I have made complaints via about Bodmin Hospital & Camborne Redruth Hospital regarding Gross Medical Malpractice & staff Corruption, as well as altering my Medical files to keep themselves out of the shit since my illegal internment on 2nd March 2019…… Previous to that I was drugged on the 28th February & taken via off duty ambulance & an off duty police car to a closed basement wing of Camborne Redruth Hospital & tortured, half naked for 8.5 hours before being bundled into the back of an off duty police van & taken to Bodmin Hospital where I was again drugged, assaulted, had £3000 worth of gold jewellery stolen before being locked in a corridor for 7 hours. Then locked in a room overnight until the following day….2nd March 2019 when I was illegally sectioned for 3 weeks to prevent me telling anyone or indeed having my blood tested for the drugs they roofied me with on 28th Feb & 1st March 2019.

As well as hacking My computers, my sisters computer, my friends computers, my neighbours computer & then the Hastings Library computer system, these idiots have now hacked the PALS office system in Bodmin to prevent my complaints via getting through to them.

They have done this because my complaint via Resolver went through successfully to South West Ambulance Service & they are now investigating everything that happened to me on 28th February 2019 & 1st March 2019.

It appears people are getting very scared… it’s off to Prison you go you Bastards.

Complaint via Resolver to South West Ambulance Service


Complaint via resolver about Camborne Redruth hospital 02/03/2019


Carbis Ward, Longreach House &  Closed Basement Unit Opposite.


On 28th February 2019 I was drugged by my ex neighbour who arranged for me to be taken to a closed basement ward of Camborne Redruth Hospital & held there, terrified & half naked for over 8 hours whilst she filmed me, before posting her videos on the internet. All my neighbours saw it.

We fell out over her sons mental health problems in 2016 & she has waged a very serious hate crime campaign against me ever since with the help of friends & family. 

Police were made aware on several occasions but, due to her strong family connections for over 25 years to certain police officers in North Cornwall where she grew up, I have been unable to get satisfactory help from them. Instead of charging her they simply kept telling me to move home. Which I have had to do 3 times in less than 2 years due to her continued stalking obsession.

My ex neighbour, Marie Jordan, has been reported to the police authorities for this & other offences & I am in the process of collating evidence, with my advisor, to take both her & all Hospital staff members involved to court in the new year.

Miss Jordan & her friends persuaded a nurse, Denise Williams, to let them use a closed hospital wing opposite Longreach House to abuse me in overnight before Ms Williams had a change of heart due to me setting off the red alarm button several times in attempts to get someone to help me.

Williams then instructed them all to ‘’Get me dressed & take me somewhere else’’  as she was worried about her children & losing her job!

I was then ordered to put my clothes on & was assaulted by PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 before being dragged out of that unit, up some steps & forced into the back of an off duty police van from Helston that had been parked there for hours. 

The police staff member that assaulted me, PCSO Mike Dodds 30665, was sitting on a small 2 seater black faux leather sofa in the corridor outside the room I was held in whilst drugged & terrified. 

I have perfect recall of all events & those involved & have drawn a 100% accurate diagram of the layout of that closed basement unit, together with the side angled door to the room I was held in. It is the only wing on the entire hospital complex with a side angled doorway.

 A young girl was also brought down into that closed unit at approximately 11pm from the building opposite & was very confused as to why she had been brought there. She kept asking if she was going home to see her baby….I can identify that girl. Nina, the ward manager from Longreach House opposite the basement wing was the one who brought her over. The girl was dragged into a room at the end of the corridor after she started asking Me why she was there in her nightclothes & slippers. 

Nina was seen pushing the girl down onto a bed & telling her to shut up, before the room door was slammed shut & I was shoved into another room there with 2 beds in it & a side angled door. I was terrified I was going to be raped, or worse, murdered.

The security logs for that part of the hospital will show that it was accessed several times during the night of the 28th February 2019 & the early hours of 1st March 2019 up until approximately 6.30am. Both sets of doors were accessed. There were 2 sets, one at either end of the wing. One led into the main hospital & the other to a set of steps leading to the outside parking area by Longreach House.

