It is hard for me to quantify the emotional damage that those responsible for my being drugged, raped, abused, tortured & filmed for everyone to see have done to me… I still have problems accepting that people like that exist in todays’ civilised society, let alone in such large numbers all clustered together like a spreading virus. It seems Cornwall & it’s surrounds are a breeding ground for psychosis! ~ Maybe they did me a favour by forcing me to leave Cornwall & flee back to Sussex to try to escape all the venom & attacks on my life.
Miss Janson first tried to kill me in September 2018 when she broke into my mobility car with Lyle & disabled the alarm. (confirmed by the mobility garage in January 2019). My mobile phone was in the centre console, which they cloned the SIM card for. ~ Proof available with detailed phone records & taxi’s that were ordered from a specific firm! They also did something to the onboard computer, which had to be recalibrated twice by the mobility Ford garage. Thankfully they were all well aware of the constant abuse coming from my neighbours & the previous damage that had been done to my cars, so it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. As for my mobile phone ~ it wouldn’t become apparent for a few months that the SIM card had been cloned & it was a real shock when it did! It seems Port Is It wasn’t a safe place to live after all…
Miss Janson found my seatbelt exemption certificate whilst rummaging around in my car as I slept & decided it would be fun to disable all seven of the air bags ~ obviously hoping I would have an accident whilst driving. She had made no secret of her wish for me to be dead.

The first time she voiced her desire for my demise was a few months previous to that occasion when she took her son David for an assessment due to his violent, angry rages. When she got back home she told her partner, Lyle “I fucking hate that bitch even more now, she was right, David has special needs, I want her dead”. I knew then that I was probably living next door to an even bigger psycho than my second husband was… & believe me, he was in a class all of his own. day I was diagnosed with emphysema over the phone Melissa heard me repeat the words back to the doctors secretary “I have emphysema?”… before I slumped into the kitchen chair & cried my eyes out. Melissa was heard saying very loudly “Good I hope it kills her quickly”… Still sobbing I shouted back “Can’t you just leave me alone for one day so I can take this in please”… it did me no good, from then on things just got more intensified. I must admit though, nothing could possibly prepare me for what was to come when I moved 12 miles away to escape her venom.

By November 2018 I had finally found another house exchange after the one to Bude fell through at the last minute. This next one wasn’t my kind of home, but I was desperate to get away from next doors’ hatred & the unrelenting harassment & threats so I took it & sent my paperwork off to be accepted, hoping it would be sorted out before Christmas.

It was the 15th of November & I was doing my usual thing…sitting down at 6pm to watch the news & eat my dinner with a glass of wine, trying to ignore all the noise from next door.
This particular night was quieter than usual so I assumed Melissa was down the road visiting her parents in their bungalow. I settled down with my dogs to watch tv & relaxed as best I could. A couple of hours passed & to my horror there was a request at 9.15pm interrupting my viewing that cut accross the screen of my smart tv with Melissas’ mobile phone number on it requesting permission to connect to the tv!… the message then asked me if I wanted to accept or decline the request & I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Her number has 581 in the middle & I had seen it loads of times as she has it plastered all over her advertisements for her fitness classes.
I hastily fumbled for the tv control & pressed the decline option & took a large gulp of wine before ringing my daughter to tell her what had just happened. She was just as gobsmacked as me & so was my sister when I rang her too!
It wasn’t until the following day whilst talking to one of my friends about it that it was pointed out to me that the only way Melissa could have tried to connect to my smart tv would have been if she had taken the password for my Sky router from the underneath of it because my tv was connected to it. And that her attempt to connect to my tv would have been stored in the tv’s computer.
I had never used the tv to connect to the internet, but my daughter had when she came home on weekends from her navy training, so the ‘connection’ was activated via my router. Anybody wanting to connect their device would have needed the router password to do so remotely. The only other way would have been to be physically in my home holding the control unit to do so.
It made me feel even more violated & uncomfortable in my own home as I began to realise that Melissas’ unhealthy obsession with me was becoming a much more serious problem than I had thought it was previously; making me scared to be alone at night.

