The dogs snuggled up in their bed on the front seat & fell asleep soon after we hit the road. It’s a very long drive down to East Sussex from Cornwall, but it had always been an enjoyable one for me. I love driving, it relaxes me, unlike most other people I know who get stressed out as soon as traffic starts to build up. The only time I dislike it is when the M25 is at a snails pace & cram packed, or if it’s night time & there are roadworks. The Dreaded Roadworks~ As soon as I spot the signs for *diversions* my pulse starts to race! I am absolutely Crap when it comes to night time diversions when you’re re~routed onto a road you don’t know & the signs are all over the bloody place. I have, on occasion, been totally flummoxed by daytime diversions too especially if I’m diverted off the M25. That is a multi carriageway to Hell if you don’t know where the right exits are!  I once did an extra 50 or so miles going round in bloody circles trying to get back onto the exit for “The South”!  

I was aiming to arrive at my sister’s house in H————— (omitted for legal purposes) for around midnight. It makes for a quieter drive leaving at tea time as all the *home time* traffic is out of the way. A couple of stop offs for me & the girls to have a pee & a leg stretch & it’s a hassle free drive.

Arrival time was a little later than expected due to “Unforeseen Events” (more on those a little later in the proceedings). 

My sister & I had a hug & a quick chat before going to bed & then we spent the next morning catching up on what had been going on back home in Cornwall whilst opening presents!

It was a welcome break being away from all the stress & ongoing harassment from Melissa & Co. & even the dogs were relaxed! 

There was one instance during the first couple of days when I could have sworn I heard Lyle laughing & then Melissa….she has a very distinctive giggle. It sounded like it was coming from the house next door to my sister, but I knew that couldn’t possibly be the case so just put it out of my mind. That particular house was owned by a middle aged man whom I had never met, or ever seen for that matter. My sister had lived in her house for 15 years & never really seen him much either.

 A few days afterwards I was stopped by one of my sisters neighbours whilst walking the girls around the block. She came over to me as I approached my car & said “ You’re Susan’s sister aren’t you?”… I told her ‘Yes’ & we introduced ourselves. 

Then she said –

“Do you mind if I ask you something?” I nodded & she continued …

“What has the man in That house” … pointing to the house on the left side of my sisters… “ & the man in That house” … pointing to the house on the right side of my sisters (the one I thought I’d heard Melissa & Lyle laughing from a few days previously) … “ & the young couple & them all running in & out of both those houses during the night & What has it got to do with Your car?” … I was gobsmacked! 

From the description she gave me I was certain she was talking about Melissa & Lyle, so I told her what had been going on in Cornwall over the last two & a half years with all the stalking & harassment etc. & that I had been unable to get the police there to do anything about it due to Melissa’s close family connections to police officers.

The lady then said “Well it’s just as well I recorded it all on my camcorder then. I’m a curtain twitcher, I don’t sleep at night so I keep an eye on what’s going on in this street. Now you’ve told me that I’ll carry on recording them!” … I was stunned! Someone had actually recorded Melissa & Lyle trying to break into my car, which had been parked on the hard standing right outside the lounge window…. More proof that this nut job & her boyfriend were totally obsessed with me. Even to the point of following me down to Sussex to see my sister! 

It also meant that the ‘man on the left’ who had bought that house back in March 2018 from my sisters friend who’d moved away was directly linked to Melissa & Lyle ~ & So,it seemed, was the ‘man on the right’!  

I thanked the lady for her help & asked her to keep hold of the recordings for me as I would need them for court purposes once everything was finally sorted out & rushed inside to tell my sister.

My sister was less than impressed with my news! Especially when I told her I had heard both Melissa & Lyle a few days earlier in the house next door on the right & we ended up arguing about it, with her telling me that it was obviously a mistake & I must be imagining things due to all the stress!

As you can imagine, her reaction pissed me off more than a little & I decided to go down to the park with the dogs to get out of the house for a while. I sat on a bench thinking about what the neighbour had told me & the more I went over her descriptions of the young couple the more sure I was that it was indeed my stalkers. They have some particular things about them that stand out. The only thing that stopped me going to view them for myself was that I didn’t want to alert the men on either side of my sisters house as to where the lady that had filmed them all was living so I decided I would go down to the police station the next day to report it.

When I got back my sister had calmed down, but she was still adamant that I was mistaken! I told her that I had decided to report it to the police the following day, which didn’t please her either, but I now had video evidence of them tampering with my car. This, I thought, would be enough to get them both arrested for stalking & breaking into my car…. Or so you would think.

My visit to Sussex police to tell them what was happening  & about the old lady filming Melissa, Lyle & the other two men trying to break into my car was going well until they decided to call Devon & Cornwall police for more details. 

After the call, which I wasn’t privy to, the police man came back into the interview room with a ‘Triage nurse’ who proceeded to ask me ridiculous questions about my mental health! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…..why the hell were they trying to tell me I was suffering from delusions? My mental health was fine, apart from being stressed to shit for the last 2 years & having to deal with corrupt police officers back home in Cornwall.

I again told the police officer that there was independent witness video evidence for what I was reporting, but it did me no good. The triage nurse & the officer then went on to tell me they had spoken to officers in Cornwall about my ‘complaints’ & that everyone thought I would benefit from seeing a doctor at the mental health centre to check me over.

I felt a ‘common theme’ coming on, but knew they weren’t going to listen to me unless I agreed to their nonsense, so an appointment was arranged for me to see someone to talk over ‘my issues’!!!

My sister was called by Sussex Police a few days later & given the appointment details, which she was asked to accompany me to. I have to admit to being very annoyed by this point in time & made no secret of it to my sister Susan which then caused yet another argument. This one was quite fierce, as I tried to explain to her the seriousness of what was going on & her answering me with “The police think you have mental health problems & that you need help.” I was furious. The dogs were getting upset so I decided to take them for a long walk to try to calm down & slammed the door on my way out! I simply couldn’t understand why everyone was telling me I had imagined everything…the bloody neighbour had filmed it all happening for Christ sake! The police didn’t even bother to talk to her. Neither did my sister, who then forbade me to go anywhere near her for fear of upsetting her with my ‘problems’!

The appointment was a complete nightmare. My sister was no help at all as she had listened to the police officer on the phone who told her I was having mental health problems & was simply imagining things…. it caused a heated argument in front of the doctor who barely spoke English properly & then proceeded to tell me I had imagined everything…I was furious. A complete & Utter waste of time…just like it was Every time I tried to get anything done about Melissa & Lyle back home in Cornwall. 

The doctor asked if I would be ok making another appointment to see him & I told him that I wasn’t! There was nothing wrong with me that an honest police officer couldn’t sort out & I left the building!

I knew the lady who’d filmed them all trying to break into my car was still filming them at night, so decided to leave things as they were. The police would have to act at some point & the more evidence there was, the better.

The following day I was sitting up in the bedroom on my laptop doing some online banking when I had a notification pop up on the screen that told me my connection had been compromised. Then I heard Lyle say to someone “She’s only got ‘so much’ in her account” then Melissa’s voice telling them to check my savings account….. I followed the direction of the voices over to the adjoining wall which connected to the right side house & bent down to listen. I wasn’t hearing things….they were in that house talking. 

I grabbed my phone, turned up the volume & switched on the voice recorder, placing the phone on the floor by a small hole in the floor boards that wasn’t covered by carpet & left it there as I listened to the conversation! 

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was Melissa, Lyle, the man from that house AND the man from the house on the left & he was calling Lyle an idiot for leaving my car window wide open when they broke into it in September 2018. He shouted at him “If you hadn’t left the fucking window open she would never have known you’d been in it you fucking idiot”. Then he said “Right, tell me everything that you’ve been doing to her” & I laid there on the floor listening to the conversation in utter disbelief as they told him everything. All about the noise nuisance every day to get me out of bed, about the threats to shoot my with a shotgun, about the ‘house visits’ they made with the stolen back door key every time I went out & about all the lies they had told other neighbours to stop them talking to me…it went on for ages. I eventually had to get up as my back was hurting & after about 40 or 50 minutes I turned my phone off to stop the recording. 

I tried to tell my sister, but she wouldn’t listen & insisted I was ‘ill’….. I decided at that point that it would be better for me to just concentrate my moving house efforts to coming back to Sussex as it was obvious that Melissa & Lyle were never going to leave me alone all the time I was still there in Cornwall, even to the point of making friends with my sisters neighbours it seemed & Melissa had made no secret of the fact that not only did she want me dead…she wanted me out of Cornwall. She was overheard telling a visitor exactly that just before I moved to B————-on 10th December2018 … “I don’t just want her out of the house next door, I want her out of fucking Cornwall”.

I drove over to see my best friend from childhood in the next town a couple of days later & told her what was going on at my sisters…she was just as shocked as me! 

I also told her about a house exchange I had found on the Homeswapper site the night before that was in Northmia (name changed for legal purposes), Sussex & that I was going to see it the following day before returning to Cornwall. It was another 3 way swap, the young couple there wanted the house near Battle & the couple there wanted mine in Cornwall. 

I told my friend I was finally giving up the fight in Cornwall as I couldn’t take anymore harassment  after this last bout of agro & that it was now affecting my family & their neighbours so it was time to call it a day. She knew I had made Cornwall my home for the last 16 years & that my daughter & granddaughter would never agree to leave & was surprised that I had decided to come back to Sussex as she knew how happy I had been before moving in next door to ‘the bitch from hell’.  I told her I just couldn’t take anymore.…

My dog Eddie had died under ‘suspicious’ circumstances in May 2018 just after the baby seagull was poisoned in my garden. 

I had been ‘knocked out’ on 3 consecutive nights shortly afterwards & woke up at more or less exactly the same time each night with my dinner & drink all over me, & with a whopping headache wondering what the hell had happened & that I had then had the unbelievable misfortune of being contacted by exchangers from B———who lived next door to Melissa’s aunt & uncle! Things couldn’t be worse!

& to cap it all, the police in both bloody counties were very obviously doing ‘’Favours for friends’’ by doing absolutely sod all about my hate crime complaints against her & her boyfriend except give me useless crime numbers without ever giving any warnings to my tormentors!  

It was a living nightmare each & every day & I was getting sick & tired of police morons telling me I was mentally unbalanced & imagining everything….even other people’s bloody evidence of the facts! 

My friend gave me a hug, told me to keep my chin up & said she was looking forward to spending time with me once I’d moved back to Sussex. Then, as I was about to get into my car to leave, there was a call on my phone. I answered it, but nobody spoke, then it went dead. I tried calling the number back, but it was a dead line….. both myself & my friend thought it was wierd  so I made a note of the number, gave my friend a quick hug, told her I’d see her again soon & drove back to my sisters house. 

The next day I drove the 15 minute journey over to Northmia to see the house exchange property. I had hoped to find somewhere in the same town as my sister where we had grown up, but there was nothing available so decided to go for this one in the meantime. 

I just wanted to put an end, once & for all , to the relentless harassment, hatred & stalking. It was too much for me to cope with at my age, especially after all the abuse I had suffered during my life. 

The house was nice enough, with a huge garden that went around the side & back in one gigantic sweep & had other houses backing on to it right the way round. Some private, some housing association.

Northmia had been one of my favourite villages when I was growing up as I’d had friends from there so knew it . I told the young couple I would take it if the people in the other house wanted mine in Cornwall & we called them to arrange a viewing day. They agreed a date & I went back to my sisters to let her know it was looking good for a move back to Sussex. Not my choice, but the police were obviously never going to do anything to help me as Melissa’s  family had too many close friends in the police force in Cornwall & they were obviously pulling strings in Sussex too, it was hopeless even trying. I still remember people from when I was a teenager in Sussex moaning about how corrupt the police force was, so I didn’t expect things to have changed much over the years & they hadn’t! That much was very clear.

The house viewing was the day before my drive back to “The house of horrors” in Cornwall & also the day I got another call from the mysterious number that kept ringing me without speaking!

It would be a further 8 months before I would discover who the number belonged to & that was after receiving a bunch of other calls from it, all the same as the first, I would answer & nobody would talk then it went dead. 

I decided it was probably something to do with Melissa trying to wind me up & scare me so just ignored it each time it happened….the same as I was having to do with everything else her & Lyle were doing to me on a daily basis.

The house I had moved to in B—————-(omitted for legal purposes ) was dreadful. Mostly because it was next door to Melissa’s aunt & uncle, even though the officers from Devon & Cornwall police had insisted it was an ‘’Empty house with no residents living there’’, which completely contradicted the official electoral roll records for who had been living there from 2004 up to the present time, but also because I was surrounded by boxes that couldn’t be unpacked due to my having to move again. It felt cold & unhomely & I hated every minute of being there. Even the dogs hated it & we were all miserable, further up North Cornwall than before, with an even longer drive down to see my daughter & granddaughter & all my friends nowhere near me.

I called my sister to see if I could come back down to stay with her until the viewing was scheduled for the couple from Battle & she agreed as long as I didn’t ‘make any trouble’ with the neighbours!

I jumped in the car with the girls & made my way down the motorway without stopping! 

The last time I had driven down, just after Christmas,  I found a nasty surprise in the car whilst on a ‘pee stop’ in a lay-by with the passenger door open for cover! There was an addition to the onboard gear that comes with it & I decided on this trip down that I would take the car into the local Ford Mobility garage to get it checked over properly as I needed them to verify what I had found by accident. This particular item was talked about by Melissa & Lyle whilst I recorded them telling the man next door what they had been doing to me. The man that called Lyle an idiot for leaving my car window wide open after they broke into it to disable the air bags & clone my SIM card in September 2018.

My arrival prompted a glare from that same man next door as soon as I got out of my car after parking on the hard standing outside my sisters lounge window. He was standing outside his front door with his arms folded. I gave him a half hearted glare back & grabbed the girls to go inside & didn’t bother to tell my sister as I knew it would upset her, I just said ‘’Hi’’ & took my bags upstairs. 

This visit  was uncomfortable to say the least. I was on edge & so was my sister. I was hurt that she didn’t believe what I was telling her, but couldn’t bare to be back in the “House Of Horrors!” So I tried not to talk about it as best I could.

I spent a lot of the time in my room on my laptop, which was getting progressively slower by the day, a sure sign that it had yet another ‘bug’ in the system. My PC guru had warned me about all my devices being ‘accessed from an outside source’ on his last visit to my house in Port Is It before my move to B———. I knew all my online accounts were being hacked & had had to shut down my internet banking on my previous visit to my sisters after hearing Lyle talking about what funds I had in my accounts from the house next door! My internet banking was closed down for about 2 months because I was worried about them having access to my personal details…stupid of me really when I think about it now, because they had been accessing everything in my life since 2017! I had ZERO privacy. My human rights had been completely obliterated & it seemed there was nothing I could do about it. 

Melissa & her ‘family connections’ had made sure that nobody would listen to me when I tried to report crimes & she had been given Carte Blanc to do whatever she wanted to me with absolutely no worries of being prosecuted for any of it!

 I just kept remembering what the manager from the home treatment team & the psychiatrist that had come to see me in Port Is It had said about Melissa & Lyle having ‘’Serious mental health issues that I appeared to have triggered’’ & hoped that someone would eventually realise what was going on. This nightmare had to end sometime soon, surely?

I did my best not to get in the way as things were very strained between my sister & I, but she knew I was desperate not to be in “that house’’ & I knew it would all be over soon… or at least I hoped it would! I wasn’t looking forward to being hundreds of miles away from my daughter & granddaughter though & it kept playing on my mind. 

The day arrived for me to drive back down to Cornwall to meet up with the couple for the viewing of my house in B———-. 

I had also arranged for a visit from the ‘home treatment team’ whilst at the house to see if they could help me get a grant sorted for the removal fees down to Sussex as I was still struggling with the overdraft I had to take out for the move to B——- from Port Is It in December 2018. 

When they arrived I was ‘told off’ for wasting their time, with the man telling me that they could not be of any assistance to me as ‘’I didn’t have Any mental health issues at all & that they couldn’t do anything to help me get a removal grant so were signing me off the books yet again & not to call them anymore’’.  I apologised for calling them out, but said I was hoping they would be able to assist me with applying for removal grants…. the man said I should call the citizens advice centre & wished me well with my move back to Sussex. 

