The Fourth Obliteration Of My Human Rights.

Christmas 2017 was horrible.
My birthday, Christmas Eve, was spent hurriedly driving the hour & fifteen minutes journey down to Helston from Port Is It (name changed for legal purposes) to drop off presents for my granddaughter as she was due at her fathers for the night & Christmas morning & I wanted to give her a ‘HUGE HUGGLES’ before she went! I also wanted to make sure she had her presents ready to open on Christmas Day when she got back to my daughters’ in the afternoon. & I also did some food shopping for them for more snacks & bits n bobs.
My daughter had no car at that time so couldn’t get to mine & I wasn’t sure what delights lay ahead for me back in Port Is It later that day & night, so wasn’t sure if I would be making it into Helston on Christmas Day….
It crippled me hearing my granddaughter say how much she was missing me & wanted me to ‘stay’, but I squeezed her tight & told her we’d spend more time together again soon. The drive back to Port Is It was a sullen one, interspersed with a few tears & a snotty nose!

‘Next door’ knew it was my birthday & did their best to make it miserable & succeeded … same on Christmas Day. I was so miserable I couldn’t bring myself to drive to Helston so stayed at home with an undecorated house & simply took the dogs for a walk on the beach. I called my daughter & granddaughter & wished them ‘Merry Christmas’ at lunchtime & settled down in front of the tv!
The festive season came & went with the only ones enjoying any of it living in the house next door!

My neighbours from Hell took the sleep deprivation & harassment up a few notches for the new year & my group therapy sessions in Bude for ptsd caused by childhood abuse & abusive relationships, which my neighbours were well aware of as they listened to every conversation in my house, weren’t as soul destroying as I thought they would be. In fact they were a godsend!
The other women in the group were mostly younger than me, I was 52 at the time, & the 3 therapists were great. It was a surprise to me that things went so smoothly as I have always been a bit of a loner & never really talked to anyone about my past abuse. I just filed it all into little boxes & locked it up tight never to see daylight again!
By the second session we were all getting to know each other & we All formed a strong bond. It was easy talking about ‘things’, even for me!
Being an energy healer for so long, (nearly 30 years) I tend to naturally give off a calming vibration to others around me & it soon became apparent when one of the group mentioned it whilst we were all doing an exercise in ‘’self expression & learning to say NO’’. The therapists had a quick chat with me about it during the tea break & told me I had a very calming effect on everyone that they hadn’t come accross before in any other groups they had run, which cheered me up no end…”Spread the love people, spread the love!” was my reply. Me & ‘the girls’ decided to go for a coffee in town afterwards & we had a hoot.

This theme continued over the weeks, with us all continuing to ease each other through our traumas & meeting up in between to have coffees & a chat & the weeks flew by. One of the therapists called me to say she was wondering if I would be interested in doing the volunteer training to help other abuse survivors as I had a natural affinity to relax people & get them to ‘open up’ about their deepest issues without actually having to ask any probing questions & that they had never had a ‘group’ with the dynamics that ours had & they thought it was a lot to do with how I made people feel! … I jumped at the chance & said I’d sign up as soon as the course ended & would concentrate my efforts on getting an exchange property in Bude to make things easier. It made sense, as I had formed strong friendships with the other girls in the group & most of them were either living in Bude, or close to it & the therapy sessions I would be conducting would also be taking place there once my volunteer training ended. I was elated!

I found a house exchange a few days later & went to see it, fell in love with it & hoped they would like my house! Theirs’ had a stream running past the end of the garden which I had always dreamed of having. It would be the perfect place to cleanse all my crystals once a month or so. I couldn’t wait to get home & tell my sister! Next door were as quiet as mice as I told her all about it on the phone & explained how excited I was at the prospect of exchanging to my dream home! It was with the same housing association as mine, Cornwall Housing, so it shouldn’t take too long to get it accepted if they liked my house.

As it turned out they didn’t, mine was too rural for them, so we decided to find another property that they liked so we could do a 3 way exchange instead. Thankfully it was a quick search & a family from the Truro area came to view mine & liked it & the Bude couple liked theirs. All still with the same housing association so would be quick.
The Truro exchangers would be ‘over occupying’ as they had 6 children, but Cornwall Housing were desperate to ‘get rid of me’ due to all the hate crime & harassment complaints lodged against my neighbours with both Their offices & the police in Bodmin, that they ok’d the 3 way move.

