Well, it’s taken me over three years to work everything out, but I have finally managed to get all the evidence together & I’ve cracked it!

This whole nightmare was instigated in October 2016, initially, by my next door neighbour in Port Isaac, Marie Jordanno i’m not hiding her name anymore!… she can try to take me to court for Libel & I will give over all my evidence to a judge & that will see everyone involved go down for life for Conspiracy to commit murder, hate crimes, harassment, organised stalking, cyber crimes, illegal & intrusive surveillance, body mutilation, rape, kidnap, illegal seizure & human rights violationsnot to mention murdering my dog Eddie.

We fell out over her & her son’s anti social behaviour & she used her friendship with Cornwall Housing representatives Lindsay Baxter & Sarah Payne, to try to force me to move….They tried to have me illegally evicted & were caught out telling lies by the council’s senior fraud investigator, Mr Rob Davey… a lovely man whom insisted I lodge official complaints about all involved & whom was incandescent with rage when he spoke to myself & then my daughter, regarding the events leading up to his visit to my home, in December 2016.

I had been living in Helston, very happily, for 13 years previously, but had moved up to Port Isaac so my daughter could do her navy training as a flight engineer in Devon & still be able to come home easily on weeknds to see her daughterA move which I have bitterly regretted.

By June 2017, I managed to get a VOICE RECORDING of one of my next door neighbours very close & long standing family friends, who is an ex Devon & Cornwall police sergeant & dog handler, Paul Glennon… Originally from Birmingham, as are the entire Jordan clan living in North Cornwall. Ex Sgt Glennon lives in Delabole & still rears the puppies then trains both them & the handlers for the entire South West region, including the police services & RNAS Culdrose, Helston & St. Mawgan military bases.

In that voice recording, he is giving Marie Jordan & her boyfriend, Leigh Bass, instructions on illegally entering my home to take a copy of my laptop hard drive & to link their mobile phones to my smart television to operate the in built camera & microphone, to enable them to spy on me from my living room…& document my personal life inside my home

This disgusting behaviour included them all watching my then 7yr old granddaughter getting dressed & undressed in my lounge, whilst watching tv in grandma’s house, where we thought she was ’safe’ to do so in ‘assumed privacy!’

During that recorded conversation, Marie asks ex Sgt. Paul Glennon, ”But what if she (me) calls the police?” he replies, “Oh don’t worry Marie, I’ve made sure none of her complaints to the police will ever be dealt with properly, you & Leigh wont get into any trouble at all for anything that you do to her.”

There is more to that recording, but it’s not important for now…. I have it for courtroom purposesplus many, many more!

I was so shocked at what I had heard them talking about, I tapped on the wall to tell them I had heard & recorded it all, thinking logically that it would stop them from harassing me any further!

It had the opposite effect & police then went all out to destroy my life in Cornwall, beginning with the involvement of a female officer named Lentern, in October 2017, whom the Cornwall housing officer my neighbour was friendly with, Lindsay Baxter, enlisted to help force me out of my home.

A few months of severe harassment, burglary, anti social behaviour, property theft & damage, sleep deprivation, disability hate crimes in abundance, car damage & theft, phone tapping, computer hacking, cyber crimes & a complete lack of help from police & Cornwall Housing ensued…it was hell on earth.

I was drugged unconcious & sexually interfered with & mutilated in my home in July 2018, just a few weeks after my eldest dog, who happened to be extremely vicious, was poisoned so badly by the neighbours, that I had to have him put to sleep.

I was burgled repeatedly. & even followed with a Drone, through the village of Port Isaac, where I lived at that time, whilst walking my other dogs. Police ignored all reports & lied about what I was reporting in official files, despite there being independent witnesses to the drone incident, who were Never interviewed. WPC 1632 Helen Lentern, from Wadebridge police station, recorded officially that I had delusions, mental illness & had imagined everything! THERE WERE FIVE SEPARATE WITNESSES to that event alone!

WPC 1632 Helen Lentern had already by that time, tried twice to have me illegally sectioned by contacting mental health services to tell them I was a danger to myself & the public & needed to be hospitalised, & this was after I had already been forced to lodge TWO official complaints about her conduct with the `IOPC!

