In March 2019 in a futile attempt to get some help with all the police corruption & cover ups relating to serious & ever escalating hate crimes committed against me by my ex neighbour Melissa Janson & Co. I decided to contact Chief Superintendent Russ Whitfield (Russell, as I knew him, from back when I was 25 & living in Brighton).

I looked him up online only to discover that he had retired from Sussex police some 7 years previously & was now running his own private investigations firm in Hailsham… Liberton Investigations Ltd.
I couldn’t believe my luck, not only had I found him, but he was running a PI firm, exactly what was needed to infiltrate the corrupt police officers who were helping Melissa to totally decimate my existence. I left a message on his website asking for help.

After a week I had heard nothing back & had decided to go down to Sussex to visit my sister after being hounded relentlessly by a Clare Jackson, who worked within the home treatment team of Bodmin hospital & whom was a friend of Melissa. She had been harassing me since my discharge from hospital on the 21st March 2019 & had threatened to have me re-hospitalised if I refused to let her come to my home….. More on this later.

It was the 6th of April 2019 & as my car had been taken off me by mobility after the ‘’hospital incident’’ I reluctantly decided I would have to make the 295 mile journey by taxi as my 2 tiny rescue chihuahuas would never cope with an entire day on various trains!
It cost me £400, almost an entire months worth of disability payment, but I was desperate to escape the harassment from Clare Jackson from the ‘home treatment team’ & indeed Melissa from her Aunt & Uncle’s house next door to me so it was my only option.
I asked the driver to stop off on the way at Hailsham so I could visit the office of Liberton Investigations ltd. to speak in person with Russell Whitfield.

As the taxi pulled up outside the address, I realised it was right opposite the police station in Hailsham & as I rang the door bell I was greeted by a middle aged man who told me “ Mr Whitfield doesn’t operate from these offices any more, we used to do his accounts for him, would you like me to pass on a message for you?” Disappointedly I asked if I could come in to leave a note to be passed on & the gentleman ushered me into an office & gave me a pen & paper. He then left the room telling me he would be right back.
As he opened the office door to leave I heard Russell’s voice saying “What she’s here, downstairs, now?” & a few minutes later the old gentleman came back to the office looking uncomfortable as he asked me to go outside to write my note & then leave it with one of the staff at the desk.

I was confused as to why Russell did not come to talk to me as he was obviously aware that I was there, but did as the man asked & sat on the steps of the building to write Russell a hurried short account of what had happened to me with my ex neighbour, the police, the hospitals abusing & holding me illegally & then the police covering it up to keep themselves & everyone else out of the shit.
As I was writing I looked up to see a tall man wearing a flat cap walking slowly past the police station on the other side of the road & heard him say, as he held up his right hand to his chin, “She looks frightened”…
He walked up & down the road 3 times as I wrote my 6 page A4 double sided letter explaining what had been going on & begging for his help. I knew instantly that it was Russell. We had been intimate for a while when I was 25 & living in Brighton, his walk was unmistakeable, despite the flat cap helping to hide his face!
He was right though… I was, indeed, very frightened. I had spent the last 3 years being terrorised in my own homes by Melissa, her grunt of a boyfriend Lyle threatening me with shotguns & entering my home whenever I was out & their respective friends at the hospitals & in the police force, culminating in me being drugged, kidnapped, illegally sectioned then drugged again & raped before being threatened in my home by Clare Jackson, a social worker within Bodmin home treatment team who was a friend of Melissa. It had all taken its toll on me & I was desperate for someone to help me, even though asking for help has never been an easy thing for me to do.
I finished my letter, rang the office doorbell & handed it to a young woman asking her to please make sure it got to Mr Whitfield as a matter of urgency & hoped he would soon contact me. The taxi then continued it’s journey on to my sisters house in Hastings.

My sister welcomed me & the dogs with something to eat & hugs; it was good to be away from the ‘house of horrors’ again, even if only for a short time. She was very stressed with what had been going on & we had already argued several times about it all. I decided it best not to mention anything about Clare Jackson harassing me back in B————— (place name omitted for legal purposes) & instead got an early night.

