happened & the next thing I know there is an appointment booked for both Miss Kinsman & WPC Helen Lentern to attend my home to discuss what was going on regarding the ASB & noise nuisance from my ever delightful neighbours.
They both stood in my kitchen talking about what would be happening that day & WPC Lentern said she would be going into Melissas’ house to test the noise levels through the walls by talking & seeing if we. Old hear her from my house.
Miss Kinsman & I waited for any sounds, we could just about hear faint conversation & then a tap on the wall from WPC Lentern who then said ‘did you hear that’ we both said yes faintly & then there was silence. Then another tap on the wall & WPC Lentern asking if we heard anything. We heard nothing that time & said so. Next thing WPC Helen Lentern came back to my home & proceeded to LIE HER ASS OFF by telling both myself & Miss Kinsman that she had ‘’SHOUTED AT THE WALL AS LOUDLY AS SHE COULD, CAN YOU HEAR ME’’ cupping her hands to her face as she said it in an exaggerated whisper…obviously trying to make out she was shouting.
Miss Kinsman & I both looked at each other bemused & replied that we had heard nothing….we both Knew WPC Helen Lentern was lying.
Everyone that had been in my house could clearly hear everything that next door said & did even when they were acting normally & not trying to be noisy…the walls are paper thin with No insulation. The Cornwall Housing building surveyor had heard them clearly when he came to my home in February 2017 & was shocked at how the sound travelled between the houses…he told me I needed “Celotex sound insulation installing” & said he would “Mention it to the office when he got back”! The houses on my estate were built 50 years previously & everyone had sound problems….one of my neighbours, who was a lovely old lady, told me when she was younger she had to bang on the wall when her neighbours were “At it” to tell them to be quiet as her mother was just about to arrive for a visit!
That same old lady was lovely, we got on really well & she kept telling me not to let them bully me into moving away. I just had to though, the stress was too much & then finding they were coming into my home whenever they felt like it was just too much for me to cope with as the police were steadfastly refusing to do anything at all to help me except give me endless crime report numbers & not investigating anything. A trend which still continues to this day!

A second sound recording installation took place just after the fiasco with WPC Helen Lentern lying to myself & Miss Kinsman, neighbourhood enforcement officer for Cornwall Housing, whilst standing in my kitchen & me putting in a formal complaint about her to the then IPCC (independent police complaints commission) which was upheld & forwarded the police professional standards department. Her Sergeant, Andy Stuart, also from Bodmin police station, was then put in charge of investigating my complaint & tried lying to protect her so I complained formally to the IPCC about him too & that complaint was also upheld! ….eventually. It was rejected at first by the police professional standards department, then when I appealed via the IPCC they insisted the police Record my complaint against him.
He tried again to clear WPC Lentern of lying & said he had spoken to Miss Kinsman, ‘The Witness to the lie’, who apparently denied the conversation that went on in my kitchen.
I spoke to Miss Kinsman myself & no such conversation took place with Sergeant Andy Stuart according to her.
I RECORDED MY CALL WITH MISS KINSMAN THAT DAY FOR FUTURE EVIDENCE, as a pattern was emerging with Devon & Cornwall police that left a nasty taste in my mouth… I think it’s called Bullshit!
In all, 2 complaints about Both police officers were lodged with the IPCC & both were upheld. Sergeant Andy Stuart called me at my home to tell me off, saying “I’ve been a policeman for 29 years & I love my job. Are you telling me I don’t know how to do my job properly?”… my gut reaction was to say YES I AM, but I thought it best to resist the urge & simply replied “ No Sgt Stuart I am not, but WPC Lentern lied when she said she ‘’shouted as loudly as she could’’ through the wall from my neighbours house that day, it simply isn’t possible to do that without being heard.
I didn’t bother to tell him I had spoken to Miss Kinsman myself & had recorded the call in which she informed me that Sgt Stuart had Not spoken to her at all about it, & I also asked her several times during that call about exactly what WPC Helen Lentern had said about shouting as loudly as she could through the wall & each time Ms Kinsman confirmed that it was correct. Lentern had lied…full stop.

Next thing I know, I’m getting a call from Cornwalls Mental Health services telling me that a WPC Helen Lentern had called them to say “I was a danger to myself & others & that they needed to section me”!
They were bemused & asked me why on earth she had called them to say that because I was no such thing!
They knew I had already seen the mental health team in February 2017 to have one final stab at making sure I had absolutely No Mental Health Issues At All before giving in to my doctors wishes & signing up for therapy with the women’s centre in Bodmin for PTSD caused by childhood trauma, abuse & then abusive relationships!
I told them she was pissed off due to me complaining about her to the IPCC & that my complaint was upheld & sent to professional standards to deal with.
The lady on the phone told me I should complain about it to the police station, so I called Bodmin police station straight away.
As you can imagine, I was furious. Who the bloody hell did she think she was trying to have me sectioned for complaining about her for lying….she bloody well did lie & I had proof for it by way of a witness! Not my fault that both her & her Sergeant are corrupt, got pissed off about my complaints being upheld & were out for revenge.