I had been assessed & diagnosed with PTSD in January 2017, which was as a result of “childhood trauma”… it caused depression, bouts of insomnia & the odd panic attack… But I had NO mental health issues whatsoever & had it in writing from an entire mental health panel….the psychiatrists who serve Cornwall as a whole, did my assessment results. & I still have their letter to prove it!

I had attended a therapy course with WRSAC WOMENS CENTRES IN BODMIN & BUDE, following that assessment, during late 2017 & early 2018, that saw staff there offer me the opportunity, once I had completed my ’abuse therapy’ with them, to enrol for the ‘Volunteer Training’ so that I could help other abuse survivors… Something I was very much looking forward to doing, once I had managed to secure a house exchange with ‘Homeswapper’, whom I had registered with in August 2017, as a result of all the harassment.

The police were aware of this fact, as I had told them….they then tried to use it against me!WPC 1632 Lentern tried relentlessly to have me illegally sectioned & the lady she spoke to each time she called mental health services, just happened to be the same one who had completed my initial assessment for PTSD in January 2017….That lady then eventually called me to ask ”Why officer Lentern was so hell bent on having me hospitalised even though she had been repeatedly told I had no mental health problems & she wasn’t going to get her wish!” When I explained what had been going on & that Lentern was the recipient of several official IOPC complaints from me, for her previous misconduct, the lady from mental health services Insisted I lodge another official complaint & told me not to worry.

I duly lodged my complaint against 1632 Helen Lentern for acting maliciously against me & trying to have me sectioned when there were no grounds to do so, but my complaint was completely ignored & went unrecorded. I was however assured, in writing, that she would Not be having any further involvement in any of my complaints against my neighbours for their harassment campaign against me & my family.

Lentern then took it upon herself to illegally contact my GP in Helston… I had stayed with the same doctors surgery after moving up to Port `Isaac in 2016, as I expected to move back down to South Cornwall after my daughter completed her navy training & had hoped to live in Falmouth eventually… My original GP of ten years, had left the surgery in 2017 & another had taken his place…one who barely knew me & whom both my daughter & I were not keen on, so it came as no surprise for me to find out that, following my latest complaint regarding the ever delightful WPC Lentern, she had contacted this particular doctor by personal letter, stating that she needed to have a ”secret meeting with him, together with Cornwall Housing officer Lindsay Baxter, to discuss my mental health & that he was Not to inform me of it.” (he never did, I found out about it 2 years later & by accident!)

She then proceeded to Fabricate an entire ‘adult safeguarding concern’, that did not have my correct name on it, had an address listed for me in Helston that I had not lived in since 2005 & which the entire contents of were totally untrue! … Please bear in mind here that this police officer had been IN MY HOME in Mayfirld Road, Port Isaac, no less than 3 times in the five months preceding her bullshit fabrication & she even went as far as to drive 30 miles further up into North Cornwall to Launceston, from Wadebridge police station where she actually worked, to get a corrupt sergeant there to ’sign off’ on her fabricated documentation! one Sgt. 16493 Andy Wright. A totally Illegal act on both their parts.

That fabricated bullshit reported that I was ”Delusional, paranoid, mentally disturbed, psychotic, aggressive, was spreading vicious & malicious lies about Marie Jordan & Leigh Bass, my next door neighbours. & that I was so hated in Port Isaac I was about to be lynched by the villagers there & needed to be hospitalised for my own safety!” It also stated that “I had called social services viciously & maliciously to tell lies about Marie’s young son & his disturbing behavioural problems…”

I had, indeed, called social services, but only after gaining a recording of him screaming his head off for 30 full minutes of terrorising anguish one evening, following his shouting at Marie & Leigh ” Why can’t you just stop this, why can’t you just leave that woman alone, I hate you.” The adults in that house had made both children there live in complete silence for 3 days in an effort to record my conversations with my sister who was staying with me for a week, at that time.

Marie was so hell bent on my destruction she used her own son as a weapon against me….daily. Leigh would make him sit in the lounge with him, making barking noises to upset my tiny rescue chihuahuas. They also got the son to throw apples at my dogs in the garden, from their tree. If just one of those apples hat hit either of them it would surely have killed them. Eventually they were too scared to use my garden & refused to venture past the back door. Much like me. except to hang washing on the line! Even having a 2 metre high fence erected by my kitchen windows did me no good…Leigh simply dug out ’peep holes’ in it & threw broken glass over it.