I started to have my friend Redge over a lot more for supper so he could keep me company in the house until bedtime. After my dog Eddie became suddenly very seriously ill over the course of a 2 week period & had to be put to sleep I had felt very uneasy living next door to Melissa & Lyle. Eddie was very protective & would have been hard to get past should anything have happened & next door were aware of this fact. I couldn’t wait to move & still had my suspicions about Eddie’s sudden demise; especially after the baby seagull was poisoned just beforehand.

I tried not to let things get to me over the next week & then the letter arrived from the housing giving a date for the move. It was for the 10th of December 2018 & it couldn’t come soon enough!
I was still very disappointed that the house in Bude had fallen through, as I was looking forward to being close to the friends I had made during the PTSD /abuse group therapy sessions earlier that year & my upcoming volunteer training with the women’s centre there to help other abuse survivors, but decided to make the best of it & keep looking for another house to exchange to in Bude later on once things had settled down again.
Melissa & Lyle had different plans for me though & this would become all too clear the day before the 3 way exchange took place.

I had been called constantly by Trisha Kelty, the lady who’s house I was moving to in B———— asking me “ I’m just ringing to make sure you haven’t changed your mind about the move?”almost to the point of ignoring my phone as the calls were every day, sometimes several times!
I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but later on it would emerge as a pattern of behaviour with my exchangers to come…

The week before the move I popped up to Bude to see ‘the girls’ for coffee & talk about everyone’s plans for Christmas 🎄. I was So looking forward to Not being next door to Melissa & Lyle for my birthday on Christmas Eve & being able to relax again. Something I hadn’t been able to do for a long time after her boyfriend moved in permanently in 2017 & started threatening me with being shot with a shotgun…
I had giggles with the girls & told them I’d be up over the holidays to see them once I’d unpacked the essentials.

The day before the move I got yet another daily call from Trisha (name changed for legal purposes) to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind about moving & decided to drive over to reassure her. She had some mental health problems she’d told me about that made her overly anxious, so I thought a quick visit would be a nice thing to do to tell her it was still going ahead.
On my way there I was shocked to see Melissa driving out of the road I was moving to the next day & even more so when she smiled at me broadly before rolling her head back to laugh. It was the Only time I had ever seen her smile properly & it filled me with dread.
My first thought was that I was making a huge mistake with this particular move, it was obvious Melissa knew people there, but I couldn’t back out now as it would mess everyone up. The other 2 exchangers were all packed, ready to go. The couple from the other side of Truro had 6 children & it was less than 2 weeks until Christmas, I couldn’t pull out now it was too late. 😪😲

I parked my car & tried to shake off the feeling of impending doom that had encompassed me as I climbed the steps to the house. I was greeted by Trisha & Pete & ushered in. I had told them previously why I was moving away from Port Is It & that it was a relief to have found somewhere else so quickly after the house in Bude fell through at the last minute.
I mentioned seeing Melissa driving out of the street as I was driving into it & asked them if they knew her… they both looked at each other as they said “No, they didn’t know who I was talking about”. Then Pete did his usual nervous over explaining that made me feel a bit edgy that time. They went on to tell me again that the house next door, number 25 was empty, owned by an old lady who never visited & that they hadn’t seen anyone there for ages. & then told me again about the lady on the other side of me, Gayle, the nurse, whom they said kept herself to herself mostly & was very quiet. Trisha took me out to the garden to chat about some bits that they wanted to collect after the move,due to take place the next day & I said that was fine, just to give me a call to let me know when they wanted to come so I could make sure I was in.
We chatted about the garden design, large beach pebbles laid in swirly patterns & then cemented in with a few glass marbles for effect, whilst Pete pottered in the shed getting bits out & sorting what they wanted to collect at a later date.
The garden was the only thing I liked about the house. That in itself was the reason I had accepted the exchange request. Well, that & the fact I was desperate to get away from Melissa & Lyle!
The thought of another Christmas spent listening to all the noise & the constant bitching about me still being next door had started to wear me down months earlier & I was just grateful to be getting away!