The couple arrived a lot later than the arranged time to come to view my house & at first I was a little worried that they had changed their minds & weren’t coming! I panicked at the thought of being stuck there for ages with Melissa making daily visits to her aunt & uncle’s house next door to torment & harass me & my dogs. There was also a really strange chemical type of smell in the lounge & my bedroom that had caused me & the dogs upset stomachs since a few days after moving in & gave me really bad headaches. It seemed to be worse in the evenings & throughout the night, to the point of my encouraging the dogs to sleep under the duvet in my room so they weren’t breathing it in. It started to affect my chest making me wheezy & everything started to smell of whatever was causing it. I couldn’t find the source of it no matter where I looked though.

I gave the couple a ring to see when they would be arriving to view so I could burn a few joss sticks beforehand to try to disguise the awful chemical smell  & was relieved when they said they would be arriving soon. I was just keeping my fingers crossed that they liked it so I could escape Melissa’s obsessive harassment once & for all. 

The viewing went well & they agreed to take my house & of course I was elated! 

I rang my sister to tell her the good news & then my daughter & I can’t tell you how much I wished I was still living in H———- where I had been so happy for 13 years before moving to Port Is It. Melissa had destroyed my life completely & it just seemed like it would never end. 

I gathered up the dogs & had a quick cup of tea before setting off for the drive back down to Sussex & hoped it wouldn’t be too busy on the roads.

I couldn’t wait to leave that awful house with it’s horrible smell that seemed to be getting worse & that clung to everything, giving me terrible headaches & making my chest phlegmy & wheezy. 

Having been diagnosed with emphysema in late 2018 before moving to B———-, I was a little worried about the effect that the ‘chemical smell’ was having on my lungs as I had already suffered 2 bouts of pneumonia previously so was now very careful about what I was breathing in … I didn’t want to ‘’peg it’’ any time soon!

This particular drive back to Sussex would be the last one I would be taking in that car. A little while after reaching the M25 the thong on my left flip flop sandal snapped & wrapped itself around the accelerator & brake pedals…..automatic car.… & as I looked down to try to free it the accelerator pedal increased my speed by 6 miles & I nudged the drivers side bumper of the car in front of me sending my car into the central barrier which caused my car to mount it then overturn. 

As my car turned over onto it’s roof & I heard the glass start to smash, I scooped the girls up into my arms in their bed & prayed to god we would be ok. The car slid on it’s roof for what seemed like ages as the doors buckled & all the glass smashed & I tried to keep the dogs calm by saying ‘‘It’s ok babies, don’t worry, it’s ok, you’re safe, don’t worry’’. I closed my eyes & waited for another car to hit us as  we continued to slide accross the motorway, but nothing did & we eventually came to a standstill. 

A man came rushing up to the passenger side to pull me out of the car,  but all I could do was keep repeating, ‘’No my dogs, you have to get my dogs, where are they?’’… the man said they were in the back of the car & safe & helped me out before grabbing the girls & handing them to me. They were more shocked than I was & the man said he couldn’t understand how on earth we had survived without anyone hitting us & also without sustaining any injuries?… I had a Seatbelt Exemption Certificate so didn’t wear one. The same seatbelt exemption certificate that Melissa & Lyle found in my car when they broke into it in September 2018 to clone my mobile phone SIM card & also, it would now seem all too clear, to disable all seven of the air bags in my new Ford Kuga Mobility car!

Mobility cars are rigorously tested before they leave the garages to make doubly sure there are no faults as the charity would be liable to prosecution if any were found that caused harm to the disabled driver or passengers!

I now understood exactly why Melissa & her boyfriend had stolen the spare key for my car from the kitchen drawer to enable them to gain entry to it without the alarm going off whilst I slept in my bed during the night back in September 2018 before I moved to B———. Not only had they cloned my phone SIM card (proof available) they had disabled All Seven Air Bags. She Really DID want me dead it seemed! 

It must have been a real smack in the face when she discovered I had survived such a serious crash! It wouldn’t become clear to me for another couple of weeks just how soon after my crash she found out though…

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW…( the rain has gone!)

Day 3… still feeling unsettled after the move, I decided to go up to Bude to see one of ‘the girls’ for a chat & a coffee.
I talked about seeing Melissa in her car driving past me out of my road the day before the move & how uncomfortable it had made me feel. I also told her about how Trisha & Pete both said neither of them had really wanted to move on the morning of the exchange & that they’d both said they were pushed into it. My friend said it was a bit wierd too & asked why they would say it…
I couldn’t think of any reason, as they were the ones who were ringing Me every day saying “Just calling to make sure you haven’t changed your mind about the move?”… so much so that it started to irritate me! Even right up to the day before the move, which is why I drove over to reassure them & had been put on edge by Melissa driving past me at the end of the road.
We finished our tea & said we’d catch up during the holidays & hugged. It was nice to be out of Port Is It, but seeing Melissa in B———— the day before the move was making me feel more & more uneasy. She had Never, Ever smiled at me. Not even before we fell out over her son David & his constant screaming rages back in October 2016.
I tried to put it out of my mind & drove back to the house to do some more unpacking.

That evening, as I sat down to put the tv on to watch the news with my dinner, I heard movement in the empty house next door & turned down the volume to listen….nothing….so I turned the sound back up. I took a mouthful of food & then there it was….Lyle’s laugh. It sent cold shivers up my spine as dread filled me inside. My plate went down on the table & the volume went back down to zero as I tried to tell myself it couldn’t possibly be him…
There it was again, followed by Melissas’ voice. “Oh my god” I thought as my heart sank to my feet. It couldn’t possibly be them. I jumped up & looked out of the back door towards the empty house’s garden….nothing. I looked out of the front room window & again, nothing. I couldn’t see Melissa’s car anywhere & so sat down again & just as I was about to turn the tv volume back up there it was again, only this time Lyle’s laughter was followed with a characteristic “Fuck her” from Melissa & it became all too clear why she had laughed so heartily as she drove past me the day before the move…
That night was awful…I didn’t hear them again, but I had a hard time relaxing & didn’t sleep well at all.

The next day I drove down into the main village to the local Spar shop to grab some essentials & introduced myself to the lady behind the counter & told her I had just exchanged with Trisha & Pete from number 26 blah blah blah(street name omitted for legal purposes) & asked if she knew Melissa my ex neighbour from Port Is It… to my horror she told me “Yes, I know her. I know her children too & her ex husband Wesley, have done for years, her family own a house in your street, the whole village knows her”. The lady kept talking, but I didn’t hear a word, I just nodded & smiled.

You cannot possibly imagine the absolute desolation that filled every fibre of my being. It took all my might not to burst into uncontrollable floods of tears as I smiled, speechless & picked up my shopping to leave.
As I drove back up the hill my entire world crashed before me. I couldn’t believe it. I had spent over 2 years praying for the day to come when I would be free of Melissa & her obsessional hatred of me & instead of escaping her I now found I had moved into the house next door to her aunt & uncles house! The empty house, as Trisha & Pete kept calling it before I moved there.

Why would they have lied about it. Why did they say they didn’t know Melissa. Everyone in the village knew her, according to the lady in the shop. AND her aunt & uncle next door to me… they had lived there for years she’d said. I simply couldn’t believe it.
Out of all the people on the homeswapper site to exchange with, I had been contacted by a couple who lived next door to Melissa’s bloody family. The nightmare neighbours were even better placed to harass me now as I no longer lived next door to them…

The more I thought about it, the more it became clear that Trisha & Pete Must have known all along who I was talking about each time I visited to reassure them I wasn’t changing my mind about the move. Trisha rang every day to make sure of it!
I just thought it was part of the mental health issues she had spent so much time telling me about. Pete had said how he was her carer & how he was on his third strike & if he ever got arrested for anything it would mean him doing a long stretch in prison.
I never gave it much thought at the time, but now their wierd conversational topics began to make sense…

I decided to give my friend Paul a ring, one of my old neighbours before I moved to Port Is It, to see if I could pop down for a chat about it all. He was always a sensible listening ear & knew all about the hellish time I’d had since falling out with Melissa in October 2016.
He’d kept telling me to move back down there, where I had been happy for 13 years… God how I wished I had.

It was a solemn drive down to see him & would be an even darker drive back to B———— (name omitted for legal purposes).
After spending a couple of hours talking it all through & trying to make sense of it, we both came to the same conclusion… It wasn’t an accident that I had been contacted by Trisha & Pete on the home exchange site & that they pestered me daily to make sure I wasn’t going to change my mind… why else were they both so wierd on removal day? Why else would Pete have started going on about being on his third strike & being worried about going to prison?… Why else would Melissa have given me that broad grin then rolled her head back to laugh as we drove past each other that day before the move? Why was this shit still happening!
We already knew Melissa & Lyle had been entering my home in Port Is It with a back door key they had stolen from my kitchen shelf by the back door. Lyle had bragged about it to visitors & about what I had in my home. They constantly bitched about me having nice things!
Little did they know I’ve had most of it for over 20 years & it’s mostly second hand from charity shops & eBay! I just look after my things so they last. All my rugs are second hand & the dogs sheepskins are seconds & cost a few quid each! Besides, how dare they enter my home whenever they feel like it….who the bloody hell did Melissa think she was. It was almost like she felt she had the right to trample all over my human rights any time she wanted to.
After the visit from the gestapo in November 2016, where I was told in no uncertain terms if I didn’t obey their command never to make any complaints against Melissa I would be “out within a fortnight”, she had taken it as a permission to do whatever she wanted as far as I went & my human rights!
I was stripped of them from that day forth & the police then finished the job the housing officers started by never doing anything about my hate crime reports, even though the very first one had come from a man from the department for work & pensions after I called them in desperation for help in June 2017!

Paul told me not to worry too much & to concentrate on finding somewhere else to live. He tried to persuade me to move back to where I had been happy, but it would have been a nightmare Drive for my volunteer training with the women’s centre in Bude & then to the centre to help out with sessions, so I told him I would concentrate my efforts on Bude again. We hugged & said we’d catch up over the holidays.

The next morning I called my new housing association manager to tell him I had inadvertently moved into a house that was next door to Melissa’s aunt & uncles house & that I couldn’t possibly stay there. He knew about the situation with her & Lyle & said it was fine for me to find another exchange & that he would make sure it went through as quickly as possible for me.
He also said he was surprised, as I had mentioned to him before, that number 25 was meant to have been empty as the old lady that owned it never visited…..I told him that that was the information Trisha & Pete had given me when I first went to see the house in November & that they had obviously not told me the truth for reasons best known to themselves!

I then logged online & began yet another search for a suitable exchange, as I knew Melissa would never leave me alone all the time I was living next door to her relatives & boy was I right!

As it happened, Paul & I didn’t catch up over the holidays… I didn’t catch up with Anyone over the holidays. I was so miserable I couldn’t even bring myself to go to see my daughter & granddaughter on Christmas Day. I dropped off their presents on Christmas Eve, said I’d be over again the next day, but just couldn’t bare to go out & spent the entire day crying my eyes out. I was so miserable. My escape from Melissa & Lyle had turned into a nightmare situation & I hated the house I had moved to…it had all been for nothing. I couldn’t unpack as I needed to move quickly again & I was missing my family terribly.

By Boxing Day Melissa’s daily visits to see her aunt & uncle with Lyle were purely just another way to carry on her hate campaign & she made no secret of her visits, neither did Lyle.
Looking back on it now, I should have taken out a restraining order but I was so depressed & freaked out it never occurred to me. I just wanted to escape again & felt trapped & cornered.

My sister called a few days later & begged me to come to Sussex to spend a few days with her & I rang her back afterwards to say I was coming that evening. I packed up a couple of bags, one for me, one for the dogs & some presents that I hadn’t posted for my sister & nephews… I couldn’t face going out knowing that everyone in the village had more than likely been poisoned against me by her majesty & her grunt… explaining why only the lady accross the road had bothered to speak to me! She said she was glad to see the back of Trisha & Pete & hoped they wouldn’t come back when I moved again! I had told her of my plight with Melissa…. she told me that I should just try to ignore it. Fat chance!

I left just before tea time for the 6/7 hour trip to Sussex after insuring the house contents & packing up my Samsung smart tv in it’s box & shoving it over the back seat of the car! My sister has crap taste in tv & I was worried about my home being broken into again by the neighbours!!!!!!

That very long drive would open up a whole new world of horrors for me before I even reached my destination…


It is hard for me to quantify the emotional damage that those responsible for my being drugged, raped, abused, tortured & filmed for everyone to see have done to me… I still have problems accepting that people like that exist in todays’ civilised society, let alone in such large numbers all clustered together like a spreading virus. It seems Cornwall & it’s surrounds are a breeding ground for psychosis! ~ Maybe they did me a favour by forcing me to leave Cornwall & flee back to Sussex to try to escape all the venom & attacks on my life.
Miss Janson first tried to kill me in September 2018 when she broke into my mobility car with Lyle & disabled the alarm. (confirmed by the mobility garage in January 2019). My mobile phone was in the centre console, which they cloned the SIM card for. ~ Proof available with detailed phone records & taxi’s that were ordered from a specific firm! They also did something to the onboard computer, which had to be recalibrated twice by the mobility Ford garage. Thankfully they were all well aware of the constant abuse coming from my neighbours & the previous damage that had been done to my cars, so it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. As for my mobile phone ~ it wouldn’t become apparent for a few months that the SIM card had been cloned & it was a real shock when it did! It seems Port Is It wasn’t a safe place to live after all…
Miss Janson found my seatbelt exemption certificate whilst rummaging around in my car as I slept & decided it would be fun to disable all seven of the air bags ~ obviously hoping I would have an accident whilst driving. She had made no secret of her wish for me to be dead.

The first time she voiced her desire for my demise was a few months previous to that occasion when she took her son David for an assessment due to his violent, angry rages. When she got back home she told her partner, Lyle “I fucking hate that bitch even more now, she was right, David has special needs, I want her dead”. I knew then that I was probably living next door to an even bigger psycho than my second husband was… & believe me, he was in a class all of his own. day I was diagnosed with emphysema over the phone Melissa heard me repeat the words back to the doctors secretary “I have emphysema?”… before I slumped into the kitchen chair & cried my eyes out. Melissa was heard saying very loudly “Good I hope it kills her quickly”… Still sobbing I shouted back “Can’t you just leave me alone for one day so I can take this in please”… it did me no good, from then on things just got more intensified. I must admit though, nothing could possibly prepare me for what was to come when I moved 12 miles away to escape her venom.

By November 2018 I had finally found another house exchange after the one to Bude fell through at the last minute. This next one wasn’t my kind of home, but I was desperate to get away from next doors’ hatred & the unrelenting harassment & threats so I took it & sent my paperwork off to be accepted, hoping it would be sorted out before Christmas.

It was the 15th of November & I was doing my usual thing…sitting down at 6pm to watch the news & eat my dinner with a glass of wine, trying to ignore all the noise from next door.
This particular night was quieter than usual so I assumed Melissa was down the road visiting her parents in their bungalow. I settled down with my dogs to watch tv & relaxed as best I could. A couple of hours passed & to my horror there was a request at 9.15pm interrupting my viewing that cut accross the screen of my smart tv with Melissas’ mobile phone number on it requesting permission to connect to the tv!… the message then asked me if I wanted to accept or decline the request & I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Her number has 581 in the middle & I had seen it loads of times as she has it plastered all over her advertisements for her fitness classes.
I hastily fumbled for the tv control & pressed the decline option & took a large gulp of wine before ringing my daughter to tell her what had just happened. She was just as gobsmacked as me & so was my sister when I rang her too!
It wasn’t until the following day whilst talking to one of my friends about it that it was pointed out to me that the only way Melissa could have tried to connect to my smart tv would have been if she had taken the password for my Sky router from the underneath of it because my tv was connected to it. And that her attempt to connect to my tv would have been stored in the tv’s computer.
I had never used the tv to connect to the internet, but my daughter had when she came home on weekends from her navy training, so the ‘connection’ was activated via my router. Anybody wanting to connect their device would have needed the router password to do so remotely. The only other way would have been to be physically in my home holding the control unit to do so.
It made me feel even more violated & uncomfortable in my own home as I began to realise that Melissas’ unhealthy obsession with me was becoming a much more serious problem than I had thought it was previously; making me scared to be alone at night.