My neighbours from Hell, by this time, had reached new heights of aggression with their almost 24 hourly onslaught of abuse, threats, noise nuisance & harassment. My mobility car (I’m registered disabled due to physical health related problems) had the rear windscreen wiper wrenched completely off by one of their friends who lived just up the road with her parents, the Garners (name changed for legal purposes). The girl, Clare Garner (name changed for legal purposes) bragged about it in the village…..gossip travels! She was one of Melissas’ drinking buddies & an old school friend so I’m told. It cost me nearly £50 to get it replaced at the mobility garage in Helston. Oh, how I Still wished I had never left there!
Varying degrees of verbal threats, unbearable noise nuisance, sleep deprivation & Lyle peeping through my windows & entering my home whenever he & Melissa felt like it to mess with my laptop, mini iPad, & smart tv’s continued. My exchangers in Bude were dragging their feet about when they wanted to move & Lyle was overheard telling one of their visitors gleefully “She’ll never get her move to Bude, we don’t want all those kids moving in next door to us”, referring to the family from Truro who wanted my house. Having been advised by the Hate Crime officers from Bodmin police station during a 2 hour meeting with them in April 2018 to keep a daily diary of events, I made a note of it & prayed the move would come quickly. They were wearing down my defences at an alarming rate, my therapy sessions were coming to an end soon & I didn’t want to still be living next door to them when they did. I was terrified every night as Lyle was getting more & more aggressive towards me with daily threats of violence, including repeating often that he would ‘’Just get a shotgun & shoot the cunt’’. Interspersed with ‘’I’ll just go round there & make her move out’’. He & Melissa could often be heard telling their friends & family when they visited, which was mostly daily, that I was making up lies about them to get them in trouble & calling me ‘’A fat bitch. A fucking bastard. A fat cunt. Etc. Etc.’’ It never ended.
They would climb into my garden over the fence that I had raised higher to deter them (FAT CHANCE!) to destroy my plants & urinate everywhere. They were still dropping small pieces of broken glass over the fence to injure my dogs & me. My granddaughter barely came to stay with me due to all this, which was making me more & more miserable. Cornwall Housing did absolutely Nothing about them & niether did The Police.
After June 2nd 2017 when the DWP called the police to do something about my neighbours Hate Crime & constant harassment & Melissa called in the help of the Ex Sgt. Dog Handler/Trainer who was friends with her family & He called in the ‘big guns’ … “THE SCOTSMAN” Dougal Mcbride, the Ex Chief Inspector who lived a few doors up from her aunt & uncle in B————(village name omitted for legal purposes), who made Doubly Sure I got no help from Devon & Cornwall police force, it was like living in a horror movie with no end in sight!
I was depressed, desperate to move away from Them & all the Venomous Hatred directed at me daily & losing the will to live. I just wanted to curl up & cry my eyes out but couldn’t, as I knew they could hear everything in my house due to the walls being paper thin & with no insulation between the houses it was like living in the same house! A NIGHTMARE COME TRUE!

A baby sea gull fell off my roof & onto the canvas roof of a gazebo my friend Redge Rivers (name changed for legal purposes & the second man in Port Is It they told everyone I was having sex with!) built for me so I had a little privacy from them glaring at me whilst in the top of my garden by the kitchen windows. They used to stare at me from the back bedroom window to make me uncomfortable & go back inside. They even instructed her 2 children to do the same & also to photograph me to upset me. Horrid, nasty, venomous creatures. Even the neighbours adjacent to Melissa, the Pinders’ used to join in by that stage.
It was May 2018, the sea gulls were a big problem in Port Is It & were very aggressive if you went near their babies, so when the chick fell onto the roof of my makeshift gazebo (Cornwall Housing tried having a go at making me take it down, but I told them it was needed for some semblance of privacy from next door, so it remained there!) I had no choice but to feed it as the parents had no way of getting it back up on the house roof & I didn’t want them to attack my 2 rescue chihuahuas! Eddie, my Parsons Jack Russell was too big to be attacked & was extremely grumpy due to his worsening arthritis so would fend them off for himself on the odd occasion they decided to have a go!
Feeding it lasted just under 2 weeks before it was found dead with some Corn Kernals next to it… Not fed to it by me.
They had a dried liquid substance on them that had a slight green tinge to it which bleached the canvas fabric on the roof of my gazebo & I presumed ‘next door’ must have decided to poison it to piss me off. Par for the course from the ever delightful & spiteful Miss Janson & Co.!

The ‘old lady’ one up from me whom I was great friends with was mortified when I told her, as she had seagulls that she’d been feeding for years from when they were babies! Not allowed by Cornwall Housing, but they left her alone as she’d been living there for 50 years & knew Everything about Everyone in the village & surrounding areas! She was a godsend as a friend & helped me to cope with ‘next door’. I frequently cried on her shoulder whilst she comforted me & insisted I stand my ground & not let them bully me into moving. I had no choice though; the stress was killing me & my weight problem was spiralling out of control with ‘comfort eating’ at night, which had always been one of my coping mechanisms with stress!

