A COMPLAINT TO THE IOPC ON 15th October 2020.

I wrote to the Police Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall police, Alison Hernandez, on the 4th July 2020 & the reply I received for that letter stated that the contents of it were “Very Concerning” & that it had been forwarded to police professional standards department to allocate to an officer. That officer was a police Inspector from Plymouth.
I also wrote a separate letter to the PCC office for the attention of Alison Hernandez with some attached documents on 6th August 2020 which was then passed, along with a copy of the original letter, to a SERGEANT Andrew Skelton from Launceston police station to investigate fully. Not sure what happened to the police INSPECTOR from Plymouth that was originally allocated to to investigate!?…

I received an unheaded letter from Sgt. Skelton dated 24th August 2020 asking me to either call or email him to discuss things further, which I did.
During that call he informed me that he had only been forwarded my first letter sent on 4th July 2020 & not the second which also had attached reports with it, so I then asked him to request copies of them from the police & crime commissioners office & get back to me once he had received them all.
The reports in question are self explanatory & point to very obvious discrepancies in Four public services departments. Those being the Devon & Cornwall police service. The South West Ambulance service. The Cornwall nhs foundation trust & an army guard report from RNAS Culdrose, Helston.
There was also supporting evidence clearly proving the discrepancies within those reports from the Meteorological office & a Mr WJ Letting from Navy Security in Portsmouth & also Miss J Smales from the PALS office for Camborne & Redruth hospital showing quite clearly that the police, ambulance service & indeed an army guards report from RNAS Culdrose were All very obviously fraudulent .

I contacted the office of the PCC on 9th September 2020 to see if they had forwarded the letter together with the reports & they confirmed they had & as I still hadn’t been contacted by Sgt. Skelton I called him to discuss it on the 12th September 2020. I recorded that call.
He very obviously had Not read the second letter or any of the reports & at one stage asked me “well, what is it you want me to do Christina?”.
I must confess to being very irritated & pointed out that people had obviously submitted false reports & that it needed to be investigated properly as part of an ongoing 5 year hate campaign from an ex neighbour in Cornwall. This was the reason I had to complain about 2 other police officers in 2017 & 2018. A WPC Helen Lentern & her Sergeant Andy Stuart, both from Bodmin police station. Both complaints were recorded & Sgt Stuart took early retirement just afterwards…
Sgt Skelton made it quite obvious he was totally disinterested in anything to do with an investigation & I have heard nothing from him since. Hence my complaint to the IOPC yesterday!
The reports from the police, ambulance & army guard contained blatant lies, irrefutably proved by the evidential letters from J Smales of the PALS office, WJ Letting of Navy Sec. Portsmouth & also the weather reports from the meteorological office for the dates of 27th & 28th February 2019 & the 1st March 2019 which means, Conclusively, that the police & the ambulance services committed serious crimes & that they both lied to cover it up. As did a clinician named Natalie from Camborne & Redruth hospital who signed an official report for the ambulance crew to give their report credence & also the army guard from RNAS Culdrose who’s report is a total fabrication & will be evidenced as such once the facts are checked. Which Sgt. Skelton seems reluctant to do, as does anyone else in the police force in Cornwall !

God forbid a murder takes place there….they’re all far too busy getting their rocks off watching videos of people being drugged & abused illegally taken & then uploaded to What’s App! I am apparently to be found on a link called “Christina Dundee”! One of “THE SCOTSMANS’ “ little projects!

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