The dogs snuggled up in their bed on the front seat & fell asleep soon after we hit the road. It’s a very long drive down to East Sussex from Cornwall, but it had always been an enjoyable one for me. I love driving, it relaxes me, unlike most other people I know who get stressed out as soon as traffic starts to build up. The only time I dislike it is when the M25 is at a snails pace & cram packed, or if it’s night time & there are roadworks. The Dreaded Roadworks~ As soon as I spot the signs for *diversions* my pulse starts to race! I am absolutely Crap when it comes to night time diversions when you’re re~routed onto a road you don’t know & the signs are all over the bloody place. I have, on occasion, been totally flummoxed by daytime diversions too especially if I’m diverted off the M25. That is a multi carriageway to Hell if you don’t know where the right exits are!  I once did an extra 50 or so miles going round in bloody circles trying to get back onto the exit for “The South”!  

I was aiming to arrive at my sister’s house in H————— (omitted for legal purposes) for around midnight. It makes for a quieter drive leaving at tea time as all the *home time* traffic is out of the way. A couple of stop offs for me & the girls to have a pee & a leg stretch & it’s a hassle free drive.

Arrival time was a little later than expected due to “Unforeseen Events” (more on those a little later in the proceedings). 

My sister & I had a hug & a quick chat before going to bed & then we spent the next morning catching up on what had been going on back home in Cornwall whilst opening presents!

It was a welcome break being away from all the stress & ongoing harassment from Melissa & Co. & even the dogs were relaxed! 

There was one instance during the first couple of days when I could have sworn I heard Lyle laughing & then Melissa….she has a very distinctive giggle. It sounded like it was coming from the house next door to my sister, but I knew that couldn’t possibly be the case so just put it out of my mind. That particular house was owned by a middle aged man whom I had never met, or ever seen for that matter. My sister had lived in her house for 15 years & never really seen him much either.

 A few days afterwards I was stopped by one of my sisters neighbours whilst walking the girls around the block. She came over to me as I approached my car & said “ You’re Susan’s sister aren’t you?”… I told her ‘Yes’ & we introduced ourselves. 

Then she said –

“Do you mind if I ask you something?” I nodded & she continued …

“What has the man in That house” … pointing to the house on the left side of my sisters… “ & the man in That house” … pointing to the house on the right side of my sisters (the one I thought I’d heard Melissa & Lyle laughing from a few days previously) … “ & the young couple & them all running in & out of both those houses during the night & What has it got to do with Your car?” … I was gobsmacked! 

From the description she gave me I was certain she was talking about Melissa & Lyle, so I told her what had been going on in Cornwall over the last two & a half years with all the stalking & harassment etc. & that I had been unable to get the police there to do anything about it due to Melissa’s close family connections to police officers.

The lady then said “Well it’s just as well I recorded it all on my camcorder then. I’m a curtain twitcher, I don’t sleep at night so I keep an eye on what’s going on in this street. Now you’ve told me that I’ll carry on recording them!” … I was stunned! Someone had actually recorded Melissa & Lyle trying to break into my car, which had been parked on the hard standing right outside the lounge window…. More proof that this nut job & her boyfriend were totally obsessed with me. Even to the point of following me down to Sussex to see my sister! 

It also meant that the ‘man on the left’ who had bought that house back in March 2018 from my sisters friend who’d moved away was directly linked to Melissa & Lyle ~ & So,it seemed, was the ‘man on the right’!  

I thanked the lady for her help & asked her to keep hold of the recordings for me as I would need them for court purposes once everything was finally sorted out & rushed inside to tell my sister.

My sister was less than impressed with my news! Especially when I told her I had heard both Melissa & Lyle a few days earlier in the house next door on the right & we ended up arguing about it, with her telling me that it was obviously a mistake & I must be imagining things due to all the stress!

As you can imagine, her reaction pissed me off more than a little & I decided to go down to the park with the dogs to get out of the house for a while. I sat on a bench thinking about what the neighbour had told me & the more I went over her descriptions of the young couple the more sure I was that it was indeed my stalkers. They have some particular things about them that stand out. The only thing that stopped me going to view them for myself was that I didn’t want to alert the men on either side of my sisters house as to where the lady that had filmed them all was living so I decided I would go down to the police station the next day to report it.

