Where do I start?… there is So much of it!…

Well, I suppose the biggest & most damning piece of factual evidence that proves what went on from the 28th February 2019 & thereafter is the video footage taken by Melissa Janson.…

This footage was very kindly shared over the internet by her with hundreds of people. Serving & ex police officers, serving & ex military personnel including military police, hospital staff who were “in on it”, her friends, family & neighbours. & a lot of My neighbours too.
At one point, whilst I was walking my dogs, I was approached by a man I didn’t know who tried to stop me to talk & as I did my best to avoid his gaze & ignore him he shouted loudly as I hurried by “You stupid cu** don’t you know you’re all over Google”…
Incase the police are reading this….Yes, I Can Identify that man!

The videos broadcast far & wide by the ever delightful Miss Janson were also shown, by a nurse who tried to help me, to a senior clinician 👨‍⚕️ on the top foyer above the open plan patients lounge area at Cornwall Hospital on 21st March 2019 who went ballistic & ordered my immediate release!
I heard him screaming Very loudly at someone, “What the bloody hell do you think you are doing. That woman looks like she has been petrified to death. You get her out of here now. If she’s not released within ten minutes I’m coming down to do it myself. Get her out of here now
The man that was being screamed at, a Dr Wolram (name changed for legal purposes), whom I had never met before, then rushed to discharge me with a fabricated diagnosis of ‘Bi Polar’! … to cover the arse of the hospitals! Utter Bollox & I have Irrefutable Proof that it Is utter bollox, In Writing! 🖕🏻
That Senior clinician will, at some point soon, be regretting forever not going straight to the police with the evidence of my being drugged, abused, raped & tortured, before being held illegally in 2 hospitals for 3 weeks.🧨

Another damning piece of evidence regarding that particular diagnosis
I asked for a copy of the hospital notes in May 2019 & when they eventually arrived in the post the reason given for my being held against my will in 2 hospitals for three weeks had been changed from suffering a manic episode due to Bi Polar disorder to an even more ridiculous diagnosis of being on too high a dose of anti depressant medication! 😂
Firstly, I had an assessment with a mental health panel in 2017 just before my PTSD therapy started at the women’s centre in Bodmin, to confirm For Myself that I did indeed have PTSD from childhood abuse etc. & not anything else, as I was reluctant to drag up painful memories if I didn’t have to!
That Panel, along with every other therapist, psychologist & psychiatrist that I self referred myself to over a 7 year period (trying to avoid the past!) told me categorically that I did Not have Bi Polar. Manic Depression. Any Personality Disorders, including Any form of Schizophrenia or indeed Any mental health problems at all.
They All told me I had PTSD caused by childhood trauma & then abusive relationships which wasn’t a mental health issue & that I would need to go to WRSAC women’s centre for therapy! Which is exactly what I did & so successfully in fact that they asked me to do the volunteer training to help other abuse survivors! 😇
Now correct me if I’m wrong, but these people are all highly trained professionals & they can’t possibly all have been mistaken!
Even my doctor of 13 years, bless him, spent 10 of them telling me my depression, nightmares & panic attacks were caused by PTSD & not a mental health disorder. I was the one who kept insisting I see all the professionals over a 7 year period to make doubly sure! I was trying to wriggle out of digging up my deeply buried past abuse!

& I would also like to point out Another very obvious fact… there is no way on Gods green earth that therapists at a women’s centre for abuse would ask me to train to help other survivors if I had Any kind of mental health disorder!

Going back to the ridiculous misdiagnosis by the doctor who got bollocked for his part in my being drugged & abused for the amusement of my neighbour… the hospital notes now stated I had had a manic episode due to too high a dose of anti depressants….I hadn’t taken Any anti depressants since June 2018 when my therapy at the women’s centre ended! … Eight Months previously … & I can prove it!

Nobody bothered to check my medical files before trying to fake a diagnosis to get themselves out of the shit after some bright spark found the mental health assessment paperwork whilst getting my files ready to post to me! 💩

They obviously realised they wouldn’t get away with the ludicrous Bi Polar diagnosis as the reason for my sojourn at the Cornwall Hospital Hotels & scrabbled to find something else they could cobble together as an excuse!… Unfortunately That attempt at justification was an even bigger Booboo than the first!😂

Now, quite apart from the glaringly obvious Hospital Record’s Tampering event in May 2019 when I requested a copy of them from the hospital trust foundation, there’s the Not So Little matter of the very obviously fabricated South West Ambulance Service report supposedly submitted for the 1st March 2019. 🚑

The very obviously fabricated Devon & Cornwall Police report supposedly submitted for the 1st March 2019 👮🏻‍♂️
(I requested my police files via an SA1 request on the 11th May 2020 & am still being fobbed off!)

& then the very obviously fabricated Cornwall Hospitals report that WASN’T submitted for the 1st March 2019… 🤪
That particular Golden Nugget of expertly fabricated Codswallop was submitted for the 2nd March 2019… 28 hours after I have a Police Crime Report Number for my gold jewellery worth £3000 being Stolen from my person under the theft act at 8.15am on the 1st March 2019 whilst being pinned to the floor by 5 people in that very hospital & it being filmed by the ever delightful Melissa Janson who gave the unforgettable order “Get her jewellery I want it” just before I was terrorised with a microchip needle & then locked in a corridor for 7 hours with her threatening to burn my dogs alive!👀

It may be pertinent for me to say at this point, that the South West Ambulance Service fabrication clearly states that they took me to an entirely Different hospital than the one the Fabricated Codswallop was dreamt up in for my internment on the 2nd March 2019 & that That particular hospital is a full 30.5 miles away further south in the county of Cornwall. & That hospital happens to have NO RECORD OF ME BEING ANYWHERE NEAR IT until the 19th March 2019 after being transferred from the one that states I wasn’t anywhere near it until the 2nd March 2019…….. 🙉🙈🐵

