Well, it’s taken me over three years to work everything out, but I have finally managed to get all the evidence together & I’ve cracked it!

This whole nightmare was instigated in October 2016, initially, by my next door neighbour in Port Isaac, Marie Jordanno i’m not hiding her name anymore!… she can try to take me to court for Libel & I will give over all my evidence to a judge & that will see everyone involved go down for life for Conspiracy to commit murder, hate crimes, harassment, organised stalking, cyber crimes, illegal & intrusive surveillance, body mutilation, rape, kidnap, illegal seizure & human rights violationsnot to mention murdering my dog Eddie.

We fell out over her & her son’s anti social behaviour & she used her friendship with Cornwall Housing representatives Lindsay Baxter & Sarah Payne, to try to force me to move….They tried to have me illegally evicted & were caught out telling lies by the council’s senior fraud investigator, Mr Rob Davey… a lovely man whom insisted I lodge official complaints about all involved & whom was incandescent with rage when he spoke to myself & then my daughter, regarding the events leading up to his visit to my home, in December 2016.

I had been living in Helston, very happily, for 13 years previously, but had moved up to Port Isaac so my daughter could do her navy training as a flight engineer in Devon & still be able to come home easily on weeknds to see her daughterA move which I have bitterly regretted.

By June 2017, I managed to get a VOICE RECORDING of one of my next door neighbours very close & long standing family friends, who is an ex Devon & Cornwall police sergeant & dog handler, Paul Glennon… Originally from Birmingham, as are the entire Jordan clan living in North Cornwall. Ex Sgt Glennon lives in Delabole & still rears the puppies then trains both them & the handlers for the entire South West region, including the police services & RNAS Culdrose, Helston & St. Mawgan military bases.

In that voice recording, he is giving Marie Jordan & her boyfriend, Leigh Bass, instructions on illegally entering my home to take a copy of my laptop hard drive & to link their mobile phones to my smart television to operate the in built camera & microphone, to enable them to spy on me from my living room…& document my personal life inside my home

This disgusting behaviour included them all watching my then 7yr old granddaughter getting dressed & undressed in my lounge, whilst watching tv in grandma’s house, where we thought she was ’safe’ to do so in ‘assumed privacy!’

During that recorded conversation, Marie asks ex Sgt. Paul Glennon, ”But what if she (me) calls the police?” he replies, “Oh don’t worry Marie, I’ve made sure none of her complaints to the police will ever be dealt with properly, you & Leigh wont get into any trouble at all for anything that you do to her.”

There is more to that recording, but it’s not important for now…. I have it for courtroom purposesplus many, many more!

I was so shocked at what I had heard them talking about, I tapped on the wall to tell them I had heard & recorded it all, thinking logically that it would stop them from harassing me any further!

It had the opposite effect & police then went all out to destroy my life in Cornwall, beginning with the involvement of a female officer named Lentern, in October 2017, whom the Cornwall housing officer my neighbour was friendly with, Lindsay Baxter, enlisted to help force me out of my home.

A few months of severe harassment, burglary, anti social behaviour, property theft & damage, sleep deprivation, disability hate crimes in abundance, car damage & theft, phone tapping, computer hacking, cyber crimes & a complete lack of help from police & Cornwall Housing ensued…it was hell on earth.

I was drugged unconcious & sexually interfered with & mutilated in my home in July 2018, just a few weeks after my eldest dog, who happened to be extremely vicious, was poisoned so badly by the neighbours, that I had to have him put to sleep.

I was burgled repeatedly. & even followed with a Drone, through the village of Port Isaac, where I lived at that time, whilst walking my other dogs. Police ignored all reports & lied about what I was reporting in official files, despite there being independent witnesses to the drone incident, who were Never interviewed. WPC 1632 Helen Lentern, from Wadebridge police station, recorded officially that I had delusions, mental illness & had imagined everything! THERE WERE FIVE SEPARATE WITNESSES to that event alone!

WPC 1632 Helen Lentern had already by that time, tried twice to have me illegally sectioned by contacting mental health services to tell them I was a danger to myself & the public & needed to be hospitalised, & this was after I had already been forced to lodge TWO official complaints about her conduct with the `IOPC!

I had been assessed & diagnosed with PTSD in January 2017, which was as a result of “childhood trauma”… it caused depression, bouts of insomnia & the odd panic attack… But I had NO mental health issues whatsoever & had it in writing from an entire mental health panel….the psychiatrists who serve Cornwall as a whole, did my assessment results. & I still have their letter to prove it!

I had attended a therapy course with WRSAC WOMENS CENTRES IN BODMIN & BUDE, following that assessment, during late 2017 & early 2018, that saw staff there offer me the opportunity, once I had completed my ’abuse therapy’ with them, to enrol for the ‘Volunteer Training’ so that I could help other abuse survivors… Something I was very much looking forward to doing, once I had managed to secure a house exchange with ‘Homeswapper’, whom I had registered with in August 2017, as a result of all the harassment.

The police were aware of this fact, as I had told them….they then tried to use it against me!WPC 1632 Lentern tried relentlessly to have me illegally sectioned & the lady she spoke to each time she called mental health services, just happened to be the same one who had completed my initial assessment for PTSD in January 2017….That lady then eventually called me to ask ”Why officer Lentern was so hell bent on having me hospitalised even though she had been repeatedly told I had no mental health problems & she wasn’t going to get her wish!” When I explained what had been going on & that Lentern was the recipient of several official IOPC complaints from me, for her previous misconduct, the lady from mental health services Insisted I lodge another official complaint & told me not to worry.

I duly lodged my complaint against 1632 Helen Lentern for acting maliciously against me & trying to have me sectioned when there were no grounds to do so, but my complaint was completely ignored & went unrecorded. I was however assured, in writing, that she would Not be having any further involvement in any of my complaints against my neighbours for their harassment campaign against me & my family.

Lentern then took it upon herself to illegally contact my GP in Helston… I had stayed with the same doctors surgery after moving up to Port `Isaac in 2016, as I expected to move back down to South Cornwall after my daughter completed her navy training & had hoped to live in Falmouth eventually… My original GP of ten years, had left the surgery in 2017 & another had taken his place…one who barely knew me & whom both my daughter & I were not keen on, so it came as no surprise for me to find out that, following my latest complaint regarding the ever delightful WPC Lentern, she had contacted this particular doctor by personal letter, stating that she needed to have a ”secret meeting with him, together with Cornwall Housing officer Lindsay Baxter, to discuss my mental health & that he was Not to inform me of it.” (he never did, I found out about it 2 years later & by accident!)

She then proceeded to Fabricate an entire ‘adult safeguarding concern’, that did not have my correct name on it, had an address listed for me in Helston that I had not lived in since 2005 & which the entire contents of were totally untrue! … Please bear in mind here that this police officer had been IN MY HOME in Mayfirld Road, Port Isaac, no less than 3 times in the five months preceding her bullshit fabrication & she even went as far as to drive 30 miles further up into North Cornwall to Launceston, from Wadebridge police station where she actually worked, to get a corrupt sergeant there to ’sign off’ on her fabricated documentation! one Sgt. 16493 Andy Wright. A totally Illegal act on both their parts.

That fabricated bullshit reported that I was ”Delusional, paranoid, mentally disturbed, psychotic, aggressive, was spreading vicious & malicious lies about Marie Jordan & Leigh Bass, my next door neighbours. & that I was so hated in Port Isaac I was about to be lynched by the villagers there & needed to be hospitalised for my own safety!” It also stated that “I had called social services viciously & maliciously to tell lies about Marie’s young son & his disturbing behavioural problems…”

I had, indeed, called social services, but only after gaining a recording of him screaming his head off for 30 full minutes of terrorising anguish one evening, following his shouting at Marie & Leigh ” Why can’t you just stop this, why can’t you just leave that woman alone, I hate you.” The adults in that house had made both children there live in complete silence for 3 days in an effort to record my conversations with my sister who was staying with me for a week, at that time.

Marie was so hell bent on my destruction she used her own son as a weapon against me….daily. Leigh would make him sit in the lounge with him, making barking noises to upset my tiny rescue chihuahuas. They also got the son to throw apples at my dogs in the garden, from their tree. If just one of those apples hat hit either of them it would surely have killed them. Eventually they were too scared to use my garden & refused to venture past the back door. Much like me. except to hang washing on the line! Even having a 2 metre high fence erected by my kitchen windows did me no good…Leigh simply dug out ’peep holes’ in it & threw broken glass over it.

Marie Jordan & Leigh Bass were relentless in their harassment campaign against me & took every opportunity to make my life unbearably miserable…even spreading vicious lies around the village, saying I was ”a prostitute & faking my arthritis disability just to get a mobility car.” The lies were spread to prevent people talking to me & in an effort to make me move, which I tried to do as fast as I could via the Homeswapper site.

I eventually found a couple living in Bude who wanted to exchange with me & tried to concentrate my efforts on that. Papers were submitted to Cornwall Housing by both parties & checks were made for both households, due to the Bude couple being foster carers.

Whilst this was going on & just after WPC Lenterns contact with my GP surgery, I received a letter from my doctor informing me that he was concerned for my mental health due to being contacted by Cornwall Housing & had ordered an assessment to be conducted at my home, with the ’home treatment team’ from East Cornwall mental health services ! This appointment had been arranged for the morning of 4th June 2018. I was really pissed off about it, but nobody wanted to listen to my protests so I simply accepted the appointment, knowing that it would be a waste of everyone’s time…

4th June arrived… 3 people came…one was a male psychiatric nurse, one was a trainee assistant & the other introduced herself as the home treatment team Manager

We all sat in my kitchen to conduct the interview. I told them about what was occurring with the neighbours from hell next door & that they would be listening intently at the kitchen wall to everything that was being said!.. all the adjoining walls on that estate were paper thin with no sound insulation between them…built 50 years previously.
I answered all questions honestly & at the end of an hour was told “There’s nothing wrong with you, we don’t know why the doctor called us, but your neighbours sound like they have serious mental health issues that you appear to have triggered. We’re signing you off our books & will inform your GP.”

I then asked the Manager if she would meet me somewhere outside of my home the following day to discuss further the problems that I had been experiencing with the neighbours & Devon & Cornwall police officers being corrupt? & she agreed to do so.

We met at the St Kew Inn for coffee the following afternoon, together with the trainee assistant. We spoke briefly about my harassment issues with the neighbours & WPC Lentern telling porkies to my GP & her also trying to have me sectioned for complaining about her behaviour & I then asked the manager of the home treatment team from Bodmin mental health services, if she would give evidence in court if needed, to the effect of what she had said about my neighbour’s having ”mental health issues that I appeared to have triggered?” & she said “she would not be able to do so due to legal restraints & not having had any contact with either of them-in an official medical capacity.” She wished me luck with my applied for exchange to Bude & said she had ”signed me off their books.”

I assumed that would be the end of the police & dishonest housing officers trying to ‘get their revenge for my complaining about them’, by attempting to have me sectioned; but it was just the beginning of a much larger campaign that had been manifested to ensure my complete demise… A campaign that had taken shape back in January 2017, just after the council fraud man told me I had nothing to fear from corrupt housing officers trying to illegally evict me for my neighbour & her hateful behaviour.

By September 2018 & after months of being stalled by housing officers over my exchange to Bude, the other exchangers backed out suddenly, just before we were due to sign… I now know, FOR SURE, that they were PAID a large sum of money to do this. And, more importantly, who paid it to them!

At the same time, WPC 1632 Helen Lentern again contacted my GP in Helston, on 6/9/18, requesting he insist on my being sectioned due to my “Mental health issues & supposed lies about my neighbours.”
She also told him that “There was no truth to my police report about being followed by the drone” … even though there were Five witnesses… 4 of whom gave me their number & told me to call the police to have them give evidence about it, as they were the ones who pointed the bloody drone out to me, as I hadn’t actually noticed it hovering above me each time `i stopped with my dogs! & Lentern also told him that “Cornwall Housing knew nothing of my exchange plans to Bude, or anywhere else for that matter & that it was all a figment of my imagination!.” …

Again, this contact was hidden from me, but the idiot GP did contact mental health services in writing, about Lenterns latest telephone call to him, to convey his concerns… I have managed to get a copy of the letter he sent to them, for evidence ^ & here it is! & I will now refer my readers to a previous paragraph written in ’bold’ which clearly states Cornwall Housing received exchange paperwork & made checks concerning the foster carer status of the people from Bude that I was planning to exchange with… Need I say More?…

I was devastated at the thought of being stuck next to my neighbours from hell for another christmas & oblivious to what Lentern was now up to, I desperately tried to find another exchange. This came in the form of a three way swap, which saw me, a couple from Veryan, Truro & a last minute entry from a couple in Boscastle, who begged me to swap with them as they were “desperate to move to a bigger property.” all agree to sign.

I hated Boscastle…it felt oppressive & being an energy healer for nearly 30 years, I know what feels healthy & what doesn’t! … It didn’t! … I also didn’t like their house, it was way too small for my belongings & the garden was really tiny…taking it meant having to leave most of my treasured plants behind in Port Isaac, but I was exhausted with all the shit from the neighbours & the police, so decided to accept the exchange & then try to find another place after the new year…
The couple seemed really nice, but they were ringing me every day to “Make sure I hadn’t changed my mind about swapping as they were so desperate to move” & I actually started ignoring the calls, they were so frequent!

I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but now I realise exactly what was going on… a distinct pattern of behaviours had started to emerge, that would only become clear to me a few months later…

The day before the exchange took place, I drove over to the Boscastle house to make final preparations & was very disturbed to see Marie Jordan, my next door neighbour from Port `Isaac, driving out of Clover Lane Close, just as I drove into it
She looked me straight in the eye & smiled broadly… It was the first time since 2016 I had ever seen her smile & I knew instinctively that something was dreadfully wrong.

It would only be a few days until I discovered exactly what that was & it was worse than anything I could ever have imagined possible & would change my life forever.

mentioned seeing her to the couple I was swapping with, Teena & Paul, when I arrived at the house, but they said they didn’t know her & I had no reason to doubt them at that time. I had previously explained to them my reasons for moving, so never imagined they would be lying to me

Teena Keough & Paul Gannon had lived in that house for years they’d said & were very friendly with the lady living behind, Sue. Teena said she would miss her terribly & didn’t know how she was going to cope without her. I thought it was a bit strange for them to be talking so regretfully about moving now, considering they had been pushing me not to change my mind for weeks…. They also kept pushing the point of repeatedly telling me that the house next door, number 25, was unoccupied, so I wouldn’t hear any noise, but again I didn’t have any reason to suspect anything was wrong, so didn’t!
The exchange had gone through very quickly after they initially approached me to swap with them on the Homeswapper site & I was just glad to be moving away from all the shit in Port Isaac!

They had both been really nice to me until the day of the move, then everything changed

I arrived with the removal men & Teena was robotically sweeping the wooden lounge floor with a soft broom, looking morose & quite worried. Paul was shuffling from foot to foot, banging on about “I don’t want to go to prison, if I get arrested I’m on my third strike, it will mean I do 25 years & Teena cant cope alone without me to look after her, she has mental health problems. We didn’t want to move, they forced us to do it.”
It was at that point in the conversation, that Teena told him to shut up & I started to feel very apprehensive about the entire situation & that maybe I should have paid attention to my instincts & called off the exchange
the day before, after seeing Marie there on my way to the house

Things went down hill from there on & the very next day I saw Marie Jordan driving past my house in Robo Penny’s little white van, which she parked round the side of the houses in the private car park! I photographed her in it for evidence. &’ on numerous occasions thereafter!

Robo Penny lived with his parents next to Marie in Mayfield Road, Port Isaac & had broken into my house on at least one occasion, with Marie & Leigh, in 2017… His ‘mobile internet connection’ was discovered as being registered to my laptop & it was being used to connect me to the internet for weeks, until found, instead of my Sky router… This occurred shortly after I recorded Ex Sgt Paul Glennon whilst he was visiting Marie’s house, giving instructions to her & Leigh on copying my hard drive contents in June 2017. It was the first time I’d had to call in the help of a PC repair man who was recommended to me by a friend, due to his being ex RAf intelligence, with an Iq of 180 & having worked at raf St Mawgan. As soon as he looked into my laptop hard drive, he said ”All your devices have been accessed by an outside source, you need to change them.” I didn’t understand at that time what he meant….I do now though!

After seeing Marie driving past my new house in Boscastle the day after moving in, I figured she must have friends close by… But, to my utter horror, I discovered the people in the “Supposedly Unoccupied” house next door to me were her aunt & uncle & were in permanent residence! & this was confirmed to me by the lady in the village Spar shop, who told me that “Oh yes, the entire village of Boscastle knows Marie,& her ex husbamd Wayne, & her two kids & her new boyfriend Leigh, as well as her aunt & uncle who had lived in their house at number 25 Clover Lane Close for nearly 20 years!”….

I was mortified…. that was why she had smiled so broadly at me as she drove past me the day before my exchange & very obviously why Teena & Paul were acting so wierd the day of the move & telling me “they had not really wanted to move, but were forced into it & how scared Paul was about going to jail again if he got arrested.” Now his blabbering made sense! …. I had been set up with this exchange…. A quick verification check on the electoral register confirmed my worst fears. I was now living next door to Marie Jordan’s Brummie family.