When I got back my sister had calmed down, but she was still adamant that I was mistaken! I told her that I had decided to report it to the police the following day, which didn’t please her either, but I now had video evidence of them tampering with my car. This, I thought, would be enough to get them both arrested for stalking & breaking into my car…. Or so you would think.

My visit to Sussex police to tell them what was happening  & about the old lady filming Melissa, Lyle & the other two men trying to break into my car was going well until they decided to call Devon & Cornwall police for more details. 

After the call, which I wasn’t privy to, the police man came back into the interview room with a ‘Triage nurse’ who proceeded to ask me ridiculous questions about my mental health! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…..why the hell were they trying to tell me I was suffering from delusions? My mental health was fine, apart from being stressed to shit for the last 2 years & having to deal with corrupt police officers back home in Cornwall.

I again told the police officer that there was independent witness video evidence for what I was reporting, but it did me no good. The triage nurse & the officer then went on to tell me they had spoken to officers in Cornwall about my ‘complaints’ & that everyone thought I would benefit from seeing a doctor at the mental health centre to check me over.

I felt a ‘common theme’ coming on, but knew they weren’t going to listen to me unless I agreed to their nonsense, so an appointment was arranged for me to see someone to talk over ‘my issues’!!!

My sister was called by Sussex Police a few days later & given the appointment details, which she was asked to accompany me to. I have to admit to being very annoyed by this point in time & made no secret of it to my sister Susan which then caused yet another argument. This one was quite fierce, as I tried to explain to her the seriousness of what was going on & her answering me with “The police think you have mental health problems & that you need help.” I was furious. The dogs were getting upset so I decided to take them for a long walk to try to calm down & slammed the door on my way out! I simply couldn’t understand why everyone was telling me I had imagined everything…the bloody neighbour had filmed it all happening for Christ sake! The police didn’t even bother to talk to her. Neither did my sister, who then forbade me to go anywhere near her for fear of upsetting her with my ‘problems’!

The appointment was a complete nightmare. My sister was no help at all as she had listened to the police officer on the phone who told her I was having mental health problems & was simply imagining things…. it caused a heated argument in front of the doctor who barely spoke English properly & then proceeded to tell me I had imagined everything…I was furious. A complete & Utter waste of time…just like it was Every time I tried to get anything done about Melissa & Lyle back home in Cornwall. 

The doctor asked if I would be ok making another appointment to see him & I told him that I wasn’t! There was nothing wrong with me that an honest police officer couldn’t sort out & I left the building!

I knew the lady who’d filmed them all trying to break into my car was still filming them at night, so decided to leave things as they were. The police would have to act at some point & the more evidence there was, the better.

The following day I was sitting up in the bedroom on my laptop doing some online banking when I had a notification pop up on the screen that told me my connection had been compromised. Then I heard Lyle say to someone “She’s only got ‘so much’ in her account” then Melissa’s voice telling them to check my savings account….. I followed the direction of the voices over to the adjoining wall which connected to the right side house & bent down to listen. I wasn’t hearing things….they were in that house talking. 

I grabbed my phone, turned up the volume & switched on the voice recorder, placing the phone on the floor by a small hole in the floor boards that wasn’t covered by carpet & left it there as I listened to the conversation! 

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was Melissa, Lyle, the man from that house AND the man from the house on the left & he was calling Lyle an idiot for leaving my car window wide open when they broke into it in September 2018. He shouted at him “If you hadn’t left the fucking window open she would never have known you’d been in it you fucking idiot”. Then he said “Right, tell me everything that you’ve been doing to her” & I laid there on the floor listening to the conversation in utter disbelief as they told him everything. All about the noise nuisance every day to get me out of bed, about the threats to shoot my with a shotgun, about the ‘house visits’ they made with the stolen back door key every time I went out & about all the lies they had told other neighbours to stop them talking to me…it went on for ages. I eventually had to get up as my back was hurting & after about 40 or 50 minutes I turned my phone off to stop the recording. 