Bodmin police station told me WPC Helen Lentern was not available when I called & that they would leave a message for her to call me back. I was surprised when she did just that less than ten minutes later. She sounded condescending & sarcastic when I asked her what the bloody hell she thought she was playing at ringing the mental health people telling them I was a danger to myself & others? She tried to tell me she was ‘’only doing her job as she was concerned for my welfare’’…. BOLLOCKS WAS SHE.
She was pissed off that my complaints were upheld & it muddied the waters as far as my neighbours went with their continued & ever increasingly disturbed obsession with me!
I told her under no circumstances was she to have Anything more to do with Any of my complaints to the police about my neighbours & that I was formally requesting that another officer dealt with things from then on.

Back in November 2016 when I had my falling out with Melissa next door & after the ‘Gestapo’ came to bark orders at me in my home to say I either had to obey or be homeless, I had chanced upon a lady who posted blogs online about her own harassment problems with Cornwall Housing & police being less than helpful & had contacted her a couple of times to ask for advice about my own worsening situation.

I decided to contact her again to let her know what had happened with my complaints against Lentern & Sgt Andy Stuart & the reaction it provoked from Lentern…..she was gobsmacked!
Then the next day she told me she had decided to send Sgt Stuart an email asking him “Why he was bullying yet another disabled tenant of Cornwall Housing?”

I told her I wished she hadn’t done that as it would more than likely provoke a shitty response for me with any future dealings with Bodmin police station regarding my problems with my neighbours & their hate crime campaign going constantly uninvestigated or indeed dealt with properly at all !…

I thought no more of it until I had to go to Bodmin police station again to report yet another incident. When I asked if Sgt Stuart was about, the desk staff said “ No, Sgt Stuart isn’t here anymore, he took sudden early retirement much to everyone’s surprise, we were all shocked about it; can someone else help you instead?”
Taken aback I replied “No” & simply carried on with the report of hate crime I had gone to the station for.

It occurred to me on the way home that Sgt Stuarts’ early & sudden retirement coincided with the lady bloggers’ email to him asking why he was bullying yet another disabled tenant of Cornwall Housing!…. & the fact that he had phoned me to tell me off a few weeks previously telling me “I’ve been a police officer for 29 years & I love my job”… this was all starting to take on an entirely different & distinctly sinister set of circumstances now & I didn’t feel good about it at all. I could feel something shitty coming my way, but had no idea what it was.

The second set of recording equipment was set up & again Lindsay Baxter said there was nothing on it except, yep you guessed it, “Normal household noise”… I knew that was utter rubbish as I had made my own recordings at the same time & David could be clearly heard screaming his head off non stop for 15 minutes one lung full of air at a time, then he ran upstairs & completely smashed his bedroom to pieces after screaming at Melissa & Lyle “Why can’t you just leave that woman alone, I’m sick of this, I hate you”. I can only imagine what kind of state that poor little boys’ mind was in & Melissa Still did nothing to help him. He very obviously had behavioural problems that he needed help with. I could see it, one of my relatives had the same kind of violent angry rages as a young boy & spent years in therapy.
No way was that ‘normal household noise’…I almost called the police it was so loud & So scary. The only thing that stopped me was the certainty that they would do bugger all as per usual. So I just took an extra Diazepam instead & poured a large glass of wine!
That particular outburst from David was one of his scariest & when I told my friend Rob the next day he said I should have called him to come to my house, but I told him I didn’t want to disturb him. He only lived 2 streets away, but next door had spread nasty rumours around that I was sleeping with him & I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. I had already had to pronounce out loud to a Spar shop full of villagers earlier that year that I was not sleeping with Rob & had not slept with anyone else my neighbours had said I was sleeping with in the village either! I had been very happily celibate since 2007.
The girl behind the counter said awful things were being said about me but they knew it wasn’t true & not to worry. I thanked her for her kindness.

All in all it had been a really shitty & emotionally draining year & now I had a vengeful ex Sgt. & a pissed off WPC to watch out for, so I did my best to keep my head down.
My hate crime complaints continued, as was advised by the police, even though they did sod all to deter them.
My therapist at the women’s centre had persuaded me to join a ‘group therapy’ session for my ptsd in Bude that took place weekly & ran for 4 months that had started in the new year, even though I did my best to try to wriggle out of airing my dirty laundry in public!
So much had happened in 2017…the constant abuse from my neighbours was getting more intense by the day, my stress levels were sky high & the Diazepam was hardly helping at all. I missed my daughter & granddaughter so much it hurt & Christmas was awful as they had decided, due to all the harassment going on at my house, to move back to Helston permanently; & as my daughter was now a fully fledged flight engineer at RNAS Culdrose in Helston, it made sense. I still hated being without them though & wished with all my might that I’d never moved out of Helston.

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