The next day, 7th April 2019, my sister & I chatted very briefly about Clare Jackson threatening to have me “re committed if I didn’t allow her access to my home & stick to my treatment plan as prescribed for my Bi Polar by Dr Marlow (I did change it to Wolram but I’m buggered if I will hide what these bastards did to me anymore so we’ll now stick to his Real name! MARLOW, SIMON MARLOW).
I don’t have Bi Polar, or any other mental health illness & have irrefutable proof of this fact!
My sister was suitably horrified by what I told her concerning Ms Jackson’s threats & then asked me to stop talking about it all as it was too much for her to take in!

Just then, there was a knock at the door…well a bang, bang, bang actually.
It was the man who lived on the left side of my sisters house… nasty, snarling bully who was filmed, 2 months previously, by my sisters neighbour accross the road trying to break into my car with Melissa & Lyle. (Police informed…they called Bodmin police then told me I imagined it & did nothing at all!)

Alex Hue-Brandon (name changed for legal purposes) was heard telling my sister “She’s here isn’t she?” My sister replied “My sister is here yes, why?” Alex growled at her “You make her fucking leave immediately or I’m going to punch her in the face. My neighbour saw her stubbing out her cigarettes on my fifty thousand pound car, I want her fucking gone”. & with that he stomped off back to his house leaving my sister in shock on the door step.
She gathered herself before coming into the lounge to tell me “I can’t handle this, I’m sorry you have to leave tomorrow, this is too much for me to cope with, he’s just threatened me, I’m sorry”.
I was aghast. She knew it was all rubbish… I didn’t smoke! I gave up in 2010 when my daughter told me she was pregnant with my first granddaughter & I hadn’t even left the house that day, only to go into the walled back yard with the dogs so they could pee! & I also pointed out that his shitty car was definitely not worth £50,000, it was a crappy Audi worth about £3000. & that was stretching it!
Never the less I agreed to leave the next day.

8th April 2019 & my sister asked me to leave at midday as she was worried about Alex Hue-Brandon coming back for another go… I did as she asked & gathered up my bags & the dogs.
I had no money, no transport as Motability took it off me after the hospital fiasco & nowhere to stay. The £10 I had in my pocket was all I had for another ten days until my next disability payment & panic started to set in as I walked to the top of my sisters road.

Hours later & after walking around with the girls trying to think of someone I could call for help I decided to see if my half brother would let me stay at his house until I got paid. I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years & it was an uncomfortable conversation trying to explain what had been going on. He was suitably unimpressed with me turning up on his doorstep & said I could only stay for one night & that he would pay my train ticket back to Cornwall.
I told him about dropping in at Russell Whitfields private investigations firm asking for assistance & he said I should go to the police! I decided it was best to just forget trying to explain anything else & just be grateful for a bed for the night.
At 53 years old, with osteoarthritis, a heavy bag & 2 nervous rescue chihuahuas it was an ordeal to say the least.

The next day my half brother drove me & the girls to the train station & bought the ticket back to Cornwall with me promising to pay him back as soon as I got my next payment & he left us there.
It was awful, then to compound matters a local junkie sat next to us trying to -eat the dogs which pissed me off no end as she wouldn’t leave them alone then got Arsenal with me saying “I’m going to report you to the RSPCA for cruelty, dragging those poor dogs on a train” before walking off! WTF I thought…. I was already having a shitty time & didn’t need anyone else adding to my woes!
I then decided taking the girls through London on the underground in my state was a bad idea & got the money refunded at the ticket desk to my half brothers card. I decided to go through my phone for help. I had moved out of Hastings nearly 20 years previously, but still had friends there, one of whom was the son of the lady who trained me to be a healer in the early 90’s, so I called him.
Thankfully he was very understanding & booked me a hotel room for the weekend on the seafront so at least me & the girls had somewhere safe & comfortable & he put an open tab so we could get food!
He popped up to the room quickly that evening to say “Hi” & told me to just be safe & pay him back when I could afford it…. godsend!

The weekend passed uneventfully & the girls & I checked out on the Sunday (11th April 2019) afternoon after I managed to get hold of an old friend who I’d known since the age of 13… we dated a couple of times & remained friends. After explaining briefly on the phone what was going on he said we could stay at his until I got paid the following week. Another god send.