I tried to tell my sister, but she wouldn’t listen & insisted I was ‘ill’….. I decided at that point that it would be better for me to just concentrate my moving house efforts to coming back to Sussex as it was obvious that Melissa & Lyle were never going to leave me alone all the time I was still there in Cornwall, even to the point of making friends with my sisters neighbours it seemed & Melissa had made no secret of the fact that not only did she want me dead…she wanted me out of Cornwall. She was overheard telling a visitor exactly that just before I moved to B————-on 10th December2018 … “I don’t just want her out of the house next door, I want her out of fucking Cornwall”.

I drove over to see my best friend from childhood in the next town a couple of days later & told her what was going on at my sisters…she was just as shocked as me! 

I also told her about a house exchange I had found on the Homeswapper site the night before that was in Northmia (name changed for legal purposes), Sussex & that I was going to see it the following day before returning to Cornwall. It was another 3 way swap, the young couple there wanted the house near Battle & the couple there wanted mine in Cornwall. 

I told my friend I was finally giving up the fight in Cornwall as I couldn’t take anymore harassment  after this last bout of agro & that it was now affecting my family & their neighbours so it was time to call it a day. She knew I had made Cornwall my home for the last 16 years & that my daughter & granddaughter would never agree to leave & was surprised that I had decided to come back to Sussex as she knew how happy I had been before moving in next door to ‘the bitch from hell’.  I told her I just couldn’t take anymore.…

My dog Eddie had died under ‘suspicious’ circumstances in May 2018 just after the baby seagull was poisoned in my garden. 

I had been ‘knocked out’ on 3 consecutive nights shortly afterwards & woke up at more or less exactly the same time each night with my dinner & drink all over me, & with a whopping headache wondering what the hell had happened & that I had then had the unbelievable misfortune of being contacted by exchangers from B———who lived next door to Melissa’s aunt & uncle! Things couldn’t be worse!

& to cap it all, the police in both bloody counties were very obviously doing ‘’Favours for friends’’ by doing absolutely sod all about my hate crime complaints against her & her boyfriend except give me useless crime numbers without ever giving any warnings to my tormentors!  

It was a living nightmare each & every day & I was getting sick & tired of police morons telling me I was mentally unbalanced & imagining everything….even other people’s bloody evidence of the facts! 

My friend gave me a hug, told me to keep my chin up & said she was looking forward to spending time with me once I’d moved back to Sussex. Then, as I was about to get into my car to leave, there was a call on my phone. I answered it, but nobody spoke, then it went dead. I tried calling the number back, but it was a dead line….. both myself & my friend thought it was wierd  so I made a note of the number, gave my friend a quick hug, told her I’d see her again soon & drove back to my sisters house. 

The next day I drove the 15 minute journey over to Northmia to see the house exchange property. I had hoped to find somewhere in the same town as my sister where we had grown up, but there was nothing available so decided to go for this one in the meantime. 

I just wanted to put an end, once & for all , to the relentless harassment, hatred & stalking. It was too much for me to cope with at my age, especially after all the abuse I had suffered during my life. 

The house was nice enough, with a huge garden that went around the side & back in one gigantic sweep & had other houses backing on to it right the way round. Some private, some housing association.

Northmia had been one of my favourite villages when I was growing up as I’d had friends from there so knew it . I told the young couple I would take it if the people in the other house wanted mine in Cornwall & we called them to arrange a viewing day. They agreed a date & I went back to my sisters to let her know it was looking good for a move back to Sussex. Not my choice, but the police were obviously never going to do anything to help me as Melissa’s  family had too many close friends in the police force in Cornwall & they were obviously pulling strings in Sussex too, it was hopeless even trying. I still remember people from when I was a teenager in Sussex moaning about how corrupt the police force was, so I didn’t expect things to have changed much over the years & they hadn’t! That much was very clear.

The house viewing was the day before my drive back to “The house of horrors” in Cornwall & also the day I got another call from the mysterious number that kept ringing me without speaking!

It would be a further 8 months before I would discover who the number belonged to & that was after receiving a bunch of other calls from it, all the same as the first, I would answer & nobody would talk then it went dead. 