Marie Jordan & Leigh Bass were relentless in their harassment campaign against me & took every opportunity to make my life unbearably miserable…even spreading vicious lies around the village, saying I was ”a prostitute & faking my arthritis disability just to get a mobility car.” The lies were spread to prevent people talking to me & in an effort to make me move, which I tried to do as fast as I could via the Homeswapper site.

I eventually found a couple living in Bude who wanted to exchange with me & tried to concentrate my efforts on that. Papers were submitted to Cornwall Housing by both parties & checks were made for both households, due to the Bude couple being foster carers.

Whilst this was going on & just after WPC Lenterns contact with my GP surgery, I received a letter from my doctor informing me that he was concerned for my mental health due to being contacted by Cornwall Housing & had ordered an assessment to be conducted at my home, with the ’home treatment team’ from East Cornwall mental health services ! This appointment had been arranged for the morning of 4th June 2018. I was really pissed off about it, but nobody wanted to listen to my protests so I simply accepted the appointment, knowing that it would be a waste of everyone’s time…

4th June arrived… 3 people came…one was a male psychiatric nurse, one was a trainee assistant & the other introduced herself as the home treatment team Manager

We all sat in my kitchen to conduct the interview. I told them about what was occurring with the neighbours from hell next door & that they would be listening intently at the kitchen wall to everything that was being said!.. all the adjoining walls on that estate were paper thin with no sound insulation between them…built 50 years previously.
I answered all questions honestly & at the end of an hour was told “There’s nothing wrong with you, we don’t know why the doctor called us, but your neighbours sound like they have serious mental health issues that you appear to have triggered. We’re signing you off our books & will inform your GP.”

I then asked the Manager if she would meet me somewhere outside of my home the following day to discuss further the problems that I had been experiencing with the neighbours & Devon & Cornwall police officers being corrupt? & she agreed to do so.

We met at the St Kew Inn for coffee the following afternoon, together with the trainee assistant. We spoke briefly about my harassment issues with the neighbours & WPC Lentern telling porkies to my GP & her also trying to have me sectioned for complaining about her behaviour & I then asked the manager of the home treatment team from Bodmin mental health services, if she would give evidence in court if needed, to the effect of what she had said about my neighbour’s having ”mental health issues that I appeared to have triggered?” & she said “she would not be able to do so due to legal restraints & not having had any contact with either of them-in an official medical capacity.” She wished me luck with my applied for exchange to Bude & said she had ”signed me off their books.”

I assumed that would be the end of the police & dishonest housing officers trying to ‘get their revenge for my complaining about them’, by attempting to have me sectioned; but it was just the beginning of a much larger campaign that had been manifested to ensure my complete demise… A campaign that had taken shape back in January 2017, just after the council fraud man told me I had nothing to fear from corrupt housing officers trying to illegally evict me for my neighbour & her hateful behaviour.

By September 2018 & after months of being stalled by housing officers over my exchange to Bude, the other exchangers backed out suddenly, just before we were due to sign… I now know, FOR SURE, that they were PAID a large sum of money to do this. And, more importantly, who paid it to them!

At the same time, WPC 1632 Helen Lentern again contacted my GP in Helston, on 6/9/18, requesting he insist on my being sectioned due to my “Mental health issues & supposed lies about my neighbours.”
She also told him that “There was no truth to my police report about being followed by the drone” … even though there were Five witnesses… 4 of whom gave me their number & told me to call the police to have them give evidence about it, as they were the ones who pointed the bloody drone out to me, as I hadn’t actually noticed it hovering above me each time `i stopped with my dogs! & Lentern also told him that “Cornwall Housing knew nothing of my exchange plans to Bude, or anywhere else for that matter & that it was all a figment of my imagination!.” …

Again, this contact was hidden from me, but the idiot GP did contact mental health services in writing, about Lenterns latest telephone call to him, to convey his concerns… I have managed to get a copy of the letter he sent to them, for evidence ^ & here it is! & I will now refer my readers to a previous paragraph written in ’bold’ which clearly states Cornwall Housing received exchange paperwork & made checks concerning the foster carer status of the people from Bude that I was planning to exchange with… Need I say More?…

I was devastated at the thought of being stuck next to my neighbours from hell for another christmas & oblivious to what Lentern was now up to, I desperately tried to find another exchange. This came in the form of a three way swap, which saw me, a couple from Veryan, Truro & a last minute entry from a couple in Boscastle, who begged me to swap with them as they were “desperate to move to a bigger property.” all agree to sign.