The previous month, April 2018, I had put in an appeal with the IPCC about a complaint regarding the conduct of Sgt. Andy Stuart that the police professional standards department decided not to uphold & that appeal found in my favour & the police had to Record my complaint. It was just after that, when I contacted the ‘Lady Blogger’ who bollocked him in an email asking him ‘’Why he was bullying yet Another Disabled Tenant of Cornwall Housing?’’ that he decided to ‘suddenly take early retirement’ !
It was also the same time that my dog Eddie started to act strangely. He would, over the course of TWO WEEKS, start to lose his balance & stagger, get confused & aggressive, vomit, need to urinate frequently, had some kind of muscle spasm fit in the back of the car & then finally he stood up in the lounge & wet & pood’ himself with diahorea & was visibly so mortified with embarrassment he tried to run away from it but lost his balance & fell over. He had Never, Ever gone to the toilet in the house & I knew something was, very, very wrong.
After telling him it was ok, cleaning him up & then the kitchen floor, I decided to check the garden…
Eddie used to like to drink the water that collected in various places in the back garden even though I tried to discourage him, especially after the baby sea gull got poisoned with the corn kernals on the roof of my gazebo which was attached to the 2 metre fence I had built by my kitchen windows between the two houses to try to stop Lyle spending his time gawking in through them & also to stop them all staring at me from the back bedroom window which was the daughter Philippas’ room every time I went out to sit at the table. My garden use became more or less non existent apart from drying the washing & cleaning up after the dogs. I gave up trying to get any more privacy & ‘next door’ had started using the fencing as a climbing ladder to get into my garden & then my house every time I went out of the village with the dogs.
Upon checking the usual ‘drinking holes’ I found a couple with water in them so emptied them & moved the containers out of reach & took Eddie to the vet the following morning to see if they could test his blood for poison… (the baby sea gull!)
The vet refused to do the blood test & simply told me that he had advanced dementia! I tried to argue that a dog with arthritis does not suddenly get dementia & then go to an advanced stage of it within a TWO WEEK PERIOD, but they insisted they were right & that the kindest thing to do was to have him put to sleep.
The vet left me alone in the room with him for ten minutes to ‘let me think about it’… I was distraught. Eddie was my best friend, my constant companion for almost 16 years. I never would have got through those years without him by my side…we went everywhere together. He was by my side throughout my darkest depressions & my most joyful days. Simply, I adored him & couldn’t envisage life without him & the thought of watching him die was crippling. But the thought of him suffering was even more crippling as the vet came back in & told me it was the kindest thing to do. My head was all over the place, I knew it wasn’t dementia, but the vet insisted & then I had to concede, I couldn’t bare the thought of him suffering so I cradled him gently as she administered the drugs & I watched his eyes go lifeless as I cried like a baby holding him in my arms as he took his last gentle breath. I held him like that for twenty minutes until the vet finally prised him from my arms telling me it was time to let go. She asked if I wanted to take him to bury him or for them to dispose of his body? I couldn’t bury him in the garden in Port Is It as I was moving & didn’t want to just leave him to be ‘disposed of’ so asked the vet if they could keep him ‘on ice’ for me until I exchanged houses, which she agreed to do.
I left the vets & drove home distraught. When I got there the girls, my 2 rescue chihuahuas, were confused & kept looking for Eddie. I spent the day crying on & off & knew full well my neighbours were loving every minute of it…..bastards.

The next blow to my defences was my exchange to Bude falling through. After messing me about for 6 months telling me they definitely wanted to move via the 3 way swap to Truro, they contacted me by message on the ‘Homeswapper’ site to say they had changed their minds. No apologies or anything, just that it was off.

I contacted Helen Price (name changed for legal purposes) to let her know that I would have to find another swapper to take her house & we both searched like mad, firing off messages to anyone & everyone in the Bude area or close to it to find somewhere for me to move to ASAP! The abuse & harassment sky rocketed with unbearable levels of noise, sleep deprivation & defamation of character spread amongst the locals. Lyle & David constantly behaved like deranged village idiots sitting in their lounge making barking noises to upset both Me & my dogs every few hours which was just moronic mindless behaviour. As was the screeching & giggling throughout the evenings & night times before AND after her kids went to bed…how they slept through it I’ll never know!