It was a fun week…catching up on all the gossip, even serenaded me with his guitar! Smashing guy, my sister had said when we were sixteen that I should have stayed with him, but we were better as friends.

Pay day came & I arranged yet another £400 taxi to take me & the girls back to B————- (place name omitted for legal purposes).
I was dreading going back to ‘’the house of horrors’’… so many bad things had happened since moving there to get away from Melissa’s obsessional hatred & knowing that her aunt & uncle lived in the house next door & had done for 18 years, despite PC John Theobald 16619 lying to me on the 24th February 2019 telling me the house was “unoccupied, empty & had been for years & that I needed help as I was imagining things”… made things a thousand times worse.
Now she had free reign to do whatever she wanted with no fear of reprisals & she did just that. Theobald was another long standing family friend from the village she grew up in, along with the ex Sergeant & dog handler who still Rears & Trains the puppies & handlers in the South West as well as on RNAS Culdrose where I was drugged & kidnapped by police before being abused & filmed in a closed hospital basement on February 28th 2019.


Resolver Case 9290566
Complaint against South Western Ambulance Service by Christina Prentice Generated 11/12/20 at 20:12 GMT

Sent via online form Friday 11th December 2020.
South West Ambulance Service have fabricated an official report for the 1st of March 2019 in which they say I was found in ‘’Very wet & cold conditions’’ at RNAS Culdrose public viewing area by Police after they received a call from ‘’A concerned member of the public’’ & that the ambulance crew, Rebecca Smitheram & Julian Griffiths, then took me to ‘’Longreach house 136 suite place of safety’’ & handed me over to a Clinician named Natalie who signed their report stating I had been evaluated & admitted as a patient that same evening.
The weather for that date has been confirmed by the Meteoralogical office AND head of naval security at Portsmouth in writing to me as being dry & mild for at least a 3 day period. There is also no evidence available to substantiate any call from a member of the public concerning me & no body cam footage is available from the police either.
The ambulance report is a complete fabrication as is the police report submitted by Devon & Cornwall police for this event. It never occurred.
PALS office in Bodmin have confirmed this to me in writing. There is No Record of me being anywhere near Longreach House at Camborne & Redruth hospital on the 1st of March 2019, or any day close to that date!
I have tried complaining for over a year & keep being fobbed off or simply ignored.
There is evidence for exactly what Did happen during my encounter with said ambulance staff, but it is for the previous day…28th February 2019. Hospital records clearly show the ambulance crew & the clinician from Longreach House Lied & I will be suing for damages & compensation.
I also wish to lodge a complaint concerning a nurse Denise Williams at Camborne & Redruth hospital who allowed a closed lower floor ward to be accessed ‘’unofficially’’ by non hospital staff to hold me overnight, terrified & drugged from the 28th February 2019 after being taken there by the ambulance crew until 6.30 am the following morning, 1st March 2019 when she came back down & told the people holding me there that she had changed her mind about helping them to drug & film me half naked & was worried about losing her job. She told them to get me dressed & take me somewhere else!
All reported to police who took my statement in my home some weeks later, via a PCSO Clare Barnes 30263, & then a PC Clive Ramsden called the next day from Camelford police station to give me a crime number for the theft of my gold jewellery that was stolen during this ordeal.
Police are also in the firing line for what happened to me that day/night as are various members of 2 hospital wards. These will be dealt with seperately of course, as previous attempts to make complaints have been ignored.
There were witnesses & one of them complained to a senior manager & showed him the videos that were taken of me whilst I was drugged & terrified & tortured for a total of 44 hours in 2 hospitals 30 miles apart over a 2 day period. I was then illegally sectioned in Bodmin hospital on the afternoon of the 2nd of March 2019 for 3 weeks until that nurse complained…I was then immediately released after a Dr Simon Marlow received a very audible dressing down from the manager on the top floor of Longreach House on the 21st of March 2019.
He discharged me saying I had had a manic episode due to my Bi Polar disorder……I do not have Bi Polar! & I can prove it!
The hospital notes were sent to my GP containing this diagnosis as the reason for my internment from 2nd March to 21st March 2019. No mention anywhere of the 1st of March as I was not a patient!
I asked for a copy of my files from Bodmin hospital records department in May 2019 when I moved out of Cornwall & back to East Sussex after my ex neighbours’ hate campaign got too much for me to withstand any longer & the notes that were sent contained a completely different reason for my internment!
Staff realised I had been assessed by several professionals regarding my mental health over several years & all concluded I had No mental health issues at all, but did have PTSD caused by child abuse & recommended I see WRSAC women’s centre for treatment which I did, very successfully in 2017 & 18. The last time I was assessed as not having Any mental health issues at all was in January 2019, just 5 weeks before my ex neighbour managed to drug me & get her family friends to hold me in that hospital basement overnight then have me illegally sectioned for 3 weeks!
Evidence available for all of this.
I can identify everyone involved, the basement ward I was held on & it’s entire layout including the room with the side angled door I was held in for 8.5 hours drugged, terrified & naked.
I also set the red alarm button off several times in the bathroom in a desperate attempt to get someone to help me. This will be shown in the security records & the nurse who let them use the ward was terrified of losing her job so will talk when questioned.
A seperate complaint will be lodged against each authority as I am tired of being ignored & fobbed off with fabricated reports left right & centre from people desperately trying to hide what they did to me.
I would very much appreciate this being taken seriously as I will be going to the press if not with all my evidence.