I have written to the police & crime commissioner, Alison Hernandez, regarding this & am seeking legal help to take it to court.

I have tried to complain several times since March 2019, but have been ignored or fobbed off.

Nina, a ward manager for Longreach House, was directly involved on the night of the 28th February & I have proof; as was a male nurse covered in tattoos who also works in Longreach House & another senior male nurse named ‘Dickie’ who works in Bodmin hospital. Again, proof is available for this, & witnesses. Staff from both hospitals were involved. They were also involved in the theft of my gold jewellery worth £3000 by Miss Jordan on the morning of the 1st March 2019. She was kind enough to film her friends from the hospital pinning me facedown to the floor & injecting me with a needle 4 times before handing her my jewellery. Police informed…crime number given…nothing done.

Nina from Longreach House has full knowledge of this fact, as do all the others involved.

Another male nurse who also works in Longreach House eventually complained to a senior manager on the top floor of that building & showed him video footage of me being abused whilst drugged in 2 seperate locations on the 28th February 2019 & the morning of the 1st March 2019. Those videos include footage of my jewellery being stolen from my body whilst pinned to the floor terrified.

This can also be proved & the long haired male nurse easily identified. Evening shifts on Carbis Ward & the only one there with any moral compass.

I have also given these details in writing to the chair person for the Cornwall nhs foundation trust Dr Barbara Vann on 8th July 2020 after getting no helpful response to requests for help from the the hospital ward managers, the PALS office, or the police. 

My letter was passed on to Miss Julie Smales of the PALS office, Bodmin,  who replied with proof that hospital members, police staff & an ambulance crew Fabricated reports to hide what had been done to me on 28th February 2019 & 1st March 2019. 

Her letter proves conclusively, from computer records, that everyone has lied to cover up the facts.

 I will be seeking prosecutions & compensation from Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust, the Devon & Cornwall police force & the South Western Ambulance Service. As well as Sussex Police.

The senior manager whom the male nurse showed the videos to should have gone straight to the police. Instead he tried to cover up what went on & will be called to give evidence in court, along with the male nurse who ‘’blew the whistle’’ on the afternoon of the 21st March 2019, resulting in a reprimand for a Dr Simon Marlow who works within Longreach House & took it upon himself to try to diagnose me as having Bi Polar to keep everyone out of trouble!

Hospital computer records do not correlate with what he sent to my GP in March 2019. The  computer records contain a completely different diagnosis & have been altered on more than one occasion to try to hide the truth. Both the dates & diagnosis’s have been changed. Nobody bothered to check my medical records before they lied about the reason for having me there! 

I have irrefutable proof that discredits Everything that has been put on record for me in 2 hospitals during that time period.

I am sick & tired of being fobbed off with excuses & people changing my medical records to hide what they did to me.

I am formerly lodging a complaint here against the Cornwall NHS Trust Foundation for damages & compensation.

I have already complained via Resolver in the last few days about the involvement of The South Western Ambulance Service for the same reasons.


I have been traumatised, victimised, assaulted & raped on hospital property. 

I will never get over what has been done to me & will never be able to trust Hospital, ambulance , or indeed, the police service again.

These people are civil servants. They are trusted by the British public to take care of their needs. 

They are not meant to help mentally deranged friends carry out hate vendettas & then help them cover it up.

The British public need to know what kind of subhuman animals they are entrusting their relatives to in those hospitals & the corruption that goes on within the police forces. It’s disgusting.

My entire life has been completely destroyed. I had to leave Cornwall after living there & making it my home for 16 years. My daughter & grandchildren are there. 

My body was violated along with all my human rights by these sick monsters & it was plastered all over the internet for everyone to see.

 I was even stopped in the street by a male villager where I was living in Boscastle when it happened, who called me a vile name before telling me I was ‘’All over Google’’.

I had been celibate for 12 years before being raped in the hospital. I will never recover.

My life has been violated in ways I could never have imagined. Everything has changed.


Deliver up those responsible for prosecution. Admit that they lied about my mental health in an attempt to cover up what they did to me with my ex neighbour at the helm & compensate me for the irreparable damage done to my life.



