The Fourth Obliteration Of My Human Rights.

Christmas 2017 was horrible.
My birthday, Christmas Eve, was spent hurriedly driving the hour & fifteen minutes journey down to Helston from Port Is It (name changed for legal purposes) to drop off presents for my granddaughter as she was due at her fathers for the night & Christmas morning & I wanted to give her a ‘HUGE HUGGLES’ before she went! I also wanted to make sure she had her presents ready to open on Christmas Day when she got back to my daughters’ in the afternoon. & I also did some food shopping for them for more snacks & bits n bobs.
My daughter had no car at that time so couldn’t get to mine & I wasn’t sure what delights lay ahead for me back in Port Is It later that day & night, so wasn’t sure if I would be making it into Helston on Christmas Day….
It crippled me hearing my granddaughter say how much she was missing me & wanted me to ‘stay’, but I squeezed her tight & told her we’d spend more time together again soon. The drive back to Port Is It was a sullen one, interspersed with a few tears & a snotty nose!

‘Next door’ knew it was my birthday & did their best to make it miserable & succeeded … same on Christmas Day. I was so miserable I couldn’t bring myself to drive to Helston so stayed at home with an undecorated house & simply took the dogs for a walk on the beach. I called my daughter & granddaughter & wished them ‘Merry Christmas’ at lunchtime & settled down in front of the tv!
The festive season came & went with the only ones enjoying any of it living in the house next door!

My neighbours from Hell took the sleep deprivation & harassment up a few notches for the new year & my group therapy sessions in Bude for ptsd caused by childhood abuse & abusive relationships, which my neighbours were well aware of as they listened to every conversation in my house, weren’t as soul destroying as I thought they would be. In fact they were a godsend!
The other women in the group were mostly younger than me, I was 52 at the time, & the 3 therapists were great. It was a surprise to me that things went so smoothly as I have always been a bit of a loner & never really talked to anyone about my past abuse. I just filed it all into little boxes & locked it up tight never to see daylight again!
By the second session we were all getting to know each other & we All formed a strong bond. It was easy talking about ‘things’, even for me!
Being an energy healer for so long, (nearly 30 years) I tend to naturally give off a calming vibration to others around me & it soon became apparent when one of the group mentioned it whilst we were all doing an exercise in ‘’self expression & learning to say NO’’. The therapists had a quick chat with me about it during the tea break & told me I had a very calming effect on everyone that they hadn’t come accross before in any other groups they had run, which cheered me up no end…”Spread the love people, spread the love!” was my reply. Me & ‘the girls’ decided to go for a coffee in town afterwards & we had a hoot.

This theme continued over the weeks, with us all continuing to ease each other through our traumas & meeting up in between to have coffees & a chat & the weeks flew by. One of the therapists called me to say she was wondering if I would be interested in doing the volunteer training to help other abuse survivors as I had a natural affinity to relax people & get them to ‘open up’ about their deepest issues without actually having to ask any probing questions & that they had never had a ‘group’ with the dynamics that ours had & they thought it was a lot to do with how I made people feel! … I jumped at the chance & said I’d sign up as soon as the course ended & would concentrate my efforts on getting an exchange property in Bude to make things easier. It made sense, as I had formed strong friendships with the other girls in the group & most of them were either living in Bude, or close to it & the therapy sessions I would be conducting would also be taking place there once my volunteer training ended. I was elated!

I found a house exchange a few days later & went to see it, fell in love with it & hoped they would like my house! Theirs’ had a stream running past the end of the garden which I had always dreamed of having. It would be the perfect place to cleanse all my crystals once a month or so. I couldn’t wait to get home & tell my sister! Next door were as quiet as mice as I told her all about it on the phone & explained how excited I was at the prospect of exchanging to my dream home! It was with the same housing association as mine, Cornwall Housing, so it shouldn’t take too long to get it accepted if they liked my house.

As it turned out they didn’t, mine was too rural for them, so we decided to find another property that they liked so we could do a 3 way exchange instead. Thankfully it was a quick search & a family from the Truro area came to view mine & liked it & the Bude couple liked theirs. All still with the same housing association so would be quick.
The Truro exchangers would be ‘over occupying’ as they had 6 children, but Cornwall Housing were desperate to ‘get rid of me’ due to all the hate crime & harassment complaints lodged against my neighbours with both Their offices & the police in Bodmin, that they ok’d the 3 way move.

