I was ordered out of my vehicle, which was parked on private property, by a PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 (who is from Camelford police station, North Cornwall ) on the evening of 28th February 2019 at approximately 9.15/9.30pm. 

He threatened to smash the drivers side window of my mobility rental car if I didn’t get out & then ordered me into an ambulance along with my 2 chihuahua dogs. 

The ambulance driver R.S. tried to give me a blood test, which I refused. I did consent to my blood pressure being taken which at 155/85 CLEARLY SHOWED STAGE 1 HYPERTENSION. 

This should have prompted them to take me straight to Treliske hospital in Truro as I have emphysema & a history of chest problems including bronchial pneumonia.

To my surprise both driver & paramedic J.G. said it was “normal” & decided to take me *& my dogs* to a closed basement ward of Camborne & Redruth hospital, with the 4 police officers following behind in their car.

Upon arrival the ambulance door flew open & my 2 very frightened dogs were wrenched out of my arms,screaming, by PCSO MIKE DODDS 30665 & taken to the police car where the other 3 officers waited. The driver was a PC Theobald who is also based at Camelford police station in North Cornwall. The other 2 were from Helston. The police car then drove off.

I was led *down some steps* & into a basement/lower floor ward which was in darkness until a woman turned the light on. That woman would later became known as a ward manager for a different part of that hospital.

I was held, abused & drugged in that basement for 8.5hours. 

I was filmed, half naked & terrified, by Melissa Janson & it was all watched by 3 hospital staff, the 4 police officers who returned with a police van after taking my dogs somewhere in the police car & a senior member of staff from another hospital 30.5 miles away who would be met again the following morning after a nurse who had given them permission to abuse me in that basement ward overnight told them all she had changed her mind, regretted agreeing to help them as her children came first & she didn’t want to lose her job! 

At 6.30am on the 1st March 2019 I was forced into the back of the police van after being assaulted by Dodds 30665 who left instant black finger mark bruises on both of my forearms. I was then driven to another hospital 30.5 miles further up into North Cornwall where I was drugged again, *pinned face down on the floor* whilst £3000 worth of gold jewellery was stolen from my body at the behest of Melissa Janson saying “Get her jewellery I want it “ & who was kind enough to film the entire proceedings & post it all over the internet along with the previous nights footage. The footage includes her & the medical staff & police officers faces & voices & all the people who pinned me to the floor in Bodmin hospital at approximately 8.15am. on the 1st March 2019. 

One of them was the younger brother of Lyle Trout. ‘’K’’. & I bit his right thumb so hard it made him bleed….there is NO MENTION of my biting anyone in the fabricated hospital report that was submitted for the FOLLOWING day, 2nd March 2019!  

I was, incidentally, locked in a corridor for 7 hours after my jewellery was stolen, before being dragged to a room & then locked in for the rest of the day until the following morning when I was given food, forced to take a handful of antipsychotic medications (which I spat down the sink) & was told I would be sectioned later that day before being locked in again.

After 3 weeks of constant abuse & the total Violation of my Human Rights, a male nurse decided he didn’t want to be involved with what was being done to me anymore & told a senior manager why I had been illegally sectioned & showed him the video footage of events …. I was held against my will, drugged, raped, sodomised & prevented from contacting Anyone during that time. 

Melissa Janson was also allowed onto hospital property on a daily basis to watch me on the office monitors to further her desire to witness my suffering. This woman is a very dangerous person with significant mental health issues, as noted by professionals in 2018 after my PTSD therapy had finished with the women’s centre. They told me I seemed to have ‘’triggered’’ her psychosis. 

I am certain when this eventually comes to trial that her psychological assessment for court purposes will indeed show that she is a psychopath. I hope it won’t take too much longer for me to find a lawyer who has the balls to stand up to the police & all the corruption.

Staff Rotas were changed to avoid me having contact with anyone but the staff who were present when I was pinned to the floor….Evidence available. & medical files were changed on the computer systems in May 2019 to hide corruption when I requested a copy of them for legal purposes…

The fabricated diagnosis of Bi Polar given by Dr Wolram was also changed to me having a *manic episode due to taking too many anti depressants*! 

It should be noted here that I was on them previously to help with PTSD depression symptoms caused by abuse suffered as a child….& after my therapy at the women’s centre ended in June 2018 I no longer required them!

The senior manager who was shown the videos & told why I was being held in the hospital under a fabricated section 2 order was heard bellowing at a Dr Wolram (name changed for legal purposes) & ordering him to ‘’Release me immediately’’. Details of the entire 3 weeks events are provided within my previous blog entitled **THE EVIDENCE**.

The *reason* why all this happened was to ensure Melissa Janson would remain out of jail for the previous 3 years worth of disability hate crime & harassment reports that were mounting up against her & her boyfriend Lyle that Devon & Cornwall police refused to do anything about due to doing *favours for friends* ~ & more recently the neighbour of my sister who had filmed Melissa, Lyle & 2 of his relatives trying to break in to my mobility car in January 2019 outside her house in Sussex…nearly 300 miles away from where Melissa & Co. should have been…proving she was stalking me.

Drugging me & then having me illegally sectioned 5 weeks after she was filmed trying to break into my car outside my sisters house & me reporting it to police put a complete stop to Any & All possibility of police help to prosecute her as they then just fobbed me off with the excuse I was imagining everything! Even other people’s evidence it would seem… 

I have, since then,  been prevented at every turn from getting legal assistance to prosecute the police, the hospital staff & my deranged ex neighbour & her grunt of a boyfriend for 20 months.