I started to have my friend Redge over a lot more for supper so he could keep me company in the house until bedtime. After my dog Eddie became suddenly very seriously ill over the course of a 2 week period & had to be put to sleep I had felt very uneasy living next door to Melissa & Lyle. Eddie was very protective & would have been hard to get past should anything have happened & next door were aware of this fact. I couldn’t wait to move & still had my suspicions about Eddie’s sudden demise; especially after the baby seagull was poisoned just beforehand.

I tried not to let things get to me over the next week & then the letter arrived from the housing giving a date for the move. It was for the 10th of December 2018 & it couldn’t come soon enough!
I was still very disappointed that the house in Bude had fallen through, as I was looking forward to being close to the friends I had made during the PTSD /abuse group therapy sessions earlier that year & my upcoming volunteer training with the women’s centre there to help other abuse survivors, but decided to make the best of it & keep looking for another house to exchange to in Bude later on once things had settled down again.
Melissa & Lyle had different plans for me though & this would become all too clear the day before the 3 way exchange took place.

I had been called constantly by Trisha Kelty, the lady who’s house I was moving to in B———— asking me “ I’m just ringing to make sure you haven’t changed your mind about the move?”almost to the point of ignoring my phone as the calls were every day, sometimes several times!
I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but later on it would emerge as a pattern of behaviour with my exchangers to come…

The week before the move I popped up to Bude to see ‘the girls’ for coffee & talk about everyone’s plans for Christmas 🎄. I was So looking forward to Not being next door to Melissa & Lyle for my birthday on Christmas Eve & being able to relax again. Something I hadn’t been able to do for a long time after her boyfriend moved in permanently in 2017 & started threatening me with being shot with a shotgun…
I had giggles with the girls & told them I’d be up over the holidays to see them once I’d unpacked the essentials.

The day before the move I got yet another daily call from Trisha (name changed for legal purposes) to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind about moving & decided to drive over to reassure her. She had some mental health problems she’d told me about that made her overly anxious, so I thought a quick visit would be a nice thing to do to tell her it was still going ahead.
On my way there I was shocked to see Melissa driving out of the road I was moving to the next day & even more so when she smiled at me broadly before rolling her head back to laugh. It was the Only time I had ever seen her smile properly & it filled me with dread.
My first thought was that I was making a huge mistake with this particular move, it was obvious Melissa knew people there, but I couldn’t back out now as it would mess everyone up. The other 2 exchangers were all packed, ready to go. The couple from the other side of Truro had 6 children & it was less than 2 weeks until Christmas, I couldn’t pull out now it was too late. 😪😲

I parked my car & tried to shake off the feeling of impending doom that had encompassed me as I climbed the steps to the house. I was greeted by Trisha & Pete & ushered in. I had told them previously why I was moving away from Port Is It & that it was a relief to have found somewhere else so quickly after the house in Bude fell through at the last minute.
I mentioned seeing Melissa driving out of the street as I was driving into it & asked them if they knew her… they both looked at each other as they said “No, they didn’t know who I was talking about”. Then Pete did his usual nervous over explaining that made me feel a bit edgy that time. They went on to tell me again that the house next door, number 25 was empty, owned by an old lady who never visited & that they hadn’t seen anyone there for ages. & then told me again about the lady on the other side of me, Gayle, the nurse, whom they said kept herself to herself mostly & was very quiet. Trisha took me out to the garden to chat about some bits that they wanted to collect after the move,due to take place the next day & I said that was fine, just to give me a call to let me know when they wanted to come so I could make sure I was in.
We chatted about the garden design, large beach pebbles laid in swirly patterns & then cemented in with a few glass marbles for effect, whilst Pete pottered in the shed getting bits out & sorting what they wanted to collect at a later date.
The garden was the only thing I liked about the house. That in itself was the reason I had accepted the exchange request. Well, that & the fact I was desperate to get away from Melissa & Lyle!
The thought of another Christmas spent listening to all the noise & the constant bitching about me still being next door had started to wear me down months earlier & I was just grateful to be getting away!

The other lady from the 3 way exchange, Helen, (name changed for legal purposes) was lovely, we got on really well. I told her about my experience of living next door to Melissa & Lyle as I didn’t want to give her the impression they were moving in next door to nice people… I decided from the start to be upfront about the situation as I would want to be told about shitty neighbours if the tables were turned. Helen told me she wasn’t too concerned as with 6 kids all at very different ages her time was always taken up & she didn’t have much time for socialising. She was home schooling a couple of them & always took them swimming with her in the mornings & by the afternoons the others were home from school & college.
I told her I didn’t know how she coped with all of the juggling & congratulated her on doing such a grand job with them all! 🤓

10th December 2018 … MOVING DAY

The night before had been spent listening to Lyle doing his usual bitching & moaning about me as loudly as he possibly could just to make sure I could hear every word…asshole!
I was SO looking forward to Not hearing either of their voices again, I can’t tell you how elated I was at the prospect of silence in the evenings! Being able to sleep properly again for the first time in over 2 years without being woken up at 5am to the sound of pans being clattered around in the kitchen cupboard, or mugs being slid up & down the tops before being banged into the wall. Then the aftermath of bedroom drawers slamming shut just to be sure I couldn’t possibly get back to sleep & Lyle pausing momentarily to ask Melissa “Is she up yet”… then continuing with the drawer slamming. Once he slammed the same drawer open & shut 9 times in a row. It was like living next door to mindless morons with a penchant for mental torture!

The move itself was hectic. When I arrived at the house in B———— Trisha & Pete were still packing which irritated my movers. I had used a well known professional company who charged a lot & their time was allotted to another move as well that day. I’d had to take out an overdraft to pay for it. Something I really didn’t want to have to do, but being on disability benefits & half my money going towards my mobility car meant I had no spare cash to save for the move so I had no choice. I still have that bloody overdraft, only now it’s twice as much!

Trish was moaning about not really wanting to move & seemed overly anxious, then Pete said he didn’t really want to move either & that they felt they had been pushed into it. I felt very uncomfortable & said they shouldn’t have put their house up for an exchange if they didn’t want to move.…
Trish got even more agitated & said she was pushed into it & then went all vague. Pete was incredibly nervous, more so than usual, & I just put it down to the fact he’d told me previously that he liked to use amphetamines occasionally so kept myself out of the argument as my removal men were also getting agitated with the pause in proceedings…

Pete then said he had never wanted to move in the first place, which made me feel guilty for accepting their request to swap homes & Trisha then started crying saying she didn’t want to leave her home & wished she hadn’t “agreed to do it”…. I decided to leave them to it & went out to the removal truck to talk to the men.

This mood carried on for the next hour whilst everyone got on with unloading & loading, with Trisha pacing the lounge clutching a broom repeating anxiously that she hadn’t really wanted to move & Pete saying he had never wanted to move either & they both kept repeating how they felt they’d been talked into it…I was a bit bemused as when their home appeared on the exchange list on the homeswapper site they were really up for the move & I certainly hadn’t talked them into Anything. I didn’t even Like the bloody house, I just wanted to escape all the shit aimed at me from next door on an almost 24 hour basis every day!

I eventually managed to prize the broom from Trish’s grasp & ushered her out of the door telling her I’d give her a ring the next day to arrange them picking up the stuff they were leaving behind. I had an awful lot to do & still needed to sort out my Christmas arrangements with my daughter, my sister in Sussex & ‘the girls’ in Bude, not to mention unpacking incase my daughter wanted to come up with my granddaughter …
I was exhausted & was looking forward to a nice relaxing bath that evening before bed. It was strange being in a house without the constant noise nuisance going on in the background!
I really didn’t like the house, it had all the wrong vibes for me, but at least it was nowhere near Melissa & Lyle… Or so I thought.

Less than 48 hours later I would discover Exactly why Melissa had smiled at me so broadly before rolling her head back to laugh as she drove past me in her car at the entrance to my road in B———— the day before the move.
My life was about to change forever & not in a good way…nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to discover, nothing in my wildest nightmares.


Where do I start?… there is So much of it!…

Well, I suppose the biggest & most damning piece of factual evidence that proves what went on from the 28th February 2019 & thereafter is the video footage taken by Melissa Janson.…

This footage was very kindly shared over the internet by her with hundreds of people. Serving & ex police officers, serving & ex military personnel including military police, hospital staff who were “in on it”, her friends, family & neighbours. & a lot of My neighbours too.
At one point, whilst I was walking my dogs, I was approached by a man I didn’t know who tried to stop me to talk & as I did my best to avoid his gaze & ignore him he shouted loudly as I hurried by “You stupid cu** don’t you know you’re all over Google”…
Incase the police are reading this….Yes, I Can Identify that man!

The videos broadcast far & wide by the ever delightful Miss Janson were also shown, by a nurse who tried to help me, to a senior clinician 👨‍⚕️ on the top foyer above the open plan patients lounge area at Cornwall Hospital on 21st March 2019 who went ballistic & ordered my immediate release!
I heard him screaming Very loudly at someone, “What the bloody hell do you think you are doing. That woman looks like she has been petrified to death. You get her out of here now. If she’s not released within ten minutes I’m coming down to do it myself. Get her out of here now
The man that was being screamed at, a Dr Wolram (name changed for legal purposes), whom I had never met before, then rushed to discharge me with a fabricated diagnosis of ‘Bi Polar’! … to cover the arse of the hospitals! Utter Bollox & I have Irrefutable Proof that it Is utter bollox, In Writing! 🖕🏻
That Senior clinician will, at some point soon, be regretting forever not going straight to the police with the evidence of my being drugged, abused, raped & tortured, before being held illegally in 2 hospitals for 3 weeks.🧨

Another damning piece of evidence regarding that particular diagnosis
I asked for a copy of the hospital notes in May 2019 & when they eventually arrived in the post the reason given for my being held against my will in 2 hospitals for three weeks had been changed from suffering a manic episode due to Bi Polar disorder to an even more ridiculous diagnosis of being on too high a dose of anti depressant medication! 😂
Firstly, I had an assessment with a mental health panel in 2017 just before my PTSD therapy started at the women’s centre in Bodmin, to confirm For Myself that I did indeed have PTSD from childhood abuse etc. & not anything else, as I was reluctant to drag up painful memories if I didn’t have to!
That Panel, along with every other therapist, psychologist & psychiatrist that I self referred myself to over a 7 year period (trying to avoid the past!) told me categorically that I did Not have Bi Polar. Manic Depression. Any Personality Disorders, including Any form of Schizophrenia or indeed Any mental health problems at all.
They All told me I had PTSD caused by childhood trauma & then abusive relationships which wasn’t a mental health issue & that I would need to go to WRSAC women’s centre for therapy! Which is exactly what I did & so successfully in fact that they asked me to do the volunteer training to help other abuse survivors! 😇
Now correct me if I’m wrong, but these people are all highly trained professionals & they can’t possibly all have been mistaken!
Even my doctor of 13 years, bless him, spent 10 of them telling me my depression, nightmares & panic attacks were caused by PTSD & not a mental health disorder. I was the one who kept insisting I see all the professionals over a 7 year period to make doubly sure! I was trying to wriggle out of digging up my deeply buried past abuse!

& I would also like to point out Another very obvious fact… there is no way on Gods green earth that therapists at a women’s centre for abuse would ask me to train to help other survivors if I had Any kind of mental health disorder!

Going back to the ridiculous misdiagnosis by the doctor who got bollocked for his part in my being drugged & abused for the amusement of my neighbour… the hospital notes now stated I had had a manic episode due to too high a dose of anti depressants….I hadn’t taken Any anti depressants since June 2018 when my therapy at the women’s centre ended! … Eight Months previously … & I can prove it!

Nobody bothered to check my medical files before trying to fake a diagnosis to get themselves out of the shit after some bright spark found the mental health assessment paperwork whilst getting my files ready to post to me! 💩

They obviously realised they wouldn’t get away with the ludicrous Bi Polar diagnosis as the reason for my sojourn at the Cornwall Hospital Hotels & scrabbled to find something else they could cobble together as an excuse!… Unfortunately That attempt at justification was an even bigger Booboo than the first!😂

Now, quite apart from the glaringly obvious Hospital Record’s Tampering event in May 2019 when I requested a copy of them from the hospital trust foundation, there’s the Not So Little matter of the very obviously fabricated South West Ambulance Service report supposedly submitted for the 1st March 2019. 🚑

The very obviously fabricated Devon & Cornwall Police report supposedly submitted for the 1st March 2019 👮🏻‍♂️
(I requested my police files via an SA1 request on the 11th May 2020 & am still being fobbed off!)

& then the very obviously fabricated Cornwall Hospitals report that WASN’T submitted for the 1st March 2019… 🤪
That particular Golden Nugget of expertly fabricated Codswallop was submitted for the 2nd March 2019… 28 hours after I have a Police Crime Report Number for my gold jewellery worth £3000 being Stolen from my person under the theft act at 8.15am on the 1st March 2019 whilst being pinned to the floor by 5 people in that very hospital & it being filmed by the ever delightful Melissa Janson who gave the unforgettable order “Get her jewellery I want it” just before I was terrorised with a microchip needle & then locked in a corridor for 7 hours with her threatening to burn my dogs alive!👀

It may be pertinent for me to say at this point, that the South West Ambulance Service fabrication clearly states that they took me to an entirely Different hospital than the one the Fabricated Codswallop was dreamt up in for my internment on the 2nd March 2019 & that That particular hospital is a full 30.5 miles away further south in the county of Cornwall. & That hospital happens to have NO RECORD OF ME BEING ANYWHERE NEAR IT until the 19th March 2019 after being transferred from the one that states I wasn’t anywhere near it until the 2nd March 2019…….. 🙉🙈🐵

Surely this begs the question “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL DID THE AMBULANCE CREW TAKE ME & my 2 chihuahua dogs TO ON THE 1ST MARCH 2019 & WHO THE BLOODY HELL TOOK ME TO THE OTHER HOSPITAL 30.5 miles up the dual carriageway THAT SUBMITTED A REPORT FOR THE 2ND MARCH 2019”? 🧐👀🕵🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

Between You & Me ~ I already know the answer to that particular conundrum, but everybody involved wants me to keep schtum about it! 🤐🤫⚰️

I would think this poses rather a large threat to the Freedom of said South West Ambulance Service Crew Members due to the fact that they have submitted an Official Report to say they took me To & handed me over At a hospital that has no record of me Anywhere on their premises until almost THREE weeks later!
That same ambulance crew managed to persuade a Hospital Clinician named N————-(omitted for legal purposes) to Sign her Signature on their fabrication (report) to state that That is exactly what happened at 11.39pm on the 1st March 2019.🤔

Then comes the mystery of the Devon & Cornwall Police fabrication submitted for the 1st March 2019 which Also purports to have been in attendance to me on that evening in the viewing area of RNAS Culdrose.
They even go so far as to say that they were alerted to my needing assistance by a concerned member of the public who found me wandering the streets in the pouring rain & freezing cold & that I was wet & cold… 🥶🌧💦🌬😢
& they even got the Ambulance Crew to back them up in Their fabrication to this effect … I’ve got a copy of it!