I decided it was probably something to do with Melissa trying to wind me up & scare me so just ignored it each time it happened….the same as I was having to do with everything else her & Lyle were doing to me on a daily basis.

The house I had moved to in B—————-(omitted for legal purposes ) was dreadful. Mostly because it was next door to Melissa’s aunt & uncle, even though the officers from Devon & Cornwall police had insisted it was an ‘’Empty house with no residents living there’’, which completely contradicted the official electoral roll records for who had been living there from 2004 up to the present time, but also because I was surrounded by boxes that couldn’t be unpacked due to my having to move again. It felt cold & unhomely & I hated every minute of being there. Even the dogs hated it & we were all miserable, further up North Cornwall than before, with an even longer drive down to see my daughter & granddaughter & all my friends nowhere near me.

I called my sister to see if I could come back down to stay with her until the viewing was scheduled for the couple from Battle & she agreed as long as I didn’t ‘make any trouble’ with the neighbours!

I jumped in the car with the girls & made my way down the motorway without stopping! 

The last time I had driven down, just after Christmas,  I found a nasty surprise in the car whilst on a ‘pee stop’ in a lay-by with the passenger door open for cover! There was an addition to the onboard gear that comes with it & I decided on this trip down that I would take the car into the local Ford Mobility garage to get it checked over properly as I needed them to verify what I had found by accident. This particular item was talked about by Melissa & Lyle whilst I recorded them telling the man next door what they had been doing to me. The man that called Lyle an idiot for leaving my car window wide open after they broke into it to disable the air bags & clone my SIM card in September 2018.

My arrival prompted a glare from that same man next door as soon as I got out of my car after parking on the hard standing outside my sisters lounge window. He was standing outside his front door with his arms folded. I gave him a half hearted glare back & grabbed the girls to go inside & didn’t bother to tell my sister as I knew it would upset her, I just said ‘’Hi’’ & took my bags upstairs. 

This visit  was uncomfortable to say the least. I was on edge & so was my sister. I was hurt that she didn’t believe what I was telling her, but couldn’t bare to be back in the “House Of Horrors!” So I tried not to talk about it as best I could.

I spent a lot of the time in my room on my laptop, which was getting progressively slower by the day, a sure sign that it had yet another ‘bug’ in the system. My PC guru had warned me about all my devices being ‘accessed from an outside source’ on his last visit to my house in Port Is It before my move to B———. I knew all my online accounts were being hacked & had had to shut down my internet banking on my previous visit to my sisters after hearing Lyle talking about what funds I had in my accounts from the house next door! My internet banking was closed down for about 2 months because I was worried about them having access to my personal details…stupid of me really when I think about it now, because they had been accessing everything in my life since 2017! I had ZERO privacy. My human rights had been completely obliterated & it seemed there was nothing I could do about it. 

Melissa & her ‘family connections’ had made sure that nobody would listen to me when I tried to report crimes & she had been given Carte Blanc to do whatever she wanted to me with absolutely no worries of being prosecuted for any of it!

 I just kept remembering what the manager from the home treatment team & the psychiatrist that had come to see me in Port Is It had said about Melissa & Lyle having ‘’Serious mental health issues that I appeared to have triggered’’ & hoped that someone would eventually realise what was going on. This nightmare had to end sometime soon, surely?

I did my best not to get in the way as things were very strained between my sister & I, but she knew I was desperate not to be in “that house’’ & I knew it would all be over soon… or at least I hoped it would! I wasn’t looking forward to being hundreds of miles away from my daughter & granddaughter though & it kept playing on my mind. 

The day arrived for me to drive back down to Cornwall to meet up with the couple for the viewing of my house in B———-. 

I had also arranged for a visit from the ‘home treatment team’ whilst at the house to see if they could help me get a grant sorted for the removal fees down to Sussex as I was still struggling with the overdraft I had to take out for the move to B——- from Port Is It in December 2018. 

When they arrived I was ‘told off’ for wasting their time, with the man telling me that they could not be of any assistance to me as ‘’I didn’t have Any mental health issues at all & that they couldn’t do anything to help me get a removal grant so were signing me off the books yet again & not to call them anymore’’.  I apologised for calling them out, but said I was hoping they would be able to assist me with applying for removal grants…. the man said I should call the citizens advice centre & wished me well with my move back to Sussex. 