A very senior Detective 🕵️ was pulled in by one of Melissa’s *family friends* to make sure that any help requested from police was ignored…any requests for legal assistance from law firms was rejected under the heading of “Not enough resources due to covid, or it being too complicated”… & others who have told me it is either a police inaction case, a medical malpractice case, or barristers who have said it is too complicated for them & needs a lawyer to assist first!

The senior Detective holds a position in an organisation that oversees police & rescue services to maintain standards!!!!! 

HE himself has been illegally monitoring my internet use & has actively encouraged police officers to lie. He will be reported to the *Investigatory Powers Tribunal* over the course of the next few weeks & I will also be reporting him & his IP address to the European Court For Human Rights. I’m sick of this shit.

The Devon & Cornwall police force have fobbed me off for 6 months with my Freedom of information request for my police files regarding all the hate crime incidents that were reported & never investigated…including the theft of my jewellery which Miss Janson is still wearing & flaunting on her Facebook page! With the full knowledge of that senior Detective I might add!

& also the fabricated police report relating to the 28th February 2019….. the police officers present have Not been included in the official report, namely the 2 from Camelford. & my requests for *black box* information on the vehicles concerned have also been ignored to the point of a PC Andrew Skelton (acting sergeant) , whom I have lodged an official complaint against concerning his conduct, telling me that ‘’black box information does not contain any details of vehicle positioning or journeys”! I soon put him straight on That particular perkier & recorded my phone call with him as proof for later court proceedings! 

I also have voice recordings of the police Detective who has helped my delightfully insane ex neighbour continue her obsession, whilst he was ‘’snooping’’ on me illegally! 

If I wasn’t so exhausted with having to do all the investigation duties of the police force I might be worried about being bumped off or drugged & illegally sectioned again, but I’m much too pissed off with it all now to be scared anymore. I just want my jewellery back & that mad bitch behind bars where she belongs.

Crime numbers were given for each report, but her family friends in the police, both serving & ex, have made sure nothing was ever done. 

The police officer that gave me the crime reference number for the theft of my jewellery which occurred on the Morning of the 1st March 2019, PC Ramsden from Camelford police station, told me “I’m sorry, we can’t help you” when I asked him why he was telling me the case was closed as soon as he had given me that reference number… he put the phone down.

Since then I have been fobbed off & lied to by everyone involved. & after being forced to leave Cornwall altogether & move back to East Sussex after living there for 16 years I found that the police in Sussex are just as corrupt as those in Cornwall.

They too have totally ignored evidence….even other people’s in the form of video footage from January 2019 of Janson & Trout & 2 other men trying to break into my car during the night. 

Also 6 of my sister’s neighbours who watched me being threatened in the street outside her house in January 2019. Police informed…they called Bodmin police station for details of other hate crime reports made by me whilst living in Cornwall & then told me I had imagined everything & should seek medical help! 

They didn’t even bother to speak to the witnesses OR view the video evidence taken by one of my sister’s neighbours on more than one occasion! ….

Aparrently we are ALL SUFFERING FROM DELUSIONS!…………🤪

And I will just remind everyone Again of the reason why I was Drugged, Tortured, Filmed half naked & Terrified before being illegally sectioned for 3 weeks, being raped & sodomised & having All of my human rights violated from the 28th February 2019 until the 21st March 2019 when a male nurse complained to a senior manager & showed him the videos of me that have been shared all over the internet……


Unfortunately, for those of us who don’t fall into the *narcissistic psycopath* category, there is all too obviously no help to be had anywhere!

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I am a staunch believer in treating everyone with the respect they deserve... I am an energy healer, a proud grandmother & I strive to help others whenever the need arises in whatever way I can. Love makes the world go around & Karma gets Everyone in the end!

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  1. I have had so much harassment from PCSO Dodd. Phone Camelford police they will not leave me alone they are trying to pick any fault to either convict me or make me lose my home I have two tinder asleep braised agreement to the IOPC. And I am going to share this to show what a narcissist little twatt he is and that’s my personal opinion

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    1. Very sad to see this man is still working within Devon & Cornwall police & Abusing his powers as a volunteer.
      This monster held me in a basement overnight, naked & terrified, with some of his friends, whilst they filmed me & then uploaded the footage to the internet for all my neighbours to see.
      I was finally driven out of Cornwall altogether due to all the police harassment.
      I’m taking them all to court after three years of investigating what these men have been getting up to…. They are working on the side as professional stalkers, for a private investigations firm called Liberton Investigations Ltd. Run by Russell Whitfield, an ex police officer. DS Brian Quinn, who works at the serious fraud office in London, has been doing this kind of thing for over 20 years…they are all very, very rich men… I have evidence for everything now & am publishing it all on a new website in the next few weeks….

      Website is called stalkerfree.com. All my evidence & all their names will be on there. They take payment from people who want to have you harassed & stalked….it turns out my ex husband paid to have all this done to me, for getting full custody of my daughter with no contact allowed for him due to his disgusting sexual deviances with children….& those of his second wife’s son..who is a known peadophile! My life was destroyed because of his hatred of me, which he nurtured for 20 years!

      All evidence will be uploaded to new site over the next few weeks…. I have enough to bring down at least FOUR police forces!

      Speak to you soon Pete, I will be coming back to Cornwall soon.x


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