I braced myself for more of the same shit I had been enduring in Port Isaac, but couldn’t possibly have envisaged what horrors were yet to come…

Christmas was simply awful…I was so miserable I couldn’t even force myself to spend the day with my daughter & granddaughter in Helston, where she had moved back to once her navy training endedI spent most of the day crying my eyes out, much to the amusement of Marie, who came to gloat next door & could be audibly heard voicing her glee at my misery.

A few days later, I called my sister in Hastings, East Sussex, to tell her I was on my down to spend some time with her & her son for the new year. She was relieved, as she knew how much crap I’d been put through by Marie & her police fan club since we had fallen out in October 2016! & I was more than ready for a complete break from all the hassle.

I left the following afternoon & arrived late, after a 6 hour drive with my two dogs & then went to bed after saying my hello’s…. For a brief moment during the night, I could have sworn I heard Marie laughing outside in the street… she has a very particular laugh. It made me sit bolt upright for a few minutes, just to make sure!
“Nah…..can’t be” I thought to myself & went back to sleep.

It was nice to be away from it all… my sister & nephew both commented on how drained I looked the next day, whilst we were talking in the lounge.

I told them a little about what had happened since my exchange to Boscastle & that I had unfortunately been set up to move into the house next door to Marie’s aunt & uncle. I explained that I had needed to call the police a week before christmas due to threats made towards me by Marie from next doors garden, whilst she was at her relative’s house & how Devon & Cornwall police were again refusing to help me. & indeed were not reporting incidents correctly, again!

My sister knew I was feeling really depressed with everything that was going on & was having her own problems, so I spent a lot of time up in my room on my laptop. On day four, I was doing some online banking & noticed my pc acting up & realised I had been hacked. I called my bank to have the internet banking shut down to prevent further access & as I finished the call, I heard Marie laughing & then Leigh, her boyfriend. It sounded like they were in the house next door to my sister…… I went downstairs to ask my sister who lived there & told her why I was asking… it immediately turned into a full scale argument, with my sister telling me I was suffering from stress & had simply imagined hearing them.

As logical as she sounded, I KNEW I had heard them & went back upstairs to see if I could still hear anything? I did…& this time I put my phone to the wall by a small opening in the floorboards next to the chimney breast & recorded it… clear as a bell… Leigh calling the man next door “Uncle Niel”. … that is the name of the man who lives in the house next door to my sister! He has lived there since before she moved in a few years previously & his nephew, by some miracle of misfortune, had been living in Cornwall, met Marie & started dating her in January 2017 & my nightmare began from that moment on.

I had another argument with my sister later that same day & she refused to listen to my recording… by the next day tensions were very high & I had another conversation recorded between Marie, Leigh & his uncle Niel, only this time there was another man included, who Leigh called ”Andrew”.

I decided to take my evidence to the police station to report that my neighbours from Cornwall had followed me down to Hastings & were still harassing me… it didn’t go well…

Police took my report at the front desk & told me they would call Bodmin police, when I told them it was connected to a harassment issue back in Cornwall. They asked me to wait in a small office with a PC, whom was just about to listen to my phone recordings, when the door opened & a large scruffy looking sergeant & a woman named Francis told me I was imagining things, was under a lot of stress & needed to be mentally assessed by a doctor & they were arranging an appointment for me to do just that, after being advised to do so by Devon &’Cornwall police!


I got back to my sisters house feeling really pissed off & a police officer arrived shortly afterwards, telling her I was mentally ill, imagining things & he then asked her to attend the assessment with me that they were arranging!

That was it for me… new year ruined & Sussex police covering the arses of corrupt officers in Cornwall by lying about my evidence against them…they actually told my sister I had no evidence & was seriously ill with delusional schizophrenia!

My sister had actually SEEN some of my evidence when she came to stay with me in Cornwall in April 2018, so the arguments that ensued due to the police visit to her house & her believing they were telling her the truth about me being delusional, carved a huge chasm into our relationship.

Next thing to happen… 19th January 2019, I get stopped in the street by my sisters house whilst walking my two chihuahuas… It’s one of her neighbours… she asks me “You’re Jo’s sister aren’t you?”… yes I reply…. then she says… “Can I ask you what the man in that house & the man in that house & the young couple have to do with your car & why were they running in & out of both houses last night, back & forth to your car, trying to find a way to break into it?” She had pointed at Niels house on one side of my sisters house &’another man’s house on the other side of my sisters house during her questioning…. I must have looked bemused, as she then said ”You’re wondering what I’m on about aren’t you?” I replied “Yes” & she then said she had FILMED THE ENTIRE EVENT AS IT HAPPENED, in the early hours of that morning.!

What a beauty… got them bang to rights I thought & nearly kissed the woman! My sister wasn’t so enamoured when I ran inside to tell her & the police refused to even take the woman’s details when I went to the station to report it, let alone look at the video footage of the bastards.

Aparrently I imagined That entire episode as well & a sergeant CE219 David Elliot from Hastings police station wrote in an official police report, that “There was insufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation, case closed immediately, Prentice has mental illness.”

I wasn’t having any of it & decided I would have to do my own investigating….just like I’ve had to for the last 6 years!

My assessment took place on the 29th January…my sister was with me…we argued, badly. I thoroughly resent her not believing me. Fuck what the police say…they cannot be trusted to tell the truth & have proved it to me time & time again over the last 6 years. I have enough evidence against them to fill a wall full of filing cabinets & more!

The doctor, a foreigner named Temi, who barely spoke the English language, said `i was suffering from delusions & wrote me a prescription for an anti psychotic medication that I Never should have been given & that was over 14 times the legal required starting dose for it, then proceeded to advise me to make a follow up appointment with him …

You can imagine what my reaction to that was….. & the tablets he illegally prescribed for me to take are still in my possession, in a bag, along with other evidence of medical malpractice, facilitated to hide police corruption.

It turned out, despite my sister taking over a year to finally have found the evidence for herself as to the true identity of the two men living on either side of her house, one of whom moved in after buying his property in March 2018, that they are indeed both related to Leigh Bass! One is the uncle & the other is an elder brother…different surnames due to second marriage by mother, but same birth father. I have irrefutable proof for all these bastards being connected to each other, be they blood relatives, bent coppers, ex army, ex coppers, bent doctors on the take, or ex coppers now working as private detectives who stalk people professionally for vast amounts of money…

My next instalment will cover what happened upon my return to Cornwall … Who I have discovered is Really involved in all this shit. More drugging. More police lies & corruption. More harassment & monstrous medical malpractise. & there is evidence in abundance for all of it thank god! This shit goes all the way to the top of the quagmire!
Below are some photo’s of a few bent coppers in Cornwall who are guilty of human rights violations by the bucket load & a very small sample of some IP addresses corresponding to police used CCTV Cameras being used to remotely access my internet use each time I go online.

I’m even being accessed from the brand spanking new Cyber Crime Unit building in Belfast… a DS Richard Campbell…one of DS Brian Quinn’s close buddies…. Dearest Brian has been stalking the shit out of me on a professional & wholly back handed illegal way for 6 years, haven’t you Brian! mwah, mwah boys…see you in court very soon!

Inspector 5635 Dan Harvey…promoted from sergeant in 2021 right after shafting me by refusing to investigate irrefutable evidence of police corruption, Rape, kidnap & human rights violations.

PCSO 30665 Mike Dodd…volunteer ex former full police officer….guilty of kidnap, hostage taking, holding me illegally overnight, physically assulting & filming me naked, before delivering me to be raped & mutilated. Human rights violations a plenty with this piece of filth. Do I have evidence…YES.



I found this whilst searching for information on Mr Whitfield & his private investigation firms~

“Are you looking for utterly inept private investigators with 30+ years’ experience in the police force with transferable skills such as being incapable of doing what they claim to be experts at?

The dynamic team at Liberton Investigations led by Russ Whitfieldspecialise in fighting off charges of rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault and indecent exposure. In doing so, the team assisted by Stephen Kirk and Grant Snowden will stop at nothing. Specialist detective services includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Stalking, harassing and intimidating victims of sexual assault
  • Repeating the sexual offence you have been charged with, be it masturbation in front of the victim or sex with the victim to provide you with courtroom evidence

Liberton Investigations is a specialist resource for depraved middle-aged perverts and corrupt predators preying on young women”

Taken from another blogger on wordpress.

I rest my case!


It seems I am being threatened ~ AGAIN!

Another Birthday (24th December) has been ruined, as well as another Christmas.
Miss Janson (name changed for legal purposes) will be enjoying hers no doubt. Revelling in the fact that she has so far gotten away with almost 5 years worth of very serious Disability Hate Crimes, Serious Stalking – to the point of following me – with her boyfriend – over a distance of 300 miles to try to break into my car to remove evidence in January 2019…police totally ignored report made to them regarding this – AND the video footage taken of them by my sisters neighbour whilst doing it!
Not to mention that she is still wearing the gold jewellery she stole from my body whilst her friends pinned me to the floor, drugged, terrified & thinking I was going to be murdered.

Panic has very obviously set in ~ The Official Complaints regarding Gross Misconduct of Police, Hospital Staff, Doctors & a Social Worker have been prevented from reaching the PALS (patient & liason service) office so the internal investigations can begin.

The only ones that have reached the recipients are for the South West Ambulance Service & The Conquest Hospital here in Sussex regarding my contact details being changed several times in the last 13 months by persons unknown & BOTH of those have made replies & started investigating!

Bodmin Hospital & Camborne Redruth Hospitals have not received my complaints via…. I have now contacted customer service at to alert them to the fact that the emails are being blocked from getting to the recipient.

Why the hell are these morons so stupid? Surely they know that they will get caught? If I can work it all out then so can other people!

I will continue to post over the Christmas period ~ if I haven’t blogged again by next week, send out a search party ~ I could be languishing drugged out of my mind in the corner of a locked hospital ward being made to pay for OUTING the corrupt bastards!

Merry Christmas Everyone! xxx ~ I’m 55 tomorrow! My grandchildren should be with me for hugs ~ instead they are 300 miles away back in Cornwall ~ where I used to be before Miss Janson went PSYCHO on me for telling her her son needed help in October 2016. She is still wearing my stolen jewellery & can be seen wearing it at her parents house over Christmas last year on her Facebook page ~ I have a copy of the photo for evidence! Au Revoir Mon Ami.


I have made complaints via about Bodmin Hospital & Camborne Redruth Hospital regarding Gross Medical Malpractice & staff Corruption, as well as altering my Medical files to keep themselves out of the shit since my illegal internment on 2nd March 2019…… Previous to that I was drugged on the 28th February & taken via off duty ambulance & an off duty police car to a closed basement wing of Camborne Redruth Hospital & tortured, half naked for 8.5 hours before being bundled into the back of an off duty police van & taken to Bodmin Hospital where I was again drugged, assaulted, had £3000 worth of gold jewellery stolen before being locked in a corridor for 7 hours. Then locked in a room overnight until the following day….2nd March 2019 when I was illegally sectioned for 3 weeks to prevent me telling anyone or indeed having my blood tested for the drugs they roofied me with on 28th Feb & 1st March 2019.

As well as hacking My computers, my sisters computer, my friends computers, my neighbours computer & then the Hastings Library computer system, these idiots have now hacked the PALS office system in Bodmin to prevent my complaints via getting through to them.

They have done this because my complaint via Resolver went through successfully to South West Ambulance Service & they are now investigating everything that happened to me on 28th February 2019 & 1st March 2019.

It appears people are getting very scared… it’s off to Prison you go you Bastards.

Complaint via Resolver to South West Ambulance Service


Complaint via resolver about Camborne Redruth hospital 02/03/2019


Carbis Ward, Longreach House &  Closed Basement Unit Opposite.


On 28th February 2019 I was drugged by my ex neighbour who arranged for me to be taken to a closed basement ward of Camborne Redruth Hospital & held there, terrified & half naked for over 8 hours whilst she filmed me, before posting her videos on the internet. All my neighbours saw it.

We fell out over her sons mental health problems in 2016 & she has waged a very serious hate crime campaign against me ever since with the help of friends & family. 

Police were made aware on several occasions but, due to her strong family connections for over 25 years to certain police officers in North Cornwall where she grew up, I have been unable to get satisfactory help from them. Instead of charging her they simply kept telling me to move home. Which I have had to do 3 times in less than 2 years due to her continued stalking obsession.

My ex neighbour, Marie Jordan, has been reported to the police authorities for this & other offences & I am in the process of collating evidence, with my advisor, to take both her & all Hospital staff members involved to court in the new year.

Miss Jordan & her friends persuaded a nurse, Denise Williams, to let them use a closed hospital wing opposite Longreach House to abuse me in overnight before Ms Williams had a change of heart due to me setting off the red alarm button several times in attempts to get someone to help me.

Williams then instructed them all to ‘’Get me dressed & take me somewhere else’’  as she was worried about her children & losing her job!

I was then ordered to put my clothes on & was assaulted by PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 before being dragged out of that unit, up some steps & forced into the back of an off duty police van from Helston that had been parked there for hours. 

The police staff member that assaulted me, PCSO Mike Dodds 30665, was sitting on a small 2 seater black faux leather sofa in the corridor outside the room I was held in whilst drugged & terrified. 

I have perfect recall of all events & those involved & have drawn a 100% accurate diagram of the layout of that closed basement unit, together with the side angled door to the room I was held in. It is the only wing on the entire hospital complex with a side angled doorway.

 A young girl was also brought down into that closed unit at approximately 11pm from the building opposite & was very confused as to why she had been brought there. She kept asking if she was going home to see her baby….I can identify that girl. Nina, the ward manager from Longreach House opposite the basement wing was the one who brought her over. The girl was dragged into a room at the end of the corridor after she started asking Me why she was there in her nightclothes & slippers. 

Nina was seen pushing the girl down onto a bed & telling her to shut up, before the room door was slammed shut & I was shoved into another room there with 2 beds in it & a side angled door. I was terrified I was going to be raped, or worse, murdered.

The security logs for that part of the hospital will show that it was accessed several times during the night of the 28th February 2019 & the early hours of 1st March 2019 up until approximately 6.30am. Both sets of doors were accessed. There were 2 sets, one at either end of the wing. One led into the main hospital & the other to a set of steps leading to the outside parking area by Longreach House.

I have written to the police & crime commissioner, Alison Hernandez, regarding this & am seeking legal help to take it to court.

I have tried to complain several times since March 2019, but have been ignored or fobbed off.

Nina, a ward manager for Longreach House, was directly involved on the night of the 28th February & I have proof; as was a male nurse covered in tattoos who also works in Longreach House & another senior male nurse named ‘Dickie’ who works in Bodmin hospital. Again, proof is available for this, & witnesses. Staff from both hospitals were involved. They were also involved in the theft of my gold jewellery worth £3000 by Miss Jordan on the morning of the 1st March 2019. She was kind enough to film her friends from the hospital pinning me facedown to the floor & injecting me with a needle 4 times before handing her my jewellery. Police informed…crime number given…nothing done.

Nina from Longreach House has full knowledge of this fact, as do all the others involved.

Another male nurse who also works in Longreach House eventually complained to a senior manager on the top floor of that building & showed him video footage of me being abused whilst drugged in 2 seperate locations on the 28th February 2019 & the morning of the 1st March 2019. Those videos include footage of my jewellery being stolen from my body whilst pinned to the floor terrified.

This can also be proved & the long haired male nurse easily identified. Evening shifts on Carbis Ward & the only one there with any moral compass.

I have also given these details in writing to the chair person for the Cornwall nhs foundation trust Dr Barbara Vann on 8th July 2020 after getting no helpful response to requests for help from the the hospital ward managers, the PALS office, or the police. 

My letter was passed on to Miss Julie Smales of the PALS office, Bodmin,  who replied with proof that hospital members, police staff & an ambulance crew Fabricated reports to hide what had been done to me on 28th February 2019 & 1st March 2019. 

Her letter proves conclusively, from computer records, that everyone has lied to cover up the facts.

 I will be seeking prosecutions & compensation from Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust, the Devon & Cornwall police force & the South Western Ambulance Service. As well as Sussex Police.

The senior manager whom the male nurse showed the videos to should have gone straight to the police. Instead he tried to cover up what went on & will be called to give evidence in court, along with the male nurse who ‘’blew the whistle’’ on the afternoon of the 21st March 2019, resulting in a reprimand for a Dr Simon Marlow who works within Longreach House & took it upon himself to try to diagnose me as having Bi Polar to keep everyone out of trouble!

Hospital computer records do not correlate with what he sent to my GP in March 2019. The  computer records contain a completely different diagnosis & have been altered on more than one occasion to try to hide the truth. Both the dates & diagnosis’s have been changed. Nobody bothered to check my medical records before they lied about the reason for having me there! 

I have irrefutable proof that discredits Everything that has been put on record for me in 2 hospitals during that time period.

I am sick & tired of being fobbed off with excuses & people changing my medical records to hide what they did to me.