I also know the answer to This one too! ~ yep, you guessed it 🤐🤫⚰️

There’s a Mahoosive problem with This particular fabrication though ~
The Official Meteorological Office Weather Forecast for a 3 Day Period from the 27th & 28th February 2019 up to the 1st March 2019 specifies quite irrefutably that it was Warm & Dry over that Entire area of Cornwall. 🌤🌞🤗
& my request to the Ministry Of Defence in June 2020 for all information available relating to the events that took place on Culdrose Naval Air Base Property on 28th February 2019 resulted in my being contacted by & then sent an Official Report from A Very Nice Man (name omitted for legal purposes) at Navy Security Headquarters in Portsmouth who completely backed up the Met Office Weather Forecast for that period! 🌞🤗🤔

That same man also confirmed that the Airfield was SHUT on the 1st March 2019 which gives even More credence to me telling Everyone & giving a Statement to the Police stating that I was drugged on the 28th February 2019 whilst on RNAS Culdrose property in the Viewing Area before being forced into an ‘off duty’ ambulance by a male PCSO 👮 & then taken to a Closed basement wing of Cornwall Hospital & filmed & tortured there for 8.5 hours at the Behest of Miss Melissa Janson!☠️👹 Then physically assaulted by the PCSO 👮 just prior to being roughly bundled into the back of a police van by 4 police men & then driven up the dual carriageway to another hospital 30.5 miles away at 6.30am on the 1st March where I was again drugged, assaulted, physically abused, unlawfully wounded with a very large needle 4 times as my jewellery worth £3000 was stolen from my person, before being locked in a corridor for 7 hours & mentally abused for the amusement of Melissa Janson & Co. 🤪🎟🎫🎭

And as if that little performance wasn’t enough ~ the bastards Then had the Gaul to lock me in a room, try to force me to swallow a lethal cocktail of Anti Psychotic Drugs before Illegally Sectioning me the following afternoon ~ the 2nd of March for anyone who’s finding this farcical nightmare a little hard to keep up with ~ Refusing to allow me to telephone Anyone, even my doctor & then going on to drug me again a few nights later via a bedtime drink so they could rape & sodomise me during the night & leave me covered in black bruises, bloodied needle marks & feeling very sore down below.

You Couldn’t make this shit up if you Tried! 🎭

I make light of it because if I didn’t I would fall to my knees & cry my fucking eyes out. I simply cannot believe that Anyone could do what these people did to me & call themselves sentient human beings.
& believe me when I tell you there is Far more to this than I have written for the purposes of this blog ~ but That information is for the ears of my legal representative/s & a Judge.😭😪

I have spent the last 3 years being badgered, bullied, hacked, burgled, spied on, defamed, tortured, tormented, abused, drugged, humiliated, harassed & degraded on a daily basis & this woman & her entourage are still at large basking in their mentally deranged glory & wallowing in self adulation at their achievements thus far.

And even more disturbingly ~ most of them have bred ~ so the defective gene pools live on! ☠️

Another Very Important piece of Evidence is the fact that my Mobile Phone ceased to be operational from the late afternoon of the 28th February 2019 up to the 21st March 2019 after my release from the hospital. No calls or text messages Out ~ & No calls or text messages In due to the battery dying!
Official phone records prove this fact. & also that the last call I made on the 28th February 2019 pinged off the cell tower at RNAS Culdrose. There was nothing after that for 3 weeks.…

In the meantime my Human Rights have been & remain to be Denied me in Full by the Authorities who are Sworn to Protect them.🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

I am Still trying to find a Lawyer/Barrister who has the balls to take this case on. There’s a lot to it, but me & some friends have done All the leg work so it’s all neatly wrapped up & ready to take to court!

The evidence stated above is solely to do with what happened on 28th February 2019 & there afterwards until the 21st March 2019.

All other events have their own evidence which I will be publishing, along with a description of all other occurrences, within this blog over the course of the next couple of weeks so Everyone has a Clear picture of what they are facing! ~ ⚖️⏳


I am posting this section of events Earlier than the actual timeline of occurrence due to online threats & the fact that my iPad has been hacked! 


I want it posted now in case something happens to me to prevent publication of the facts. These bastards need prosecuting before they do it to someone else they decide they don’t like.

My sister has also been given information & evidence is both with her & 2 friends in Sussex….She knows what to do….just in case! 🧨

After this, I will resume posts in accordance with the natural timeline they followed.

A person working for one of the emergency services *Aided & Abetted* police officers & an ambulance crew to fabricate official reports on the 1st March 2019 to cover up the fact that I was drugged on 28th February 2019.


THEY were trying to hide the fact that I had been taken to a closed basement hospital ward in Cornwall (NAME OF PLACE OMITTED FOR LEGAL PURPOSES) & filmed in my underwear being abused for 8.5 hours. Melissa was filming the proceedings & 4 police men were watching. It has all been uploaded to the internet. *Again…Proof Available.*

One was sitting on a black faux leather 2 seater sofa outside the room I was locked in terrified out of my mind & he was laughing & joking with another man. 

This continued until 6.30am on the 1st March 2019 when the nurse who had given them permission to use that part of the hospital told them she had changed her mind, saying  “Get her dressed & take her somewhere else, I regret agreeing to do this, my children come first, I don’t want to lose my job, get her out of here now”.

*I ACTUALLY GAVE THE POLICE A STATEMENT IN APRIL 2019 CONFIRMING THESE FACTS… & asked them to take a hair & blood sample to test for the drugs used…..nothing done about it!*

That’s when the PCSO police man opened the door, told me to get dressed then physically assaulted me leaving instant black finger marks on both my arms where he squeezed me so hard as I was begging him for help & to stop hurting me.

At one stage during that 8.5 hour ordeal I set the red alarm button off 5 or 6 times when they first took me there from RNAS Culdrose property at approximately 10pm. I asked to use the bathroom as the 3 drinks of water that the ambulance crew made me drink were making me go to the toilet so I asked to use the bathroom…that’s where I kept setting off the alarm trying to get someone to help me as I knew I had been drugged. 

I can substantiate these claims as well…**Hospital Security Records Will Prove Alarm Being Set Off In Bathroom Of That Closed Basement Hospital Ward  on night of 28th February 2019.!**

A huge tattooed guy & a woman called Nancy (name changed for legal purposes) kept threatening to inject me with drugs if I didn’t stop doing it & at one stage tried to drag me from the bathroom. They left me in there for about 20 minutes, petrified & drugged, before dragging me to a corner room & locking me in. That’s when I really started to feel the effects of the drugs & it went on for over 8 hours. Hair Samples Taken Last Year Will Prove This.

When that nurse (I can identify her by sight & name, but have omitted it for legal purposes) told them to get me dressed & take me somewhere else, I was very roughly taken out of the same door they dragged me into the hospital through & up some steps to a waiting police van. 

4 male officers bundled me into the back of it as I struggled screaming for help. I can identify all 4 of them & the female ambulance driver (name omitted for legal purposes) is a personal friend of Melissa Janson. 

(The ambulance driver’s parents live in B————. She used to use the ambulance for ‘personal use’ sometimes & had it parked outside their house one Sunday for the whole day so I took photographs whilst walking my dogs round the block. The number plate & identification info will obviously match *Black Box Data* as to which vehicle was used on 28th February to take me to the hospital with my dogs! & also the fabricated report submitted on the 1st March! )

I had no idea where the police Van was taking me & was still slightly under the effects of whatever it was they gave me in the drinks in the ambulance. 

My 2 rescue chihuahuas were also in that ambulance & this Fact is clearly stated in the ambulance report falsely submitted for the night of the 1st March 2019 which I will post a picture of later. & they too drank the drugged water, which made them urinate uncontrollably in the ambulance whilst sitting on my knees.

The male PCSO wrenched them from my arms screaming their heads off in fear when the ambulance got to Cornwall (name omitted for legal purposes) Hospital, saying, as he took them to the police car, “These dogs are stolen & will be destroyed”. 

You can’t imagine how terrified both they & I were & I was powerless to help them or, indeed, myself due to the drugs.

I tried to gauge where the police van was driving to & knew we were on the A30 towards Bodmin. The 2 officers from H——-(name omitted for legal purposes) were seated facing me & the blonde one kept laughing & nudging the other dark haired officer who seemed reluctant to do anything apart from stare out of the window beside him. He never made eye contact with me. The other one did though, each time I turned to look at them. 

PCSO  male sat in the passenger seat & another large built dark haired officer was driving. Both of those police men were present at a callout to my home in B———— in February 2019 due to harassment from Melissa & Lyle from the house next door to mine where her aunt & uncle have lived since 2004…..**Electoral role records Prove this fact! **

The police Van took the turn off for Wadeford (altered for legal purposes) & Bodmin & I began to wonder if I would be left for dead at the side of the road… I heard “THE SCOTSMAN” talking to an officer in the front of the van saying they were going to “Dump” me. 

Dawn was breaking & that gave me an indication of the timeline, which at that time of year would have made it about 6.50am so I knew roughly where on the road we were at that point. 

The van continued into Bodmin & then turned off at the Chy Trevail roundabout towards the offices of Cornwall Housing, which they drove past. This totally confused me as I had no idea what was behind their building, which is where the van continued on towards, finally stopping outside some double doors in a small car park that had building works going on at the entrance to it. I had no idea where I was & was very scared.

I was dragged from the van & through the double doors, along a corridor & then shoved into a room & the door was slammed shut & locked behind me.

The room had a glass panelled wall with an office on the other side of it, with one person sitting at a desk in front of a computer, a woman with long mid brown hair tied back in a pony tail. She briefly looked up, raised an eyebrow, flicked a switch on the wall, then looked back at the computer screen, typing. 

Then I heard “THE SCOTSMANS” voice & my name, then Melissas’ voice & then Lyle laughing loudly. Just as I had done the day before, 28th February, when I was drugged at RNAS Culdrose viewing area.

I then knew I was in for some more of the same treatment I had endured in the basement of Cornwall hospital grounds & desperately tried to stay calm. 

The drugs had worn off & I was absolutely exhausted having only had 3 hours sleep in my car at teatime on 28th February since getting up at 8am on the previous morning, 27th February. 

*Typical military sleep deprivation torture methods! Both Melissa & Lyle have friends & family from the ‘services’. One of whom was my neighbour in B———- Mick Nolan, Ex army, Melissa’s’ friend & the next door neighbour of her aunt & uncle!*

The woman on the other side of the glass got up & asked me if I wanted a drink…. I was too scared to take one even though my mouth was dry as a bone, just like it had been in the ambulance when the paramedic persuaded me to have 3 drinks.

The woman kept asking me if I wanted a drink & after about 30 minutes I had to accept as my mouth was so dry my tongue was sticking to the roof of it. 

She passed a half filled plastic cup through a hatch which I finished in one go. I took a note of what was in the room she was in…3 computers on a long desk, a small light coloured coffee table that was in front of a 2 seater light green sofa , a cubed book case which was next to a filing cabinet, there was no clock & there were blinds at the window through which I could see parked cars & a dark blue exterior wall. Nothing that gave away where I was though. 

About ten minutes later 4 or 5 people walked into that room & a large built man told a tall thin woman with ginger wavy hair to do something, she then nodded & said yes ok. then left the room. Nobody looked at me. They then left that room. 

A few seconds later the door flew open, 5 people ran towards me  & pushed me face down on the floor & knelt on my body. I was absolutely terrified. Then I recognised one of the people. He was pulling on my right arm & trying to kneel on it…it was Lyle Trouts’ (name changed for legal purposes) little brother & he was wearing a dark blue bubble jacket & a navy blue woolly hat & looked worried. A bit like a fish out of water.

Then a young girl with long black hair wearing a dark blue hospital uniform knelt on my left elbow joint as she twisted it which made me cry out in pain. I heard someone walking close behind me & managed to twist my head around to see Melissa standing there filming again with her tablet before my head was pulled back round & squashed into the floor. Melissa then said “*Get her jewellery I want it*”  I was wearing £3000 worth of gold jewellery consisting of a necklace & bracelet that had been bought for me as a gift over 20years previously that I never took off. Then I went into total panic as I saw the large built man, who had a Yorkshire accent, bring a microchip needle with white handles on the side of it down past the left side of my head & stick it into the clasp of my bracelet as the young dark haired nurse let go of my elbow to take it off me & then passed it over my head to Melissa. 

I struggled against all the people kneeling on me & Lyle’s little brother pulled tightly on my right arm trying to get it straight out in front of me, but I managed to pull it back & bit his right hand Very Hard making it bleed instantly. He shouted out & then someone else helped him to pull my right arm back out in front of me as my necklace slid off my neck. 

Then the large built man said “Hold her down” & stuck the needle into the back of my neck on the right side just below my skull, then into my spine towards the base, then the back of my right knee & finally in my left thigh just below my hip. Melissa was still filming & laughing as they all let go of me & ran out of the room leaving the door ajar. 

I was paralysed with fear for a moment & then slowly struggled to get up wracked with pain. I have severe osteoarthritis from the top of my neck, through my entire spine & in most of  my joints right down to my toes on both feet. My back was broken by my first husband when I was 22 & that is where they injected me. Also, my right knee is severely affected; I’ve had 3 operations on it since 1996, the last one being in 2006 when they told me if it ‘went again’ I would have to have it replaced. Now it is about 3 times the size of a normal healthy knee due to arthritis.

I stood, stunned for a few minutes, trying to make sense of what had just happened, too afraid to walk out of the open door. 

Eventually I did, hoping to find some way out. There was none. I had been locked in a corridor with double doors at either end. One set led to the small car park I had been brought in through & the other looked like it led onto some kind of wing. Then the large built Yorkshire man appeared in front of them with a young man who was holding up a lighter & a small gas canister & laughed as he said “I’m going to blow you up”, then the man laughed & led him away saying “Come on son”. 

I panicked & hobbled to the other end by the car park, trying desperately to force the doors open. Then the window that looked out onto a small clearing. Everything was double bolted & covered with thick plastic preventing breakage. I tried calling out to workmen I could see at the far end of the car park who looked like they had just arrived so I knew it was around 8am or just after. I still had no idea where I was & my confusion was compounded when I saw an old lady walk from the right side of the building past some large waste bins with her dog & along a path to the far end of the car park…she didn’t hear me banging on the door shouting for help. Nobody did. 

I felt woozy & then heard Melissas’ voice saying she was going to burn my 2 chihuahua dogs alive. Another woman then shouted “Oh my god, she’s poured Kerasine over them, she’s going to burn them alive.” Then I heard dogs screaming…. & begged Melissa repeatedly not to hurt them. I kept saying “Do what you want to me but please don’t hurt my dogs”… 

I can’t describe what it felt like to be trapped in that corridor, being tormented by the neighbour who had been terrorising me every day for over 3 years… This was on an entirely different level though. & must have taken some serious planning.

This went on for hours with me desperately trying to get someone’s attention on the other side of the car park & the Yorkshire man appearing at the other end of the corridor in front of the doors with the young man saying he was going to blow me up & holding up the lighter & gas canister to show me whilst they laughed.

All the other rooms in the corridor were locked apart from the one I’d had my jewellery stolen in with Melissa filming it.



Eventually the Yorkshire man, whom I would later come to know as Derek (name changed for legal purposes) unlocked the doors & started to walk silently towards me. I was petrified. He grabbed my arm & pulled me out of the corridor & along to a room, past a small reception area & said nothing apart from “This is your room, behave yourself”. & then he shut the door & locked it. 

The reception area had a clock in view & I noted the time as 2.30pm, which meant I had been tormented & abused in that corridor for a total of approximately 7 hours.

I was held there illegally for 2 weeks until the 14th March, & forced to take a myriad of tablets under threat of being injected & restrained if I didn’t take them willingly (which I dug out of my throat with the broken end of a toothbrush 4 times every day). 

I was also made to go ‘cold turkey’ from the diazepam my doctor had prescribed for me for stress for the previous 2 years at 10mg per day.

I was not allowed any contact with the outside world & on Saturday 2nd March 2019 , the day after arriving there, I was led from the room by Derek (name changed for legal purposes) to a small office by the reception area & told by a Dr Blackstone & a Dr Retham that I was being sectioned under the mental health act! (both names changed for legal purposes).

 I still had no idea where I was & when I asked I was told I was in Bodmin Hospital.

***Devon & Cornwall Police already have my Official Statement for this, as of April 2019***

I tried to tell them I had been drugged & that my neighbour Melissa Janson (name changed for legal purposes) was responsible & pleaded for them to test my blood to prove it, but they simply ignored me & sent me back to the room & locked me in. They also refused to let me phone my doctor to prove to them I did not suffer from Any mental health disorders….All ignored & at one stage Dr Blackstone said “I think you need to be upped to a section 3, we can hold you for as long as we want” & typed on his laptop.

