I found this whilst searching for information on Mr Whitfield & his private investigation firms~

“Are you looking for utterly inept private investigators with 30+ years’ experience in the police force with transferable skills such as being incapable of doing what they claim to be experts at?

The dynamic team at Liberton Investigations led by Russ Whitfieldspecialise in fighting off charges of rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault and indecent exposure. In doing so, the team assisted by Stephen Kirk and Grant Snowden will stop at nothing. Specialist detective services includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Stalking, harassing and intimidating victims of sexual assault
  • Repeating the sexual offence you have been charged with, be it masturbation in front of the victim or sex with the victim to provide you with courtroom evidence

Liberton Investigations is a specialist resource for depraved middle-aged perverts and corrupt predators preying on young women”

Taken from another blogger on wordpress.

I rest my case!

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I am a staunch believer in treating everyone with the respect they deserve... I am an energy healer, a proud grandmother & I strive to help others whenever the need arises in whatever way I can. Love makes the world go around & Karma gets Everyone in the end!

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