How I was affected~

I will never get over the immense damage this has done to my health.
I will never be able to trust anyone again, be it on a friend, personal , or indeed, a professional level.
The emergency services, the police & the NHS have done more damage to me than a lifetime of abuse from family & personal relationships.
My entire life has been totally destroyed by these animals posing as normal human beings.
Health workers/nurses/ambulance crews/police…. all pretending to be caring, upstanding members of society, who are all the epitome of deranged tribe mentality. It’s disgusting that people trust them with their safety.
Why should they be allowed to get away with it because they are able to bend the rules to hide what they did to me. I am probably one of many.
I will never fully recover from what has been done to me & what I have written here is just a tiny portion of what I was made to endure for those 3 weeks & indeed since.
The video footage that was taken whilst held in those hospitals speaks for itself.
The male nurse at Longreach House who showed them to a senior male manager, as well as telling him why I was being held there illegally for the amusement of my ex neighbour will have no hesitation in providing the authorities with the true version of events. I saw him complaining to Nina, the ward manager on Carbis Ward, Longreach House on the 20th March when his shift started at 6pm that evening. He told her he was ‘’not happy about having to be involved with what was being done to me as it was wrong & that he did not want to be involved any more’’… Nina laughed at him, as did the other staff members who were sitting in the office at the table.
I was standing by the door listening & he walked straight into me as he left the office…. I asked him to help me. The next day he came to work 3 hours early to complain to the top floor manager & I was immediately released.
That manager should have informed the police…he didn’t & this nightmare has been allowed to continue because of that. My mental health has been brought into question because of this & police have covered up what was done to me to stop officers being prosecuted along with nhs staff & my ex neighbour who is friends with several of them. Her elder sister is a nurse.
I will never get over this . Never.

What would you like South Western Ambulance Service to do to resolve your issue?

Admit what they did. Come forward with the names of all involved, including police, my ex neighbour, hospital staff & members of the naval fire service who were directly involved on the 28th February 2019 on RNAS Culdrose property, where the ‘’off duty’’ ambulance crew sat with ‘’off duty’’ police officers waiting to approach me in my car which was parked in the viewing area by the airfield on the evening of 28th February 2019.
I will be seeking compensation for mental & physical abuse. Sexual abuse. & being forced to leave Cornwall & my family there.
Not to mention the humiliation suffered from people where I lived in Boscastle telling me I was plastered all over Google for everyone to see whilst drugged & naked.
The fabricated police & ambulance reports do Not tally with official hospital records as provided by PALS office.
Devon & Cornwall police have flatly refused to give me my police files since they were requested on 11th May 2020!
I’ve had enough of this now & am taking steps to prosecute.

Fabricated Ambulance report was attached to this official complaint as well as letter from PALS office Julie Smales confirming I was nowhere near Longreach House on 1/3/19 or any day close to it!


I waited for weeks after returning to Cornwall, but never heard back from Russell Whitfield, or his office.