You can’t possibly begin to imagine how I felt. My very abusive childhood & then relationships weren’t a patch on all this… my **Adapt & Survive**  mechanism came into its own.

I would, some days later, be drugged unconscious after drinking a bedtime drink & raped, sodomised & injected in various parts of my body.

When I awoke the next morning there was a cluster of scabbed & bloodied large needle marks at the base of my spine which were swollen & very sore, black bruises all over my arms & legs, I was “sore” between my legs, there were needle marks in between both my big toes (I recognised the marks & the pain, from having ingrown toe nails removed years earlier!), there was a scab on the left side of the top of my head that was bloodied & my right thumb was swollen, red & very painful to move. & still hurts to this day! 

This happened about 5 days into my being held there & the staff had started to let me out of the room into the ‘ward’. There were no other women ‘patients’, just 3 men. 

Then on the 4th day there was another man , who told me he suffered from manic depression & came to the hospital to give his wife a break when he got really bad. He said he was a regular inpatient.

He asked me on day five if I had been involved in “The Party” that had gone on the night before? I was unaware of it & asked what he meant… He explained that the other 3 male patients had stayed up until 6.30am playing loud music & that there was a lot of shouting & screaming & it frightened him when it woke him up during the night. He said he had stayed in his room & also said one of the glass walls in front of the pool table had been smashed during the ‘party’ & that a pool cue was also broken & pointed to the missing glass panels of safety glass.

I then knew it had something to do with why I was sore down below, both sides & why I was covered in bruises & needle marks. There was NO WAY I could have slept through all that noise… I have always been a very light sleeper due to abuse suffered when I was younger & I was not swallowing Any of the tablets they were making me take 4 times every day. On the second day I heard a woman say “You need to stop giving her those, you’ll give her a heart attack” so I made doubly sure nothing stayed in my throat. Hence the broken toothbrush.

I was put in a different room that day too…one closer to the reception. The first room had been right down the end of the corridor with a gurney trolley outside it which had now gone, & a foreign man who said his name was Jurek, Jaddk, (not changed because I want him caught & prosecuted) sat outside the first room every night to make sure I didn’t try to escape. He was either Polish or Dutch. I didn’t see him again after changing rooms though.

I asked to be able to make a call & Derek said “No, no calls for you” & walked into the staff office laughing.

It was like a horror movie come true, with no way out. 

One of the male staff members Terry (name changed for legal purposes), a middle aged man who never made eye contact with me, seemed more than usually hesitant to come near me which made me think he knew exactly what had gone on the previous night, made his way hurriedly past me to follow Derek into the office.

On the 14th March I was told I was being transferred to another hospital. I tried to tell them again that I was not mentally ill & that I wanted to call my doctor…they refused , laughing at me.

Derek walked past me saying to someone “I don’t give a fuck, I’m going to Florida tomorrow “. I had heard him earlier telling one of the staff there that he was having 11 teeth replaced with permanent implants whilst he was in Florida on holiday & I wondered momentarily how a nurse could  1: afford a holiday in Florida & 2: how he could possibly afford to have 11 tooth implants done there. Two of my nephews are American & live in Texas….anything medical  there is way too expensive, especially in Florida. One of their uncles lives there!

At 2.30 I was told to get myself ready for my transfer. I was taken through the double doors that I had been dragged through upon my arrival there on the morning of the 1st March & told to get into a waiting car. 

That car drove me, along with a staff member, down to Cornwall hospital. It stopped outside the granite stone fronted building that I had been taken into the basement of, with the bay window, on the night of the 28th February whilst drugged & panic filled me. Only This time I was led into the light peach coloured building adjacent to it instead. 

Up some stairs I was met by the same woman who had been threatening me on the night of the 28th February, along with a large built tattooed man each time I pressed the red alarm button trying to get help. That tattled man was also seen in Bodmin on the morning of 1st March when I was pinned to the floor terrified.

It transpired she was the ward manager, Nancy (name changed for legal purposes- for now, but it all depends on how pissed off I get whilst writing this & having to relive it all again for the purposes of this blog) a short, rotund, black wavy haired, bespectacled bitch, who ushered me along yet another corridor to my room. 

I didn’t bother trying to tell her I wasn’t mentally ill due to her involvement on the 28th February after being drugged by Melissa at RNAS Culdrose & then taken to the basement in the building opposite this one to be traumatised & filmed. 

That footage, by the way, has been shared with hundreds of people. Culminating in a staff member at *Cornwall Hospital* finally growing a pair of man sized bollocks & showing both that film & the one taken in Bodmin on the morning of the 1st March by Melissa to a senior manager on the top floor who ordered my immediate discharge on 21st March after very audibly screaming his head off at a Dr Wolram (name changed) who decided, after never previously meeting me, to tell me I’d had a “Manic episode due to having Bi Polar” & then proceeded to hand me a prescription for strong anti psychotics that he got a junior doctor who sat next to him to sign….very obviously he didn’t want to put his ‘Monica’ on it for legal reasons….or being arrested at a later date for his part in my drugging & subsequent abduction on the 28th February 2019 that was orchestrated by the Ever Delightful Melissa Janson & “THE SCOTSMAN” who has contacts on RNAS Culdrose, via his friend the ex dog handler who still rears & trains the dogs for Devon & Cornwall police, Dorset police & Culdrose military police! Explaining why an army guard there who was sitting no more than 300 feet away from my vehicle on the 28th February put in a False Report. 

I think this would be a good time for me to express exactly how fucking angry I am feeling right now, knowing that my bitch of a neighbour has spent the last 5 years getting away with extreme disability hate crimes, harassment, cyber stalking, theft, damage to mobility vehicles, burglary, drugging me, not only on navy property, but also in my own home via my wine container, And then in a bloody hospital so I could be tortured some more.

WTF do I have to do to get some fucking legal help with this shit.?

And to cap it all off…when I was finally forced to move out of Cornwall altogether in May 2019 the police in Sussex were knobbled too to stop “THE SCOTSMAN” & everyone else involved losing their fucking jobs.



I was at RNAS Culdrose due to threats to burn me & my dogs alive in the house overnight. This threat was made on the 27th February 2019, three days after having to call the police due to similar harassment from Melissa Janson & Lyle Trout at my home in B———-(omitted for legal purposes) on 24th February.

Being too scared to remain in my home that night (27th Feb.) & already knowing the police were never going to do anything about Melissa & her obsessional hatred & harassment, I decided it best to grab my 2 chihuahuas & drive down to H—— where I used to live, to stay overnight with a friend. 

When I arrived, said friend was out & I ascertained from a neighbour that he was out for the night. Not having anyone else that could put me up with the dogs overnight & also because I was embarrassed at being so scared! I decided to ‘rough’ it & drive to RNAS Culdrose on the outskirts of the town to sleep in the car with the girls under the cctv cameras in the ‘viewing area’ by the airfield. 

My daughter was, at that time, a flight engineer there & my father had been a sergeant in the RAF & had also been a world war 2 veteran who served in Italy with the Cold Stream guards before joining the RAF. 

My sister had been in the RAF for 9 years & one of my nephews had been a Para, doing 2 tours in Afghanistan. 

A strong military family background! I therefore decided it was the **SAFEST PLACE IN THE WORLD FOR ME TO GO! ** A decision I have bitterly regretted every day since.

As it later transpired, my car had been accessed by Melissa & Lyle who had put drugs into the 2 small fruit flavoured water bottles I had previously left in the car door compartment. This had obviously occurred overnight on the 26th February as the drinks were fine that afternoon when I took the dogs to the beach. I take water with me when I walk the dogs. (I used to. I don’t keep anything in the car now).

By this time Melissas’ hate campaign was completely out of control & she had vowed to ‘fucking destroy her’…. so I believed her threat to burn my house down as I slept.

I parked the car outside a privately owned house just in front of the entrance to the viewing area at Culdrose naval air base….it is, by the way, the most security conscious military air station in the entire UK.

I sipped from both water bottles during the evening & had stopped at the local Sainsbury’s store for a plain bottle of water for the girls & some chicken for them too.  They had their bed on the front seat next to me.

By the early hours, I was still wide awake, which is unusual for me as I would normally have been tired out by around 8-9pm, but just put it down to not being comfortable in the car, which I decided to move into the viewing area due to starting the engine on & off to keep warm…I didn’t want to disturb the people in the house. 

Once in the viewing area out of sight of the house, but in full view of the Army Guard box (they use army & raf guards at 3 entry points for the base) which was approx. 300 yards away, in direct line of sight & directly under the cctv cameras, I took the girls for a quick stroll along the perimeter fence. I thought this would have caused him to come over to see what I was doing, but it didn’t.

My eldest granddaughter went to nursery school on the base & I often collected her at home time & the guards never failed to come over to ‘check’ my presence if I was there for more than 5 minutes. *I did think it a bit odd that I didn’t get a visit At All!* ***Base Protocol is to check suspicious vehicles or activity & I would have thought a middle aged woman with a slight limp & 2 tiny chihuahua dogs repeatedly walking the perimeter fence was a little suspicious?*** Apparently Not!

By morning I had still not slept & was more wide awake than ever….the girls slept through the night & I just kept sipping from the 2 fruit flavoured water bottles. One was finished by around 8.30am, by which time I began to feel really strange…wide awake, racing heart rate, my pupils were huge & I thought it best to stay put until the feeling wore off… didn’t! 

I kept sipping from the 2nd fruited water bottle & then it started…..a trippy feeling. A feeling that I’d last encountered on a night out with friends a few years previously & had my drink  ‘spiked’ whilst at the bar.

I knew at once what had happened…where I had been sipping the water slowly to begin with overnight, it had only trickled into my system. Then come around 11am I slugged the remainder down in one go. Shortly afterwards I realised that the drinks bottles had been drugged & gathered Melissa had probably been hoping I would crash the car after she threatened to burn my house down the day before, knowing it would make me flee the house for safety purposes! 

She had previously broken into another car & not only disabled the alarm, but also all 7 air bags after finding my seatbelt exemption certificate in the sun visor!

                           **PROOF FOR THIS ALSO AVAILABLE!**

Only one problem for her plan though… I never drink anything when I’m driving due to having to stop to pee all the time!  My first reaction was to take the girls out again for another walk along the perimeter fence hoping to walk it off. Still no reaction from Army Guards 300 yds away! 

Unheard of in All previous visits to the base & it’s perimeters. I was too drugged to drive so called my sister to tell her. She said I sounded ‘off my trolly’ to which I agreed & said I’d stay put til’ it wore off. 

It didn’t & things took a turn for the worse shortly afterwards when the drugs really hit me. 

Long story short, it culminated in me eventually falling asleep at around 5.30pm in the car, which I had been in for the whole day….No visits from any guards though! 

Or indeed, anyone at all from the base. **MOST UNUSUAL**

Next thing I know, it’s 8.42pm. I woke up feeling like a bus had hit my head, the car was a mess, the girls were asleep in their bed & then to my horror a police car pulled up with an ambulance right behind it.

I knew I had been drugged by Melissa & that this was now going to get even worse.

The PCSO threatened to smash the car window if I didn’t  unlock the car & get out. I was petrified & cornered. 

I had no idea I didn’t have to open the car door to him & no idea I didn’t have to get into the ambulance he ordered me to get into clutching my 2 frightened dogs as he proceeded to illegally search my car & my bag. 

I had no idea that I had rights which were being denied me *yet again*, just as they had been since November 2016 when the ‘gestapo’ came to my home ordering me never to complain about Anything that Melissa did to me under threat of losing my home if I did.

I knew the ambulance driver was a friend of Melissas’ from B————- as I had seen her previously. I can’t tell you how frightened I was. 

& That is how they got me into the hospital basement to be tortured & filmed for 8.5 hours before the nurse who’d given them permission to use hospital property to do it on changed her mind at 6.30am the following morning…the 1st March 2019.













I am NOT publishing Anything unless I have the FACTS  & the EVIDENCE to back it up.

My entire existence has been destroyed by this hateful, spiteful woman & her friends & family connections to the police & medical staff in Cornwall.

Even now she still continues with her harassment via online cyber stalking & I am powerless to get her arrested due to her family connections. 

My iPad is hacked, my online accounts are hacked & proof is amassed daily for these facts with nobody taking any action as I have again been prevented from complaining to the police due to her connections through family.

A regressional  hypnotherapist I spoke to in 2019 told me categorically that I had Perfect recollection of the events that had taken place.

That I sounded in No way to be suffering from a mental health issue & that I had been subjected to a very traumatising experience & that it would more than likely have lasting effects that would always trouble me.


I am about to lodge a formal complaint with THE INVESTIGATIVE POWERS TRIBUNAL. Doubtless this will rustle more than a few feathers down west!

Sorry my mistake, it was ‘BREACH’!

Summer 2018…
Another summer spent avoiding my garden due to Melissa & Lyle revelling in every opportunity to get their friends/family/neighbours to gloat in their abilities to make me miserable. Each conversation was interspersed with snide & derogatory comments.
It was awful to listen to each time I ventured out to do anything & eventually got to the point where I would take the dogs over to ‘The Old Ladies’’ house next door instead of using my own garden. At least that way there was some privacy & the dogs & I could relax for a bit. That lady really was lovely, I miss her a lot!

Philippa, Melissas’ teenage daughter did as instructed when told to make lots of noise inside, or outside in the garden the few times I actually tried to sit in mine peacefully to enjoy the sun. Then also when she was told to stare at me from her back bedroom window. Not her fault, but intrusive none the less & always had the desired affect of making me hide away indoors, or simply go out in the car with the dogs for a break from all the crap at home!

Melissa had stepped up the nastiness tenfold since Davids’ diagnosis for having ‘special needs’ & I knew she meant every word of it when she said ‘’I hate that fucking bitch even more now, she was right, David has special needs, I want her dead’’.
I felt sorry for the poor lad, as it was obvious he needed some form of help to cope with his behavioural issues, but Melissa just ignored all his rages & simply let him get on with it, often sending him down to the bottom of her garden to a make shift shed that was half collapsed just above a 20foot drop with no fencing behind it where he would stomp down to armed with nails, wood, a saw & a hammer & bang the hell out of it until he had calmed down. All very disturbing to say the least.
Even the gardeners sent from Cornwall Housing were shocked to see it & took photographs as it was happening!

Melissa made no secret of her loathing for me to other villagers in Port Is It & she & Lyle had soon alienated me from almost everyone. People would rush past looking at the ground instead of saying ‘hello’ & I knew it was because they had been fed cock & bull stories to add weight to Melissas’ ever growing bubbling cauldron of hatred for me.
For my part, I accepted the situation & kept my sights firmly fixed on moving ASAP!
My friend Redge came almost daily to take the dogs out with me & ‘next door’ continued their ‘raids’ on my home every time I went out for any length of time.
It was horrid knowing my home & personal possessions were being violated & poked through by them, but there was nothing I could do about it as nobody could see them climbing over my garden fence to get in the back door with the key they stole. Well, nobody apart from the Pinders’, & they certainly weren’t going to tell me!

Every so often I would find something slightly in the wrong place, or there would be something gone. My large Buddha statue vanished, along with Eddies’ first puppy collar that I had hanging from the right hand of it. I’d had that statue for years & the puppy collar used to disguise the fact that one of the fingers was broken in half!
(As it turns out, that particular statue turned up sitting in the window of Mick Nolan’s bedroom window once I’d moved, but that’s another story!)
I missed Eddie (bear) so much, I would find myself going to call him, then remember he was gone & I knew the girls were missing his presence even though they weren’t that keen on him… they used to steal each others treats! He was a little bugger for doing that, especially when I gave them ‘Zealandia’ lamb rib bones!
I kept the last one he was chomping on, before I had to take him to the vets, for nearly two years…. I kept it wrapped in foil, unable to throw it away.