On the morning of the 1st of March 2019 at approximately 6.30am I was forcefully bundled into the back of a police van that had been parked outside a closed basement wing at Camborne Redruth community hospital for several hours & driven to Bodmin hospitals Harvest Ward.

The van was driven by PC John Theobald 16619 from Camelford police station. The passenger was PCSO Mike Dodds 30665, also from Camelford police station. The two police officers in the back of the van who were facing me were not from Camelford. I do not have their names but can identify them both. The blonde haired officer was watching me, along with Theobald & the other dark haired officer,  through the bay window of the room I was locked in overnight for 8.5 hours at that hospital along with Marie Jordan & Leigh Bass.

At the time of arrival at Bodmin hospitals Harvest Ward, approx. 7.15am judging by the time that dawn broke on the way there, which was at 6.47am that particular morning as specified by official reports online, I had no idea where I had been taken as they drove through the back way past Cornwall Housing offices & in through a small side car park that had some building/roadworks going on at its entrance. 

I was very scared, disoriented & all the blonde police officer facing me in the back of the police van  kept doing was nudging the dark haired officer next to him & then laughing.

The police van pulled up by some large waste disposal bins next to a set of double doors in the small car park & PCSO Dodds 30665 &  PC John Theobald 16619 pulled me from the back & through the double doors. I was pulled along a corridor & thrown into a room where the door was slammed shut behind me & locked.

There was a glass screened wall with an office on the other side. A lady (Later known as Leone ) was sitting at a long desk in front of a computer. She looked up briefly, raised an eyebrow, then continued typing. 

Knowing that dawn had broken on the journey just as the van took the turn off for Bodmin I estimated the time to be roughly 7.15am. (this was verified some weeks later by an official online site when I looked it up for evidential purposes). 

Leone kept asking me if I wanted a drink, but I was too scared of being drugged again to accept one, until eventually my mouth was so dry I had to accept. She passed a plastic cup with some Pepsi/coke in it through a hatch by the door.

I took note of the room she was sitting in, which had a small pale green 2 seater sofa by the window with a small coffee table in front of it. There was a cubed bookshelf that was empty. A filing cabinet by the door. There was no clock visible anywhere. The long desk ran the length of the glass wall & it had 4 computers on it, with Leone sitting in front of the one by the window typing.

Leone got up to flick a switch on the wall next to the hatch after approximately 40 minutes just before the office door opened & some people walked in. I would later come to know them as Dee Voidejek (ward manager) Dickie (head male nurse) Tim (male nurse) Graham, a very large built tall male with grey wavy hair (another male nurse) Dougie, likes to wear pink Fred Perry type shirts (another male nurse) & the large built tattooed dark haired guy from Camborne Redruth Longreach House (he was present the night before during my 8.5 hour ordeal in the basement wing before being driven to Bodmin). 

The switch on the wall that Leone flicked was a 2 way speaker & as the people walked into the office I heard Dickie telling Dee Voidejek to change the staff rotas from that morning up to the 15th March 2019 because ‘’We can’t risk the others talking about this’’. Dee Voidejek nodded, said ‘’Yes ok’’ then left the room. 

I still had no idea where I was as Leone had refused to tell me when I asked her as she was handing me a drink through the hatch.

A few seconds later the switch on the wall was flicked off & everyone left the office. 

A few seconds after that the door to the room I was locked in flew open & the people came running towards me shouting & laughing, spun me around & pushed me to the ground, pinning me down with their knees on all my joints. My left elbow was twisted round as a young female nurse with long dark hair & a dark blue uniform on tried to kneel on it as I cried out in pain. My face was pushed into the floor & a young boy, whom I know to be named Kieran Bass as he is the younger brother of Leigh Bass my ex neighbour from Port Isaac, tried to pull my right arm out in front of me as Dickie knelt at my left side. 

I then heard Marie Jordan saying from behind me “Get her jewellery, I want it”.

 (she is my ex neighbour & girlfriend of Leigh Bass, both from Port Isaac & whom I have had to report to police & Action Fraud for 5 years for hate crimes, harassment  & stalking)

I was terrified & struggled free to turn my head to see her….she was holding a Tablet & filming what was being done to me laughing.