I hated Boscastle…it felt oppressive & being an energy healer for nearly 30 years, I know what feels healthy & what doesn’t! … It didn’t! … I also didn’t like their house, it was way too small for my belongings & the garden was really tiny…taking it meant having to leave most of my treasured plants behind in Port Isaac, but I was exhausted with all the shit from the neighbours & the police, so decided to accept the exchange & then try to find another place after the new year…
The couple seemed really nice, but they were ringing me every day to “Make sure I hadn’t changed my mind about swapping as they were so desperate to move” & I actually started ignoring the calls, they were so frequent!

I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but now I realise exactly what was going on… a distinct pattern of behaviours had started to emerge, that would only become clear to me a few months later…

The day before the exchange took place, I drove over to the Boscastle house to make final preparations & was very disturbed to see Marie Jordan, my next door neighbour from Port `Isaac, driving out of Clover Lane Close, just as I drove into it
She looked me straight in the eye & smiled broadly… It was the first time since 2016 I had ever seen her smile & I knew instinctively that something was dreadfully wrong.

It would only be a few days until I discovered exactly what that was & it was worse than anything I could ever have imagined possible & would change my life forever.

mentioned seeing her to the couple I was swapping with, Teena & Paul, when I arrived at the house, but they said they didn’t know her & I had no reason to doubt them at that time. I had previously explained to them my reasons for moving, so never imagined they would be lying to me

Teena Keough & Paul Gannon had lived in that house for years they’d said & were very friendly with the lady living behind, Sue. Teena said she would miss her terribly & didn’t know how she was going to cope without her. I thought it was a bit strange for them to be talking so regretfully about moving now, considering they had been pushing me not to change my mind for weeks…. They also kept pushing the point of repeatedly telling me that the house next door, number 25, was unoccupied, so I wouldn’t hear any noise, but again I didn’t have any reason to suspect anything was wrong, so didn’t!
The exchange had gone through very quickly after they initially approached me to swap with them on the Homeswapper site & I was just glad to be moving away from all the shit in Port Isaac!

They had both been really nice to me until the day of the move, then everything changed

I arrived with the removal men & Teena was robotically sweeping the wooden lounge floor with a soft broom, looking morose & quite worried. Paul was shuffling from foot to foot, banging on about “I don’t want to go to prison, if I get arrested I’m on my third strike, it will mean I do 25 years & Teena cant cope alone without me to look after her, she has mental health problems. We didn’t want to move, they forced us to do it.”
It was at that point in the conversation, that Teena told him to shut up & I started to feel very apprehensive about the entire situation & that maybe I should have paid attention to my instincts & called off the exchange
the day before, after seeing Marie there on my way to the house

Things went down hill from there on & the very next day I saw Marie Jordan driving past my house in Robo Penny’s little white van, which she parked round the side of the houses in the private car park! I photographed her in it for evidence. &’ on numerous occasions thereafter!

Robo Penny lived with his parents next to Marie in Mayfield Road, Port Isaac & had broken into my house on at least one occasion, with Marie & Leigh, in 2017… His ‘mobile internet connection’ was discovered as being registered to my laptop & it was being used to connect me to the internet for weeks, until found, instead of my Sky router… This occurred shortly after I recorded Ex Sgt Paul Glennon whilst he was visiting Marie’s house, giving instructions to her & Leigh on copying my hard drive contents in June 2017. It was the first time I’d had to call in the help of a PC repair man who was recommended to me by a friend, due to his being ex RAf intelligence, with an Iq of 180 & having worked at raf St Mawgan. As soon as he looked into my laptop hard drive, he said ”All your devices have been accessed by an outside source, you need to change them.” I didn’t understand at that time what he meant….I do now though!