Eddie was still in the deep freeze at the vets waiting for my exchange to happen so I could bury him properly & that was eating away at me inside the longer it went on but despite everything ‘next door’ threw at me, I kept my head above water & stayed stoic. The goal was escaping from the nut jobs next door, & let me tell you, at times it took all my might not to curse the bastards with an old Irish spell.
My family is of Irish heritage on both sides… Tipperary. The Dooley’s, Callaghan’s & Gerrard’s. The only break in tradition was my grandfather on my dads’ side & he was English.

Summer holidays nearly over, the weekends flew by…
They were more stressful most of the time as Melissas’ ex husband, Wesley, often had the kids so next door could torment me All night instead of just for a few hours before the children went to bed!
It was also when they had family over for ‘drinks’ & a bit of verbal ‘knife throwing’ in my direction, often times culminating in threats of violence from Lyle once he’d had a few beers….’’ I’ll just get a shotgun & shoot the cunt’’ & ‘’ I’ll just go round there & tell her she has to fucking move out’’. Then bouts of very loud exaggerated laughter that used to run in 10 to 20 minute cycles.
Lyle used to do the same thing during the week in 15 minute cycles every time he was in the house alone when Melissa was at work. He would stop watching tv & go into the kitchen to bang all the drawers & cupboards, then smash things up against the kitchen wall before rattling pans around the cupboard & slamming the back door really hard.
It was all designed to make sure I could never relax & for the most part, it worked a treat, I rarely sat in my lounge during the day.

Wesley, the ex hubby, always waited in the car for the kids to come out when he came to collect them. I was told by a lady accross the road when I first moved to Port Is It that he had left Melissa for another girl, an 18yr old, the year before we moved in next door. The lady said Melissa had ‘bricked’ his caravan window when she found out where he was living. I should have taken that as a sign of things to come; little did I know what horrors lay ahead!

My PC repair man had to come over from Helston again due to my laptop getting slower & slower & he again told me it had been accessed from an outside source & worked his magic. He again reminded me that my mini iPad was also hacked & so were my phone & the tv’s!
I didn’t worry too much about the phone as I never used it for the internet, in fact I hardly used it at all except for phone calls when I was out & rarely sent text messages as it was all too fiddly & I needed my reading glasses to see the screen properly. It was a Samsung Galaxy S2 & I’d had it since the beginning of 2011. It was still in mint condition so I was reluctant to take my pc man’s advice & get a newer model!
As for the smart tv’s being hacked…again I didn’t use them for the internet, just watching tv, so didn’t do anything about his warnings.
I’m not tecky at all so didn’t really understand what he was on about when he was telling me they had been accessed from an ‘outside source’ & ‘reconfigured’. I just left them as they were. One was in my lounge & the other was in my granddaughter’s bedroom.

A couple of weeks after the last visit from him I kept hearing next door talking about what stuff I had in my house, my tv’s, the phone, my internet provider, they mentioned my car & then Lyle said “ No, he said she won’t notice anything, it just looks like part of the furniture” … THAT made my ears prick up, as I knew they were coming into my house when I was out & wondered if that remark had anything to do with things being moved around & bits going missing?… It also made me worry about my mobility car; were they planning to damage it? Was Lyle going to start peeing over it like he did my garden plants?… I tried to put it out of my mind, but must admit to looking around my lounge to see if anything was there that shouldn’t be! They seemed completely obsessed with my entire existence & I was always the topic of conversation!

By this time my doctor of 13 years had left the surgery to take a year’s break & one of the other gp’s took his place; one that I didn’t get on with! He was incompetent & it nearly cost my granddaughter her sight in one eye due to an infection he misdiagnosed when she was a baby & he rarely listened properly to what was being said to him. The kind that types while you’re talking & then has to ask you to repeat what you said as he didn’t hear you!
The last time I’d seen my old doctor before he left the surgery I told him how much I was dreading the other one taking his place as he ‘Was an idiot!”… my old doctor tried not to laugh & said ‘’You’ll be fine, don’t worry, he’s not that bad!’’ I protested saying “But You KNOW me, you know everything about me, I don’t have to explain anything to you, you can’t leave, the other one is crap, why can’t you stay?!”
We had a bit of a giggle & he reassured me that I would be ok. I asked him to call me when his year off was over so I could transfer to his new surgery & gave him a hug!
My reservations about the ‘other one’ were right & it soon became apparent that he was indeed a total idiot!

Next door were being particularly shitty & it was grating my nerves, so I went to the doctor to ask if he could help me to get something done about their behaviour as the police refused to do anything… I told him that I could hear them talking about me all the time & that all the noise & threats were seriously affecting my health. He did his usual thing of not paying attention & told me he thought a visit from the ‘home treatment team’ would help matters. I had no idea who they were, but agreed to them coming to see me thinking it would get something done finally about all the harassment from ‘next door’.
Well the ‘home treatment team’ were definitely Not what I thought they were! It turned out “Doctor Incompetant “ had misunderstood what I was telling him & decided I was ‘hearing voices through the wall’ & needed my mental health checked out!
He very obviously hadn’t bothered to check my notes at all, which contained various assessments I’d already had prior to my therapy at the women’s centre for PTSD caused by child abuse etc.! & all of those assessments said exactly the same thing….NO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AT ALL!
The ‘home treatment team’ consisted of a manager, an assistant & a psychiatrist who all sat in my kitchen for over an hour asking me questions about myself, my childhood etc, my perception of what was going on with my neighbours & then proceeded to announce “We don’t know why your doctor called us, there’s nothing mentally wrong with you at all. You had ptsd from abuse which you had therapy for at the women’s centre & that was the right thing to do as it isn’t a mental health issue. We’re giving you a clean bill of health & signing you off our list as such.”
Then the psychiatrist said “Your neighbours sound like they have some serious mental health issues going on that you appear to have triggered, but as for yourself, you’re fine. Good luck with your move, it was nice to meet you”.
After hearing that, I asked the manager if it would be possible to meet with her again somewhere other than my house so we could talk in private, due to the neighbours listening to everything through the paper thin walls! She agreed & we arranged to meet up for coffee with her assistant at the St. Kew Inn.
That meeting was requested so I could ask if there was any way they could help with getting the police to do something about my neighbours behaviour & very obvious mental health issues, as they had concluded that I had been the trigger for them both. Unfortunately the manager said they ‘’wouldn’t be able to help with the police & their only involvement would be if I needed help, which I clearly didn’t’’ & that she had signed me off their books. We finished our coffee’s & I thanked her for her time & went back home.

The crap from next door continued as usual & I started to spend more & more time out of the house during the day to give myself a break from it all. I was visiting friends I’d made during the group therapy sessions in Bude at the women’s centre for my PTSD & making plans for my upcoming move there via the exchange.
I’d found the perfect house with a stream at the bottom of the garden & was very excited about it, as were my friends. I had no idea at that point that the people would be backing out at the last minute!

In the meantime I had a health check at the doctors & received a phone call from the secretary with my results. She very casually said “We’ve had your test results back & you have emphysema, would you like me to make an appointment for you to come in & discuss it with the doctor?”… I was stunned into silence for a few seconds before repeating her words in my mind then saying “I have emphysema?” She replied Yes & asked again if I wanted to make an appointment to see the doctor…I declined & said I would call them back.
I sat down at the kitchen table totally shocked. I had suffered with chest problems for years & for the last few years had been on antibiotics every winter due to bronchitis. I had also had 2 bouts of bronchial pneumonia & 2 bouts of pleurisy.
I started to cry & then heard Melissa say very loudly “Good, I hope it kills her quickly”. I answered her comment with “Can’t you please just leave me alone for one day so I can take this in”, & carried on crying my eyes out for a few minutes before calling my sister to tell her. As you can imagine it sent me into an instant depression. I’d had a close friend die from it a few years previously so knew what was eventually coming & it’s not pleasant!

The neighbours decided to up the anti with the noise & sleep deprivation & the children were again encouraged to make as much noise as possible. The back door would slam repeatedly all day & Lyle stepped up the verbal abuse, especially after having a few ‘Budweisers’.. his favourite tipple.
Then, after a few weeks, I woke up to find the back window of my Ford Kuga Mobiliy car was wide open; something I could not have done as my 2 rescue chihuahuas were not recall trained & if they got out in the open they simply panicked & ran at top speed!
Something that ‘next door’ were well aware of due to constantly eavesdropping on everything that was said in my house. Lyle overheard me telling Redge about it when he asked why I was so worried about him leaving the back gate open when he was doing my gardening. Next thing I know I’m opening the back door to let the dogs out for a pee before bedtime & the back gate was wide open! The day after that occurrence Redge put another bolt on the bottom of the gate that couldn’t be reached from the outside to stop it happening again!

As for my car window being wide open…I caught sight of it from the side window outside my bathroom as I was on my way downstairs & immediately knew it was something to do with next door!
I stood staring at my car envisaging what horrors were awaiting me. Had Lyle urinated over the seats? Had my phone been stolen? I mostly kept my mobile phone inside the console compartment as I could rarely get a good signal in the house & Port Is It had no crimes to speak of & my car was in full view of every house & parked under the street lights so I didn’t have anything to worry about…or so I thought!
I stared at it for a few minutes & decided to leave looking inside it until I needed to go out later that day as I felt sure whatever I found was going to piss me off.
I did ring the motability dealership in Helston where I get my cars from though, to ask the man that always deals with me if there was any way to get into my car without the alarm going off & he said “No, no way”. I then told him that the back window was wide open & I was bracing myself for the worst once I went out to see what was waiting inside it for me!
I have known everyone in that particular garage for donkeys years, even the mechanics & they all knew my neighbours had damaged my cars from time to time & that one of Melissas’ friends (a neighbours’ daughter) had wrenched the back windscreen wiper completely off earlier in the year! She bragged about it!
The garage also knew about all the harassment issues I was having with next door & kept a log of any damages caused to my vehicles.
I told the man that I would take a look inside later that afternoon & pop in if anything was damaged when I came over to Helston to see my granddaughter.

Next door were unusually quiet, which made me think the worst about what I would find in the car, so I left it as late as possible to go over to Helston.
When I did go out to the car I found to my delight that there was no obvious damage & the seats were dry & didn’t smell of pee! My phone was still in the car & so was my purse.
I put the dogs in their bed on the front seat & drove over to see my granddaughter in Helston, stopping at the local Sainsbury’s garage there for petrol & to put washer fluid in. That is when I saw evidence that the car had been accessed by someone other than me…
There was a Full handprint on the top of the fuse box which is situated at the back of the engine compartment on the passenger side. My car was fairly new & it had not had it’s first service at that point & Nobody is permitted to touch Anything under the bonnet until then. Not even the garage staff. There are strict rules with motability vehicles that must be adhered to. I was under strict orders not to touch anything at all except the washer fluid lid to top it up & that is situated at the front of the engine on the drivers side so is nowhere near the fuse box!
I took several close up photographs of the hand print & took the car straight to the garage to show them. It was noted for my files & they confirmed that the hand print did not belong to Any of the staff or mechanics there. I later stopped at Bodmin police station to report it. I knew nothing would be done, but reported it anyway.

Straight after that I noticed the onboard computer started playing up & had to drive over to Helston to get it reset. Twice!
I didn’t think anything of it at that point, or indeed, about the fact that my phone was sending any text messages I sent 3 times instead of just the once. It would be a few weeks before I found that the text messages that were being sent 3 times were not all going to the recipient I was sending them to, as confirmed by my friend Paul in Helston. I had sent him a message telling him what time I was arriving for lunch & when I got there I apologised for the duplicate text messages & explained that my phone, for some reason, was sending out my messages 3 times instead of just the once. He checked his phone for my messages & only found One… he then went back through his phone to check for other messages from me & we found that each time he had only received them once, not 3 times. I checked with other people & they all confirmed the same thing.
Only the first one was going to the person I was sending the messages to. The other times they were obviously going to other phones! I rarely send texts due to it being so fiddly & needing my reading glasses so I always have hundreds of them left over each month from my allowance of 500.
I checked my phone provider records & my suspicions were correct…my text message usage had gone up threefold since my car was ‘accessed’… & the back window had been left open.
My spare key for the car was kept in the kitchen drawer next to the back door. Doubtless the readers of this blog will come to the same very obvious conclusion that I did… ‘next door’ had taken the key on one of their illegal visits into my home whilst I was out & fiddled with the car overnight before putting the key back the next day when I went out.
It made sense now why the onboard computer had been playing up & needed to be reset twice by the garage in Helston!
I still had no idea why they had been in the engine compartment though & nobody had checked inside the fuse box as we weren’t allowed to touch anything in the engine compartment until the car had it’s first service & that wasn’t due until 2019. Also, the car wasn’t acting up at all apart from it needing the onboard computer reset twice, so I thought no more of it. I had the photo’s of the handprint & so did the garage & if anything else happened I could refer the police to those.
I did mention it to “the old lady’ on the other side of me though & she said she’d keep her eyes open for any movement in the early hours if she got up to pee, as did I, but we never saw anything else. I just thought maybe they had wanted to have a nose in my car as well as my home!

The next occurrence was the couple in Bude letting me down with the house exchange at the last minute & that really pissed me off. I was dreading another Christmas living next door to the neighbours from hell.
Me & Helen (name changed for legal purposes), the other swapper that wanted my house, did frantic searches for a suitable property for me over a few weeks. My neighbours were audibly happy that my swap had fallen through & could be heard taking the piss… ‘’Oh, it’s my dream house’’ etc. etc. which made me even more determined to get out of there as quickly as I could. Depression was looming & I hated the fact that they seemed to think they had the right to trespass on my property whenever they felt like it. I even caught them clambering back over the fence on one occasion when I had to turn around & drive back home to grab something I had forgotten. They were laughing their heads off & seemed to revel in it. Bastards!

The search for another house went on & eventually one was advertised on ‘homeswapper’ just 12 miles up the road from Port Is It. Not where I wanted to be, but at least it was out of Port Is It & away from next door, so I contacted them to see if they would be interested in doing a 3 way swap with Helen & I?
As luck would have it they said they were interested in Helens house on the outskirts of Truro, so we set up a viewing.
Their house was in B————(name omitted for legal purposes ) & although I didn’t like the house itself, the back garden was cute & I was desperate to get away from next door so I said I would take it if they liked Helens house near Truro. They did, & the arrangements were made with the respective housing associations to get the paperwork sorted. The house in B———-(name omitted for legal purposes ) was with a different housing association, Live West, so we wanted to get things done as quickly as possible & hopefully before Christmas!

My daily routines continued & next door did their best to make sure I never got to relax. I would sit down at around the same time every evening to put the tv on, 6pm, to watch the news & have a few glasses of wine with my dinner. I was also ‘’comfort eating’’ my way up to a size 28 every night & getting more depressed by the day. A vicious circle I had been in & out of for years with the PTSD & although my therapy for it had gone really well, I was now piling on the pounds due to depression. Something that my neighbours constantly commented on whenever they got the chance. I was referred to as ‘’The Fat Cunt’’. & their neighbours next to them, the Pinders also joined in.
Eventually I just avoided everyone in the village apart from ‘the old lady’ next door to me & the ‘young woman’ who lived down the road whom Lyle had pinned up against the wall with her dog after he mounted the pavement to do so. He saw her talking to me on his way down to the Spar shop for his beer rations & got pissed off that she was still talking to me!

All I wanted to do was get out of Port Is It as quickly as possible to escape all the abuse & bury my dog Eddie, who was still at the vets in Wadeford in the freezer, which was crippling me.

A few weeks passed & the exchange was agreed between the relevant housing associations. It couldn’t come quick enough for me!
My days were spent mostly in the company of Redge, who took care of my gardening & walked the dogs with me & my evenings were spent snacking in front of the tv, guzzling glasses of wine to dull the misery & downing diazepam tablets just before bed. I even started smoking pot at times just before bed to help me sleep due to all the noise from next door.
It helped!
One evening I sat down on the sofa as usual with my dinner & a glass of wine to watch the news & the next thing I know it’s 3.15am, my dinner is on the floor & the glass of wine I was taking a slurp from was laying on the sofa next to me & my dressing gown was covered in its contents. I had no idea why, as I was wide awake when I sat down to watch the news & eat my dinner & hadn’t taken any diazepam since the night before when I went to bed. I cleaned up & went up to bed.