I am formerly lodging a complaint here against the Cornwall NHS Trust Foundation for damages & compensation.

I have already complained via Resolver in the last few days about the involvement of The South Western Ambulance Service for the same reasons.


I have been traumatised, victimised, assaulted & raped on hospital property. 

I will never get over what has been done to me & will never be able to trust Hospital, ambulance , or indeed, the police service again.

These people are civil servants. They are trusted by the British public to take care of their needs. 

They are not meant to help mentally deranged friends carry out hate vendettas & then help them cover it up.

The British public need to know what kind of subhuman animals they are entrusting their relatives to in those hospitals & the corruption that goes on within the police forces. It’s disgusting.

My entire life has been completely destroyed. I had to leave Cornwall after living there & making it my home for 16 years. My daughter & grandchildren are there. 

My body was violated along with all my human rights by these sick monsters & it was plastered all over the internet for everyone to see.

 I was even stopped in the street by a male villager where I was living in Boscastle when it happened, who called me a vile name before telling me I was ‘’All over Google’’.

I had been celibate for 12 years before being raped in the hospital. I will never recover.

My life has been violated in ways I could never have imagined. Everything has changed.


Deliver up those responsible for prosecution. Admit that they lied about my mental health in an attempt to cover up what they did to me with my ex neighbour at the helm & compensate me for the irreparable damage done to my life.



On the morning of the 1st of March 2019 at approximately 6.30am I was forcefully bundled into the back of a police van that had been parked outside a closed basement wing at Camborne Redruth community hospital for several hours & driven to Bodmin hospitals Harvest Ward.

The van was driven by PC John Theobald 16619 from Camelford police station. The passenger was PCSO Mike Dodds 30665, also from Camelford police station. The two police officers in the back of the van who were facing me were not from Camelford. I do not have their names but can identify them both. The blonde haired officer was watching me, along with Theobald & the other dark haired officer,  through the bay window of the room I was locked in overnight for 8.5 hours at that hospital along with Marie Jordan & Leigh Bass.

At the time of arrival at Bodmin hospitals Harvest Ward, approx. 7.15am judging by the time that dawn broke on the way there, which was at 6.47am that particular morning as specified by official reports online, I had no idea where I had been taken as they drove through the back way past Cornwall Housing offices & in through a small side car park that had some building/roadworks going on at its entrance. 

I was very scared, disoriented & all the blonde police officer facing me in the back of the police van  kept doing was nudging the dark haired officer next to him & then laughing.

The police van pulled up by some large waste disposal bins next to a set of double doors in the small car park & PCSO Dodds 30665 &  PC John Theobald 16619 pulled me from the back & through the double doors. I was pulled along a corridor & thrown into a room where the door was slammed shut behind me & locked.

There was a glass screened wall with an office on the other side. A lady (Later known as Leone ) was sitting at a long desk in front of a computer. She looked up briefly, raised an eyebrow, then continued typing. 

Knowing that dawn had broken on the journey just as the van took the turn off for Bodmin I estimated the time to be roughly 7.15am. (this was verified some weeks later by an official online site when I looked it up for evidential purposes). 

Leone kept asking me if I wanted a drink, but I was too scared of being drugged again to accept one, until eventually my mouth was so dry I had to accept. She passed a plastic cup with some Pepsi/coke in it through a hatch by the door.

I took note of the room she was sitting in, which had a small pale green 2 seater sofa by the window with a small coffee table in front of it. There was a cubed bookshelf that was empty. A filing cabinet by the door. There was no clock visible anywhere. The long desk ran the length of the glass wall & it had 4 computers on it, with Leone sitting in front of the one by the window typing.

Leone got up to flick a switch on the wall next to the hatch after approximately 40 minutes just before the office door opened & some people walked in. I would later come to know them as Dee Voidejek (ward manager) Dickie (head male nurse) Tim (male nurse) Graham, a very large built tall male with grey wavy hair (another male nurse) Dougie, likes to wear pink Fred Perry type shirts (another male nurse) & the large built tattooed dark haired guy from Camborne Redruth Longreach House (he was present the night before during my 8.5 hour ordeal in the basement wing before being driven to Bodmin). 

The switch on the wall that Leone flicked was a 2 way speaker & as the people walked into the office I heard Dickie telling Dee Voidejek to change the staff rotas from that morning up to the 15th March 2019 because ‘’We can’t risk the others talking about this’’. Dee Voidejek nodded, said ‘’Yes ok’’ then left the room. 

I still had no idea where I was as Leone had refused to tell me when I asked her as she was handing me a drink through the hatch.

A few seconds later the switch on the wall was flicked off & everyone left the office. 

A few seconds after that the door to the room I was locked in flew open & the people came running towards me shouting & laughing, spun me around & pushed me to the ground, pinning me down with their knees on all my joints. My left elbow was twisted round as a young female nurse with long dark hair & a dark blue uniform on tried to kneel on it as I cried out in pain. My face was pushed into the floor & a young boy, whom I know to be named Kieran Bass as he is the younger brother of Leigh Bass my ex neighbour from Port Isaac, tried to pull my right arm out in front of me as Dickie knelt at my left side. 

I then heard Marie Jordan saying from behind me “Get her jewellery, I want it”.

 (she is my ex neighbour & girlfriend of Leigh Bass, both from Port Isaac & whom I have had to report to police & Action Fraud for 5 years for hate crimes, harassment  & stalking)

I was terrified & struggled free to turn my head to see her….she was holding a Tablet & filming what was being done to me laughing.

My head was forcefully turned back  as my neck was held down & Dickie then brought a large white double handled needle down past the left side of my head & put the end of it into the clasp of my gold bracelet (value over £1000) & the young female nurse slipped it off my wrist & handed it over my head to Marie Jordan. 

I went into panic as I felt the matching necklace worth £1925 come off my neck with the rest of my jewellery which was also passed over my head to Marie Jordan.

Kieran Bass was trying to pull my right arm out straight in front of my as I struggled against him & got his right thumb in the way so I bit down on it as hard as I could, making him bleed & let go of me momentarily before Marie told him to ‘’Hold her down’’. 

Then Dickie jabbed the right side of the back of my neck, just under my skull, with the needle, then the middle of my spine, then behind my right knee then lastly in the side of my left thigh just under my hip, before everyone let go & rushed back out of the room shrieking with laughter.

I laid still for a few moments to gather myself, petrified. I got up from the floor to find they had left the door ajar so I gingerly looked out into the corridor. Nobody was there. One set of closed double doors were at one end & at the other the set I had been dragged in through by PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 & PC John Theobald 16619 at approximately 7.15am. I rushed to that door to see if I could get out…it was locked, as was the other end. 

All other rooms along that corridor were locked except the room I had been assaulted & unlawfully wounded in with the white double handled needle by Dickie.

I stood by the double doors leading to the small car park & tried to get the attention of passers by who were walking around the pathway next to the building & also of the workmen at the end of the car park for what seemed like hours. I still had no idea where I was.

Every so often Dickie walked up to the the double doors at the other end of the corridor with a young man ….more involved to this part, but I will save it for the court room.

This happened four or five times before eventually the doors were opened & Dickie told me to come with him. He grabbed my arm, marched me through the doors to a ‘meds room’, told me I was to take the pills they were holding out for me or I would be ‘forcefully restrained & injected’ & then he dragged me down another corridor to the end room, shoved me through the door saying “This is your room” & then slammed it shut & locked it.

I spat the pills in the sink. Terrified, confused, still not knowing where I was as there were no signs visible outside & desperately trying to keep it together & find a way out.

I had no idea where PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 had taken my dogs the previous night 28th February 2019 from the grounds of Camborne Redruth hospital & this compounded my fear.

I had seen a clock on the wall in the meds room & it was 2.30pm so I deduced I had been locked in that corridor for 7 hours from when I was assaulted & had my jewellery stolen whilst the proceeding were filmed by Marie Jordan. 

I later came to know that it was Dickie that ‘arranged’ for nurse Williams to hold me in the basement at Camborne hospital until he came on duty the following morning at Bodmin. 

The staff rotas on Harvest were changed from the 1st March 2019 until the 15th March 2019 which was the day Dickie went to Florida on holiday & to have 11 permanent tooth implants done whilst there.    


IT WILL ALSO BECOME VERY APARRENT THAT MY HOSPITAL RECORDS HAVE BEEN ALTERED SEVERAL TIMES SINCE MAY 2019 WHEN I ASKED FOR A COPY FOR LEGAL PURPOSES. MY TRANSFER DATE WAS CHANGED TO 19th March…. IT WAS 14th March. Emails sent from Longreach house, phone calls made & received at Longreach house & my daughter bringing my purse on the 16th March prove it also! 





I was transferred down to Longreach house on the 14th March after being illegally held, threatened, abused, raped & forcefully medicated for 2 weeks on Harvest. There was a witness. 

I had to rake all the pills out of my throat 4 times a day with the broken end of a toothbrush to make sure none of them went into my system…evidence proves that had I swallowed them I would have had a massive heart attack & respiratory failure.

Dr’s Mather & Whitehouse need locking up. & so does Marlow. He received a rollicking from the senior manager at Longreach just before he was ordered to discharge me on the 21st March 2019 which he did whilst telling me I had suffered a manic episode due to my Bi polar & that it was the reason I had been sectioned for 3 weeks! I have the original notes & diagnosis he forwarded to my GP in Helston, which has now been changed on the system to ‘had a manic episode due to being on too high a dose of an antidepressant’……. What the hell is going on in your hospitals? 

There is clear proof within my medical files going back to April 2012 stating that I don’t have Any mental health issues at all….right up to January of 2019!

All I ever had was PTSD caused by childhood abuse which I was told to see WRSAC women’s centre for & I did, very successfully in 2017/18. Despite all the hate crimes & harassment from my neighbours Marie Jordan & Leigh Bass.

I stopped taking my antidepressant Sertraline in June 2018 at the end of my therapy.

The therapists asked me to do the volunteer training to help other abuse survivors….they would never do that with someone they thought had a mental health disorder!

And to cap it all, after being forced out of Cornwall altogether due to this ordeal & the unrelenting tirade of obsessional hatred from Miss Jordan, I found that her ‘police’ family friends from Cornwall have prevented me getting any help at all from Sussex police who insisted I be ‘assessed so they could investigate properly’ & managed to persuade a doctor here to tell me I am a delusional schizophrenic who imagined the whole of the last 5 years!

I am hereby informing you that I have proof, witnesses, evidence & am suing you.

I suggest you speak to the nurse who ‘dobbed’ everyone in at Longreach house & the senior doctor/manager on the top floor that he showed the videos to on 21st March 2019. 

Also…due to Dearest Dickie making Dee Voidejek change the staff rotas for 2 weeks from 1st March 2019 to 15th March 2019 it caused a staff shortage at Harvest & staff had to be borrowed from Longreach House, namely Nina ward manager, Male long haired nurse who blew the whistle & the large built tattooed guy who also bounces on nightclub doors.

My notes have also been changed to state I was transferred from Harvest to Longreach on the 19th March & not the 14th which is actually the correct date of transfer. Same as the transfer date of the male patient who witnessed proceedings when I was drugged & raped there. 

If I had been transferred on the 19th March the staff who had there rotas changed for 2 weeks until the 15th March would have been looking after me for 5 days after Dearest Dickie went on holiday to Florida! They have never bloody met me.


See you all in court.




Christina Prentice complaint against Bodmin Hospital NHS case 9307189

Resolver Case 9307189

Complaint against Bodmin Hospital by Christina Prentice Generated 18/12/20 at 01:12 GMT

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: NHS

The issue that I have experienced was:

Further to my previous complaint made via Resolver on the 16th December 2020 concerning the misconduct of staff members on Harvest Ward, Bodmin hospital, who held me illegally for 2 weeks in March 2019, I would like to make a Formal complaint regarding a member of the ICMHT at Bodmin, namely a Miss Clare Jackson.

Miss Jackson, whom I believe is a social worker within the ‘home treatment team’ at Bodmin, came to my former home in Boscastle at the end of March 2019, uninvited, forced her way in & then threatened to have me ‘’Re-committed’’ if I did not agree to see her whenever she felt like coming to harass me, which she did on 3 seperate occasions until I refused to see her again & went to stay with my sister in Sussex to prevent any further dealings with her. 

Her exact term of phrase was “If you don’t stick to your treatment plan as prescribed for you by Dr Marlow for your Bi Polar, I will have you re-committed. You are very sick & you need our help”.

I AM HEREBY MAKING YOU AWARE  that I do not & never have had Bi Polar & that I intend to have Miss Jackson prosecuted to the full extent of the law for her part in what was done to me by hospital staff from Bodmin & Longreach House, South West Ambulance Service & Devon & Cornwall Police, from the 28th February 2019 up until the 21st March 2019 when a male nurse at Longreach blew the whistle on his colleagues for medical malpractice & conspiracy in aiding & abetting Miss Marie Jordan & her partner Leigh Bass to continue their hate crimes against me which began in October 2016 after we fell out over her son Dylans’ violent angry rages when we were next door neighbours in Port Isaac.

Miss Jackson also telephoned me on several occasions to harass me & tried to insist that I had no say in whether or not she would be coming to my home.

The last time I saw her she threatened to have me re-committed & also lied to me about a matter concerning the theft of my gold jewellery worth £3000 from my person whilst pinned to the floor face down in Bodmin hospital on the morning of the 1st of March 2019 whilst Miss Jordan filmed the proceedings.

I have covered this particular incident in my previous complaint via Resolver concerning staff at Bodmin hospitals Harvest Ward.

Miss Jackson told me she had spoken to staff on Harvest Ward about the theft of my jewellery & said she was waiting to hear back from them about it when she called me a week later.

I took the liberty of calling Harvest Ward myself straight after her call (my telephone records will prove this fact) to ascertain whether or not they were investigating the theft & was told by a staff member named Dougie that Miss Jackson had not contacted anyone regarding my jewellery. 

Miss Jackson called me again the next day to insist I agree to her coming to my home & I relayed to her what Dougie had said regarding her Not speaking to anyone there about my stolen jewellery. 

Miss Jackson then got very angry & threatened me saying she would have me re-committed if I did not agree to her coming to my home again. I reluctantly agreed & she came the following day with an assistant.

The young girl that came with her was someone I had met previously in 2018 with the then home treatment team manager who had a meeting with me at the St Kew Inn for coffee & a chat after a previous visit to my home. She agreed to meet with me outside of my home so we could discuss what was going on with my neighbours & all the harassment.

I asked her if she would be willing to stand in court to give evidence to the fact that both she & the psychologist who had assessed me at home had found me to be in no way suffering from Any mental health issues, but had both commented that my neighbours appeared to be suffering from ‘’Serious mental health issues that I appeared to have triggered’’… She told me that they would not be able to act in any legal capacity as they had not assessed my neighbour Miss Jordan or her partner Leigh Bass, but she would be willing to give written testimony as to my state of health & her opinion of the state of affairs concerning my neighbours behaviour towards me should it be required in court at a later date.

She then said they were signing me off their books as I did not have any mental health issues & would be informing my GP.

The young assistant that was with the manager is the same assistant that came with Clare Jackson on her last harassment visit to my home whilst I was still living in Cornwall in March 2019. When I told the young girl I recognised her from the meeting in 2018 with the then home treatment team manager she was visibly uncomfortable & Miss Jackson hurried to leave, again insisting that she had spoken to Harvest Ward about my stolen jewellery despite me telling her that Dougie, a member of the home treatment team & whom I had met whilst illegally held on Harvest Ward, had said that she hadn’t.

Miss Jackson called me a couple of days later,  again insisting that I had no say in whether or not I would be getting another visit from her at my home. This time I refused to make an appointment for her to come & reminded her that I was still waiting for a reply regarding the theft of my jewellery. She again insisted she had spoken to Harvest Ward & got irate when I repeated what Dougie had said. She even went as far as to say that Dougie was lying!

That was my last contact with Miss Clare Jackson, or anyone else from the home treatment team in Bodmin. I went to visit my sister, then moved back to East Sussex a few weeks later.

I have tried on several occasions to complain about the behaviour of staff members within Bodmin Hospitals Harvest Ward, Longreach House & the home treatment team, namely Clare Jackson, but have been fobbed off each time with excuses or a flat refusal to speak with me. 

Dee Voidejek being a prime example. She refused to either speak with me when I called to discuss the theft of my jewellery, or to call me back when I left messages for her. 

I tried to contact her from March 2019 up until June 2019 & each time I was met with a brick wall of silence & on the last occasion a female member of staff told me very rudely “Well she doesn’t want to talk to you, make a complaint if you feel like it” & slammed the phone down!


After the ordeal I had already suffered at the hands of corrupt hospital staff members who were ‘doing a favour for friends’ in having me there in the first place, it was disgusting behaviour from someone who works within a mental health setting.

Miss Jackson is also known to be a friend of my ex neighbour from Port Isaac, Miss Marie Jordan.

My trust in the NHS is non existent. 


Prosecute Miss Jackson & all other staff members involved & compensate me for mental & physical distress caused that will have a lasting effect on my entire life.

My last contact with Miss Jackson was roughly the 20th April 2019 as given in date below.  