The other lady from the 3 way exchange, Helen, (name changed for legal purposes) was lovely, we got on really well. I told her about my experience of living next door to Melissa & Lyle as I didn’t want to give her the impression they were moving in next door to nice people… I decided from the start to be upfront about the situation as I would want to be told about shitty neighbours if the tables were turned. Helen told me she wasn’t too concerned as with 6 kids all at very different ages her time was always taken up & she didn’t have much time for socialising. She was home schooling a couple of them & always took them swimming with her in the mornings & by the afternoons the others were home from school & college.
I told her I didn’t know how she coped with all of the juggling & congratulated her on doing such a grand job with them all! 🤓

10th December 2018 … MOVING DAY

The night before had been spent listening to Lyle doing his usual bitching & moaning about me as loudly as he possibly could just to make sure I could hear every word…asshole!
I was SO looking forward to Not hearing either of their voices again, I can’t tell you how elated I was at the prospect of silence in the evenings! Being able to sleep properly again for the first time in over 2 years without being woken up at 5am to the sound of pans being clattered around in the kitchen cupboard, or mugs being slid up & down the tops before being banged into the wall. Then the aftermath of bedroom drawers slamming shut just to be sure I couldn’t possibly get back to sleep & Lyle pausing momentarily to ask Melissa “Is she up yet”… then continuing with the drawer slamming. Once he slammed the same drawer open & shut 9 times in a row. It was like living next door to mindless morons with a penchant for mental torture!

The move itself was hectic. When I arrived at the house in B———— Trisha & Pete were still packing which irritated my movers. I had used a well known professional company who charged a lot & their time was allotted to another move as well that day. I’d had to take out an overdraft to pay for it. Something I really didn’t want to have to do, but being on disability benefits & half my money going towards my mobility car meant I had no spare cash to save for the move so I had no choice. I still have that bloody overdraft, only now it’s twice as much!

Trish was moaning about not really wanting to move & seemed overly anxious, then Pete said he didn’t really want to move either & that they felt they had been pushed into it. I felt very uncomfortable & said they shouldn’t have put their house up for an exchange if they didn’t want to move.…
Trish got even more agitated & said she was pushed into it & then went all vague. Pete was incredibly nervous, more so than usual, & I just put it down to the fact he’d told me previously that he liked to use amphetamines occasionally so kept myself out of the argument as my removal men were also getting agitated with the pause in proceedings…

Pete then said he had never wanted to move in the first place, which made me feel guilty for accepting their request to swap homes & Trisha then started crying saying she didn’t want to leave her home & wished she hadn’t “agreed to do it”…. I decided to leave them to it & went out to the removal truck to talk to the men.

This mood carried on for the next hour whilst everyone got on with unloading & loading, with Trisha pacing the lounge clutching a broom repeating anxiously that she hadn’t really wanted to move & Pete saying he had never wanted to move either & they both kept repeating how they felt they’d been talked into it…I was a bit bemused as when their home appeared on the exchange list on the homeswapper site they were really up for the move & I certainly hadn’t talked them into Anything. I didn’t even Like the bloody house, I just wanted to escape all the shit aimed at me from next door on an almost 24 hour basis every day!

I eventually managed to prize the broom from Trish’s grasp & ushered her out of the door telling her I’d give her a ring the next day to arrange them picking up the stuff they were leaving behind. I had an awful lot to do & still needed to sort out my Christmas arrangements with my daughter, my sister in Sussex & ‘the girls’ in Bude, not to mention unpacking incase my daughter wanted to come up with my granddaughter …
I was exhausted & was looking forward to a nice relaxing bath that evening before bed. It was strange being in a house without the constant noise nuisance going on in the background!
I really didn’t like the house, it had all the wrong vibes for me, but at least it was nowhere near Melissa & Lyle… Or so I thought.

Less than 48 hours later I would discover Exactly why Melissa had smiled at me so broadly before rolling her head back to laugh as she drove past me in her car at the entrance to my road in B———— the day before the move.
My life was about to change forever & not in a good way…nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to discover, nothing in my wildest nightmares.

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