I noticed 2 huge sore lumps behind both my earlobes the next morning when I got up which were irritating me so when Redge came round to see me in the afternoon I asked him to take a look as it seemed strange to have them on both ears at the same time & it’s not a place one would normally get spots. Something I had never suffered with.
Redge said they were just big red lumps with no heads on them & to leave them alone! He then pointed out that my right eye was badly bloodshot on one part of it & asked if I had knocked it?… I hadn’t, & neither had I noticed it being bloodshot when I washed my face & brushed my teeth. I hadn’t put any mascara on so didn’t pay much attention to my eyes that morning & when I looked in the mirror it was indeed bloodshot quite badly, concentrated in one spot just next to my iris. I thought no more of it & tried to stop scratching behind my earlobes!

That night I sat down to watch the news with my dinner & poured myself a glass of wine from the box that was perched on the side table, & the same thing happened … started to watch tv with my dinner & a glass of wine, next thing I know it’s around 3am in the morning!
Twice I’d woken up with my dinner on the floor, my wine all over me & the glass resting on the sofa! Hadn’t taken any diazepam Or smoked any pot!
Bugger me if it didn’t happen the next night too! Again, no diazepam taken or pot smoked!
I’d Just had a glass of wine whilst doing my dinner, exactly the same as the previous evenings, then sat down to watch the 6pm news whilst eating it with another glass of wine, as It turned out it was the last glass of wine in the box & also it was the last time that happened…

Whatever was going on wouldn’t become apparent until a few months later when I’d moved house. Then things would become all too frighteningly clear.

My neighbours did indeed have some ‘’very serious mental health issues going on’’, as specified by the home treatment team! & Nothing could prepare me for what was about to come.


I discovered last night, after doing a bit of online digging, that “THE SCOTSMAN” – Ex Chief Inspector that has been helping my stalkers Is, in fact, Still A Serving Police Officer!
AND that he is linked on Twitter to Both the Ex Sergeants who have Also been helping Melissa & Co. for the last 3 years with her Hate Crimes! (photo & video evidence of said accounts was taken at the time)
Less than 10 minutes after ‘following’ them on Twitter, I was Blocked from their pages!
This means only One thing…my internet use is definitely monitored as specified by various anti spyware apps & my Russian ‘Yandex’ email account system logs.
(a friend recommended Yandex due to it’s system logs & superior security!)

My first reaction was to sit & cry as I simply couldn’t get my head around Why this man &, in fact, why Anyone with a Sane mind would help Melissa & Lyle commit such serious crimes. They seem to have taken an obsessional hatred of me to completely unimaginable heights.
Over the last 19 months I have endured being drugged, forced into an ‘off duty’ police van, ( Black Box evidence has been requested for this ) raped, tormented & abused, had £3000 worth of jewellery stolen off my body whilst pinned to the floor terrified at her behest, degraded & humiliated whilst Melissa filmed everything, before it being uploaded onto the internet for all their friends to see, including serving police officers & my neighbours.

They have All been illegally spying on me, my internet use, my phone use including text messages & also in my home. Proof available.
One Ex Sergeant is a very long standing family friend whom Melissa has known since she was at school & the other Ex Sergeant holds a grudge against me for having to take early retirement after lying for one of his WPC,s & getting caught out!… he is the one that “The Lady Blogger” sent an email to asking him ‘Why he was bullying yet another disabled tenant of Cornwall Housing?” in early 2018.

They have broken ,on multiple occasions, my Article 3 Human Rights, as well as many others. They have drugged me, raped me, physically & mentally tortured me, abused me, kept me illegally confined for 3 weeks after drugging me & filming what happened to me whilst drugged. PROOF AVAILABLE. With Witnesses.


Every online account has been hacked or cloned , often both.

Every password to all accounts is known to them all.

Every device I own has been hacked or ‘jail broken’ in the case of 2 iPads!

2 smart tv’s have been accessed….PROOF AVAILABLE.
Melissas’ mobile phone number came up on the screen as ‘wanting to connect’ to my Samsung smart tv at 9.15pm on the 15th November 2018 whilst I was watching a documentary! This, by the way, was 3 weeks prior to my upcoming move to B————(name omitted for legal purposes).
Obviously I declined to ‘allow’ the request but it is stored in the onboard computer & that particular tv has not been used since January 2019 so the information contained within is definitely still on it, along with anyone else who ‘connected’ their devices to it.

The Only way to make a request to my smart tv’s is via my router, which they would have needed to get the password for prior to making a connection request…..this password could only be obtained by physically being in my house! It’s on the underside of the router!

My new Facebook page, created on 25th April 2019 was cloned at exactly the same time & the “SPOT THE SPY” anti spyware app that I downloaded gave me the notification, along with the Facebook account number/address to go with it! This was forwarded to the police who did absolutely bugger all with the information except give me a reference number for the report!
Action Fraud also told.

In all, I have had 3 Sky Routers hacked. 2 smart tv’s hacked. 1 SIM card cloned. At least 2 landlines tapped. 2 vehicles broken into with all 7 of the airbags being disabled in one of them as well as the alarms. (Melissa found my Seatbelt Exemption Certificate in the sun visor). 1 laptop hacked & physically configured to log me online via a WiFi connection other than my Sky router! 1 desk top pc that only lasted 2 weeks before going tits up…Twice! (I had it repaired & it crashed again 2 days later). 2 iPads hacked…they can actually freeze it & also affect the keypad when I type! I filmed it happening only yesterday, it’s like watching a keypad typing itself because of the time lag! The Apple engineers told me they were both ‘jailbroken’ & this can only be done by physically handling the device, not remotely.
My sisters email address has been tampered with 4 times in the last couple of months.
My neighbours email was hacked, as was another friends Yandex account.
My Yandex email account is accessed by them each time I log on. It’s a Russian company & they keep ALL records of everything that accesses your account including the IP addresses. One of which was 2a03.4000.21.8a8.dead.beef.Ca1f.1337.
The ‘unknown’ IP addresses were all accessing my Yandex account via Firefox & Chrome browsers, neither of which were present on my device so couldn’t possibly have been anything to do with me!
I have noted several. Including “THE SCOTSMANS” iPhone 7plus accessing my Facebook account last summer from Glasgow when he was in Scotland visiting his family up there for a week in June/July.2019.
I received the notifications telling me a device Other than Mine was being used to access my accounts! Police informed…I was ignored & eventually gave up reporting the events after they told me I was simply imagining everything.
These Monsters have completely destroyed my entire existence, even my family has been affected. Soul-less Vile Degenerates who derive pleasure from their games.

It’s mind boggling for an untecky 54 year old grandmother! Not to mention mentally exhausting. Trying to figure out how things have been done has taken me & some friends over 18 months.
& all this because I told my neighbour that her son needed help for his very scary rages back in October 2016…

I am now left with no recourse but to make a formal complaint to THE INVESTIGATIVE POWERS TRIBUNAL, for the decimation of my human rights, illegal surveillance by police officers both Ex & still serving, burglary, monitoring my phones, internet & private life, breaking into & tampering with mobility vehicles, drugging me…HAIR SAMPLES PROVE A TIMELINE & WHICH SUBSTANCES WERE USED…Police have flatly refused to test the samples taken, along with the roots, between 01/03/19 & September 2019, all timed & dated.
Even Lewes Headquarters for Sussex Police put a request in which was ignored! That particular police woman told me to open an Action Fraud account to report everything which I did. Some months later a CID Officer from Bodmin police station called me to say “Oh well, you don’t live here anymore, just forget about it & get on with your life!”

WHAT FUCKING LIFE…..MY LIFE WAS BACK IN CORNWALL WITH MY DAUGHTER & GRANDDAUGHTERS.…not sitting in Sussex trying to get these fuckers prosecuted & coming up against brick wall after brick wall.

PROTECT & SERVE… my arse.



I just posted a new blog by circumventing the home page which has been cloned & just keeps asking me to sign in! I video taped it as it was happening.


A COMPLAINT TO THE IOPC ON 15th October 2020.

I wrote to the Police Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall police, Alison Hernandez, on the 4th July 2020 & the reply I received for that letter stated that the contents of it were “Very Concerning” & that it had been forwarded to police professional standards department to allocate to an officer. That officer was a police Inspector from Plymouth.
I also wrote a separate letter to the PCC office for the attention of Alison Hernandez with some attached documents on 6th August 2020 which was then passed, along with a copy of the original letter, to a SERGEANT Andrew Skelton from Launceston police station to investigate fully. Not sure what happened to the police INSPECTOR from Plymouth that was originally allocated to to investigate!?…

I received an unheaded letter from Sgt. Skelton dated 24th August 2020 asking me to either call or email him to discuss things further, which I did.
During that call he informed me that he had only been forwarded my first letter sent on 4th July 2020 & not the second which also had attached reports with it, so I then asked him to request copies of them from the police & crime commissioners office & get back to me once he had received them all.
The reports in question are self explanatory & point to very obvious discrepancies in Four public services departments. Those being the Devon & Cornwall police service. The South West Ambulance service. The Cornwall nhs foundation trust & an army guard report from RNAS Culdrose, Helston.
There was also supporting evidence clearly proving the discrepancies within those reports from the Meteorological office & a Mr WJ Letting from Navy Security in Portsmouth & also Miss J Smales from the PALS office for Camborne & Redruth hospital showing quite clearly that the police, ambulance service & indeed an army guards report from RNAS Culdrose were All very obviously fraudulent .

I contacted the office of the PCC on 9th September 2020 to see if they had forwarded the letter together with the reports & they confirmed they had & as I still hadn’t been contacted by Sgt. Skelton I called him to discuss it on the 12th September 2020. I recorded that call.
He very obviously had Not read the second letter or any of the reports & at one stage asked me “well, what is it you want me to do Christina?”.
I must confess to being very irritated & pointed out that people had obviously submitted false reports & that it needed to be investigated properly as part of an ongoing 5 year hate campaign from an ex neighbour in Cornwall. This was the reason I had to complain about 2 other police officers in 2017 & 2018. A WPC Helen Lentern & her Sergeant Andy Stuart, both from Bodmin police station. Both complaints were recorded & Sgt Stuart took early retirement just afterwards…
Sgt Skelton made it quite obvious he was totally disinterested in anything to do with an investigation & I have heard nothing from him since. Hence my complaint to the IOPC yesterday!
The reports from the police, ambulance & army guard contained blatant lies, irrefutably proved by the evidential letters from J Smales of the PALS office, WJ Letting of Navy Sec. Portsmouth & also the weather reports from the meteorological office for the dates of 27th & 28th February 2019 & the 1st March 2019 which means, Conclusively, that the police & the ambulance services committed serious crimes & that they both lied to cover it up. As did a clinician named Natalie from Camborne & Redruth hospital who signed an official report for the ambulance crew to give their report credence & also the army guard from RNAS Culdrose who’s report is a total fabrication & will be evidenced as such once the facts are checked. Which Sgt. Skelton seems reluctant to do, as does anyone else in the police force in Cornwall !

God forbid a murder takes place there….they’re all far too busy getting their rocks off watching videos of people being drugged & abused illegally taken & then uploaded to What’s App! I am apparently to be found on a link called “Christina Dundee”! One of “THE SCOTSMANS’ “ little projects!


(name changed for legal purposes)
Port Is It.
(name changed for legal purposes)

A Spiteful, Venomous little creature who’s greatest pleasure in life is to have her gargantuan ego drip fed by her minions. She was very probably a bitch at school too. We’ve all come across the type, there’s one in every year!
A woman who seemed to scowl as a natural expression, had a complete lack of respect & total disregard for anything close to ‘neighbourly consideration’ when it came to anti social behaviour & noise nuisance & who gave her 9 year old son David free reign every time he threw a paddy which always turned into violent full on rages culminating in him being sent down to the bottom of the garden to take out his frustrations on bits of wood armed with a hammer, nails & a saw! I might also add that these angry rages were always conducted from a broken down shed with a 20 foot drop behind it & No Fence! Excellent parenting skills…

(name changed for legal purposes)
(name changed for legal purposes)

Philippa was the daughter of my neighbour from hell. She was 12 when I moved to Port Is It in August 2016 with my daughter & granddaughter.
Pleasant girl, seemed a little shy. She never spoke to us.

(Name changed for legal purposes)
(name changed for legal purposes)

David was 9 years old when we moved to Port Is It & we knew instantly that he had some sort of behavioural issue as the screaming rages started a few days after moving in & they were very fierce, very frequent & often violent.
He would later come to be used as an instrument of torture by Melissa & her boyfriend Lyle Trout.(name changed for legal purposes) in their hate campaign which began on 25th October 2016.

(name changed for legal purposes)

Melissas’ big sister. Never spoke to her & only ever saw her in passing. Just as unfriendly as her younger sister. She was a theatre nurse at Treliske Hospital in Truro.
(name changed for legal purposes)

Melissas’ brother in law. Same as his wife, never spoke & only ever saw in passing.
Both were involved in what Melissa & her boyfriend Lyle were doing to me for 5 years in all.

(names changed for legal purposes)

Her parents, originally from the midlands, moved from Debaloe (name changed for legal purposes) after living there for over 15 years to a bungalow in Mayfly Road, Port Is It in 2017. Just down the road from our houses. They never spoke & were also directly involved in Melissa & Lyles’ hate campaign. The mother even encouraged David, her young grandson to ride up & down outside my house on his bicycle chanting ‘Fuck off & leave, fuck off & leave’ whilst she & Melissa sat in Melissas’ kitchen laughing about it!
Need I say more…

(name changed for legal purposes)
Melissas’ Ex Husband.

Wesley used to come most Fridays to collect his son & daughter to stay with him for weekends & always waited in the car for them to come out.
I’m sure he knows exactly what has gone on over the last 5 years as the children will have told him & so would Melissa.

B —————- (omitted for legal purposes)

I’m afraid I don’t have Anything good to say about this pair. They aided & abetted Melissa & Lyle in their out of control hate campaign after I did my first house exchange to escape all the harassment. They denied knowing her when I asked to speak to her on their doorstep in February 2019 after hearing her talking to them in their garden. The uncle told me he had ‘never heard of her & didn’t know who I was talking about’! With a broad midlands accent I might add!

(name changed for legal purposes)
B———— (omitted for legal purposes)

Now This particular specimen is in an altogether more sadistic, egotistically misogynistic category all of his own! A very dangerous & twisted mind indeed.

With this mans’ help, Melissa Janson & Lyle Trout took their Hate Crime campaign to unfathomable heights of degradation & torment, culminating in the complete decimation of my life as I knew it.

(Omitted for legal purposes)
(name changed for legal purposes)

Ah, the fellow midlands man. A very close family friend of the Jansons’ for over 15 years. Has known Melissa since she was at school & had no hesitation in asking serving police officers to further my delightful neighbours’ hate campaign against me by making sure None of my police reports were investigated to keep her out of the shit! I actually have a recording of him telling her that in her lounge in June 2017.

If it hadn’t been for his intervention, Melissa & her grunt of a boyfriend would have been in prison 2 years ago for severe disability hate crimes & inciting hate crimes against me. Not to mention what they did to my dog Eddie.

WPC Helen Lentern.
Bodmin Police Station

A snide bent police officer who tried to have me Sectioned when I had to put in an official complaint about her to the IPCC in 2017 for lying . & she lied in front of a neighbourhood enforcement officer from Cornwall Housing in my kitchen after visiting my neighbour regarding anti social behaviour. Her Sergeant tried clearing her of lying.

Bodmin Police Station.

This man lied for a fellow police officer to try to clear Her of lying for my neighbour when he was called upon by an Ex police officer to pull strings to make sure my neighbour & her boyfriend were never charged with hate crimes against me.
& it worked!