In March 2019 in a futile attempt to get some help with all the police corruption & cover ups relating to serious & ever escalating hate crimes committed against me by my ex neighbour Melissa Janson & Co. I decided to contact Chief Superintendent Russ Whitfield (Russell, as I knew him, from back when I was 25 & living in Brighton).

I looked him up online only to discover that he had retired from Sussex police some 7 years previously & was now running his own private investigations firm in Hailsham… Liberton Investigations Ltd.
I couldn’t believe my luck, not only had I found him, but he was running a PI firm, exactly what was needed to infiltrate the corrupt police officers who were helping Melissa to totally decimate my existence. I left a message on his website asking for help.

After a week I had heard nothing back & had decided to go down to Sussex to visit my sister after being hounded relentlessly by a Clare Jackson, who worked within the home treatment team of Bodmin hospital & whom was a friend of Melissa. She had been harassing me since my discharge from hospital on the 21st March 2019 & had threatened to have me re-hospitalised if I refused to let her come to my home….. More on this later.

It was the 6th of April 2019 & as my car had been taken off me by mobility after the ‘’hospital incident’’ I reluctantly decided I would have to make the 295 mile journey by taxi as my 2 tiny rescue chihuahuas would never cope with an entire day on various trains!
It cost me £400, almost an entire months worth of disability payment, but I was desperate to escape the harassment from Clare Jackson from the ‘home treatment team’ & indeed Melissa from her Aunt & Uncle’s house next door to me so it was my only option.
I asked the driver to stop off on the way at Hailsham so I could visit the office of Liberton Investigations ltd. to speak in person with Russell Whitfield.

As the taxi pulled up outside the address, I realised it was right opposite the police station in Hailsham & as I rang the door bell I was greeted by a middle aged man who told me “ Mr Whitfield doesn’t operate from these offices any more, we used to do his accounts for him, would you like me to pass on a message for you?” Disappointedly I asked if I could come in to leave a note to be passed on & the gentleman ushered me into an office & gave me a pen & paper. He then left the room telling me he would be right back.
As he opened the office door to leave I heard Russell’s voice saying “What she’s here, downstairs, now?” & a few minutes later the old gentleman came back to the office looking uncomfortable as he asked me to go outside to write my note & then leave it with one of the staff at the desk.

I was confused as to why Russell did not come to talk to me as he was obviously aware that I was there, but did as the man asked & sat on the steps of the building to write Russell a hurried short account of what had happened to me with my ex neighbour, the police, the hospitals abusing & holding me illegally & then the police covering it up to keep themselves & everyone else out of the shit.
As I was writing I looked up to see a tall man wearing a flat cap walking slowly past the police station on the other side of the road & heard him say, as he held up his right hand to his chin, “She looks frightened”…
He walked up & down the road 3 times as I wrote my 6 page A4 double sided letter explaining what had been going on & begging for his help. I knew instantly that it was Russell. We had been intimate for a while when I was 25 & living in Brighton, his walk was unmistakeable, despite the flat cap helping to hide his face!
He was right though… I was, indeed, very frightened. I had spent the last 3 years being terrorised in my own homes by Melissa, her grunt of a boyfriend Lyle threatening me with shotguns & entering my home whenever I was out & their respective friends at the hospitals & in the police force, culminating in me being drugged, kidnapped, illegally sectioned then drugged again & raped before being threatened in my home by Clare Jackson, a social worker within Bodmin home treatment team who was a friend of Melissa. It had all taken its toll on me & I was desperate for someone to help me, even though asking for help has never been an easy thing for me to do.
I finished my letter, rang the office doorbell & handed it to a young woman asking her to please make sure it got to Mr Whitfield as a matter of urgency & hoped he would soon contact me. The taxi then continued it’s journey on to my sisters house in Hastings.

My sister welcomed me & the dogs with something to eat & hugs; it was good to be away from the ‘house of horrors’ again, even if only for a short time. She was very stressed with what had been going on & we had already argued several times about it all. I decided it best not to mention anything about Clare Jackson harassing me back in B————— (place name omitted for legal purposes) & instead got an early night.

The next day, 7th April 2019, my sister & I chatted very briefly about Clare Jackson threatening to have me “re committed if I didn’t allow her access to my home & stick to my treatment plan as prescribed for my Bi Polar by Dr Marlow (I did change it to Wolram but I’m buggered if I will hide what these bastards did to me anymore so we’ll now stick to his Real name! MARLOW, SIMON MARLOW).
I don’t have Bi Polar, or any other mental health illness & have irrefutable proof of this fact!
My sister was suitably horrified by what I told her concerning Ms Jackson’s threats & then asked me to stop talking about it all as it was too much for her to take in!

Just then, there was a knock at the door…well a bang, bang, bang actually.
It was the man who lived on the left side of my sisters house… nasty, snarling bully who was filmed, 2 months previously, by my sisters neighbour accross the road trying to break into my car with Melissa & Lyle. (Police informed…they called Bodmin police then told me I imagined it & did nothing at all!)

Alex Hue-Brandon (name changed for legal purposes) was heard telling my sister “She’s here isn’t she?” My sister replied “My sister is here yes, why?” Alex growled at her “You make her fucking leave immediately or I’m going to punch her in the face. My neighbour saw her stubbing out her cigarettes on my fifty thousand pound car, I want her fucking gone”. & with that he stomped off back to his house leaving my sister in shock on the door step.
She gathered herself before coming into the lounge to tell me “I can’t handle this, I’m sorry you have to leave tomorrow, this is too much for me to cope with, he’s just threatened me, I’m sorry”.
I was aghast. She knew it was all rubbish… I didn’t smoke! I gave up in 2010 when my daughter told me she was pregnant with my first granddaughter & I hadn’t even left the house that day, only to go into the walled back yard with the dogs so they could pee! & I also pointed out that his shitty car was definitely not worth £50,000, it was a crappy Audi worth about £3000. & that was stretching it!
Never the less I agreed to leave the next day.

8th April 2019 & my sister asked me to leave at midday as she was worried about Alex Hue-Brandon coming back for another go… I did as she asked & gathered up my bags & the dogs.
I had no money, no transport as Motability took it off me after the hospital fiasco & nowhere to stay. The £10 I had in my pocket was all I had for another ten days until my next disability payment & panic started to set in as I walked to the top of my sisters road.

Hours later & after walking around with the girls trying to think of someone I could call for help I decided to see if my half brother would let me stay at his house until I got paid. I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years & it was an uncomfortable conversation trying to explain what had been going on. He was suitably unimpressed with me turning up on his doorstep & said I could only stay for one night & that he would pay my train ticket back to Cornwall.
I told him about dropping in at Russell Whitfields private investigations firm asking for assistance & he said I should go to the police! I decided it was best to just forget trying to explain anything else & just be grateful for a bed for the night.
At 53 years old, with osteoarthritis, a heavy bag & 2 nervous rescue chihuahuas it was an ordeal to say the least.

The next day my half brother drove me & the girls to the train station & bought the ticket back to Cornwall with me promising to pay him back as soon as I got my next payment & he left us there.
It was awful, then to compound matters a local junkie sat next to us trying to -eat the dogs which pissed me off no end as she wouldn’t leave them alone then got Arsenal with me saying “I’m going to report you to the RSPCA for cruelty, dragging those poor dogs on a train” before walking off! WTF I thought…. I was already having a shitty time & didn’t need anyone else adding to my woes!
I then decided taking the girls through London on the underground in my state was a bad idea & got the money refunded at the ticket desk to my half brothers card. I decided to go through my phone for help. I had moved out of Hastings nearly 20 years previously, but still had friends there, one of whom was the son of the lady who trained me to be a healer in the early 90’s, so I called him.
Thankfully he was very understanding & booked me a hotel room for the weekend on the seafront so at least me & the girls had somewhere safe & comfortable & he put an open tab so we could get food!
He popped up to the room quickly that evening to say “Hi” & told me to just be safe & pay him back when I could afford it…. godsend!

The weekend passed uneventfully & the girls & I checked out on the Sunday (11th April 2019) afternoon after I managed to get hold of an old friend who I’d known since the age of 13… we dated a couple of times & remained friends. After explaining briefly on the phone what was going on he said we could stay at his until I got paid the following week. Another god send.

It was a fun week…catching up on all the gossip, even serenaded me with his guitar! Smashing guy, my sister had said when we were sixteen that I should have stayed with him, but we were better as friends.

Pay day came & I arranged yet another £400 taxi to take me & the girls back to B————- (place name omitted for legal purposes).
I was dreading going back to ‘’the house of horrors’’… so many bad things had happened since moving there to get away from Melissa’s obsessional hatred & knowing that her aunt & uncle lived in the house next door & had done for 18 years, despite PC John Theobald 16619 lying to me on the 24th February 2019 telling me the house was “unoccupied, empty & had been for years & that I needed help as I was imagining things”… made things a thousand times worse.
Now she had free reign to do whatever she wanted with no fear of reprisals & she did just that. Theobald was another long standing family friend from the village she grew up in, along with the ex Sergeant & dog handler who still Rears & Trains the puppies & handlers in the South West as well as on RNAS Culdrose where I was drugged & kidnapped by police before being abused & filmed in a closed hospital basement on February 28th 2019.


Resolver Case 9290566
Complaint against South Western Ambulance Service by Christina Prentice Generated 11/12/20 at 20:12 GMT

Sent via online form Friday 11th December 2020.
South West Ambulance Service have fabricated an official report for the 1st of March 2019 in which they say I was found in ‘’Very wet & cold conditions’’ at RNAS Culdrose public viewing area by Police after they received a call from ‘’A concerned member of the public’’ & that the ambulance crew, Rebecca Smitheram & Julian Griffiths, then took me to ‘’Longreach house 136 suite place of safety’’ & handed me over to a Clinician named Natalie who signed their report stating I had been evaluated & admitted as a patient that same evening.
The weather for that date has been confirmed by the Meteoralogical office AND head of naval security at Portsmouth in writing to me as being dry & mild for at least a 3 day period. There is also no evidence available to substantiate any call from a member of the public concerning me & no body cam footage is available from the police either.
The ambulance report is a complete fabrication as is the police report submitted by Devon & Cornwall police for this event. It never occurred.
PALS office in Bodmin have confirmed this to me in writing. There is No Record of me being anywhere near Longreach House at Camborne & Redruth hospital on the 1st of March 2019, or any day close to that date!
I have tried complaining for over a year & keep being fobbed off or simply ignored.
There is evidence for exactly what Did happen during my encounter with said ambulance staff, but it is for the previous day…28th February 2019. Hospital records clearly show the ambulance crew & the clinician from Longreach House Lied & I will be suing for damages & compensation.
I also wish to lodge a complaint concerning a nurse Denise Williams at Camborne & Redruth hospital who allowed a closed lower floor ward to be accessed ‘’unofficially’’ by non hospital staff to hold me overnight, terrified & drugged from the 28th February 2019 after being taken there by the ambulance crew until 6.30 am the following morning, 1st March 2019 when she came back down & told the people holding me there that she had changed her mind about helping them to drug & film me half naked & was worried about losing her job. She told them to get me dressed & take me somewhere else!
All reported to police who took my statement in my home some weeks later, via a PCSO Clare Barnes 30263, & then a PC Clive Ramsden called the next day from Camelford police station to give me a crime number for the theft of my gold jewellery that was stolen during this ordeal.
Police are also in the firing line for what happened to me that day/night as are various members of 2 hospital wards. These will be dealt with seperately of course, as previous attempts to make complaints have been ignored.
There were witnesses & one of them complained to a senior manager & showed him the videos that were taken of me whilst I was drugged & terrified & tortured for a total of 44 hours in 2 hospitals 30 miles apart over a 2 day period. I was then illegally sectioned in Bodmin hospital on the afternoon of the 2nd of March 2019 for 3 weeks until that nurse complained…I was then immediately released after a Dr Simon Marlow received a very audible dressing down from the manager on the top floor of Longreach House on the 21st of March 2019.
He discharged me saying I had had a manic episode due to my Bi Polar disorder……I do not have Bi Polar! & I can prove it!
The hospital notes were sent to my GP containing this diagnosis as the reason for my internment from 2nd March to 21st March 2019. No mention anywhere of the 1st of March as I was not a patient!
I asked for a copy of my files from Bodmin hospital records department in May 2019 when I moved out of Cornwall & back to East Sussex after my ex neighbours’ hate campaign got too much for me to withstand any longer & the notes that were sent contained a completely different reason for my internment!
Staff realised I had been assessed by several professionals regarding my mental health over several years & all concluded I had No mental health issues at all, but did have PTSD caused by child abuse & recommended I see WRSAC women’s centre for treatment which I did, very successfully in 2017 & 18. The last time I was assessed as not having Any mental health issues at all was in January 2019, just 5 weeks before my ex neighbour managed to drug me & get her family friends to hold me in that hospital basement overnight then have me illegally sectioned for 3 weeks!
Evidence available for all of this.
I can identify everyone involved, the basement ward I was held on & it’s entire layout including the room with the side angled door I was held in for 8.5 hours drugged, terrified & naked.
I also set the red alarm button off several times in the bathroom in a desperate attempt to get someone to help me. This will be shown in the security records & the nurse who let them use the ward was terrified of losing her job so will talk when questioned.
A seperate complaint will be lodged against each authority as I am tired of being ignored & fobbed off with fabricated reports left right & centre from people desperately trying to hide what they did to me.
I would very much appreciate this being taken seriously as I will be going to the press if not with all my evidence.

How I was affected~

I will never get over the immense damage this has done to my health.
I will never be able to trust anyone again, be it on a friend, personal , or indeed, a professional level.
The emergency services, the police & the NHS have done more damage to me than a lifetime of abuse from family & personal relationships.
My entire life has been totally destroyed by these animals posing as normal human beings.
Health workers/nurses/ambulance crews/police…. all pretending to be caring, upstanding members of society, who are all the epitome of deranged tribe mentality. It’s disgusting that people trust them with their safety.
Why should they be allowed to get away with it because they are able to bend the rules to hide what they did to me. I am probably one of many.
I will never fully recover from what has been done to me & what I have written here is just a tiny portion of what I was made to endure for those 3 weeks & indeed since.
The video footage that was taken whilst held in those hospitals speaks for itself.
The male nurse at Longreach House who showed them to a senior male manager, as well as telling him why I was being held there illegally for the amusement of my ex neighbour will have no hesitation in providing the authorities with the true version of events. I saw him complaining to Nina, the ward manager on Carbis Ward, Longreach House on the 20th March when his shift started at 6pm that evening. He told her he was ‘’not happy about having to be involved with what was being done to me as it was wrong & that he did not want to be involved any more’’… Nina laughed at him, as did the other staff members who were sitting in the office at the table.
I was standing by the door listening & he walked straight into me as he left the office…. I asked him to help me. The next day he came to work 3 hours early to complain to the top floor manager & I was immediately released.
That manager should have informed the police…he didn’t & this nightmare has been allowed to continue because of that. My mental health has been brought into question because of this & police have covered up what was done to me to stop officers being prosecuted along with nhs staff & my ex neighbour who is friends with several of them. Her elder sister is a nurse.
I will never get over this . Never.

What would you like South Western Ambulance Service to do to resolve your issue?

Admit what they did. Come forward with the names of all involved, including police, my ex neighbour, hospital staff & members of the naval fire service who were directly involved on the 28th February 2019 on RNAS Culdrose property, where the ‘’off duty’’ ambulance crew sat with ‘’off duty’’ police officers waiting to approach me in my car which was parked in the viewing area by the airfield on the evening of 28th February 2019.
I will be seeking compensation for mental & physical abuse. Sexual abuse. & being forced to leave Cornwall & my family there.
Not to mention the humiliation suffered from people where I lived in Boscastle telling me I was plastered all over Google for everyone to see whilst drugged & naked.
The fabricated police & ambulance reports do Not tally with official hospital records as provided by PALS office.
Devon & Cornwall police have flatly refused to give me my police files since they were requested on 11th May 2020!
I’ve had enough of this now & am taking steps to prosecute.

Fabricated Ambulance report was attached to this official complaint as well as letter from PALS office Julie Smales confirming I was nowhere near Longreach House on 1/3/19 or any day close to it!


I waited for weeks after returning to Cornwall, but never heard back from Russell Whitfield, or his office.

I wrote him another very long letter in April 2020 asking again for his assistance with corrupt police officers in both Cornwall & Sussex as I’d had to move back here (Sussex) in May 2019 after Melissa’s unrelenting hate campaign could be withstood no more, but it became all too evident that his aleigeance was to his police brethren no matter how corrupt they were & not to the greater good, as the email reply to my pleas for help below makes all too clear.
With a saddened heart I had to face the fact that the corruption within the British Police Force runs far too deep for anyone like me to hope to stop without some serious back up. 

These Monsters have free reign to crush people’s Human Rights without fear of repercussion.