After seeing Marie driving past my new house in Boscastle the day after moving in, I figured she must have friends close by… But, to my utter horror, I discovered the people in the “Supposedly Unoccupied” house next door to me were her aunt & uncle & were in permanent residence! & this was confirmed to me by the lady in the village Spar shop, who told me that “Oh yes, the entire village of Boscastle knows Marie,& her ex husbamd Wayne, & her two kids & her new boyfriend Leigh, as well as her aunt & uncle who had lived in their house at number 25 Clover Lane Close for nearly 20 years!”….

I was mortified…. that was why she had smiled so broadly at me as she drove past me the day before my exchange & very obviously why Teena & Paul were acting so wierd the day of the move & telling me “they had not really wanted to move, but were forced into it & how scared Paul was about going to jail again if he got arrested.” Now his blabbering made sense! …. I had been set up with this exchange…. A quick verification check on the electoral register confirmed my worst fears. I was now living next door to Marie Jordan’s Brummie family.

I braced myself for more of the same shit I had been enduring in Port Isaac, but couldn’t possibly have envisaged what horrors were yet to come…

Christmas was simply awful…I was so miserable I couldn’t even force myself to spend the day with my daughter & granddaughter in Helston, where she had moved back to once her navy training endedI spent most of the day crying my eyes out, much to the amusement of Marie, who came to gloat next door & could be audibly heard voicing her glee at my misery.

A few days later, I called my sister in Hastings, East Sussex, to tell her I was on my down to spend some time with her & her son for the new year. She was relieved, as she knew how much crap I’d been put through by Marie & her police fan club since we had fallen out in October 2016! & I was more than ready for a complete break from all the hassle.

I left the following afternoon & arrived late, after a 6 hour drive with my two dogs & then went to bed after saying my hello’s…. For a brief moment during the night, I could have sworn I heard Marie laughing outside in the street… she has a very particular laugh. It made me sit bolt upright for a few minutes, just to make sure!
“Nah…..can’t be” I thought to myself & went back to sleep.

It was nice to be away from it all… my sister & nephew both commented on how drained I looked the next day, whilst we were talking in the lounge.

I told them a little about what had happened since my exchange to Boscastle & that I had unfortunately been set up to move into the house next door to Marie’s aunt & uncle. I explained that I had needed to call the police a week before christmas due to threats made towards me by Marie from next doors garden, whilst she was at her relative’s house & how Devon & Cornwall police were again refusing to help me. & indeed were not reporting incidents correctly, again!

My sister knew I was feeling really depressed with everything that was going on & was having her own problems, so I spent a lot of time up in my room on my laptop. On day four, I was doing some online banking & noticed my pc acting up & realised I had been hacked. I called my bank to have the internet banking shut down to prevent further access & as I finished the call, I heard Marie laughing & then Leigh, her boyfriend. It sounded like they were in the house next door to my sister…… I went downstairs to ask my sister who lived there & told her why I was asking… it immediately turned into a full scale argument, with my sister telling me I was suffering from stress & had simply imagined hearing them.

As logical as she sounded, I KNEW I had heard them & went back upstairs to see if I could still hear anything? I did…& this time I put my phone to the wall by a small opening in the floorboards next to the chimney breast & recorded it… clear as a bell… Leigh calling the man next door “Uncle Niel”. … that is the name of the man who lives in the house next door to my sister! He has lived there since before she moved in a few years previously & his nephew, by some miracle of misfortune, had been living in Cornwall, met Marie & started dating her in January 2017 & my nightmare began from that moment on.

I had another argument with my sister later that same day & she refused to listen to my recording… by the next day tensions were very high & I had another conversation recorded between Marie, Leigh & his uncle Niel, only this time there was another man included, who Leigh called ”Andrew”.

I decided to take my evidence to the police station to report that my neighbours from Cornwall had followed me down to Hastings & were still harassing me… it didn’t go well…

Police took my report at the front desk & told me they would call Bodmin police, when I told them it was connected to a harassment issue back in Cornwall. They asked me to wait in a small office with a PC, whom was just about to listen to my phone recordings, when the door opened & a large scruffy looking sergeant & a woman named Francis told me I was imagining things, was under a lot of stress & needed to be mentally assessed by a doctor & they were arranging an appointment for me to do just that, after being advised to do so by Devon &’Cornwall police!


I got back to my sisters house feeling really pissed off & a police officer arrived shortly afterwards, telling her I was mentally ill, imagining things & he then asked her to attend the assessment with me that they were arranging!