My head was forcefully turned back  as my neck was held down & Dickie then brought a large white double handled needle down past the left side of my head & put the end of it into the clasp of my gold bracelet (value over £1000) & the young female nurse slipped it off my wrist & handed it over my head to Marie Jordan. 

I went into panic as I felt the matching necklace worth £1925 come off my neck with the rest of my jewellery which was also passed over my head to Marie Jordan.

Kieran Bass was trying to pull my right arm out straight in front of my as I struggled against him & got his right thumb in the way so I bit down on it as hard as I could, making him bleed & let go of me momentarily before Marie told him to ‘’Hold her down’’. 

Then Dickie jabbed the right side of the back of my neck, just under my skull, with the needle, then the middle of my spine, then behind my right knee then lastly in the side of my left thigh just under my hip, before everyone let go & rushed back out of the room shrieking with laughter.

I laid still for a few moments to gather myself, petrified. I got up from the floor to find they had left the door ajar so I gingerly looked out into the corridor. Nobody was there. One set of closed double doors were at one end & at the other the set I had been dragged in through by PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 & PC John Theobald 16619 at approximately 7.15am. I rushed to that door to see if I could get out…it was locked, as was the other end. 

All other rooms along that corridor were locked except the room I had been assaulted & unlawfully wounded in with the white double handled needle by Dickie.

I stood by the double doors leading to the small car park & tried to get the attention of passers by who were walking around the pathway next to the building & also of the workmen at the end of the car park for what seemed like hours. I still had no idea where I was.

Every so often Dickie walked up to the the double doors at the other end of the corridor with a young man ….more involved to this part, but I will save it for the court room.

This happened four or five times before eventually the doors were opened & Dickie told me to come with him. He grabbed my arm, marched me through the doors to a ‘meds room’, told me I was to take the pills they were holding out for me or I would be ‘forcefully restrained & injected’ & then he dragged me down another corridor to the end room, shoved me through the door saying “This is your room” & then slammed it shut & locked it.

I spat the pills in the sink. Terrified, confused, still not knowing where I was as there were no signs visible outside & desperately trying to keep it together & find a way out.

I had no idea where PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 had taken my dogs the previous night 28th February 2019 from the grounds of Camborne Redruth hospital & this compounded my fear.

I had seen a clock on the wall in the meds room & it was 2.30pm so I deduced I had been locked in that corridor for 7 hours from when I was assaulted & had my jewellery stolen whilst the proceeding were filmed by Marie Jordan. 

I later came to know that it was Dickie that ‘arranged’ for nurse Williams to hold me in the basement at Camborne hospital until he came on duty the following morning at Bodmin. 

The staff rotas on Harvest were changed from the 1st March 2019 until the 15th March 2019 which was the day Dickie went to Florida on holiday & to have 11 permanent tooth implants done whilst there.    


IT WILL ALSO BECOME VERY APARRENT THAT MY HOSPITAL RECORDS HAVE BEEN ALTERED SEVERAL TIMES SINCE MAY 2019 WHEN I ASKED FOR A COPY FOR LEGAL PURPOSES. MY TRANSFER DATE WAS CHANGED TO 19th March…. IT WAS 14th March. Emails sent from Longreach house, phone calls made & received at Longreach house & my daughter bringing my purse on the 16th March prove it also! 





I was transferred down to Longreach house on the 14th March after being illegally held, threatened, abused, raped & forcefully medicated for 2 weeks on Harvest. There was a witness. 

I had to rake all the pills out of my throat 4 times a day with the broken end of a toothbrush to make sure none of them went into my system…evidence proves that had I swallowed them I would have had a massive heart attack & respiratory failure.

Dr’s Mather & Whitehouse need locking up. & so does Marlow. He received a rollicking from the senior manager at Longreach just before he was ordered to discharge me on the 21st March 2019 which he did whilst telling me I had suffered a manic episode due to my Bi polar & that it was the reason I had been sectioned for 3 weeks! I have the original notes & diagnosis he forwarded to my GP in Helston, which has now been changed on the system to ‘had a manic episode due to being on too high a dose of an antidepressant’……. What the hell is going on in your hospitals? 