My neighbours from Hell, by this time, had reached new heights of aggression with their almost 24 hourly onslaught of abuse, threats, noise nuisance & harassment. My mobility car (I’m registered disabled due to physical health related problems) had the rear windscreen wiper wrenched completely off by one of their friends who lived just up the road with her parents, the Garners (name changed for legal purposes). The girl, Clare Garner (name changed for legal purposes) bragged about it in the village…..gossip travels! She was one of Melissas’ drinking buddies & an old school friend so I’m told. It cost me nearly £50 to get it replaced at the mobility garage in Helston. Oh, how I Still wished I had never left there!
Varying degrees of verbal threats, unbearable noise nuisance, sleep deprivation & Lyle peeping through my windows & entering my home whenever he & Melissa felt like it to mess with my laptop, mini iPad, & smart tv’s continued. My exchangers in Bude were dragging their feet about when they wanted to move & Lyle was overheard telling one of their visitors gleefully “She’ll never get her move to Bude, we don’t want all those kids moving in next door to us”, referring to the family from Truro who wanted my house. Having been advised by the Hate Crime officers from Bodmin police station during a 2 hour meeting with them in April 2018 to keep a daily diary of events, I made a note of it & prayed the move would come quickly. They were wearing down my defences at an alarming rate, my therapy sessions were coming to an end soon & I didn’t want to still be living next door to them when they did. I was terrified every night as Lyle was getting more & more aggressive towards me with daily threats of violence, including repeating often that he would ‘’Just get a shotgun & shoot the cunt’’. Interspersed with ‘’I’ll just go round there & make her move out’’. He & Melissa could often be heard telling their friends & family when they visited, which was mostly daily, that I was making up lies about them to get them in trouble & calling me ‘’A fat bitch. A fucking bastard. A fat cunt. Etc. Etc.’’ It never ended.
They would climb into my garden over the fence that I had raised higher to deter them (FAT CHANCE!) to destroy my plants & urinate everywhere. They were still dropping small pieces of broken glass over the fence to injure my dogs & me. My granddaughter barely came to stay with me due to all this, which was making me more & more miserable. Cornwall Housing did absolutely Nothing about them & niether did The Police.
After June 2nd 2017 when the DWP called the police to do something about my neighbours Hate Crime & constant harassment & Melissa called in the help of the Ex Sgt. Dog Handler/Trainer who was friends with her family & He called in the ‘big guns’ … “THE SCOTSMAN” Dougal Mcbride, the Ex Chief Inspector who lived a few doors up from her aunt & uncle in B————(village name omitted for legal purposes), who made Doubly Sure I got no help from Devon & Cornwall police force, it was like living in a horror movie with no end in sight!
I was depressed, desperate to move away from Them & all the Venomous Hatred directed at me daily & losing the will to live. I just wanted to curl up & cry my eyes out but couldn’t, as I knew they could hear everything in my house due to the walls being paper thin & with no insulation between the houses it was like living in the same house! A NIGHTMARE COME TRUE!

A baby sea gull fell off my roof & onto the canvas roof of a gazebo my friend Redge Rivers (name changed for legal purposes & the second man in Port Is It they told everyone I was having sex with!) built for me so I had a little privacy from them glaring at me whilst in the top of my garden by the kitchen windows. They used to stare at me from the back bedroom window to make me uncomfortable & go back inside. They even instructed her 2 children to do the same & also to photograph me to upset me. Horrid, nasty, venomous creatures. Even the neighbours adjacent to Melissa, the Pinders’ used to join in by that stage.
It was May 2018, the sea gulls were a big problem in Port Is It & were very aggressive if you went near their babies, so when the chick fell onto the roof of my makeshift gazebo (Cornwall Housing tried having a go at making me take it down, but I told them it was needed for some semblance of privacy from next door, so it remained there!) I had no choice but to feed it as the parents had no way of getting it back up on the house roof & I didn’t want them to attack my 2 rescue chihuahuas! Eddie, my Parsons Jack Russell was too big to be attacked & was extremely grumpy due to his worsening arthritis so would fend them off for himself on the odd occasion they decided to have a go!
Feeding it lasted just under 2 weeks before it was found dead with some Corn Kernals next to it… Not fed to it by me.
They had a dried liquid substance on them that had a slight green tinge to it which bleached the canvas fabric on the roof of my gazebo & I presumed ‘next door’ must have decided to poison it to piss me off. Par for the course from the ever delightful & spiteful Miss Janson & Co.!