I wrote him another very long letter in April 2020 asking again for his assistance with corrupt police officers in both Cornwall & Sussex as I’d had to move back here (Sussex) in May 2019 after Melissa’s unrelenting hate campaign could be withstood no more, but it became all too evident that his aleigeance was to his police brethren no matter how corrupt they were & not to the greater good, as the email reply to my pleas for help below makes all too clear.
With a saddened heart I had to face the fact that the corruption within the British Police Force runs far too deep for anyone like me to hope to stop without some serious back up. 

These Monsters have free reign to crush people’s Human Rights without fear of repercussion.


Your communications
Russ Whitfield

may 29 at 8:54

I have been made aware of your email and letters. I have not read these fully as the address in Wales is merely a postal/holding address. I am genuinely sorry for what you seem to have gone through over the past years.
I am afraid I am overseas most of the time in India and New Zealand hence communications are always difficult as well as time differences, internet access etc. Things often do not reach me for days if at all. I would urge you not to waste your time and money sending lengthy letters, I gather one was over 60 pages long.
I am afraid I retired from the Police over 8 years ago and am enjoying a semi-retirement. In light of this I am unable to help you with the problems you have experienced. Please do not take this as someone who is ignoring your cries for help. It is just a case that I simply cannot help.
When one retires form the Police it is final. From the date you leave you have no sway or influence on what the Police do or don’t do in any given situation. This is even more relevant given the amount of time I have been retired as most of my colleagues and peer group have also retired. If anyone, myself included, did try to help further and influence the Police it would certainly be frowned upon. It would also be likely to have a negative impact on anyone who an ex-cop did try to help, including yourself, and I certainly do not want to make your case any harder for you.
If you are having trouble accessing the Police, I suggest you may wish to write to the Police and Crime Commissioner where the offences have been committed as they have overall Governance of the Police.
I am sorry I cannot help and truly hope you get the help you need and are able to get on with your life in a positive way.


Mr Whitfield, it later transpired, moved his private investigation company Liberton Investigations Ltd. up to Ashton Under-Lyne 3 days after my visit to his office on the 6th April 2019 & opened another private investigation firm that also serves as a ‘personal protection’ service at his office in Hailsham, Sussex, opposite the police station on the very same day… SOTERIA Relations Ltd.
I expect this firm is also unwilling to see corrupt police officers get their dues, so I won’t be asking for help again.

It is also illegal to open companies in this country if you aren’t resident & I know for a fact that Mr Whitfield is Not living in India OR New Zealand! He is resident in Brighton with his second wife…& is Not happy about me posting this particular section of my blog! 🥳

It also transpires that Mr Whitfield knows the “SCOTSMAN” through police connections whilst he was chief superintendent of Sussex police.
AND it transpires that the “Scotsman” was a detective superintendent for the MET & now serves on the panel for HMICFRS. her majesty’s inspectorate of police & fire & rescue services…in short…Everyone that drugged, kidnapped, raped me & helped to cover it up in February & March 2019.

You can come to your own conclusions on that particular nugget of information ⚖️

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I am a staunch believer in treating everyone with the respect they deserve... I am an energy healer, a proud grandmother & I strive to help others whenever the need arises in whatever way I can. Love makes the world go around & Karma gets Everyone in the end!


  1. I believe that to have a reasonable idea of how law-enforcers will perform their job, one must understand what underlying nature/desire motivated them to their profession to start with. I believe that many, if not most, ‘law-enforcers’ — be they private-property security, community police, prison guards or heavily-armed rapid-response police units — have targeted/acquired such authoritative fields of employment mostly for ‘power’ reasons, though perhaps subconsciously.

    Besides the basic tackle and/or handcuffing, it’s a profession in which they might get to storm into suspects’ homes, screaming, with fully-automatic machineguns or handguns drawn, at the homes’ occupants (to “face down!”), all of whom, including infants, can be permanently traumatized from the experience. Occasionally the law-enforcers force their way into the wrong home, altogether; that is when open-fire can and does occur, followed by wrongful deaths to be ‘impartially’ investigated.

    Problematically, there may be many people who are in such an armed authority capacity that were reared with an irrational distrust or baseless dislike of, for example, people of other races. Those who deliberately get into such professions of (potential or actual) physical authority might do some honest soul-searching as to truly why. As an intensely focused/self-critical introvert, I know I definitely would.


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