Your communications
Russ Whitfield

may 29 at 8:54

I have been made aware of your email and letters. I have not read these fully as the address in Wales is merely a postal/holding address. I am genuinely sorry for what you seem to have gone through over the past years.
I am afraid I am overseas most of the time in India and New Zealand hence communications are always difficult as well as time differences, internet access etc. Things often do not reach me for days if at all. I would urge you not to waste your time and money sending lengthy letters, I gather one was over 60 pages long.
I am afraid I retired from the Police over 8 years ago and am enjoying a semi-retirement. In light of this I am unable to help you with the problems you have experienced. Please do not take this as someone who is ignoring your cries for help. It is just a case that I simply cannot help.
When one retires form the Police it is final. From the date you leave you have no sway or influence on what the Police do or don’t do in any given situation. This is even more relevant given the amount of time I have been retired as most of my colleagues and peer group have also retired. If anyone, myself included, did try to help further and influence the Police it would certainly be frowned upon. It would also be likely to have a negative impact on anyone who an ex-cop did try to help, including yourself, and I certainly do not want to make your case any harder for you.
If you are having trouble accessing the Police, I suggest you may wish to write to the Police and Crime Commissioner where the offences have been committed as they have overall Governance of the Police.
I am sorry I cannot help and truly hope you get the help you need and are able to get on with your life in a positive way.


Mr Whitfield, it later transpired, moved his private investigation company Liberton Investigations Ltd. up to Ashton Under-Lyne 3 days after my visit to his office on the 6th April 2019 & opened another private investigation firm that also serves as a ‘personal protection’ service at his office in Hailsham, Sussex, opposite the police station on the very same day… SOTERIA Relations Ltd.
I expect this firm is also unwilling to see corrupt police officers get their dues, so I won’t be asking for help again.

It is also illegal to open companies in this country if you aren’t resident & I know for a fact that Mr Whitfield is Not living in India OR New Zealand! He is resident in Brighton with his second wife…& is Not happy about me posting this particular section of my blog! 🥳

It also transpires that Mr Whitfield knows the “SCOTSMAN” through police connections whilst he was chief superintendent of Sussex police.
AND it transpires that the “Scotsman” was a detective superintendent for the MET & now serves on the panel for HMICFRS. her majesty’s inspectorate of police & fire & rescue services…in short…Everyone that drugged, kidnapped, raped me & helped to cover it up in February & March 2019.

You can come to your own conclusions on that particular nugget of information ⚖️





Can police record you in your home without permission in the UK?
It is legal to record someone without their permission IF IT IS IN THE PUBLIC INTERESTS TO DO SO.
For example, if you are recording to gather evidence of criminal or corrupt behaviour, the crime you document is more serious than the civil offence you are potentially committing by recording.

Listening devices and the UK law
The use of listening devices is permitted under UK law providing that they are used in compliance with Data Protection and Human Rights laws. If a government body or organisation intends to use listening or recording devices they must follow the laws put in place by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). It is usually permitted to record audio covertly in a public setting or one’s own home.

Legal requirements of listening and recording device use~
It is illegal to use listening or recording devices that are not permitted for public use. Individuals may only use listening or recording devices within reasonable privacy laws for legitimate security and safety reasons. Many people use listening devices in their own property to capture evidence of excessive noise in a neighbour complaint, which is legal in normal circumstances.

Legal use of listening and recording devices ~
It is legal to use listening or recording devices in public areas, in an office or business area, or in one’s own home. Many people use listening devices to record evidence or even just to take notes for their own reference.

Illegal use of listening and recording devices~
It is illegal to use listening devices on certain Military band and Air Band UHF and FM frequencies –
People in the past who have not followed this law have been fined over £10,000. (Messers Quinn & Whitfield).
This is because the use of a radio transmission bug that transmits on restricted frequencies contravenes the Telecommunications Act and is illegal.
It is also against the law to place a listening or recording device in someone else’s home. (Messers Quinn & Whitfield).

It might be worth mentioning here that it Is possible to intercept some ‘transmissions’ between those who are illegally spying on you via FM radio frequencies & Record those conversations for use in legal proceedings. 👍⚖️

Due to privacy and human rights laws, using a listening or recording device to intrude on the reasonable expectation of privacy of an individual is highly illegal, (Messers Quinn & Whitfield).
ERGO: placing gadgets in someone’s home or car to which one does not have permitted access, or in a private area such as a bathroom, IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL. & in Full Violation of my Human Rights.
Miss Janson has a lot to answer for.

Is it illegal to video record someone without their consent in the UK?
~Video Recording Without Consent UK
Taking photographs or shooting video in public places is not illegal unless it’s for nefarious purposes. … Taking photos or video of someone where there is the expectation of privacy is a breach of privacy laws… Messers Quinn & Whitfield.

Can police listen to phone calls in the UK?
The requirement to obtain a warrant was in practice arbitrary, as there was no guidance available saying in which circumstances these would be granted. So today, the police can listen to your phone calls, but they need a reason which will stand up in court.
~Without a court order, the police CANNOT listen to your phone conversations, (DS BRIAN QUINN) unless one of the parties consents to their use of a wiretap.

Can police check your Internet history in the UK?
Furthermore, authorities are allowed to access your Internet connection records without a warrant. These include the following authorities: Metropolitan Police Service. Brian Quinn…detective superintendent. I know what you’ve been up to! You & Miss Janson are going to prison.

Is it illegal to film someone in their garden in the UK?
The Uk law is clear ~ you cannot record someone on their property.

Can I sue someone for videoing me without my permission?
You can sue someone who records you without permission on private property, or when you were expecting privacy. Human Rights Violations.

Is privacy a human right in the UK?
In the UK, human rights are protected by the Human Rights Act 1998. Article 8 – the right to respect for your family and private life, your home and your correspondence is one of the rights protected by the Human Rights Act. …

What kind of crime is invasion of privacy?
Invasion of privacy is a tort based in common law allowing an aggrieved party to bring a lawsuit against an individual who unlawfully intrudes into his/her private affairs, discloses his/her private information, publicizes him/her in a false light, or appropriates his/her name for personal gain.

Can police hack your phone in the UK?
The PSNI can now hack into phones and tablets Only if they are seized as part of criminal investigations. New technology reportedly bought by the service allows it to bypass encryption and see everything in a device – even when the owner refuses to hand over their password.

Can a SIM card be tapped?
short answer to this is yes. It’s absolutely possible for someone to clone or even hack your SIM card.

Why privacy is a human right?
Privacy is a fundamental right, essential to autonomy and the protection of human dignity, serving as the foundation upon which many other human rights are built. … Privacy helps us establish boundaries to limit who has access to our bodies, places and things, as well as our communications and our information.

What are the 10 basic human rights?
~International Bill of Rights~

*The right to equality and freedom from discrimination.
*The right to life, liberty, and personal security.
*Freedom from torture and degrading & inhuman treatment.
*The right to equality before the law.
*The right to a fair trial.
*The right to privacy.
*Freedom of belief and religion.
*Freedom of opinion.

Human Rights Basics – The Advocates for Human Rights

Is it legal to follow someone in the UK?
Stalking is illegal and can include being followed or constantly harassed by another person – for example being followed & harassed.
Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger.
Except if you are Me…apparently it’s OK for Miss Janson to stalk Me!

What are Human Rights in the UK?
Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world. In the UK human rights are protected by the Human Rights Act 1998.
Remember this Brian, Russell, Melissa, Lyle, et al, when you are all stood in front of a judge being sentenced.

Has the UK signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Members of the Council of Europe used the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to draw up this treaty to secure basic rights both for their own citizens and for other nationalities within their borders. The Convention was signed in Rome in 1950, ratified by the UK in 1951 and came into force in 1953.

What happens if GDPR is breached in the UK?
The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) sets a maximum fine of €20 million (about £18 million) or 4% of annual global turnover – whichever is greater – for infringements. LINDSAY BAXTER-CORNWALL HOUSING. DEVON & CORNWALL POLICE. DS BRIAN QUINN HMICFRS.

When did GDPR become law in the UK?
New rules relating to how we collect and process personal data – the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – came into effect in the UK on 25 May 2018.

Is GDPR applicable to the UK?
The EU GDPR will no longer apply directly in the UK at the end of the transition period (31 December 2020). However, UK organisations must still comply with its requirements after this point. First, the DPA 2018 enacts the EU GDPR’s requirements in UK law. … This new regime will be known as ‘the UK GDPR’.

Is it illegal to have cameras in bathrooms in the UK?
~It is legal to set up a camera in your own home or business… BUT ~ It is illegal to use spy cameras in areas where subjects may have a reasonable expectation privacy.

Can you lose your human rights?
Human rights are inalienable. They should not be taken away, except in specific situations and according to due process. For example, the right to liberty may be restricted if a person is found guilty of a crime by a court of law.

Can police search your car in the UK?
In England and Wales, stop and search is the power given to police (NOT A PCSO) to search an individual or vehicle if they have “reasonable grounds” to suspect the person is carrying: illegal drugs. a weapon. stolen property…
& Not because they are doing a ‘favour for friends’ who don’t like you & want to humiliate you PCSO MIKE DODDS 30665….

Both spirited away to try to avoid embarrassment, I expect, when the shit hits the fan…
Both of these volunteers were directly involved in breaking several laws & human rights violations between 28th February 2019 & 30th April 2019. Dodds is still violating my human rights with the help of Detective Superintendent Brian Quinn HMICFRS. & Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer of Devon & Cornwall Police & Alison Hernandez the Police & Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall Police…She has Evidence sitting on her desk that Proves Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt that police officers LIED in a fabricated report submitted for 1st March 2019, as did 2 members of The South West Ambulance Service & a clinician named Natalie in a hospital that has NO RECORD OF ME AT ALL on the date specified in the Fabricated reports, or any other day remotely close to it.
Ms Hernandez has so far totally Ignored the evidence, as has a PC Andrew Skelton (acting sergeant) at Launceston police station since it landed on his desk on the 9th September 2020. He was put in charge of investigating some of my previous complaints regarding these matters & I took the liberty of recording quite a long & stressful phone conversation with him on the 12th September 2020 because I fully expected him to LIE!
Ms Hernandez has been in possession of Evidence from several sources including HEAD of Naval Security in Portsmouth since the 13th August 2020 delivered to her personally via Hermes courier!

I have lodged a formal complaint with the IOPC against PC Skelton for inaction & will be following it up with another complaint for gross misconduct due to the contents of a letter received from him on the 6th November 2020 which is, in its entirety, fabricated.
I have proof for this statement if anyone at Devon & Police headquarters has the balls to do their job properly & honestly?~ I doubt there is Anyone left within that particular police force who is not succeptable to corruption though, so I won’t hold my breath.

 Human Rights Outlined in the International Bill of Rights
• The right to equality and freedom from discrimination
• The right to life, liberty, and personal security
• Freedom from torture and degrading treatment
• The right to equality before the law
• The right to a fair trial
• The right to privacy
• Freedom of belief and religion
• Freedom of opinion • Right of peaceful assembly and association
• The right to participate in government
• The right to social security
• The right to work
• The right to an adequate standard of living
• The right to education
• The right to health
• The right to food and housing

Q: Who is Responsible for Upholding Human Rights?
ANSWER: Under human rights treaties, governments have the primary responsibility for protecting and promoting human rights.  However, governments are not solely responsible for ensuring human rights.  The UDHR states:
“Every individual and every organ of society … shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance.”
This provision means that not only the government, but also businesses, civil society, and individuals are responsible for promoting and respecting human rights.
When a government ratifies a human rights treaty, it assumes a legal obligation to respect, protect, and fulfill the rights contained in the treaty. Governments are obligated to make sure that human rights are protected by both preventing human rights violations against people within their territories and providing effective remedies for those whose rights are violated. Government parties to a treaty must do the following:


Governments must not deprive people of a right or interfere with persons exercising their rights.
For example, governments can:
• Create constitutional guarantees of human rights.
• Provide ways for people who have suffered human rights violations by the government to seek legal remedies from domestic and international courts.
• Sign international human rights treaties


Governments must prevent private actors from violating the human rights of others.
For example, governments can:
• Prosecute perpetrators of human rights abuses, such as crimes of domestic violence.
• Educate people about human rights and the importance of respecting the human rights of others.
• Cooperate with the international community in preventing and prosecuting crimes against humanity and other violations


Governments must take positive action to facilitate the enjoyment of basic human rights.
For example, governments can:
• Provide free, high-quality public education.
• Create a public defender system so that everyone has access to a lawyer.
• Ensure everyone has access to food by funding public assistance programs.
• Fund a public education campaign on the right to vote


That Is The Question~

On February 24th 2019 I had to call the police for the first time since moving into my exchange property in B————— due to my hearing Melissa Janson & her partner Lyle Trout talking to her relatives who lived in the house next door to mine. Their conversation topic made me feel unsafe in my home so I decided the best thing to do was to report it to the authorities in the hope it would finally put an end to Melissa’s unrelenting stalking obsession…

3 police personnel arrived from Camelford police station. One of them, a PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 went straight up to the top of my road to someone else’s house during the callout & the other 2 officers remained with me. I was asked why I had called them & explained that I had heard Miss Janson, my ex neighbour from Port Is It, talking in the house next door to mine & was scared due to all the harassment previously reported to police since 2017.
One officer, PC White 13566, went around the back of my house to the alleyway & the other officer, PC Theobald 16619, stayed with me at the front of my house. He asked me again why I had called the police & I explained for a second time before being interrupted by him telling me “There is nobody living in the house next door to you, it is a vacant property & has been for some time. You are imagining things & you need help”. He then began to laugh as PC White 13566 came back round to the front of my house & told me off for wasting their time snarling at me “You’ve just made me break into someone’s house for nothing, stop wasting our time”. I was speechless as we watched PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 walk back down the road towards us before they all got into the police car laughing then drove off, leaving me standing outside number 25 (the empty house) wondering why the bloody hell I had bothered calling them. The police had been fobbing me off since 2017 when the DWP called them to report hate crimes being committed against me by my delightful neighbours!

It would later transpire that PC Theobald 16619 is, in fact, yet another very close police family friend of the Janson clan! He & his family all live in the same small village that Melissa grew up in after her family moved down from the midlands over 25 years ago. He is also close friends with Ex Sgt. Paul Glennon, the dog handler who now rears & trains the dogs for the police & military in the South West, including RNAS CULDROSE. He is the man Melissa called in to help her stay out of trouble when she was reported to the police on the 2nd June 2017 for targeting me relentlessly with her partner Lyle. I have a voice recorded conversation of all 3 of them in Melissa’s house telling her he would make sure nothing was ever done about any of my hate crime complaints against her & Lyle...he has so far kept his word!

Since being forced out of Cornwall altogether in May 2019 & having to return to Sussex after 16 years I have found irrefutable proof that Melissa’s family Were indeed in the house next door to me, number 25. They can be found plastered all over 1 page of the electoral role for the last EIGHTEEN YEARS, along with their children! See below…

9 Results for 

Jordan in Boscastle

2 Results for 

Theobald in Delabole

I would like to make Perfectly clear at this point the reason behind my decision to write this particular post~ I am sick to death of police officers breaking, in their entirety, the rules for police conduct as set out within the Code Of Conduct mandate as of 2014. & also the complete & utter violation of my Human Rights as set out within the European Convention on human rights law 1998, which the United Kingdom has agreed to adhere to since 2000. Police officers have Deliberately Lied. Police officers have Deliberatly Fabricated reports. Police officers have Deliberatly Not Recorded reports of crimes being committed & the details of witnesses & evidence from witnesses. Police officers have Deliberatly helped my ex neighbours to commit unimaginable crimes against me & my family. Police officers have knowingly Aided & Abetted my ex neighbour & her friends to violate my human rights, steal from me, drug me & have me filmed & raped whilst drugged & then post those videos all over the internet. Police officers have repeatedly denied me access to justice, to help & have ultimately ensured Miss Janson gets away Scott free with her continued daily abuse & now cyber stalking.

Her partner Lyle was seen going into the house next door to my sister some weeks ago, without even knocking! My sister was sitting by the window on her laptop & rang me to tell me!

My sisters neighbour was Never spoken to regarding her filming Melissa & Lyle & the man next door to my sister trying to break into my car in the middle of the night whilst parked on the hard standing outside her house in January 2019. Or indeed any of the other times she filmed Melissa & Lyle going in & out of that mans house. The police in Sussex have finally provided me with my files as requested under freedom of information laws in June 2020 & they contain , unsurprisingly, a complete load of rubbish regarding my mental health, but not one word about crime reported concerning my car or the witness & her video footage of the crime as it happened! They have simply sought to extracate Miss Janson & Co. from all wrongdoing, including Stalking me 300 miles away from Cornwall where she lives, to make me look like a delusional pest!

My message to All of you…. I WILL SEE YOU IN COURT YOU BASTARDS.





A Code of Practice for the Principles and Standards of Professional Behaviour for the Policing Profession of England and Wales July 2014

Presented to Parliament pursuant to Section 39A(5) of the Police Act 1996, as amended by Section 124 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014

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 College of Policing

Code of Ethics 2014

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Publication date: July 2014

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1 Honesty and integrity

2 Authority, respect and courtesy

3 Equality and diversity

4 Use of force

5 Orders and instructions

6 Duties and responsibilities

7 Confidentiality

8 Fitness for work

9 Conduct

 Foreword Code of Ethics 2014

Chair of the College of Policing

The aim of this Code of Ethics is to support each member of the policing profession to deliver the highest professional standards in their service to the public.