My sister had come to visit from East Sussex for a few days earlier in the year, in April, as she was so concerned about the levels of abuse from next door & how depressed it was making me feel. After hearing it all for herself, she begged me to move back down to Sussex, but I couldn’t move away from my daughter & granddaughter so refused. She also told me one afternoon whilst we were sitting in my kitchen chatting about it all that I should contact social services to report what was happening with David, Melissas’ son & his rages & her lack of interest in getting him any help…they were getting much worse. I flatly refused, telling her I had already been made to suffer enough after telling her through the wall to get him some help back in October 2016!
No doubt he was affected by the constant barrage of hate hurled my way every day & night & at one point he was instructed to ride his bicycle up & down in front of my house chanting “Fuck off & leave, fuck off & leave” whilst looking straight at me standing by the side of my house & his mother & grandmother sitting in Melissas’ kitchen laughing about it. Once again, Great Parenting skills!
Police were told, Cornwall Housing were told, Hate Crime officers at Bodmin police station were told during our 2 hour meeting in April 2018 where they simply told me to move!… absolutely Nothing was done about ANYTHING that my neighbours did to me on a daily & ever increasingly frightening level. They even poisoned the baby sea gull on my gazebo roof with the oddly coated corn kernals. & then there is the mystery surrounding Eddie’s untimely demise over the course of TWO WEEKS……

My sister again told me to contact social services about David, but I told her it was not an option for me. My neighbours were nut jobs & dangerous to say the least! I just wanted to move as far away & as quickly as possible.

Summer was nearly over & mine & Helens’ search for another swapper for our house exchange continued. Life went on & ‘next door’ continued their unending quest for my demise.
One afternoon whilst walking the girls around the block, a couple of tourists to the village & their 2 children crossed over the road to speak to me. I was talking to a friend, the young girl who had been pinned up against the wall with her dog by Lyle mounting the pavement in his van after he saw her talking to me in the street one evening. The couple pointed upwards & asked me why I was being followed by a drone & why, every time I stopped, the drone stopped moving & just hovered above me?… I looked up & there it was! It then flew off in the direction of my house in Mayfly Road (name changed for legal purposes ).
I knew at once who was at the controls as I had previously overheard Lyle bragging about flying it into my open back door for a nose around whilst I was 40 metres away at the end of my huge garden! Apparently he ‘Just wanted to see what was inside’… nasty little shit that he is.
As the tourists described watching, bemused, as the drone followed me down the road, stopping to hover above me every time I stopped to let the dogs have a sniff & then to talk to my friend on the other side of the road, my friend chimed in with “Oh, that drone was spying on me & my boyfriend in his garden last week whilst we were sunbathing”. It seems I wasn’t the only person Miss Janson & her peeping Tom boyfriend were spying on! There’s a law for that kind of thing, just not in North Cornwall it seems!
The tourists offered up their contact details & told me to give them to the police for a statement after hearing my friend say she had also been watched by the drone. Police in Bodmin told. Tourists details given for a statement. Crime reference given. Nothing done ‘’Due to lack of evidence?!’’. Apparently the police don’t think perving on people in the privacy of their own gardens is a crime in North Cornwall! I spoke to the tourists myself afterwards….police never called them!… same as they never spoke to the witness regarding WPC Helen Lentern telling big fat whoppers!
NIETHER do they think it’s a criminal offence to harass someone constantly! This fact would become even more apparent once my move occurred later that year, as the police themselves harassed me twice a week for 5 weeks until eventually I complained!


The Third Time My Human Rights Were Obliterated By The Police.

By November 2017 things had got so bad my local MP had already been involved in my housing issues with the “Gestapo” making sure jobs were not carried out on my property, the garden not being done, even after the surveyor saw the state of it the day he came in for a cuppa & heard next door talking clearly through the wall as if they were in the same room! & a plethora of noise nuisance complaints made to Cornwall Housing after my tenancy became an assured one on 1st August 2017 a year after moving in. By that time I had put myself straight onto the housing exchange list, desperate to move.
The garden was finally done by May 2017, very badly, causing me to have to spend vast amounts of money to create some sense of privacy from the ever present Lyle peeping through the fence into my garden at every opportunity to piss me off; or the kids would be sent out to make shed loads of noise to scare my 2 rescue chihuahuas & my 15 year old Parsons Russell dog. They had started dropping broken pieces of glass over the fence daily & always in the same place to injure my dogs, myself & my granddaughter. Police informed … nothing done as usual. I started collecting it in a big bag for evidence.
I also discovered my home had been violated by Lyle entering it whilst I was out & had left the back door open… I was 40 metres down the end of my garden sorting out some weeds behind a fence so couldn’t see my house due to the outside shed & attached outside loo. He bragged about it to their friends later that day. By that time I had been told by police in Bodmin & my MP to keep a daily diary of events & when I heard him telling someone that he had been in my house because he “Just wanted to see what was in there” I was so worn out with the never ending abuse I just kind of took it in my stride & simply added it to the list of shitty things they were doing every day!
I did start to put tiny pieces of folded card at the top of my front door every time I went out to see if he would break in again, as the card would obviously be on the floor if he did, but it was always in the same place when I got home so I thought he had just done it the once…. I later found out he had, in fact, come into my home through the open back door & taken one of my spare back door keys from the kitchen shelf next to it, had one cut & then replaced it whilst I was out with my dogs.
The break in & entering had occurred to facilitate my laptop, mini iPad, 2 smart tv’s & my Sky router being hacked. Police not interested…what a surprise!
My pc man (who has an IQ of 180 & speaks 11 languages including Mandarin Chinese & Russian & used to work for RAF intelligence at St Mawgan RAF base near Newquay, was called when my laptop started acting up…he told me that All my devices had been accessed from an ‘outside source’ & recommended I inform the police! If it would have done me any good I would have done so!
I simply nodded & agreed to him wiping Windows from my laptop & installing Linux instead, which he said would be safer. IF ONLY!…
I later discovered my laptop had Again been hacked when all my accounts started playing up, notifications of tampering with passwords were received & then finally I found that every time I logged onto the internet it was being done via Richard Pinders’ mobile WiFi connection & Not via my Sky Router…. I was mortified. Richard Pinder was the son of the couple 2 doors down & a close friend of Melissa & Lyle, as were his parents Alistair & Angela Pinder.
After getting over the initial shock of realising people were coming into my home whenever they felt like it & going through my belongings, violating the sanctity of my home, I wrote down the WiFi address belonging to Richard Pinder for evidence purposes & deleted it from my connections list. I then had the awful realisation that even my home had been completely breached along with all of my human rights. I then noticed things were not in their usual place. A large labradorite crystal had been turned around & upon inspection I discovered it had obviously been dropped & had a crack in it & a small chip had been made because of it.
I have been an Energy Healer for nearly 30 years & have a large collection of crystals, most of which had been moved from their usual spots. (dust marks gave it away!). I never noticed previously so it must have been a recent ‘visit’ from my neighbours! I also found a large ivory coloured Buddha statue was missing, the one I kept Eddies’ first puppy collar hanging from on the right hand finger. Eddie was my Parson Russell dog. A little sod, but I loved him to bits…he was my constant companion throughout the previous 15 years. Little did I know he would soon be prematurely leaving this life…