That was it for me… new year ruined & Sussex police covering the arses of corrupt officers in Cornwall by lying about my evidence against them…they actually told my sister I had no evidence & was seriously ill with delusional schizophrenia!

My sister had actually SEEN some of my evidence when she came to stay with me in Cornwall in April 2018, so the arguments that ensued due to the police visit to her house & her believing they were telling her the truth about me being delusional, carved a huge chasm into our relationship.

Next thing to happen… 19th January 2019, I get stopped in the street by my sisters house whilst walking my two chihuahuas… It’s one of her neighbours… she asks me “You’re Jo’s sister aren’t you?”… yes I reply…. then she says… “Can I ask you what the man in that house & the man in that house & the young couple have to do with your car & why were they running in & out of both houses last night, back & forth to your car, trying to find a way to break into it?” She had pointed at Niels house on one side of my sisters house &’another man’s house on the other side of my sisters house during her questioning…. I must have looked bemused, as she then said ”You’re wondering what I’m on about aren’t you?” I replied “Yes” & she then said she had FILMED THE ENTIRE EVENT AS IT HAPPENED, in the early hours of that morning.!

What a beauty… got them bang to rights I thought & nearly kissed the woman! My sister wasn’t so enamoured when I ran inside to tell her & the police refused to even take the woman’s details when I went to the station to report it, let alone look at the video footage of the bastards.

Aparrently I imagined That entire episode as well & a sergeant CE219 David Elliot from Hastings police station wrote in an official police report, that “There was insufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation, case closed immediately, Prentice has mental illness.”

I wasn’t having any of it & decided I would have to do my own investigating….just like I’ve had to for the last 6 years!

My assessment took place on the 29th January…my sister was with me…we argued, badly. I thoroughly resent her not believing me. Fuck what the police say…they cannot be trusted to tell the truth & have proved it to me time & time again over the last 6 years. I have enough evidence against them to fill a wall full of filing cabinets & more!

The doctor, a foreigner named Temi, who barely spoke the English language, said `i was suffering from delusions & wrote me a prescription for an anti psychotic medication that I Never should have been given & that was over 14 times the legal required starting dose for it, then proceeded to advise me to make a follow up appointment with him …

You can imagine what my reaction to that was….. & the tablets he illegally prescribed for me to take are still in my possession, in a bag, along with other evidence of medical malpractice, facilitated to hide police corruption.

It turned out, despite my sister taking over a year to finally have found the evidence for herself as to the true identity of the two men living on either side of her house, one of whom moved in after buying his property in March 2018, that they are indeed both related to Leigh Bass! One is the uncle & the other is an elder brother…different surnames due to second marriage by mother, but same birth father. I have irrefutable proof for all these bastards being connected to each other, be they blood relatives, bent coppers, ex army, ex coppers, bent doctors on the take, or ex coppers now working as private detectives who stalk people professionally for vast amounts of money…

My next instalment will cover what happened upon my return to Cornwall … Who I have discovered is Really involved in all this shit. More drugging. More police lies & corruption. More harassment & monstrous medical malpractise. & there is evidence in abundance for all of it thank god! This shit goes all the way to the top of the quagmire!
Below are some photo’s of a few bent coppers in Cornwall who are guilty of human rights violations by the bucket load & a very small sample of some IP addresses corresponding to police used CCTV Cameras being used to remotely access my internet use each time I go online.

I’m even being accessed from the brand spanking new Cyber Crime Unit building in Belfast… a DS Richard Campbell…one of DS Brian Quinn’s close buddies…. Dearest Brian has been stalking the shit out of me on a professional & wholly back handed illegal way for 6 years, haven’t you Brian! mwah, mwah boys…see you in court very soon!

Inspector 5635 Dan Harvey…promoted from sergeant in 2021 right after shafting me by refusing to investigate irrefutable evidence of police corruption, Rape, kidnap & human rights violations.

PCSO 30665 Mike Dodd…volunteer ex former full police officer….guilty of kidnap, hostage taking, holding me illegally overnight, physically assulting & filming me naked, before delivering me to be raped & mutilated. Human rights violations a plenty with this piece of filth. Do I have evidence…YES.


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