Ethical behaviour comes from the values, beliefs, attitudes and knowledge that guide the judgements of each individual. Everyone

in policing has to make difficult decisions and complex choices every day of the week. These range from how to talk to a distressed member of the public through to how to allocate

scarce resources. The College of Policing, as the professional body for all in policing, has a responsibility to support the way these choices are made. We must make clear the ethical principles that we expect to guide decisions, whatever the context, and we must be clear about what happens if those expectations

are not met. That is what we aim to do in this Code of Ethics.

Following extensive consultation we have arrived at nine policing principles. They are built on the Nolan principles for public life, with the addition of ‘Fairness’ and ‘Respect’. Our nine policing principles are:

These principles underpin and strengthen

the existing procedures and regulations for ensuring standards of professional behaviour for both police officers and police staff. This gives the profession and the public the confidence

that there is a system in place to respond appropriately if anyone believes that the expectations of the Code of Ethics have not been met.

These principles should also underpin every decision and action across policing. They should be used, for example, in day-to-day operations as interventions are planned and debriefed, in the selection of new staff, in educational and development programmes, in annual reviews and in promotion. The principles must be

more than words on a page and must become embedded in the way police professionals think and behave.

Alongside the Code of Ethics, the College

of Policing’s commitment to help police professionals make the right decisions includes enhancing the knowledge and evidence base as well as developing a framework for continuous professional development. Over the next few years these actions will start to have a significant impact on the professional support available for all working in policing.

There is much important work to do to deliver these changes and to ensure that the Code of Ethics becomes a key part of growing police professionalism. It is a responsibility that we all share and will lead to greater confidence across the policing profession and in our communities.

Dame Shirley Pearce










Code of Ethics 2014

Introduction by the Chief Executive of the College of Policing

Policing has always had outstanding people who work tirelessly to serve local communities. Indeed, many police officers have paid the ultimate price by putting themselves in harm’s way to keep the public safe.

In 1829 Sir Robert Peel set out the model of an unarmed constable patrolling on behalf of their community, as a citizen in uniform. This connection between the police and the public is encapsulated in the phrase ‘the police are the public and the public are the police’.

Peel’s principles focus heavily on the importance of public support and emphasise the need for the police to ‘secure and maintain public respect’. This Code of Ethics remains true to the founding principles of British policing and highlights the responsibility of those of us who work in policing to behave in a manner most likely to win the trust and support of fellow citizens.

The Code of Ethics is a first for everyone who works in policing in England and Wales. It sets out the principles and standards of behaviour we expect to see from police professionals. It applies to every individual who works in policing, whether a warranted officer, member of police staff, volunteer or someone contracted to work in a police force.

As a profession we should invest in all our people. Other established professions ensure that members acquire and maintain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their role. In these professions it is normal to find a clear

system of continuous professional development, accreditation for specific roles and a code of ethics or professional conduct.

Policing has not, however, previously adopted all the hallmarks of a profession. The Code of Ethics is one step towards obtaining full professional status for policing, similar to that seen in medicine and law.

In accepting to abide by this Code of Ethics, we are committing to principles and standards of behaviour that are designed to support and guide us. Use of the Code of Ethics will assist each of us in doing the right thing when faced with difficult and complex decisions.

The British model of policing is admired around the world and one the College of Policing is constantly asked to help replicate in other countries. We should be proud of our history and constantly strive to live out the Peelian principles as they apply in the modern context.

Chief Constable Alex Marshall

The expectation of the public and the professional body is that every person working in policing will adopt the Code of Ethics.


This includes all those engaged on a permanent, temporary, full-time, part-time, casual, consultancy, contracted or voluntary basis.


It also includes all forces not funded by

the Home Office and any other policing organisations outside the remit of the Code as a code of practice.


The College of Policing may from time to time revise the whole or any part of the Code of Ethics.

The policing profession has a duty to protect the public and prevent crime. The public expect every person within the profession to fulfil this duty by being fair and impartial and giving a selfless service.


While the great majority of people in policing act with honesty and integrity, any unprofessional behaviour detracts from the service provided to the public and harms the profession’s reputation.


The Code of Ethics sets out the principles and standards of behaviour that will promote, reinforce and support the highest standards from everyone who works in policing in England and Wales.


The Code also has a preventive role. It requires everyone in policing to prevent unprofessional conduct by questioning behaviour which falls below expected standards. Additionally, it supports reporting or taking action against such behaviour.

1.2 StatutorybasisoftheCode


The College of Policing has issued the Code of Ethics as a code of practice under section 39A of the Police Act 1996 (as amended by section 124 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014).

 The Code –Preamble

Code of Ethics 2014

1.4 Responsibilities





All police personnel in leadership roles are critical role models. The right leadership will encourage ethical behaviour. Those who are valued, listened to and well led are likely to feel a greater sense of belonging, and so be more likely to take pride in their work and act with integrity.


As someone in a police leadership role you will:

• takepersonalresponsibilityforpromotingand reinforcing the principles and standards set out in this Code of Ethics

• actively seek to embed the Code by ensuring regular reference to it in the day-to-day work and training undertaken by your force or organisation

• use the Code of Ethics both to support the individuals for whom you are responsible and to guide them in performing their duties.

You are responsible for your own professional behaviour and, to ensure that you are able to deliver the highest standards possible, you must have a good understanding of the contents of this Code.


You are expected to use the Code to guide your behaviour at all times – whether at work or away from work, online or offline.

Chief officers


As the head of your force or organisation you will:

• showbypersonalexamplehowthe principles and standards in this Code apply

• promote,supportandreinforceethical behaviour at all times

• showmoralcouragetodotherightthing even in the face of criticism

• beconsistentinwhatyoudoandsay

• promote openness and transparency within policing and to the public

• promote fairness and equality in the workplace

• create and maintain an environment where you encourage challenge and feedback

• be flexible and willing to change a course of action if necessary.


 The Code – Policing principles

Code of Ethics 2014

Policing principles

2.1 Doingtherightthing in the right way


Every person working for the police service must work honestly and ethically. The public expect the police to do the right thing in the right way. Basing decisions and actions on a set of policing principles will help to achieve this.


The principles set out in this Code of Ethics originate from the ‘Principles of Public Life’ published by the Committee on Standards in Public Life in 1995, as these continue to reflect public expectations. The Code includes the principles of ‘fairness’ and ‘respect’ as research has shown these to be crucial to maintaining and enhancing public confidence in policing.


The policing principles reflect the personal beliefs and aspirations that in turn serve to guide behaviour and shape the policing culture. The combination of principles and standards

of behaviour encourages consistency between what people believe in and aspire to, and what they do.

 Policing principles~


You are answerable for your decisions, actions and omissions.


You treat people fairly.


You are truthful and trustworthy.


You always do the right thing.


You lead by good example.


You make choices on evidence and your best professional judgement.


You are open and transparent in your actions and decisions.


You treat everyone with respect.


You act in the public interest.

 The Code – Standards of professional behaviour Code of Ethics 2014

Standards of professional behaviour

3.1 Introduction


These standards reflect the expectations that the professional body and the public have of the behaviour of those working in policing. They originate from the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 (for police officers) and the Police Staff Council Joint Circular 54 (for police staff).


The Code has adapted the wording in the Regulations and Circular 54 so that it applies to everyone. However, in misconduct proceedings against police officers, the formal wording of the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 will be used.

Standards of professional behaviour

1. Honesty and integrity

I will be honest and act with integrity at all times, and will not compromise or abuse my position.

I will give reasonable instructions only, and will follow all reasonable instructions.

2. Authority,respect and courtesy

I will act with self-control and tolerance, treating members of the public and colleagues with respect and courtesy.

I will use my powers and authority lawfully and proportionately, and will respect the rights of all individuals.

3. Equality and diversity

I will act with fairness and impartiality.

I will not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly.

4. Use of force

I will only use force as part of my role and responsibilities, and only to the extent that

it is necessary, proportionate and reasonable in all the circumstances.

5. Orders and instructions

I will, as a police officer, give and carry out lawful orders only, and will abide by Police Regulations.

6. Duties and responsibilities 

I will be diligent in the exercise of my duties and responsibilities.

7. Confidentiality

I will treat information with respect, and access or disclose it only in the proper course of my duties.

8. Fitness for work

I will ensure, when on duty or at work,

that I am fit to carry out my responsibilities.

9. Conduct

I will behave in a manner, whether on or off duty, which does not bring discredit on the police service or undermine public confidence in policing.

10. Challenging and reporting improper behaviour

I will report, challenge or take action against the conduct of colleagues which has fallen below the standards of professional behaviour.

 The Code – Honesty and integrity Code of Ethics 2014

1 Honesty and integrity

 I will be honest and act with integrity at all times, and will not compromise or abuse my position.


According to this standard you must:

• actwithhonestyandintegrityatalltimes

• useyourposition,policeidentificationor warrant card for policing purposes only, and not to gain a personal advantage that could give the impression you are abusing your position.



Covert tactics must be appropriately authorised and any deployments must be shown to be proportionate, lawful, accountable, necessary and ethical.


Officers who authorise or perform covert policing roles must keep in mind at all times the principles and standards set out in the Code of Ethics.

In abiding by this standard you gain and maintain the trust of the public, your leaders, your colleagues and your team. You are dependable and a role model.


The more senior in rank, grade or role you

are, the greater the potential for harm as a consequence of any misuse of your position or any failure to meet the standards required by the Code of Ethics.

Covert policing


The police service operates on the basis of openness and transparency. This is essential to maintaining and enhancing a positive relationship between the policing profession and the community.


To achieve legitimate policing aims, it is sometimes necessary to use covert tactics. This is recognised in law.

 Examples of meeting this standard are when you:

• are sincere and truthful

• showcourageindoingwhatyou believe to be right

• ensure your decisions are not influenced by improper considerations of personal gain

• donotknowinglymakefalse,misleadingor inaccurate oral or written statements

in any professional context

• neithersolicitnoraccepttheofferofany gift, gratuity or hospitality that could compromise your impartiality

• donotuseyourpositiontoinappropriately coerce any person or to settle personal grievances.


 The Code – Authority, respect and courtesy Code of Ethics 2014

2 Authority, respect and courtesy

 I will act with self-control and tolerance, treating members of the public and colleagues with respect and courtesy.

I will use my powers and authority lawfully and proportionately, and will respect the rights of all individuals.



• carryoutyourroleandresponsibilitiesinan efficient, diligent and professional manner

• avoidanybehaviourthatmightimpairyour effectiveness or damage either your own reputation or that of policing

• ensureyourbehaviourandlanguage could not reasonably be perceived to be abusive, oppressive, harassing, bullying, victimising or offensive by the public or your policing colleagues.


The reasons for your actions may not always be understood by others, including the public. You must, therefore, be prepared to explain them as fully as possible.



According to this standard you must:

• ensurethatanyrelationshipatworkdoesnot create an actual or apparent conflict of interest

• not engage in sexual conduct or other inappropriate behaviour when on duty

• notestablishorpursueanimpropersexual

or emotional relationship with a person with whom you come into contact in the course of your work who may be vulnerable to an abuse of trust or power.

 Examples of meeting this standard are when you:

• remain composed and respectful, even in the face of provocation

• retain proportionate self-restraint in volatile situations

• recognisetheparticularneedsofvictims and witnesses for policing support

• stepforwardandtakecontrolwhen required by the circumstances

• keep an open mind and do not prejudge situations or individuals

• useyourauthorityonlyinwaysthat are proportionate, lawful, accountable, necessary and ethical.


 The Code – Equality and diversity

Code of Ethics 2014

3 Equality and diversity 3.1

According to this standard you must:

• uphold the law regarding human rights and equality

• treatallpeoplefairlyandwithrespect • treat people impartially.

 I will act with fairness and impartiality.

I will not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly.

 Examples of meeting this standard are when you:

• show compassion and empathy,

as appropriate, to people you come into contact with

• treatpeopleaccordingtotheirneeds

• recognisethatsomeindividualswho come into contact with the police are vulnerable and may require additional support and assistance

• take a proactive approach to opposing discrimination so as to adequately support victims, encourage reporting and prevent future incidents

• act and make decisions on merit, without prejudice and using the best available information

• considertheneedsoftheprotected characteristic groupings – age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief,

sex and sexual orientation

• activelyseekoruseopportunitiesto promote equality and diversity.


 The Code – Use of force

Code of Ethics 2014

4 Use of force


This standard is primarily intended for police officers who, on occasion, may need to use force in carrying out their duties.


Police staff, volunteers and contractors in particular operational roles (for example, custody-related) may also be required to use force in the course of their duties.


According to this standard you must use only the minimum amount of force necessary to achieve the required result.


You will have to account for any use of force, in other words justify it based upon your honestly held belief at the time that you used the force.

 I will only use force as part of my role and responsibilities, and only to the extent that it is necessary, proportionate and reasonable in all the circumstances.


 The Code – Orders and instructions Code of Ethics 2014

5 Orders and instructions

 I will, as a police officer, give and carry out lawful orders only, and will abide by Police Regulations.

I will give reasonable instructions only, and will follow all reasonable instructions.


According to this standard police officers must obey any lawful order that is given and must abide by Police Regulations.


According to this standard everyone in policing must give or carry out reasonable instructions only.


There may be instances when failure to follow an order or instruction does not amount to misconduct. For example, where a police officer reasonably believes that an order is unlawful or has good and sufficient reason not to comply.


Any decision to not obey orders or follow instructions, or that transgresses policing policies and other guidance, must be able to withstand scrutiny.

Use of discretion


Police discretion is necessary, but must be used wisely. When making decisions about using your discretion you must:

• useyourtraining,skillsandknowledge about policing

• considerwhatyouaretryingtoachieve and the potential effects of your decisions

• takeanyrelevantpolicingcodes,guidance, policies and procedures into consideration

• ensureyouareactingconsistentlywith the principles and standards in this Code.

 For police officers, examples of meeting this standard are when you:

• giveorderswhichyoureasonablybelieve to be lawful

• followlawfulorders,recognising

that any decision not to follow an order needs to be objectively and fully justified

• supportyourcolleagues,tothebestof your ability, in the execution of their lawful duty

• accepttherestrictionsonyour

private life as described in Regulation 6 and Schedule 1 of the Police Regulations 2003 and determinations made under those Regulations.


 The Code – Duties and responsibilities Code of Ethics 2014

6 Duties and responsibilities

I will be diligent in the exercise of my duties and responsibilities.


According to this standard you must:

• carry out your duties and obligations to the best of your ability

• takefullresponsibilityfor,andbepreparedto explain and justify, your actions and decisions

• useallinformation,training,equipment

and management support you are provided with to keep yourself up to date on your role and responsibilities.

Business interests


People working in policing in England and Wales can have business interests as long as those interests are authorised and there is no conflict with an individual’s police work and responsibilities.



Membership of groups or societies, or associations with groups or individuals, must not create an actual or apparent conflict of interest with police work and responsibilities.


The test is whether a reasonably informed member of the public might reasonably believe that your membership or association could adversely affect your ability to discharge your policing duties effectively and impartially.

Political activity – police officers only


Police officers must not take any active part in politics. This is intended to prevent you from placing yourself in a position where your impartiality may be questioned.

 Examples of meeting this standard are when you:

• areawareoftheinfluencethat unconscious biases (such as stereotypes or ‘group think’) can have on your actions and decisions

• supportyourcolleagues,tothebestof your ability, in their work

• demonstrate an efficient and effective use of policing resources

• ensurethataccuraterecordsofyour actions are kept – both as good practice and as required by legislation, policies and procedures

• considertheexpectations,changing needs and concerns of different communities, and do what is necessary and proportionate to address them.


 The Code – Confidentiality

Code of Ethics 2014

7 Confidentiality 7.1

According to this standard you must:

• be familiar with and abide by the data protection principles described in the Data Protection Act 1998

• access police-held information for a legitimate or authorised policing purpose only

• notdiscloseinformation,onoroffduty, to unauthorised recipients


You must be mindful of risks such as:

• increasing your vulnerability to harassment, corruption and blackmail by revealing personal information about yourself or information held for a policing purpose

• prejudicing investigations by revealing operational material or tactics.

Social media


This standard also relates to the use of any platform of web-based or mobile communications, social networking sites, and all other types of social media.


While there are benefits of social media to policing, there are also potential risks.


According to this standard you must:

• use social media responsibly and safely

• ensure that nothing you publish online can reasonably be perceived by the public or

your policing colleagues to be discriminatory, abusive, oppressive, harassing, bullying, victimising, offensive or otherwise incompatible with policing principles

• notpublishonlineorelsewhere,orofferfor publication, any material that might undermine your own reputation or that of the policing profession or might run the risk of damaging public confidence in the police service.

 I will treat information with respect, and access or disclose it only in the proper course of my duties.

• understandthatbyaccessingpersonal

data without authorisation you could be committing a criminal offence, regardless of whether you then disclose that personal data.