LYLE TROUT. Melissas’ boyfriend.
(name changed for legal purposes)
Port Is It
(name changed for legal purposes)

An Idiot, but also another Spiteful, Venomous little creature with a penchant for Peeping in people’s windows, entering their houses without permission because he “Just wanted to see what was inside” & later going on to hack the shit out of every device in sight, including the smart tv’s, whilst grabbing a few bits to steal & taking the spare car key from the kitchen drawer to enable a dastardly plan hatched by “THE SCOTSMAN”, him & the ever delightful Miss Janson to take place.

Human Rights Act. Protocol 1- Article 1 springs to mind here Again!

(name changed for legal purposes)
(name altered for legal purposes )

Brother to Lyle Trout, lives in Wadeford (name changed for legal purposes) with his girlfriend & child. A very frequent visitor to my neighbours house & would often be brought over the short wall in between the front of our houses to peep into my lounge windows with Lyle who did it every day! Often times he could be heard telling Lyle that he wouldn’t be having him (Lyle) back to live with him if things got out of hand with the hate crime campaign against me!

(name altered for legal purposes)

The Youngest of the Trouts.

This young man would play an integral part in the theft of £3000 worth of gold jewellery stolen from my body whilst I was pinned to the floor drugged & terrified.


(name changed for legal purposes)
Port Is It
(name changed for legal purposes)

A ‘nice lad’ I thought when I first moved to Port Is It ( name changed for legal purposes) in August 2016. Pleasant & well mannered with a friendly disposition.
By late 2017 my first impressions were proved to be wrong with the discovery of His mobile WiFi address being connected to my laptop & It being used to connect me to the internet every time I logged on instead of via My SKY router.
The only way this could have happened would be him gaining access to my home to get the password from my router in my lounge & physically putting his WiFi address on my laptop system & setting up the connection….

More on this later…

(name changed for legal purposes)
Port Is It
(name changed for legal purposes)

A self important ex parish councillor & local flat roofer who introduced himself to me just after I moved into Mayfly Road, Port Is It (both names changed for legal purposes) on 1st August 2016 with my daughter, who was about to start her navy training to be a flight engineer at RNAS CULDROSE in Helston, & 5 year old granddaughter.
He welcomed us to the neighbourhood saying ‘’ If you have any problems I’m your local housing councillor, just come to me’’… That would later prove to be utter gobshite! When I actually did ask him for help in October 2016 he scurried off like the gutter rat that he is without even attempting to do so.
The police also thought he was an idiot, as I found out in April 2018 during a 2 hour meeting with ‘hate crime’ officers at Bodmin police station, who also simply said I should ….. yep you guessed it….. ‘’Move home’’!
Yet Another Prime Example Of My Human Rights Being Breached & Totally Denied Me By The Authorities/State Who Are Sworn To Uphold Them!

(name changed for legal purposes)
Port Is It
(name changed for legal purposes)

Nice enough on the surface. Scratch a little deeper though…
She & her family Aided & Abetted my next door neighbour in her quest for my destruction for 3 years.

(name changed for legal purposes)
Port Is It
(name changed for legal purposes)

Quiet couple, both working, her in the village & Kieran as a painter & decorator. His brother Peter also runs his own building firm in the village. They lived 3 doors up from me in Mayfly Road with their son & daughter who were both grown up.
Always nice when I saw them, although we didn’t really talk much & not at all once Miss Janson decided she didn’t want me living in the house next door to her anymore when we fell out over her son Davids’ rages in October 2016!

(name changed for legal purposes)
B———— (omitted for legal purposes)

Gayle lives on the corner of the street next to the one I moved to. Melissas’ aunt & uncle were the other side of me so I was sandwiched between the two. They were all good friends, had been for years.
She never really spoke to me much, just a quick hello in passing, she always seemed a bit nervous & hesitant to talk. At the time I never thought much of it, but it would all become much clearer come February/March 2019.
She seemed nice enough, lived alone, quiet, she was a nurse.

(names changed for legal purposes)
Vernary, Truro.
(altered for legal purposes)

These were the people I did a very hurried 3 way exchange with when I moved to B———— (omitted for legal purposes) from Port Is It on 10th December 2018. They moved to Vernary (altered for legal purposes) & the family from there moved to my house in Port Is It along with their 6 children.
An exchange that Melissa & Lyle at first tried to prevent when I was going to move to Bude… that 3 way house move fell through suddenly, just before we were meant to sign agreements to exchange.

(name changed for legal purposes)
Port Is It
(name changed for legal purposes)

A friend made after my neighbour Jeff built a fence for me between my house & Melissas’ after I got sick of Lyle peeping through the hedge into my kitchen windows whenever he felt the need!.
He helped me with the gardening & dog walking. Nice man.
Melissa & Lyle told the whole village we were sleeping together, same as they did Jeff, which was a blatant lie. We were all simply friends & neighbours.

Old Lady. Neighbour.
Port Is It
(name changed for legal purposes)

She was a Gem. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer neighbour! We spent hours chatting & she loved it when I took the dogs in to see her. We often used to sit outside in her garden whilst ‘the girls’ & Eddie meandered around.

(name changed for legal purposes)
B———— (omitted for legal purposes)

Not a nice man at all. Ex army, now a builder. Friends with Melissa & her family for years & the next door neighbour of her aunt & uncle in B———— (omitted for legal purposes). Their children went surfing together.

Callout to my home in B———— 24th February 2019
OMITTED THE PRESENCE OF PCSO MIKE DODDS 30665 IN THEIR INCIDENT REPORT. PCSO Dodds 30665 went straight up to see someone at the top of my road during the callout.
Told me off for wasting their time when I rang the police because I had heard Melissa & Lyle in the garden next door & in the back alley behind my house & was scared.

PC WHITE 13566.
Callout to my home in B———— (name omitted for legal purposes)

OMITTED THE PRESENCE OF PCSO MIKE DODDS 30665 IN THEIR INCIDENT REPORT. Log number 446/ 24-2-19. PCSO DODDS 30665 went straight up to see someone who lives up the top end of my road, during the callout.

PC White told me that the house next door to me was “Empty & vacant & that nobody lived there” when I told him I had heard Melissa & Lyle talking in the garden. He also told me I was “Imagining things & needed help”! Then started laughing as we watched PCSO Dodds 30665 walk back down the road from the house he had visited.

As it turns out, both those police officers are obviously suffering from Delusions, as the house in question in B———— (name omitted for legal purposes) has been owned by Melissas’ aunt & uncle since 2004 & the electoral role proves it! Right up to this point in time….2020!

More on these particular officers later!…

PCSO Mike Dodds 30665
Present at call out to my home in B———— (name omitted for legal purposes). on 24th February 2019.
He went straight up to a house at the top of my road during the callout.

Present At Culdrose Public Viewing Area Thursday 28th February 2019 approx. 9pm.

Present At Cornwall Hospital Closed Basement Ward Thursday Night 28th February 2019

Present At Cornwall Hospital Closed Basement Ward & Physically Assaulted Me … (POLICE STATEMENT GIVEN FOR THIS FACT IN APRIL 2019 TO PCSO CLARE BARNES.)

at 6.30am 1st March 2019 leaving Instant Black finger-mark Bruises on both arms as I Begged For Help after being drugged, filmed & abused there overnight for 8.5 Hours until the nurse that had given those responsible permission to use hospital property to do it to me changed her mind saying “Get her dressed & take her somewhere else. I regret agreeing to do this. My children come first, I don’t want to lose my job. Get her out of here now”.
I can Identify that nurse. & those involved.
I already gave Devon & Cornwall Police my statement. Crime number given, investigation closed straight away!
When I asked ‘Why’ … I was told ‘’We can’t do anything’’.

Present At B Hospital Back Entrance Car Park area 7.15am Friday 1st March 2019. He was sitting in the passenger seat of a Police Van I was Forced into at Cornwall Hospital at 6.30am 1st March 2019 & then driven to an unknown destination terrified & drugged.

Present At B————. (name omitted for legal purposes) 10 Harassment Visits To My Home Between March 22nd & April 2019 until I complained & gave PCSO Clare Barnes a statement in my home on what would be the Last harassment visit from Her.
NONE of the HARASSMENT visits were logged with Camelford Police Station by Either of the PCSO staff.

10 HARASSMENT Visits To My Home in B———— (name omitted for legal purposes) from 22nd March to end of April 2019.

NONE Logged With Camelford Police Station, as Confirmed by her senior officer on the phone when he gave me the Crime Number for the Theft of my Jewellery worth £3000.
PCSO BARNES 30263 took my statement on the last one of her ‘unlogged’ visits which, other than that one, had all included PCSO Mike Dodds 30665 .

Devon & Cornwall police force is the 2nd Most Corrupt force in the entire UK According to a report by The Guardian newspaper. (I beg to differ!)

MR Fireman.
Fire Station.

This young man was our neighbour for 3 years when we first moved to Cornwall in 2003. He lived 4 doors down & went to school with my daughter…they were good friends.
Their friendship counted for nothing though when “THE SCOTSMAN” talked him into giving an alibi to corrupt police officers & 2 members of the South West Ambulance Service on 28th February 2019 & the 1st of March 2019 to cover up my being drugged & abused for the amusement of Melissa Janson & Co.
More on this particular knife in the back later.


This police officer gave me the crime reference number CR-036265-19 for the theft of my jewellery which was stolen off my body whilst I was drugged on the morning of 1st March 2019 with Melissa Janson filming it. PROOF OF THIS READILY AVAILABLE!

NO INVESTIGATION…..NOTHING. Case was closed as soon as he phoned to give me the reference number, which he said was listed as “Stolen from person under the theft act”. & then told me “We can’t do anything” when I asked for an investigation.

The Lady Blogger.
Had years of harassment from Cornwall Housing, the council & the police. Has her own blog online about it all. I contacted her for advice when my problems with Melissa Janson started in October 2016.

(name changed for legal purposes)
East Sussex.

Where do I start with this charmer?!
Thuggish, threatening, bully boy. A relative of Lyle Trout. By marriage I believe.
He was filmed by a neighbour of my sister in East Sussex trying to break into my mobility car whilst it was parked on the hard standing outside her house in the middle of the night in January 2019.
Melissa, Lyle & another of my sisters neighbours, Nigel (name changed for legal purposes) were also present & filmed that night & on others.
I was visiting my sister after the new year & Melissa & Lyle followed me from Cornwall to continue their harassment.

Alex Hue- Brandon also threatened to “Punch me in the face” whilst visiting me sister again on 7th April 2019 at 1.50pm. My sister was so scared she asked me to leave the following day. More on this later…. but a dreadful man. Ex army. Friends with Mick Nolan.

(name changed for legal purposes)
East Sussex.

Nasty little man who threatened me in front of 3 sets of my sisters neighbours in January 2019 a few days after the attempts to break in to my mobility car.


More on this later…

(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital.
THE NURSE WHO LET MELISSA JANSON, LYLE TROUT, “THE SCOTSMAN” DOUGAL MCBRIDE, PCSO MAle & 3 other police officers & a few other friends drug , abuse, humiliate & degrade me whilst filming it all & then steal my jewellery on the night of 28th February 2019 & the early hours of the morning of 1st March 2019. Before uploading everything to be shared on the internet.

(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital.
Head Nurse.

This man injected me 4 times with a microchip needle whilst I was pinned to the floor absolutely terrified at approximately 8.15am on 1st March 2019.
All filmed by Melissa Janson from just behind me. PROOF AVAILABLE!

The white handles on the side of the needle gave it away
…My dog Eddie flatly refused on 3 separate occasions to be injected with one when he was younger until eventually the vet & I gave up!

(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital. Omitted for legal purposes

Aided & Abetted Melissa Janson & “THE SCOTSMAN” to torture me & break all my human rights.
(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital.

Aided & Abetted Melissa Janson & “THE SCOTSMAN” to torture me & break all my human rights.

(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital.

Aided & Abetted Melissa Janson & “THE SCOTSMAN” to torture me & break all my human rights.

(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital.
Ward Manager.

Aided & Abetted Melissa Janson & “THE SCOTSMAN” to torture me & break all my human rights.
She also changed staff shifts at the request of Derek from 1st March 2019 until 15th March 2019 to cover up my abuse. PROOF AVAILABLE.
She also refused to speak with me for over 2 months about the theft of my gold jewellery, until I eventually gave up calling.


Cornwall Hospital…Lives in Wadeford. (altered for legal purposes)

Nasty little shit. One of Lyle Trouts’ friends from Wadeford. Threatened me.

Cornwall Hospital.

Polish/Dutch guy, ex flat mate of “T” one of Melissas’ relatives in Wadeford.

(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital.

Illegally held me in a hospital knowing I had been drugged & abused. One of “THE SCOTSMANS” friends.
(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital.

Illegally held me in a hospital knowing I had been drugged & abused. One of “THE SCOTSMANS” friends.

(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital

Illegally held me in a hospital knowing I had been drugged & abused. One of “THE SCOTSMANS” friends.

(name changed for legal purposes)
Cornwall Hospital
Ward Manager

Illegally held me in a hospital knowing I had been drugged & abused. One of “THE SCOTSMANS” friends.

Cornwall Hospital

He complained to a senior manager & showed him the videos taken of me being abused & tortured whilst drugged by Melissa Janson on 28th February 2019 & in the early hours of 1st March 2019.

Cornwall Hospital


Cornwall Hospital


Young Woman & her dog.
Port Is It.
(name changed for legal purposes)

Lovely girl. Bullied & threatened by Lyle Trout for being friends with me when I lived in Port Is It.

Lindsay Baxter & Sarah Payne
Senior Housing Officer & Her Assistant.
Cornwall Housing

Dishonest housing officers who lied to the fraud man to try to get me evicted after I fell out with Melissa in 2016.

Stuart Blackie.
Housing Manager
Cornwall Housing.

A man stuck in the middle of a Vipers nest full of deceit.


April 2019 & April/May 2020.

Ex chief superintendant for Sussex Police. A nice man….I knew him from my early twenties after giving a statement in support of a friend.…

Went to him for help…twice.
Aparrently he’s “Semi retired & living in New Zealand now” according to an email I received after writing to him at his company’s address.

Sussex Police.
Neighbourhood officer for the Northmia area. (name altered for legal purposes)
Had to report instances of Further Harassment from Melissa after I was forced to move out of Cornwall altogether in May 2019.


DID BUGGER ALL TO HELP ME. Same as Devon & Cornwall Police.

VARIOUS ARTICLES OF THE EUROPEAN COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS BROKEN….including: Articles: 1 Obligation to respect Human Rights. Article 3. Prohibition Of Torture & Inhuman & Degrading Treatment. Article 5: Right To Liberty & Security. Article 8: Right To Respect For Private Life & Family Life. Article 13: Right To An Effective Remedy & finally Article 14: Prohibition Of Discrimination



(name changed for legal purposes)
Sussex Nhs.

Insipid was how my sister described this man.

He misdiagnosed me after police set up an assessment with him to stop me making complaints against Melissa Janson Co.


Launceston Police Station.
Complaint To IOPC lodged 15th October 2020 for ‘INACTION’. (independent office of police complaints)

This police man has completely ignored factual evidence in the form of Official Reports from South West Ambulance Service. Devon & Cornwall Police. An Army Guard from RNAS Culdrose, Helston & Official Hospital Records that prove ALL THE REPORTS ARE FAKE!

The evidence speaks for itself! All Sgt. Skelton said to me on the phone was “Well what is it you want me to do Christina?” Your fucking job would be a good place to start! & then when I asked him if he knew “THE SCOTSMAN” he replied in a hesitant tone of voice “Yes, I know him”. Need I Say More!

I will be uploading copies of these reports later in my blog. For now though, they are with the police & crime commissioner for Devon & Cornwall police & of course, sitting in the bin of Sgt. Skeltons’ office I suspect!

They were all concocted to form an alibi for those involved in drugging me on the 28th February 2019 & the 1st March 2019 & taking video footage of the events that occurred before uploading those videos to the internet for everyone to see. Thanks again Melissa!


I have been tormented by this bloody woman & her entourage for 5 years & the last 19 months have been hell on earth. Now I am far too pissed off to bother if I upset anyone… I want justice & someone to acknowledge my right to MY HUMAN RIGHTS.