As I looked around my home, a feeling of utter hopelessness enveloped me & I cried my eyes out. I was depressed, stressed & living next door to a couple who had very obviously developed some sort of morbid obsession with trying to make me move. I often heard them arguing about me. On one occasion Lyle was heard shouting “You told me you wanted That woman out of that house & I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do, what more do you want?”… They had both been trying their hardest for months to create as much noise as was humanly possible day & night. I caught them climbing back over my garden fence on one occasion…obviously just after having another regular nose around my home whilst I was out. Being rural it took a good 20/25 minutes driving to get to anywhere with shops, so I was always out for at least 2 hours giving them plenty of time to go through my belongings, steal a few things here & there & hack every device in sight! All provable as evidence has mounted over the last 5 years & it still is!
The noise levels were unbearable in the mornings, so I started getting up at 7am & just sitting quietly in my kitchen listening to them crash around the pan cupboard, slam all the kitchen & bedroom drawers & doors, clank around in the fireplace & then stop to see if they could hear any sound in my house. Usually followed by Lyle saying “Is that fat cunt up yet?” On one occasion I was actually standing in my garden when all this was going on & after he had said it to her I replied “Yes Lyle, the fat cunt Is up”! There was a deathly silence for a few minutes, then their back door slammed shut!
I had started recording them on & off by this time under the instructions of my doctor after he showed me how to do it with my phone. On that particular visit to the surgery in Helston, which is a 1 & a quarter hour drive away from Port Is It (name changed for legal purposes), my doctor told me it was ‘’Going to get a lot worse before it got better’’, so I braced myself for another life event I ‘fight or flight’ mode. A coping mechanism well known to me over the years of abusive relationships.
Realising my entire life had been invaded & totally violated by Melissa, Lyle, their friends & neighbours, I decided to up the anti & complain yet again to the police & Cornwall Housings’ ASB team, better known as the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team to ask for sound recording equipment to be installed after yet another visit to my MP’s office in Bodmin for advice.

I was summoned to a meeting at the offices of Cornwall Housing on the Chy Trevail business park estate, just off the main road into Bodmin to meet with a Miss J Kinsman, the neighbourhood enforcement officer.
Upon arrival at the reception desk I was told to take a seat & wait for Miss Kinsman, who arrived shortly afterwards & asked me to follow her to an office just accross the hall. When the door opened I was greeted by the very sullen looking Lindsay Baxter & introduced to a WPC Helen Lentern from Bodmin police station.