 Examples of meeting this standard are when you:

• ensurethatinformationyouenter onto police systems and into police records is accurate

• share information with other agencies and the public when required for legitimate purposes

• maintaintheconfidentialityofcommercial and other sensitive information.


 The Code – Fitness for work

Code of Ethics 2014

8 Fitness for work 8.1

According to this standard you must:

• befittocarryoutyourroleinpolicing and fulfil your responsibilities

• not consume alcohol when on duty

• not use illegal drugs

• not misuse legal drugs or other legal substances.


If you believe you are unfit to undertake your role or you are somehow impaired for duty, you must immediately declare this to your line manager, Human Resources department or other relevant person.


If you are absent from work through sickness or injury:

• you may be required to consult appropriate health professionals and must follow any advice given unless there are reasonable grounds not to do so

• you must not engage in activities that are likely to impair your return to work.


If you let your police force or organisation know that you have a drink or drugs misuse problem, you will be given appropriate support as long as you demonstrate an intention to address the problem and take steps to overcome it.

You may, however, still be subject to criminal or misconduct proceedings.


Chief officers should ensure that there are appropriate systems to support a police officer or staff member who discloses a drink or drugs problem, in compliance with 8.4.


Making a self-declaration of substance misuse after you have been notified of the requirement to take a test for possible illegal substances may not prevent criminal or misconduct proceedings following a positive test result.

 I will ensure, when on duty or at work, that I am fit to carry out my responsibilities.


 The Code – Conduct

Code of Ethics 2014

9 Conduct


As a police officer, member of police staff or other person working for the police service, you must keep in mind at all times that the public expect you to maintain the highest standards of behaviour. You must, therefore, always think about how a member of the public may regard your behaviour, whether on or off duty.


You should ask yourself whether a particular decision, action or omission might result

in members of the public losing trust and confidence in the policing profession.


It is recognised that the test of whether behaviour has brought discredit on policing is not solely about media coverage and public perception but has regard to all

the circumstances.

 I will behave in a manner, whether on or off duty, which does not bring discredit on the police service or undermine public confidence in policing.

 Examples of meeting this standard are when you:

• avoid any activities (work-related or otherwise) that may bring the police service into disrepute and damage the relationship of trust and confidence between the police and the public

• complywiththeNationalCrime Recording Standard

• avoidanyactivitiesthatmaycompromise your or any colleague’s position in policing or compromise a police operation

• startworkontimeandarepunctual while at work

• maintain a high standard of appearance when at work, whether in uniform or plain clothes – unless your role

requires otherwise.


 The Code – Conduct

Code of Ethics 2014

For police officers and special constables


According to this standard you must report as soon as reasonably practical any occasion in the UK or elsewhere where you have been subject to one or more of the following:

a restraining order or a bind-over. When you are in doubt as to whether to make such a report, it is best to report.


You must report as soon as reasonably practical any legal proceedings taken against you for debt recovery, or any other adverse financial judgments.


You must report any serious criminal

conviction against a member of your immediate family or a close friend so that appropriate safeguards can be put in place. When you are in doubt as to whether to make such a report, it is best to report.


A police officer being subject to any of these measures could bring discredit on the police service, and this may result in action being taken for misconduct, depending on the circumstances of the particular matter.

 I will report any action taken against me for a criminal offence, any conditions imposed on me by a court and the receipt of any penalty notice.

• arrest

• a summons for an offence

• apenaltynoticefordisorder

• anendorsablefixedpenaltynoticefora road traffic offence

• a charge or caution for an offence by any law enforcement agency.


You must report to your supervisor or your professional standards department as soon as reasonably practical all convictions, sentences and conditions imposed by any court, whether criminal or civil (excluding matrimonial proceedings, but including non-molestation orders or occupation orders).‘Conditions imposed by any court’ would include, for example, orders to deal with antisocial behaviour,

For police staff and others working in policing who are not police officers

 I will report any caution or conviction against me for a criminal offence.


According to this standard you must report as soon as reasonably practical all convictions, sentences and conditions imposed by any court, whether criminal or civil.


For legitimate policing purposes, such as vetting or the nature of your particular role, you may be required to disclose other legal matters affecting you.


 The Code – Challenging and reporting improper conduct Code of Ethics 2014

10 Challenging and reporting improper conduct

 I will report, challenge or take action against the conduct of colleagues which has fallen below the standards of professional behaviour.


According to this standard you must never ignore unethical or unprofessional behaviour by a policing colleague, irrespective of the person’s rank, grade or role.


You have a positive obligation to question the conduct of colleagues that you believe falls below the expected standards and, if necessary, challenge, report or take action against such conduct.


If you feel you cannot question or challenge a colleague directly, you should report

your concerns through a line manager,

a force reporting mechanism or other appropriate channel.


The policing profession will protect whistleblowers according to the law.


below the standards expected. You will not be supported, and may be subject to disciplinary procedures, if your report is found to be malicious or otherwise made in bad faith.


The police service will not tolerate discrimination or victimisation or any disadvantageous treatment against anyone who makes a valid report of unprofessional behaviour or wrongdoing.


Given the overriding duty to report wrongdoing, genuine concerns in this respect can never

be deemed to bring the policing profession

into disrepute.



According to this standard you must:

• ensurethatyourstaffcarryouttheir professional duties correctly

• challenge and address any behaviour

that falls below the standards in this Code, and report it where appropriate

• assess,takepositiveaction,orotherwise escalate appropriately any report of unprofessional behaviour or wrongdoing made by someone for whom you are responsible.

Nothing in this standard prevents the proper disclosure of information to a relevant authority in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.


You will be supported if you report any valid concern about the behaviour of someone working in policing which you believe has fallen


 Supplementary notes Code of Ethics 2014

Supplementary Notes

 Supplementary notes Code of Ethics 2014

National Decision Model

The National Decision Model is the primary decision-making model for police in England and Wales. Individuals, supervisors and others use it to assess potential decisions or decisions that have already been made.

4.1 Makingethicaldecisions


The Code of Ethics promotes the use of the National Decision Model (NDM) to help embed ethical reasoning in accordance with policing principles and expected standards of behaviour. The model allows people to be more questioning of the situations confronting them, more challenging of themselves and better able


Understanding, practising and using the NDM helps people develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make ethical, proportionate and defensible decisions in all policing situations.


In a fast-moving incident, the main priority of decision makers is to keep in mind the principles and standards set out in the Code of Ethics.


You are not expected to know the Code of Ethics word for word. What is expected is that you apply the intent of the Code to your decisions and ask yourself questions such as:

• Is my decision in line with the principles and expected behaviours outlined in the Code of Ethics?

• Willthisactionordecisionreflectwellon my professionalism and policing generally?

• Would I be comfortable explaining this action or decision to my supervisor?

• Would I be prepared to defend this action or decision in public?

to make ethical and effective decisions.


The model places the Code of Ethics at the centre of all decision making. This reminds those in the policing profession that they should consider the principles and expected standards of behaviour set out in the Code at every stage of making decisions.


The NDM is inherently flexible. It can be applied to spontaneous incidents or planned operations, by an individual or teams of people, and to operational and non-operational situations.

It can also be expanded as appropriate for specialist and other areas of policing. The NDM also works well for reviewing and debriefing decisions and actions.


In every case the elements of the NDM stay the same, but users decide for themselves which questions and considerations they apply at each stage.


 Supplementary notes

Code of Ethics 2014

National Decision Model

     Take action and review what happened

Gather information and intelligence

Code of Ethics

Assess threat and risk and develop a working strategy

   Identify options and contingencies

Consider powers and policy


 Supplementary notes Code of Ethics 2014

When behaviour does not meet expectations

This section provides general guidance on how behaviour that does not uphold policing principles or meet expected standards will be handled.

5.1 BreachesoftheCode


Breaches of the Code of Ethics will not always involve misconduct or require disciplinary proceedings. Breaches will range from relatively minor shortcomings in conduct, performance or attendance through to gross misconduct and corruption. Different procedures exist according to the type of unprofessional behaviour or misconduct alleged.


Relatively minor breaches of the Code may be simply and effectively dealt with through peer or team challenge. Others may require local management action – for example, by a line manager. More significant failures may require formal action by the individual’s force or organisation – such as, in the case of police officers, the application of the Police (Conduct) Regulations or the Police (Performance) Regulations.


See Box 1 for types of possible actions on managing unprofessional behaviour or misconduct.


All officers, staff and, particularly, supervisors and managers have a duty to act where a concern is raised about any behaviour, level of performance or conduct which may amount to a breach of the Code.


Behaviour that does not uphold the policing principles or which falls short of the expected standards of professional behaviour set out in this Code of Ethics will be dealt with:

• accordingtotheseverityandimpactof any actual, suspected or alleged breach

• atthemostappropriatelevel

• in a timely and proportionate manner in order to maintain confidence in the process.


Managers and supervisors are expected to exercise professional judgement and take into account the principle of proportionality in determining how to deal effectively with alleged unprofessional behaviour.


 Supplementary notes

Code of Ethics 2014

 Box 1:

Managing behaviour

The most important management tool is self-regulation. This relates to your own behaviour and that of your immediate peers and teams through:

• self-awareness and self-challenge

• peer awareness and peer challenge

• team awareness and team challenge.

On an ascending scale of seriousness, other actions include local management action and formal assessment and investigation.

Local management action

This includes:

• gatheringrelevantevidenceonconcernsreportedtoornoticedbymanagers,discussingany shortcomings or concerns with the individual at the earliest possible opportunity, keeping

a contemporaneous note of interactions with the person, and putting the matter on record (the ‘record’ may be the person’s PDR or equivalent)

• averbalwarningandadviceoverfutureconduct

• managementactionpriortoreferraltounsatisfactoryperformanceprocedures

• referral to unsatisfactory performance procedures

• management action as part of a local resolution of a public complaint

• issue of an improvement notice and action plan

• redeploymentoratemporarychangeofduty.

Formal assessment and investigation

Actions include:

• managementadvice

• writtenwarning

• finalwrittenwarning

• dismissalwithorwithoutnotice.

The most serious allegations amounting to gross misconduct can result in suspension from duty or restriction of duty, and may involve a criminal investigation and criminal proceedings.


 Supplementary notes

Code of Ethics 2014


Procedures must be applied in a non- discriminatory manner, and due regard must be paid to the need to handle allegations sensitively and confidentially. Fairness and consistency are watchwords.


There is no single formula for determining the action to be taken in relation to a concern about the behaviour or performance of a member of the police service or someone working closely with the police. Each case must be considered individually. See Box 2 for relevant considerations.


Consideration should always be given to

any relevant regulations, policies or guidance on managing unprofessional behaviour, misconduct, unsatisfactory performance or unsatisfactory attendance.


Where evidenced or alleged breaches of the standards are so serious that the threshold for formal assessment is crossed and investigation is merited, such cases will be referred under existing mechanisms.


A failure by a police officer to have regard to the standards of professional behaviour in the Code of Ethics may be admissible in evidence in any disciplinary proceedings or on any appeal arising from a decision made in such proceedings.


Similarly, a failure by a member of police

staff to have regard to the standards of professional behaviour in the Code of Ethics may be admissible in evidence in any disciplinary

proceedings or on any appeal arising from

a decision made in such proceedings under relevant disciplinary proceedings identified in any police staff contract of employment.

 Box 2:

Determining whether behaviour does or does not reflect the Code of Ethics

Considerations include the:

• nature and circumstances of the behaviour

• position,dutiesandresponsibility of the person

• difference in restrictions on private life between police officers and police staff/ other employees/volunteers

• rationale given by the person for their behaviour

• effectsofthebehaviouror its consequences on:

– internal or external relationships

– the reputation of the police service

– the ability of the person to fulfil their duties

• effectsofthebehaviouron:

– the organisation’s trust and confidence in the individual

– the public’s trust and confidence in the police service.


 Supplementary notes

Code of Ethics 2014

5.2 Guidanceformembers of the public


You have the right to make a complaint if you feel that someone within policing has behaved unprofessionally.


To make a complaint you should contact the relevant police force or policing organisation. This can be online using appropriate websites and forms, in writing or in person. You can also make your complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).


Further information on making a complaint about unprofessional behaviour by a member of the policing profession can be found on police websites and the IPCC website (which also provides links to the complaints section on each police force website).



Sussex PCC to set up stalking perpetrator programme


Today (23 November) Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, a stalking victim herself, has announced that she has secured £98,000 from the Government to set up a pioneering intervention programme, working with perpetrators of stalking. 

The initiative, the first of its kind for Sussex, will aim to improve responses to stalking across the criminal justice system and the health sector, working with private mental healthcare providers to develop a bespoke intervention for stalking perpetrators.

*Stalking is a relentless crime driven by fixated, obsessive, unwanted and repeated behaviours that cause prolonged suffering for victims.*

On average, stalking campaigns last for up to two years and, because research shows that 94% of domestic homicides were preceded by stalking behaviour, it is vitally important to prevent these crimes from escalating.

Sussex Police and partners have led the way in responding to stalking with a 300% increase in victim referrals over the last five years and police officers already issuing 29 Stalking Protection Orders (SPOs) since they were first introduced in January, the highest in the country.

An SPO can also mandate that a perpetrator attends a behavioural-change programme, but this is not currently possible because there are no appropriate intervention programmes in place. 

PCC Katy Bourne’s proposed solution will fill this gap in the criminal justice response.

She says:

**Stalkers display complex characteristics that are, arguably, unlike that of any other type of perpetrator. The fixated nature of a stalker demonstrates a deep-rooted, psychological obsession with their victim that we know a usual criminal justice sanction won’t always deter or stop.** 

Previous research has found that over half of stalking perpetrators go on to re-offend, repeatedly breaching court orders put in place to protect their victims.

“I’m pleased that we have been successful in our bid for funding so that we can begin to identify and properly address the root causes of stalking behaviours and fill the current gaps in our response to these heinous crimes.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said; “Stalking is a distressing crime and we’re determined to stamp it out.”

“In January, I introduced *Stalking Protection Orders* which protect victims and address the perpetrator’s behaviour at the earliest opportunity, and I’m encouraged to see Sussex Police using these powers.’’

“This additional funding will enable Sussex Police to continue leading the way in tackling stalking, and partners to go even further in fighting this disturbing crime.”

Over the last year, local Sussex stalking advocacy service, Veritas Justice, supported 1,085 victims. They have seen steady increases in referrals since they began supporting victims in 2016 and know first-hand the complex and challenging nature of these crimes.

Director Claudia Ortiz fully supports the introduction of perpetrator interventions saying: “This is very welcome news and a crucial part of the development of our response to stalking in Sussex. We hope that by addressing stalkers’ behaviour at the earliest possible opportunity it will mean that current victims of stalking will be safer and will also prevent future victims from being targeted in the first place.

“Most victims of stalking tell us that they just want the stalking to stop, so it is of paramount importance that we adopt a multiagency approach and improve our understanding of the complex psychological issues that drive and sustain stalking behaviour to provide interventions beyond the criminal justice outcomes to reduce reoffending and revictimisation.”

The proposed intervention programme will aim to gain a better understanding of mental health problems associated with stalking. The countywide pilot intends to assess risk, gain understanding of psychological drivers, with an aim of finding a way to stop stalking behaviours altogether.”



BBC NEWS~10 April 2019.

Sussex Police ordered to improve stalking probes.

Stalking and harassment offences are NOT being properly investigated by Sussex Police, a report has found.

The official report was commissioned following the murder of 19-year-old Shana Grice by her ex-boyfriend.

She had reported Michael Lane to officers five times in six months but was fined for wasting police time. He was jailed for 25 years for her murder.

The report said more improvements were needed to support victims. Sussex Police accepted more needed to be done.

Three police officers are facing disciplinary action over the case.

Stalking and harassment is more common in Sussex than the national average, the report said. About 9% of crime in the county is harassment and 2% is stalking, compared with 2% and 0.1% nationally.

**Online stalking concerns**

The report, by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS), said a training programme introduced after Miss Grice’s murder to help staff better understand and identify stalking was “never fully completed” and most investigating officers had not received any training.

Not enough victims were being referred to specialised support services, the report said, adding that there were also concerns over cases where victims were targeted online.

It added that nationally, police forces were not using powers under stalking laws to search perpetrators’ homes so stalking investigations were “not as thorough as they could be”.

Victims of harassment were not being properly protected because injunctions were not being used, it added.

The report also called on the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) to ensure forces around the country make improvements, and called for a single definition for stalking to be adopted by police forces and government departments.

Sussex’s Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, who commissioned the report, said in 2018 she had been a victim of stalking.

She hoped it would improve the force’s response “dramatically” and scrutinise how other bodies were handling stalking.

The force has been given three months to make improvements.

Assistant Chief Constable Nick May said: “The report acknowledges that we have significantly improved our understanding of what stalking and harassment is and what our response should be’’.

“It also sets out where there is even more work to do, and we accept this.”

He added: “The inspection by HMICFRS has provided a benchmark of progress made to date, but Sussex Police are the second-highest recorder of stalking offences after the [Metropolitan Police]… There are numerous reasons why victims do not always wish to support a criminal conviction.”