Surely this begs the question “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL DID THE AMBULANCE CREW TAKE ME & my 2 chihuahua dogs TO ON THE 1ST MARCH 2019 & WHO THE BLOODY HELL TOOK ME TO THE OTHER HOSPITAL 30.5 miles up the dual carriageway THAT SUBMITTED A REPORT FOR THE 2ND MARCH 2019”? 🧐👀🕵🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

Between You & Me ~ I already know the answer to that particular conundrum, but everybody involved wants me to keep schtum about it! 🤐🤫⚰️

I would think this poses rather a large threat to the Freedom of said South West Ambulance Service Crew Members due to the fact that they have submitted an Official Report to say they took me To & handed me over At a hospital that has no record of me Anywhere on their premises until almost THREE weeks later!
That same ambulance crew managed to persuade a Hospital Clinician named N————-(omitted for legal purposes) to Sign her Signature on their fabrication (report) to state that That is exactly what happened at 11.39pm on the 1st March 2019.🤔

Then comes the mystery of the Devon & Cornwall Police fabrication submitted for the 1st March 2019 which Also purports to have been in attendance to me on that evening in the viewing area of RNAS Culdrose.
They even go so far as to say that they were alerted to my needing assistance by a concerned member of the public who found me wandering the streets in the pouring rain & freezing cold & that I was wet & cold… 🥶🌧💦🌬😢
& they even got the Ambulance Crew to back them up in Their fabrication to this effect … I’ve got a copy of it!

I also know the answer to This one too! ~ yep, you guessed it 🤐🤫⚰️

There’s a Mahoosive problem with This particular fabrication though ~
The Official Meteorological Office Weather Forecast for a 3 Day Period from the 27th & 28th February 2019 up to the 1st March 2019 specifies quite irrefutably that it was Warm & Dry over that Entire area of Cornwall. 🌤🌞🤗
& my request to the Ministry Of Defence in June 2020 for all information available relating to the events that took place on Culdrose Naval Air Base Property on 28th February 2019 resulted in my being contacted by & then sent an Official Report from A Very Nice Man (name omitted for legal purposes) at Navy Security Headquarters in Portsmouth who completely backed up the Met Office Weather Forecast for that period! 🌞🤗🤔

That same man also confirmed that the Airfield was SHUT on the 1st March 2019 which gives even More credence to me telling Everyone & giving a Statement to the Police stating that I was drugged on the 28th February 2019 whilst on RNAS Culdrose property in the Viewing Area before being forced into an ‘off duty’ ambulance by a male PCSO 👮 & then taken to a Closed basement wing of Cornwall Hospital & filmed & tortured there for 8.5 hours at the Behest of Miss Melissa Janson!☠️👹 Then physically assaulted by the PCSO 👮 just prior to being roughly bundled into the back of a police van by 4 police men & then driven up the dual carriageway to another hospital 30.5 miles away at 6.30am on the 1st March where I was again drugged, assaulted, physically abused, unlawfully wounded with a very large needle 4 times as my jewellery worth £3000 was stolen from my person, before being locked in a corridor for 7 hours & mentally abused for the amusement of Melissa Janson & Co. 🤪🎟🎫🎭

And as if that little performance wasn’t enough ~ the bastards Then had the Gaul to lock me in a room, try to force me to swallow a lethal cocktail of Anti Psychotic Drugs before Illegally Sectioning me the following afternoon ~ the 2nd of March for anyone who’s finding this farcical nightmare a little hard to keep up with ~ Refusing to allow me to telephone Anyone, even my doctor & then going on to drug me again a few nights later via a bedtime drink so they could rape & sodomise me during the night & leave me covered in black bruises, bloodied needle marks & feeling very sore down below.

You Couldn’t make this shit up if you Tried! 🎭

I make light of it because if I didn’t I would fall to my knees & cry my fucking eyes out. I simply cannot believe that Anyone could do what these people did to me & call themselves sentient human beings.
& believe me when I tell you there is Far more to this than I have written for the purposes of this blog ~ but That information is for the ears of my legal representative/s & a Judge.😭😪

I have spent the last 3 years being badgered, bullied, hacked, burgled, spied on, defamed, tortured, tormented, abused, drugged, humiliated, harassed & degraded on a daily basis & this woman & her entourage are still at large basking in their mentally deranged glory & wallowing in self adulation at their achievements thus far.

And even more disturbingly ~ most of them have bred ~ so the defective gene pools live on! ☠️

Another Very Important piece of Evidence is the fact that my Mobile Phone ceased to be operational from the late afternoon of the 28th February 2019 up to the 21st March 2019 after my release from the hospital. No calls or text messages Out ~ & No calls or text messages In due to the battery dying!
Official phone records prove this fact. & also that the last call I made on the 28th February 2019 pinged off the cell tower at RNAS Culdrose. There was nothing after that for 3 weeks.…

In the meantime my Human Rights have been & remain to be Denied me in Full by the Authorities who are Sworn to Protect them.🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

I am Still trying to find a Lawyer/Barrister who has the balls to take this case on. There’s a lot to it, but me & some friends have done All the leg work so it’s all neatly wrapped up & ready to take to court!

The evidence stated above is solely to do with what happened on 28th February 2019 & there afterwards until the 21st March 2019.

All other events have their own evidence which I will be publishing, along with a description of all other occurrences, within this blog over the course of the next couple of weeks so Everyone has a Clear picture of what they are facing! ~ ⚖️⏳

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