I wasn’t expecting a police woman to be there & was immediately made to feel ‘uncomfortable’ by the seating arrangements already laid out for my arrival with Lindsay Baxter behind a long desk, Jo Kinsman seated next to her but slightly on the corner, my chair 3 feet away from the desk in the middle of the room & WPC Helen Lentern sitting directly behind me slightly to my right. It made me feel like I was being paid lip service which was, of course, the whole idea!
The meeting didn’t go well, with Lindsay Baxter very obviously totally disinterested in everything both I & Miss Kinsman had to say. Baxter never once made eye contact with me, instead she just kept looking over my right shoulder at WPC Helen Lentern with a look of boredom in her eyes. Lentern returned the looks of disinterest each time I looked round at her for a reaction to what both Miss Kinsman & myself were pointing out as serious harassment & abuse from my neighbours. At one point Miss Kinsman held up one of my diaries, pointing to a page frantically & saying to WPC Helen Lentern “Look, this is serious Hate Crime, something needs to be done about this”. WPC Lentern said absolutely nothing &’didn’t even bother to read the page! She just looked over at Senior housing officer Lindsay Baxter who was also completely uninterested. I couldn’t believe what was very obviously happening. Cornwall Housing are famous for Shafting people they deem to be ‘nuisances’…people who don’t tow the line & do as they are told. I was, after all, the Newcomer to Port Is It (changed for legal reasons) having moved there from South Cornwall the year before to facilitate my daughters’ Navy training & then career as a flight engineer at RNAS CULDROSE in Helston where I was living previously for 13 very happy years! & Oh God how I wished I was still there!
The meeting ended with Baxter reluctantly agreeing to install sound recording equipment in my home to capture the noise nuisance & ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR & Threats from my next door neighbours from Hell. She told me that Melissa would be notified in writing that this was to happen, but would not be told the date it would be installed. I didn’t hold out much hope of it working due to previous dealings with them all in 2016 onwards! The last time I had seen Baxter she was threatening me with Immediate Eviction if I dared to complain about Melissa at all, so I wasn’t confident anything useful would. One of it all…
Miss Kinsman said she would be in touch to let me know when it would be installed; I thanked her for her help & drove back home to Port Is It. dreading another evening of ASB & Lyle & David making barking noises constantly to upset my dogs. Mindless morons spent all their time obsessing over me, day & night. I had been the only topic of conversation I that house since the day he asked her why she was being so horrible to me back in January 2017 just after he started dating her & he moved in a few weeks later!
Personally I would have thought a new relationship would have been all about how smitten they were with each other & how lovely everything was to be in love…..but not Melissa. Her Only goal in life was to make me as miserable as possible & to make me move out of the house next door to her & she made no secret of it either! Everyone in the village knew she hated me. She & Lyle gleefully told visitors to their house one time “We’ve successfully alienated her from almost everyone in the village, she’ll have to give up & move soon”. It was a relentless hate campaign designed to cause as much stress, misery & sleep deprivation as possible.

The recording equipment went in on a Tuesday; by Friday it was full due to me having so much to record….next door were a little quieter, but not much. I rang my sister to tell her the equipment had stopped working & had a moan about it all.
The next morning I saw Angela Pinder, the neighbours 2 doors down who were close friends with ‘next door’ leaving Melissas’ house wearing a long purple coat with the hood up & carrying a small case under her left arm & a Bruel & Kjeer hand held sound recording monitor in her other hand with the front panel of it facing backwards so I could see it. I recognised it straight away as the same equipment that was installed in my home by the NET officer! It’s bloody expensive kit so I knew it hadn’t been bought. I watched In amazement as Angela scurried off down the road & disappeared into her fathers house over the road. When I mentioned it to my sister she thought the same as me…the housing officers had told Melissa what day the equipment was going in & she borrowed the same equipment to record me too! It’s the only logical conclusion.

The recordings were collated & Baxter informed me there was nothing on it except ‘Normal Household Noise’. I wasn’t at all surprised by this as I already knew I would be shafted again by her & WPC Helen Lenterns’ attitudes toward both myself & Miss Kinsman during the previous meeting at Cornwall Housings’ offices at Chy Trevail.

I protested that I did not agree with the findings as they did not match my own recording of incidents as they happened & the next thing I know there is an appointment booked for both Miss Kinsman & WPC Helen Lentern to attend my home to discuss what was going on regarding the ASB & noise nuisance from my ever delightful neighbours.
They both stood in my kitchen talking about what would be happening that day & WPC Lentern said she would be going into Melissas’ house to test the noise levels through the walls by talking & seeing if we. Old hear her from my house.
Miss Kinsman & I waited for any sounds, we could just about hear faint conversation & then a tap on the wall from WPC Lentern who then said ‘did you hear that’ we both said yes faintly & then there was silence. Then another tap on the wall & WPC Lentern asking if we heard anything. We heard nothing that time & said so. Next thing WPC Helen Lentern came back to my home & proceeded to LIE HER ASS OFF by telling both myself & Miss Kinsman that she had ‘’SHOUTED AT THE WALL AS LOUDLY AS SHE COULD, CAN YOU HEAR ME’’ cupping her hands to her face as she said it in an exaggerated whisper…obviously trying to make out she was shouting.
Miss Kinsman & I both looked at each other bemused & replied that we had heard nothing….we both Knew WPC Helen Lentern was lying.
Everyone that had been in my house could clearly hear everything that next door said & did even when they were acting normally & not trying to be noisy…the walls are paper thin with No insulation. The Cornwall Housing building surveyor had heard them clearly when he came to my home in February 2017 & was shocked at how the sound travelled between the houses…he told me I needed “Celotex sound insulation installing” & said he would “Mention it to the office when he got back”! The houses on my estate were built 50 years previously & everyone had sound problems….one of my neighbours, who was a lovely old lady, told me when she was younger she had to bang on the wall when her neighbours were “At it” to tell them to be quiet as her mother was just about to arrive for a visit!
That same old lady was lovely, we got on really well & she kept telling me not to let them bully me into moving away. I just had to though, the stress was too much & then finding they were coming into my home whenever they felt like it was just too much for me to cope with as the police were steadfastly refusing to do anything at all to help me except give me endless crime report numbers & not investigating anything. A trend which still continues to this day!

