I discovered last night, after doing a bit of online digging, that “THE SCOTSMAN” – Ex Chief Inspector that has been helping my stalkers Is, in fact, Still A Serving Police Officer!
AND that he is linked on Twitter to Both the Ex Sergeants who have Also been helping Melissa & Co. for the last 3 years with her Hate Crimes! (photo & video evidence of said accounts was taken at the time)
Less than 10 minutes after ‘following’ them on Twitter, I was Blocked from their pages!
This means only One thing…my internet use is definitely monitored as specified by various anti spyware apps & my Russian ‘Yandex’ email account system logs.
(a friend recommended Yandex due to it’s system logs & superior security!)

My first reaction was to sit & cry as I simply couldn’t get my head around Why this man &, in fact, why Anyone with a Sane mind would help Melissa & Lyle commit such serious crimes. They seem to have taken an obsessional hatred of me to completely unimaginable heights.
Over the last 19 months I have endured being drugged, forced into an ‘off duty’ police van, ( Black Box evidence has been requested for this ) raped, tormented & abused, had £3000 worth of jewellery stolen off my body whilst pinned to the floor terrified at her behest, degraded & humiliated whilst Melissa filmed everything, before it being uploaded onto the internet for all their friends to see, including serving police officers & my neighbours.

They have All been illegally spying on me, my internet use, my phone use including text messages & also in my home. Proof available.
One Ex Sergeant is a very long standing family friend whom Melissa has known since she was at school & the other Ex Sergeant holds a grudge against me for having to take early retirement after lying for one of his WPC,s & getting caught out!… he is the one that “The Lady Blogger” sent an email to asking him ‘Why he was bullying yet another disabled tenant of Cornwall Housing?” in early 2018.

They have broken ,on multiple occasions, my Article 3 Human Rights, as well as many others. They have drugged me, raped me, physically & mentally tortured me, abused me, kept me illegally confined for 3 weeks after drugging me & filming what happened to me whilst drugged. PROOF AVAILABLE. With Witnesses.


Every online account has been hacked or cloned , often both.

Every password to all accounts is known to them all.

Every device I own has been hacked or ‘jail broken’ in the case of 2 iPads!

2 smart tv’s have been accessed….PROOF AVAILABLE.
Melissas’ mobile phone number came up on the screen as ‘wanting to connect’ to my Samsung smart tv at 9.15pm on the 15th November 2018 whilst I was watching a documentary! This, by the way, was 3 weeks prior to my upcoming move to B————(name omitted for legal purposes).
Obviously I declined to ‘allow’ the request but it is stored in the onboard computer & that particular tv has not been used since January 2019 so the information contained within is definitely still on it, along with anyone else who ‘connected’ their devices to it.

The Only way to make a request to my smart tv’s is via my router, which they would have needed to get the password for prior to making a connection request…..this password could only be obtained by physically being in my house! It’s on the underside of the router!

My new Facebook page, created on 25th April 2019 was cloned at exactly the same time & the “SPOT THE SPY” anti spyware app that I downloaded gave me the notification, along with the Facebook account number/address to go with it! This was forwarded to the police who did absolutely bugger all with the information except give me a reference number for the report!
Action Fraud also told.

In all, I have had 3 Sky Routers hacked. 2 smart tv’s hacked. 1 SIM card cloned. At least 2 landlines tapped. 2 vehicles broken into with all 7 of the airbags being disabled in one of them as well as the alarms. (Melissa found my Seatbelt Exemption Certificate in the sun visor). 1 laptop hacked & physically configured to log me online via a WiFi connection other than my Sky router! 1 desk top pc that only lasted 2 weeks before going tits up…Twice! (I had it repaired & it crashed again 2 days later). 2 iPads hacked…they can actually freeze it & also affect the keypad when I type! I filmed it happening only yesterday, it’s like watching a keypad typing itself because of the time lag! The Apple engineers told me they were both ‘jailbroken’ & this can only be done by physically handling the device, not remotely.
My sisters email address has been tampered with 4 times in the last couple of months.
My neighbours email was hacked, as was another friends Yandex account.
My Yandex email account is accessed by them each time I log on. It’s a Russian company & they keep ALL records of everything that accesses your account including the IP addresses. One of which was 2a03.4000.21.8a8.dead.beef.Ca1f.1337.
The ‘unknown’ IP addresses were all accessing my Yandex account via Firefox & Chrome browsers, neither of which were present on my device so couldn’t possibly have been anything to do with me!
I have noted several. Including “THE SCOTSMANS” iPhone 7plus accessing my Facebook account last summer from Glasgow when he was in Scotland visiting his family up there for a week in June/July.2019.
I received the notifications telling me a device Other than Mine was being used to access my accounts! Police informed…I was ignored & eventually gave up reporting the events after they told me I was simply imagining everything.
These Monsters have completely destroyed my entire existence, even my family has been affected. Soul-less Vile Degenerates who derive pleasure from their games.

It’s mind boggling for an untecky 54 year old grandmother! Not to mention mentally exhausting. Trying to figure out how things have been done has taken me & some friends over 18 months.
& all this because I told my neighbour that her son needed help for his very scary rages back in October 2016…

I am now left with no recourse but to make a formal complaint to THE INVESTIGATIVE POWERS TRIBUNAL, for the decimation of my human rights, illegal surveillance by police officers both Ex & still serving, burglary, monitoring my phones, internet & private life, breaking into & tampering with mobility vehicles, drugging me…HAIR SAMPLES PROVE A TIMELINE & WHICH SUBSTANCES WERE USED…Police have flatly refused to test the samples taken, along with the roots, between 01/03/19 & September 2019, all timed & dated.
Even Lewes Headquarters for Sussex Police put a request in which was ignored! That particular police woman told me to open an Action Fraud account to report everything which I did. Some months later a CID Officer from Bodmin police station called me to say “Oh well, you don’t live here anymore, just forget about it & get on with your life!”

WHAT FUCKING LIFE…..MY LIFE WAS BACK IN CORNWALL WITH MY DAUGHTER & GRANDDAUGHTERS.…not sitting in Sussex trying to get these fuckers prosecuted & coming up against brick wall after brick wall.

PROTECT & SERVE… my arse.

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I am a staunch believer in treating everyone with the respect they deserve... I am an energy healer, a proud grandmother & I strive to help others whenever the need arises in whatever way I can. Love makes the world go around & Karma gets Everyone in the end!

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