The ‘old lady’ one up from me whom I was great friends with was mortified when I told her, as she had seagulls that she’d been feeding for years from when they were babies! Not allowed by Cornwall Housing, but they left her alone as she’d been living there for 50 years & knew Everything about Everyone in the village & surrounding areas! She was a godsend as a friend & helped me to cope with ‘next door’. I frequently cried on her shoulder whilst she comforted me & insisted I stand my ground & not let them bully me into moving. I had no choice though; the stress was killing me & my weight problem was spiralling out of control with ‘comfort eating’ at night, which had always been one of my coping mechanisms with stress!

The previous month, April 2018, I had put in an appeal with the IPCC about a complaint regarding the conduct of Sgt. Andy Stuart that the police professional standards department decided not to uphold & that appeal found in my favour & the police had to Record my complaint. It was just after that, when I contacted the ‘Lady Blogger’ who bollocked him in an email asking him ‘’Why he was bullying yet Another Disabled Tenant of Cornwall Housing?’’ that he decided to ‘suddenly take early retirement’ !
It was also the same time that my dog Eddie started to act strangely. He would, over the course of TWO WEEKS, start to lose his balance & stagger, get confused & aggressive, vomit, need to urinate frequently, had some kind of muscle spasm fit in the back of the car & then finally he stood up in the lounge & wet & pood’ himself with diahorea & was visibly so mortified with embarrassment he tried to run away from it but lost his balance & fell over. He had Never, Ever gone to the toilet in the house & I knew something was, very, very wrong.
After telling him it was ok, cleaning him up & then the kitchen floor, I decided to check the garden…
Eddie used to like to drink the water that collected in various places in the back garden even though I tried to discourage him, especially after the baby sea gull got poisoned with the corn kernals on the roof of my gazebo which was attached to the 2 metre fence I had built by my kitchen windows between the two houses to try to stop Lyle spending his time gawking in through them & also to stop them all staring at me from the back bedroom window which was the daughter Philippas’ room every time I went out to sit at the table. My garden use became more or less non existent apart from drying the washing & cleaning up after the dogs. I gave up trying to get any more privacy & ‘next door’ had started using the fencing as a climbing ladder to get into my garden & then my house every time I went out of the village with the dogs.
Upon checking the usual ‘drinking holes’ I found a couple with water in them so emptied them & moved the containers out of reach & took Eddie to the vet the following morning to see if they could test his blood for poison… (the baby sea gull!)
The vet refused to do the blood test & simply told me that he had advanced dementia! I tried to argue that a dog with arthritis does not suddenly get dementia & then go to an advanced stage of it within a TWO WEEK PERIOD, but they insisted they were right & that the kindest thing to do was to have him put to sleep.
The vet left me alone in the room with him for ten minutes to ‘let me think about it’… I was distraught. Eddie was my best friend, my constant companion for almost 16 years. I never would have got through those years without him by my side…we went everywhere together. He was by my side throughout my darkest depressions & my most joyful days. Simply, I adored him & couldn’t envisage life without him & the thought of watching him die was crippling. But the thought of him suffering was even more crippling as the vet came back in & told me it was the kindest thing to do. My head was all over the place, I knew it wasn’t dementia, but the vet insisted & then I had to concede, I couldn’t bare the thought of him suffering so I cradled him gently as she administered the drugs & I watched his eyes go lifeless as I cried like a baby holding him in my arms as he took his last gentle breath. I held him like that for twenty minutes until the vet finally prised him from my arms telling me it was time to let go. She asked if I wanted to take him to bury him or for them to dispose of his body? I couldn’t bury him in the garden in Port Is It as I was moving & didn’t want to just leave him to be ‘disposed of’ so asked the vet if they could keep him ‘on ice’ for me until I exchanged houses, which she agreed to do.
I left the vets & drove home distraught. When I got there the girls, my 2 rescue chihuahuas, were confused & kept looking for Eddie. I spent the day crying on & off & knew full well my neighbours were loving every minute of it…..bastards.