A second sound recording installation took place just after the fiasco with WPC Helen Lentern lying to myself & Miss Kinsman, neighbourhood enforcement officer for Cornwall Housing, whilst standing in my kitchen & me putting in a formal complaint about her to the then IPCC (independent police complaints commission) which was upheld & forwarded the police professional standards department. Her Sergeant, Andy Stuart, also from Bodmin police station, was then put in charge of investigating my complaint & tried lying to protect her so I complained formally to the IPCC about him too & that complaint was also upheld! ….eventually. It was rejected at first by the police professional standards department, then when I appealed via the IPCC they insisted the police Record my complaint against him.
He tried again to clear WPC Lentern of lying & said he had spoken to Miss Kinsman, ‘The Witness to the lie’, who apparently denied the conversation that went on in my kitchen.
I spoke to Miss Kinsman myself & no such conversation took place with Sergeant Andy Stuart according to her.
I RECORDED MY CALL WITH MISS KINSMAN THAT DAY FOR FUTURE EVIDENCE, as a pattern was emerging with Devon & Cornwall police that left a nasty taste in my mouth… I think it’s called Bullshit!
In all, 2 complaints about Both police officers were lodged with the IPCC & both were upheld. Sergeant Andy Stuart called me at my home to tell me off, saying “I’ve been a policeman for 29 years & I love my job. Are you telling me I don’t know how to do my job properly?”… my gut reaction was to say YES I AM, but I thought it best to resist the urge & simply replied “ No Sgt Stuart I am not, but WPC Lentern lied when she said she ‘’shouted as loudly as she could’’ through the wall from my neighbours house that day, it simply isn’t possible to do that without being heard.
I didn’t bother to tell him I had spoken to Miss Kinsman myself & had recorded the call in which she informed me that Sgt Stuart had Not spoken to her at all about it, & I also asked her several times during that call about exactly what WPC Helen Lentern had said about shouting as loudly as she could through the wall & each time Ms Kinsman confirmed that it was correct. Lentern had lied…full stop.

Next thing I know, I’m getting a call from Cornwalls Mental Health services telling me that a WPC Helen Lentern had called them to say “I was a danger to myself & others & that they needed to section me”!
They were bemused & asked me why on earth she had called them to say that because I was no such thing!
They knew I had already seen the mental health team in February 2017 to have one final stab at making sure I had absolutely No Mental Health Issues At All before giving in to my doctors wishes & signing up for therapy with the women’s centre in Bodmin for PTSD caused by childhood trauma, abuse & then abusive relationships!
I told them she was pissed off due to me complaining about her to the IPCC & that my complaint was upheld & sent to professional standards to deal with.
The lady on the phone told me I should complain about it to the police station, so I called Bodmin police station straight away.
As you can imagine, I was furious. Who the bloody hell did she think she was trying to have me sectioned for complaining about her for lying….she bloody well did lie & I had proof for it by way of a witness! Not my fault that both her & her Sergeant are corrupt, got pissed off about my complaints being upheld & were out for revenge.

Bodmin police station told me WPC Helen Lentern was not available when I called & that they would leave a message for her to call me back. I was surprised when she did just that less than ten minutes later. She sounded condescending & sarcastic when I asked her what the bloody hell she thought she was playing at ringing the mental health people telling them I was a danger to myself & others? She tried to tell me she was ‘’only doing her job as she was concerned for my welfare’’…. BOLLOCKS WAS SHE.
She was pissed off that my complaints were upheld & it muddied the waters as far as my neighbours went with their continued & ever increasingly disturbed obsession with me!
I told her under no circumstances was she to have Anything more to do with Any of my complaints to the police about my neighbours & that I was formally requesting that another officer dealt with things from then on.

