It seems I am being threatened ~ AGAIN!

Another Birthday (24th December) has been ruined, as well as another Christmas.
Miss Janson (name changed for legal purposes) will be enjoying hers no doubt. Revelling in the fact that she has so far gotten away with almost 5 years worth of very serious Disability Hate Crimes, Serious Stalking – to the point of following me – with her boyfriend – over a distance of 300 miles to try to break into my car to remove evidence in January 2019…police totally ignored report made to them regarding this – AND the video footage taken of them by my sisters neighbour whilst doing it!
Not to mention that she is still wearing the gold jewellery she stole from my body whilst her friends pinned me to the floor, drugged, terrified & thinking I was going to be murdered.

Panic has very obviously set in ~ The Official Complaints regarding Gross Misconduct of Police, Hospital Staff, Doctors & a Social Worker have been prevented from reaching the PALS (patient & liason service) office so the internal investigations can begin.

The only ones that have reached the recipients are for the South West Ambulance Service & The Conquest Hospital here in Sussex regarding my contact details being changed several times in the last 13 months by persons unknown & BOTH of those have made replies & started investigating!

Bodmin Hospital & Camborne Redruth Hospitals have not received my complaints via…. I have now contacted customer service at to alert them to the fact that the emails are being blocked from getting to the recipient.

Why the hell are these morons so stupid? Surely they know that they will get caught? If I can work it all out then so can other people!

I will continue to post over the Christmas period ~ if I haven’t blogged again by next week, send out a search party ~ I could be languishing drugged out of my mind in the corner of a locked hospital ward being made to pay for OUTING the corrupt bastards!

Merry Christmas Everyone! xxx ~ I’m 55 tomorrow! My grandchildren should be with me for hugs ~ instead they are 300 miles away back in Cornwall ~ where I used to be before Miss Janson went PSYCHO on me for telling her her son needed help in October 2016. She is still wearing my stolen jewellery & can be seen wearing it at her parents house over Christmas last year on her Facebook page ~ I have a copy of the photo for evidence! Au Revoir Mon Ami.

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I am a staunch believer in treating everyone with the respect they deserve... I am an energy healer, a proud grandmother & I strive to help others whenever the need arises in whatever way I can. Love makes the world go around & Karma gets Everyone in the end!

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