The next blow to my defences was my exchange to Bude falling through. After messing me about for 6 months telling me they definitely wanted to move via the 3 way swap to Truro, they contacted me by message on the ‘Homeswapper’ site to say they had changed their minds. No apologies or anything, just that it was off.

I contacted Helen Price (name changed for legal purposes) to let her know that I would have to find another swapper to take her house & we both searched like mad, firing off messages to anyone & everyone in the Bude area or close to it to find somewhere for me to move to ASAP! The abuse & harassment sky rocketed with unbearable levels of noise, sleep deprivation & defamation of character spread amongst the locals. Lyle & David constantly behaved like deranged village idiots sitting in their lounge making barking noises to upset both Me & my dogs every few hours which was just moronic mindless behaviour. As was the screeching & giggling throughout the evenings & night times before AND after her kids went to bed…how they slept through it I’ll never know!

My sister had come to visit from East Sussex for a few days earlier in the year, in April, as she was so concerned about the levels of abuse from next door & how depressed it was making me feel. After hearing it all for herself, she begged me to move back down to Sussex, but I couldn’t move away from my daughter & granddaughter so refused. She also told me one afternoon whilst we were sitting in my kitchen chatting about it all that I should contact social services to report what was happening with David, Melissas’ son & his rages & her lack of interest in getting him any help…they were getting much worse. I flatly refused, telling her I had already been made to suffer enough after telling her through the wall to get him some help back in October 2016!
No doubt he was affected by the constant barrage of hate hurled my way every day & night & at one point he was instructed to ride his bicycle up & down in front of my house chanting “Fuck off & leave, fuck off & leave” whilst looking straight at me standing by the side of my house & his mother & grandmother sitting in Melissas’ kitchen laughing about it. Once again, Great Parenting skills!
Police were told, Cornwall Housing were told, Hate Crime officers at Bodmin police station were told during our 2 hour meeting in April 2018 where they simply told me to move!… absolutely Nothing was done about ANYTHING that my neighbours did to me on a daily & ever increasingly frightening level. They even poisoned the baby sea gull on my gazebo roof with the oddly coated corn kernals. & then there is the mystery surrounding Eddie’s untimely demise over the course of TWO WEEKS……

My sister again told me to contact social services about David, but I told her it was not an option for me. My neighbours were nut jobs & dangerous to say the least! I just wanted to move as far away & as quickly as possible.

Summer was nearly over & mine & Helens’ search for another swapper for our house exchange continued. Life went on & ‘next door’ continued their unending quest for my demise.
One afternoon whilst walking the girls around the block, a couple of tourists to the village & their 2 children crossed over the road to speak to me. I was talking to a friend, the young girl who had been pinned up against the wall with her dog by Lyle mounting the pavement in his van after he saw her talking to me in the street one evening. The couple pointed upwards & asked me why I was being followed by a drone & why, every time I stopped, the drone stopped moving & just hovered above me?… I looked up & there it was! It then flew off in the direction of my house in Mayfly Road (name changed for legal purposes ).
I knew at once who was at the controls as I had previously overheard Lyle bragging about flying it into my open back door for a nose around whilst I was 40 metres away at the end of my huge garden! Apparently he ‘Just wanted to see what was inside’… nasty little shit that he is.
As the tourists described watching, bemused, as the drone followed me down the road, stopping to hover above me every time I stopped to let the dogs have a sniff & then to talk to my friend on the other side of the road, my friend chimed in with “Oh, that drone was spying on me & my boyfriend in his garden last week whilst we were sunbathing”. It seems I wasn’t the only person Miss Janson & her peeping Tom boyfriend were spying on! There’s a law for that kind of thing, just not in North Cornwall it seems!
The tourists offered up their contact details & told me to give them to the police for a statement after hearing my friend say she had also been watched by the drone. Police in Bodmin told. Tourists details given for a statement. Crime reference given. Nothing done ‘’Due to lack of evidence?!’’. Apparently the police don’t think perving on people in the privacy of their own gardens is a crime in North Cornwall! I spoke to the tourists myself afterwards….police never called them!… same as they never spoke to the witness regarding WPC Helen Lentern telling big fat whoppers!
NIETHER do they think it’s a criminal offence to harass someone constantly! This fact would become even more apparent once my move occurred later that year, as the police themselves harassed me twice a week for 5 weeks until eventually I complained!

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