Stalking should be treated as ‘really serious crime’ says PCC


13 April 2018 

“Stalking and harassment are such insidious crimes that take over and destroy lives. We know what can happen when victim’s aren’t taken seriously, so it’s vital that those affected feel confident in reporting knowing that the law is on their side.”

PCC Katy Bourne, Sussex Police with Detective Chief Inspector David Springett also of Sussex Police.

Katy Bourne said her experience with police over stalking “wasn’t really the best”

A police and crime commissioner has called on fellow PCCs to take the crime of stalking more seriously.

Sussex PCC Katy Bourne said she was left “frustrated” by the legal system after she was stalked for five years.

She urged PCCs to adopt measures such as those she had introduced in Sussex, including a specialist support service for victims of stalking,

“I want all PCCs to step up to the plate and take this on board as being a really serious crime,” she said.

“I have been a victim and I do know how it feels.”

**Fixated and obsessed**

The stalking of Ms Bourne, a Conservative, began after she was elected as PCC.

The man became “really fixated” and obsessed, but she ignored it, hoping “it would go away”, she said.

“He wasn’t just going to take me down professionally; he was going to take me down personally.

I reported it to police and I have to say my experience wasn’t really the best.”

Her complaint was handled by another force, which, she said, “took a while” to understand the situation.

“My great frustration was the Crown Prosecution Service said that despite nearly five years of evidence, there was no case to answer,” she said.

Ms Bourne then took out an injunction against her alleged stalker.

A CPS spokeswoman said: “We received a file from the police in March 2017 in relation to an allegation of harassment linked to online blogs.

“After careful consideration of all the evidence, including the nature of the blog posts and the actions of the suspect in deleting material from the internet following his arrest, we concluded the evidential test set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors was not met and therefore no charges were authorised.”

**Victims let down**

Three years ago Ms Bourne carried out a review and, finding no support for victims of stalking, founded with Sussex Police a new specialist support service.

She said officers and prosecutors CPS were now also being trained to understand the effects of stalking.

Previously officers had recorded individual instances, but not always seen them as part of a “bigger picture”, she said.

“It’s a pattern of behaviour that escalates over time. That’s what makes it so dangerous,” she said.

Since the review, she said. there had been an eight-fold increase in cases reported to Sussex Police, while the number solved had risen by two-thirds.

“If this is happening in Sussex, what worries me is that this crime is also happening elsewhere and other forces aren’t giving it the attention that it needs,” she said.

“Victims are out there being let down nationally.” 


Police & Crime Commissioner For Sussex, Katy Bourne, tells interviewer…’I was called a paedophile and murderer’~ as she reveals stalking ordeal.

Story by Ginny Sanderson. 21st January 2020. Updated 21st January 2020.

The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) says she was almost driven out of her job by a stalker.

Katy Bourne has spoken out about her experience – and her mission to get police forces and the justice system to take the offence more seriously.

“I felt very isolated,” she told this newspaper, “I didn’t want to show I was upset because I wanted to stay strong.

“For about three years, I ignored it. I’m in the public eye, not everybody is pleased to see you. Freedom of speech, everybody’s entitled to that.”

She initially met her stalker Matthew Taylor on the campaign trail to be PCC. They were at an early hustings, before the official candidates were announced, and Taylor was standing against her for the new role.

Then Taylor, who never actually ran to be PCC, started writing blog posts calling her a “prostitute”, “nasty Nazi party sympathiser” and accusing her of being a paedophile, child abuser and murderer.

He would also send mass emails to professional bodies and panels the Conservative politician sat on, and set up a fake email address pretending to be her to email MPs.

Mrs Bourne said, “He accused me of having an affair with people in my office, which was simply untrue and distressing.

“It was causing a lot of stress and embarrassment. It became quite obsessive. It was fixated, unwanted, repeated.”

One day the stalker showed up at an event Mrs Bourne was at, stood at the back of the room, and secretly filmed her speech. He then left and stood outside and filmed her through a window, posting the video on social media.

“That gave me the absolute chills,” she said, “It really upset me. I left that dinner late at night. He had filmed himself ranting and raving in an aggressive manner.

“Then several others decided I was going to be a number one target.”

People started showing up at her office. But it was the chilling moment an individual filmed her harness at an abseiling event and the stalker wrote “you should have slit her rope”, that she decided it had gone too far.

She was at the charity event in Newhaven when one individual started filming her. “The next day I saw the video, he had got access to my harness before I wore it. Someone wrote ‘you should have slit her rope’.

“It was that point I thought ‘this is really scary’. It had gone from the online world into the physical world.”

Four years into the ordeal, the Crown Prosecution Service rejected an application for criminal proceedings, saying there wasn’t enough evidence.

“I felt ‘what is the point?’” Mrs Bourne said, “I thought, I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing staying with this job.”

But, with some encouragement from her family, she decided to stick with her public role and speak out about what had happened to her.

Mrs Bourne eventually succeeded in getting a civil injunction against Taylor.

“It was such a relief,” she said, “just the fact that somebody had taken me seriously. The most important thing is that you just want it to stop and have the police take you seriously would be just an incredible relief for a victim.

“It’s an insidious crime it really is. And as a society we have got to do something about this because we are not going to get women in any walks of life.”

Taylor was later found to be in contempt of his injunction, and was handed a four month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

She says even now people have joked to her about her own experience with stalking. “I try not to be oversensitive about it. But that’s not appropriate.

“I saw someone wrote online ‘who would stalk her?’ If you want to encourage women into politics you need to make sure it’s safe. As a society we need to confront this issue.”

The experience has led Mrs Bourne to campaign for improvement of people’s attitudes to stalking, and crucially the way it is dealt with by police and the courts.

“What worries me with stalking is the fact that when it goes wrong it really goes wrong,” she said, “We have seen people being killed. We can’t afford to get this wrong.”

The case of Shana Grice saw the 19-year-old report her stalker to Sussex Police five times – but she herself was fined £90 for wasting police time.

She was brutally murdered by her stalker Michael Lane in August 2016. The 28-year-old was jailed for life for her murder.

Meanwhile, now-retired PC Trevor Godfrey was found to have committed misconduct by failing to properly investigate the case.

Mrs Bourne said, “Sussex Police are on a journey of improvement, they aren’t perfect yet. They are working hard to give the best service they can to victims of stalking and they are well ahead of police forces nationally.”

This week, Sussex Police has become one of the first forces in the country to introduce Stalking Protection Orders (SPOs)

They aim to protect victims of stalking by can prohibiting suspected stalkers from contacting a victim or going to certain locations.

They also have ‘positive’ requirements which could include the offender having a mental health assessment or attending a rehabilitation course.

Mrs Bourne said, “They stop the victim from going to court themselves and going through that trauma.

“It’s for the victim’s peace of mind. The police are saying ‘I hear you, I take you seriously and what’s happening to you isn’t normal behaviour’

“It gives them that peace of mind they desperately need. They need to know they aren’t going mad and what’s happening to them isn’t normal.”

The average stalking victim has suffered six years of the behaviour before they contact police, and experienced around 100 incidents.

By that point, the victims are ‘beside themselves’ says Mrs Bourne, living with the anxiety for that amount of time.

“It’s not good for you. We know the chemicals it releases in the body are disruptive. It will affect your mental health.”

She says police are also set to trial improved risk assessments for suspected perpetrators in March.

• If you are being stalked or harassed it is important that you report it. Stalkers are fixated and obsessive offenders who will not stop.

• You can report stalking or harassment online or by calling 101 or in person at your local police station.

• But always call 999 if you are in danger. Our officers and staff will undertake a risk assessment and focus on keeping you safe.

• If you would like further information about stalking or harassment, there are several organisations that specialise in providing advice and support to victims.

• Veritas is a local organisation which provides advocacy and support for victims of stalking.




& WHY DID SUSSEX POLICE ALSO FAIL TO EVEN ‘RECORD’ THAT I HAD REPORTED IT TO THEM IN PERSON AT THE POLICE STATION ? ~ my police files have Finally been sent to me & there is no mention of me reporting it at all.… there is also no mention at all of me reporting that 6 of my sisters neighbours witnessed me being threatened outside her house a couple of days after the attempted break in to my car !

It seems the police are only interested in shafting me to shut me up so my ex neighbours/stalkers stay out of jail . Melissa’s ‘police family friends’ are far too influential within Devon & Cornwall police & the corruption is very obviously akin to COVID ~ A Bloody Pandemic!



I was ordered out of my vehicle, which was parked on private property, by a PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 (who is from Camelford police station, North Cornwall ) on the evening of 28th February 2019 at approximately 9.15/9.30pm. 

He threatened to smash the drivers side window of my mobility rental car if I didn’t get out & then ordered me into an ambulance along with my 2 chihuahua dogs. 

The ambulance driver R.S. tried to give me a blood test, which I refused. I did consent to my blood pressure being taken which at 155/85 CLEARLY SHOWED STAGE 1 HYPERTENSION. 

This should have prompted them to take me straight to Treliske hospital in Truro as I have emphysema & a history of chest problems including bronchial pneumonia.

To my surprise both driver & paramedic J.G. said it was “normal” & decided to take me *& my dogs* to a closed basement ward of Camborne & Redruth hospital, with the 4 police officers following behind in their car.

Upon arrival the ambulance door flew open & my 2 very frightened dogs were wrenched out of my arms,screaming, by PCSO MIKE DODDS 30665 & taken to the police car where the other 3 officers waited. The driver was a PC Theobald who is also based at Camelford police station in North Cornwall. The other 2 were from Helston. The police car then drove off.

I was led *down some steps* & into a basement/lower floor ward which was in darkness until a woman turned the light on. That woman would later became known as a ward manager for a different part of that hospital.

I was held, abused & drugged in that basement for 8.5hours. 

I was filmed, half naked & terrified, by Melissa Janson & it was all watched by 3 hospital staff, the 4 police officers who returned with a police van after taking my dogs somewhere in the police car & a senior member of staff from another hospital 30.5 miles away who would be met again the following morning after a nurse who had given them permission to abuse me in that basement ward overnight told them all she had changed her mind, regretted agreeing to help them as her children came first & she didn’t want to lose her job! 

At 6.30am on the 1st March 2019 I was forced into the back of the police van after being assaulted by Dodds 30665 who left instant black finger mark bruises on both of my forearms. I was then driven to another hospital 30.5 miles further up into North Cornwall where I was drugged again, *pinned face down on the floor* whilst £3000 worth of gold jewellery was stolen from my body at the behest of Melissa Janson saying “Get her jewellery I want it “ & who was kind enough to film the entire proceedings & post it all over the internet along with the previous nights footage. The footage includes her & the medical staff & police officers faces & voices & all the people who pinned me to the floor in Bodmin hospital at approximately 8.15am. on the 1st March 2019. 

One of them was the younger brother of Lyle Trout. ‘’K’’. & I bit his right thumb so hard it made him bleed….there is NO MENTION of my biting anyone in the fabricated hospital report that was submitted for the FOLLOWING day, 2nd March 2019!  

I was, incidentally, locked in a corridor for 7 hours after my jewellery was stolen, before being dragged to a room & then locked in for the rest of the day until the following morning when I was given food, forced to take a handful of antipsychotic medications (which I spat down the sink) & was told I would be sectioned later that day before being locked in again.

After 3 weeks of constant abuse & the total Violation of my Human Rights, a male nurse decided he didn’t want to be involved with what was being done to me anymore & told a senior manager why I had been illegally sectioned & showed him the video footage of events …. I was held against my will, drugged, raped, sodomised & prevented from contacting Anyone during that time. 

Melissa Janson was also allowed onto hospital property on a daily basis to watch me on the office monitors to further her desire to witness my suffering. This woman is a very dangerous person with significant mental health issues, as noted by professionals in 2018 after my PTSD therapy had finished with the women’s centre. They told me I seemed to have ‘’triggered’’ her psychosis. 

I am certain when this eventually comes to trial that her psychological assessment for court purposes will indeed show that she is a psychopath. I hope it won’t take too much longer for me to find a lawyer who has the balls to stand up to the police & all the corruption.

Staff Rotas were changed to avoid me having contact with anyone but the staff who were present when I was pinned to the floor….Evidence available. & medical files were changed on the computer systems in May 2019 to hide corruption when I requested a copy of them for legal purposes…

The fabricated diagnosis of Bi Polar given by Dr Wolram was also changed to me having a *manic episode due to taking too many anti depressants*! 

It should be noted here that I was on them previously to help with PTSD depression symptoms caused by abuse suffered as a child….& after my therapy at the women’s centre ended in June 2018 I no longer required them!

The senior manager who was shown the videos & told why I was being held in the hospital under a fabricated section 2 order was heard bellowing at a Dr Wolram (name changed for legal purposes) & ordering him to ‘’Release me immediately’’. Details of the entire 3 weeks events are provided within my previous blog entitled **THE EVIDENCE**.

The *reason* why all this happened was to ensure Melissa Janson would remain out of jail for the previous 3 years worth of disability hate crime & harassment reports that were mounting up against her & her boyfriend Lyle that Devon & Cornwall police refused to do anything about due to doing *favours for friends* ~ & more recently the neighbour of my sister who had filmed Melissa, Lyle & 2 of his relatives trying to break in to my mobility car in January 2019 outside her house in Sussex…nearly 300 miles away from where Melissa & Co. should have been…proving she was stalking me.

Drugging me & then having me illegally sectioned 5 weeks after she was filmed trying to break into my car outside my sisters house & me reporting it to police put a complete stop to Any & All possibility of police help to prosecute her as they then just fobbed me off with the excuse I was imagining everything! Even other people’s evidence it would seem… 

I have, since then,  been prevented at every turn from getting legal assistance to prosecute the police, the hospital staff & my deranged ex neighbour & her grunt of a boyfriend for 20 months.

A very senior Detective 🕵️ was pulled in by one of Melissa’s *family friends* to make sure that any help requested from police was ignored…any requests for legal assistance from law firms was rejected under the heading of “Not enough resources due to covid, or it being too complicated”… & others who have told me it is either a police inaction case, a medical malpractice case, or barristers who have said it is too complicated for them & needs a lawyer to assist first!

The senior Detective holds a position in an organisation that oversees police & rescue services to maintain standards!!!!! 

HE himself has been illegally monitoring my internet use & has actively encouraged police officers to lie. He will be reported to the *Investigatory Powers Tribunal* over the course of the next few weeks & I will also be reporting him & his IP address to the European Court For Human Rights. I’m sick of this shit.

The Devon & Cornwall police force have fobbed me off for 6 months with my Freedom of information request for my police files regarding all the hate crime incidents that were reported & never investigated…including the theft of my jewellery which Miss Janson is still wearing & flaunting on her Facebook page! With the full knowledge of that senior Detective I might add!

& also the fabricated police report relating to the 28th February 2019….. the police officers present have Not been included in the official report, namely the 2 from Camelford. & my requests for *black box* information on the vehicles concerned have also been ignored to the point of a PC Andrew Skelton (acting sergeant) , whom I have lodged an official complaint against concerning his conduct, telling me that ‘’black box information does not contain any details of vehicle positioning or journeys”! I soon put him straight on That particular perkier & recorded my phone call with him as proof for later court proceedings! 

I also have voice recordings of the police Detective who has helped my delightfully insane ex neighbour continue her obsession, whilst he was ‘’snooping’’ on me illegally! 

If I wasn’t so exhausted with having to do all the investigation duties of the police force I might be worried about being bumped off or drugged & illegally sectioned again, but I’m much too pissed off with it all now to be scared anymore. I just want my jewellery back & that mad bitch behind bars where she belongs.

Crime numbers were given for each report, but her family friends in the police, both serving & ex, have made sure nothing was ever done. 

The police officer that gave me the crime reference number for the theft of my jewellery which occurred on the Morning of the 1st March 2019, PC Ramsden from Camelford police station, told me “I’m sorry, we can’t help you” when I asked him why he was telling me the case was closed as soon as he had given me that reference number… he put the phone down.

Since then I have been fobbed off & lied to by everyone involved. & after being forced to leave Cornwall altogether & move back to East Sussex after living there for 16 years I found that the police in Sussex are just as corrupt as those in Cornwall.

They too have totally ignored evidence….even other people’s in the form of video footage from January 2019 of Janson & Trout & 2 other men trying to break into my car during the night. 

Also 6 of my sister’s neighbours who watched me being threatened in the street outside her house in January 2019. Police informed…they called Bodmin police station for details of other hate crime reports made by me whilst living in Cornwall & then told me I had imagined everything & should seek medical help! 

They didn’t even bother to speak to the witnesses OR view the video evidence taken by one of my sister’s neighbours on more than one occasion! ….

Aparrently we are ALL SUFFERING FROM DELUSIONS!…………🤪

And I will just remind everyone Again of the reason why I was Drugged, Tortured, Filmed half naked & Terrified before being illegally sectioned for 3 weeks, being raped & sodomised & having All of my human rights violated from the 28th February 2019 until the 21st March 2019 when a male nurse complained to a senior manager & showed him the videos of me that have been shared all over the internet……


Unfortunately, for those of us who don’t fall into the *narcissistic psycopath* category, there is all too obviously no help to be had anywhere!