There is clear proof within my medical files going back to April 2012 stating that I don’t have Any mental health issues at all….right up to January of 2019!

All I ever had was PTSD caused by childhood abuse which I was told to see WRSAC women’s centre for & I did, very successfully in 2017/18. Despite all the hate crimes & harassment from my neighbours Marie Jordan & Leigh Bass.

I stopped taking my antidepressant Sertraline in June 2018 at the end of my therapy.

The therapists asked me to do the volunteer training to help other abuse survivors….they would never do that with someone they thought had a mental health disorder!

And to cap it all, after being forced out of Cornwall altogether due to this ordeal & the unrelenting tirade of obsessional hatred from Miss Jordan, I found that her ‘police’ family friends from Cornwall have prevented me getting any help at all from Sussex police who insisted I be ‘assessed so they could investigate properly’ & managed to persuade a doctor here to tell me I am a delusional schizophrenic who imagined the whole of the last 5 years!

I am hereby informing you that I have proof, witnesses, evidence & am suing you.

I suggest you speak to the nurse who ‘dobbed’ everyone in at Longreach house & the senior doctor/manager on the top floor that he showed the videos to on 21st March 2019. 

Also…due to Dearest Dickie making Dee Voidejek change the staff rotas for 2 weeks from 1st March 2019 to 15th March 2019 it caused a staff shortage at Harvest & staff had to be borrowed from Longreach House, namely Nina ward manager, Male long haired nurse who blew the whistle & the large built tattooed guy who also bounces on nightclub doors.

My notes have also been changed to state I was transferred from Harvest to Longreach on the 19th March & not the 14th which is actually the correct date of transfer. Same as the transfer date of the male patient who witnessed proceedings when I was drugged & raped there. 

If I had been transferred on the 19th March the staff who had there rotas changed for 2 weeks until the 15th March would have been looking after me for 5 days after Dearest Dickie went on holiday to Florida! They have never bloody met me.


See you all in court.




Christina Prentice complaint against Bodmin Hospital NHS case 9307189

Resolver Case 9307189

Complaint against Bodmin Hospital by Christina Prentice Generated 18/12/20 at 01:12 GMT

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: NHS

The issue that I have experienced was:

Further to my previous complaint made via Resolver on the 16th December 2020 concerning the misconduct of staff members on Harvest Ward, Bodmin hospital, who held me illegally for 2 weeks in March 2019, I would like to make a Formal complaint regarding a member of the ICMHT at Bodmin, namely a Miss Clare Jackson.

Miss Jackson, whom I believe is a social worker within the ‘home treatment team’ at Bodmin, came to my former home in Boscastle at the end of March 2019, uninvited, forced her way in & then threatened to have me ‘’Re-committed’’ if I did not agree to see her whenever she felt like coming to harass me, which she did on 3 seperate occasions until I refused to see her again & went to stay with my sister in Sussex to prevent any further dealings with her. 

Her exact term of phrase was “If you don’t stick to your treatment plan as prescribed for you by Dr Marlow for your Bi Polar, I will have you re-committed. You are very sick & you need our help”.

I AM HEREBY MAKING YOU AWARE  that I do not & never have had Bi Polar & that I intend to have Miss Jackson prosecuted to the full extent of the law for her part in what was done to me by hospital staff from Bodmin & Longreach House, South West Ambulance Service & Devon & Cornwall Police, from the 28th February 2019 up until the 21st March 2019 when a male nurse at Longreach blew the whistle on his colleagues for medical malpractice & conspiracy in aiding & abetting Miss Marie Jordan & her partner Leigh Bass to continue their hate crimes against me which began in October 2016 after we fell out over her son Dylans’ violent angry rages when we were next door neighbours in Port Isaac.

Miss Jackson also telephoned me on several occasions to harass me & tried to insist that I had no say in whether or not she would be coming to my home.