The couple arrived a lot later than the arranged time to come to view my house & at first I was a little worried that they had changed their minds & weren’t coming! I panicked at the thought of being stuck there for ages with Melissa making daily visits to her aunt & uncle’s house next door to torment & harass me & my dogs. There was also a really strange chemical type of smell in the lounge & my bedroom that had caused me & the dogs upset stomachs since a few days after moving in & gave me really bad headaches. It seemed to be worse in the evenings & throughout the night, to the point of my encouraging the dogs to sleep under the duvet in my room so they weren’t breathing it in. It started to affect my chest making me wheezy & everything started to smell of whatever was causing it. I couldn’t find the source of it no matter where I looked though.

I gave the couple a ring to see when they would be arriving to view so I could burn a few joss sticks beforehand to try to disguise the awful chemical smell  & was relieved when they said they would be arriving soon. I was just keeping my fingers crossed that they liked it so I could escape Melissa’s obsessive harassment once & for all. 

The viewing went well & they agreed to take my house & of course I was elated! 

I rang my sister to tell her the good news & then my daughter & I can’t tell you how much I wished I was still living in H———- where I had been so happy for 13 years before moving to Port Is It. Melissa had destroyed my life completely & it just seemed like it would never end. 

I gathered up the dogs & had a quick cup of tea before setting off for the drive back down to Sussex & hoped it wouldn’t be too busy on the roads.

I couldn’t wait to leave that awful house with it’s horrible smell that seemed to be getting worse & that clung to everything, giving me terrible headaches & making my chest phlegmy & wheezy. 

Having been diagnosed with emphysema in late 2018 before moving to B———-, I was a little worried about the effect that the ‘chemical smell’ was having on my lungs as I had already suffered 2 bouts of pneumonia previously so was now very careful about what I was breathing in … I didn’t want to ‘’peg it’’ any time soon!

This particular drive back to Sussex would be the last one I would be taking in that car. A little while after reaching the M25 the thong on my left flip flop sandal snapped & wrapped itself around the accelerator & brake pedals…..automatic car.… & as I looked down to try to free it the accelerator pedal increased my speed by 6 miles & I nudged the drivers side bumper of the car in front of me sending my car into the central barrier which caused my car to mount it then overturn. 

As my car turned over onto it’s roof & I heard the glass start to smash, I scooped the girls up into my arms in their bed & prayed to god we would be ok. The car slid on it’s roof for what seemed like ages as the doors buckled & all the glass smashed & I tried to keep the dogs calm by saying ‘‘It’s ok babies, don’t worry, it’s ok, you’re safe, don’t worry’’. I closed my eyes & waited for another car to hit us as  we continued to slide accross the motorway, but nothing did & we eventually came to a standstill. 

A man came rushing up to the passenger side to pull me out of the car,  but all I could do was keep repeating, ‘’No my dogs, you have to get my dogs, where are they?’’… the man said they were in the back of the car & safe & helped me out before grabbing the girls & handing them to me. They were more shocked than I was & the man said he couldn’t understand how on earth we had survived without anyone hitting us & also without sustaining any injuries?… I had a Seatbelt Exemption Certificate so didn’t wear one. The same seatbelt exemption certificate that Melissa & Lyle found in my car when they broke into it in September 2018 to clone my mobile phone SIM card & also, it would now seem all too clear, to disable all seven of the air bags in my new Ford Kuga Mobility car!

Mobility cars are rigorously tested before they leave the garages to make doubly sure there are no faults as the charity would be liable to prosecution if any were found that caused harm to the disabled driver or passengers!

I now understood exactly why Melissa & her boyfriend had stolen the spare key for my car from the kitchen drawer to enable them to gain entry to it without the alarm going off whilst I slept in my bed during the night back in September 2018 before I moved to B———. Not only had they cloned my phone SIM card (proof available) they had disabled All Seven Air Bags. She Really DID want me dead it seemed! 

It must have been a real smack in the face when she discovered I had survived such a serious crash! It wouldn’t become clear to me for another couple of weeks just how soon after my crash she found out though…

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