The last time I saw her she threatened to have me re-committed & also lied to me about a matter concerning the theft of my gold jewellery worth £3000 from my person whilst pinned to the floor face down in Bodmin hospital on the morning of the 1st of March 2019 whilst Miss Jordan filmed the proceedings.

I have covered this particular incident in my previous complaint via Resolver concerning staff at Bodmin hospitals Harvest Ward.

Miss Jackson told me she had spoken to staff on Harvest Ward about the theft of my jewellery & said she was waiting to hear back from them about it when she called me a week later.

I took the liberty of calling Harvest Ward myself straight after her call (my telephone records will prove this fact) to ascertain whether or not they were investigating the theft & was told by a staff member named Dougie that Miss Jackson had not contacted anyone regarding my jewellery. 

Miss Jackson called me again the next day to insist I agree to her coming to my home & I relayed to her what Dougie had said regarding her Not speaking to anyone there about my stolen jewellery. 

Miss Jackson then got very angry & threatened me saying she would have me re-committed if I did not agree to her coming to my home again. I reluctantly agreed & she came the following day with an assistant.

The young girl that came with her was someone I had met previously in 2018 with the then home treatment team manager who had a meeting with me at the St Kew Inn for coffee & a chat after a previous visit to my home. She agreed to meet with me outside of my home so we could discuss what was going on with my neighbours & all the harassment.

I asked her if she would be willing to stand in court to give evidence to the fact that both she & the psychologist who had assessed me at home had found me to be in no way suffering from Any mental health issues, but had both commented that my neighbours appeared to be suffering from ‘’Serious mental health issues that I appeared to have triggered’’… She told me that they would not be able to act in any legal capacity as they had not assessed my neighbour Miss Jordan or her partner Leigh Bass, but she would be willing to give written testimony as to my state of health & her opinion of the state of affairs concerning my neighbours behaviour towards me should it be required in court at a later date.

She then said they were signing me off their books as I did not have any mental health issues & would be informing my GP.

The young assistant that was with the manager is the same assistant that came with Clare Jackson on her last harassment visit to my home whilst I was still living in Cornwall in March 2019. When I told the young girl I recognised her from the meeting in 2018 with the then home treatment team manager she was visibly uncomfortable & Miss Jackson hurried to leave, again insisting that she had spoken to Harvest Ward about my stolen jewellery despite me telling her that Dougie, a member of the home treatment team & whom I had met whilst illegally held on Harvest Ward, had said that she hadn’t.

Miss Jackson called me a couple of days later,  again insisting that I had no say in whether or not I would be getting another visit from her at my home. This time I refused to make an appointment for her to come & reminded her that I was still waiting for a reply regarding the theft of my jewellery. She again insisted she had spoken to Harvest Ward & got irate when I repeated what Dougie had said. She even went as far as to say that Dougie was lying!

That was my last contact with Miss Clare Jackson, or anyone else from the home treatment team in Bodmin. I went to visit my sister, then moved back to East Sussex a few weeks later.

I have tried on several occasions to complain about the behaviour of staff members within Bodmin Hospitals Harvest Ward, Longreach House & the home treatment team, namely Clare Jackson, but have been fobbed off each time with excuses or a flat refusal to speak with me. 

Dee Voidejek being a prime example. She refused to either speak with me when I called to discuss the theft of my jewellery, or to call me back when I left messages for her. 

I tried to contact her from March 2019 up until June 2019 & each time I was met with a brick wall of silence & on the last occasion a female member of staff told me very rudely “Well she doesn’t want to talk to you, make a complaint if you feel like it” & slammed the phone down!


After the ordeal I had already suffered at the hands of corrupt hospital staff members who were ‘doing a favour for friends’ in having me there in the first place, it was disgusting behaviour from someone who works within a mental health setting.

Miss Jackson is also known to be a friend of my ex neighbour from Port Isaac, Miss Marie Jordan.

My trust in the NHS is non existent. 


Prosecute Miss Jackson & all other staff members involved & compensate me for mental & physical distress caused that will have a lasting effect on my entire life.

My last contact with Miss Jackson was roughly the 20th April 2019 as given in date below.  


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