Back in November 2016 when I had my falling out with Melissa next door & after the ‘Gestapo’ came to bark orders at me in my home to say I either had to obey or be homeless, I had chanced upon a lady who posted blogs online about her own harassment problems with Cornwall Housing & police being less than helpful & had contacted her a couple of times to ask for advice about my own worsening situation.

I decided to contact her again to let her know what had happened with my complaints against Lentern & Sgt Andy Stuart & the reaction it provoked from Lentern…..she was gobsmacked!
Then the next day she told me she had decided to send Sgt Stuart an email asking him “Why he was bullying yet another disabled tenant of Cornwall Housing?”

I told her I wished she hadn’t done that as it would more than likely provoke a shitty response for me with any future dealings with Bodmin police station regarding my problems with my neighbours & their hate crime campaign going constantly uninvestigated or indeed dealt with properly at all !…

I thought no more of it until I had to go to Bodmin police station again to report yet another incident. When I asked if Sgt Stuart was about, the desk staff said “ No, Sgt Stuart isn’t here anymore, he took sudden early retirement much to everyone’s surprise, we were all shocked about it; can someone else help you instead?”
Taken aback I replied “No” & simply carried on with the report of hate crime I had gone to the station for.

It occurred to me on the way home that Sgt Stuarts’ early & sudden retirement coincided with the lady bloggers’ email to him asking why he was bullying yet another disabled tenant of Cornwall Housing!…. & the fact that he had phoned me to tell me off a few weeks previously telling me “I’ve been a police officer for 29 years & I love my job”… this was all starting to take on an entirely different & distinctly sinister set of circumstances now & I didn’t feel good about it at all. I could feel something shitty coming my way, but had no idea what it was.

The second set of recording equipment was set up & again Lindsay Baxter said there was nothing on it except, yep you guessed it, “Normal household noise”… I knew that was utter rubbish as I had made my own recordings at the same time & David could be clearly heard screaming his head off non stop for 15 minutes one lung full of air at a time, then he ran upstairs & completely smashed his bedroom to pieces after screaming at Melissa & Lyle “Why can’t you just leave that woman alone, I’m sick of this, I hate you”. I can only imagine what kind of state that poor little boys’ mind was in & Melissa Still did nothing to help him. He very obviously had behavioural problems that he needed help with. I could see it, one of my relatives had the same kind of violent angry rages as a young boy & spent years in therapy.
No way was that ‘normal household noise’…I almost called the police it was so loud & So scary. The only thing that stopped me was the certainty that they would do bugger all as per usual. So I just took an extra Diazepam instead & poured a large glass of wine!
That particular outburst from David was one of his scariest & when I told my friend Rob the next day he said I should have called him to come to my house, but I told him I didn’t want to disturb him. He only lived 2 streets away, but next door had spread nasty rumours around that I was sleeping with him & I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. I had already had to pronounce out loud to a Spar shop full of villagers earlier that year that I was not sleeping with Rob & had not slept with anyone else my neighbours had said I was sleeping with in the village either! I had been very happily celibate since 2007.
The girl behind the counter said awful things were being said about me but they knew it wasn’t true & not to worry. I thanked her for her kindness.

All in all it had been a really shitty & emotionally draining year & now I had a vengeful ex Sgt. & a pissed off WPC to watch out for, so I did my best to keep my head down.
My hate crime complaints continued, as was advised by the police, even though they did sod all to deter them.
My therapist at the women’s centre had persuaded me to join a ‘group therapy’ session for my ptsd in Bude that took place weekly & ran for 4 months that had started in the new year, even though I did my best to try to wriggle out of airing my dirty laundry in public!
So much had happened in 2017…the constant abuse from my neighbours was getting more intense by the day, my stress levels were sky high & the Diazepam was hardly helping at all. I missed my daughter & granddaughter so much it hurt & Christmas was awful as they had decided, due to all the harassment going on at my house, to move back to Helston permanently; & as my daughter was now a fully fledged flight engineer at RNAS Culdrose in Helston, it made sense. I still hated being without them though & wished with all my might that I’d never moved out of Helston.



After the visit from the ‘Gestapo’ in November 2016 & my being told in no uncertain terms that I was Never to make a complaint to Anyone about my neighbour Melissa Janson (name changed for legal purposes) or her children about Anything she chose to do to me, my whole world began to look very bleak. Then on the 23rd December 2016 at 09.10am there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find a man standing there holding a briefcase, who held up a name badge for me to look at before introducing himself as Mr R Davies, chief fraud officer for Cornwall Council & he told me he was investigating my living in my home fraudulently on my own.
I was pleased to see him as I knew I wasn’t committing fraud & he was visibly taken aback by my being so; he was even more surprised when he saw my granddaughter sitting on the sofa in her pyjamas watching tv & her toys all over the place! Firstly he told me that he didn’t want to know Anything about what was going on with my neighbour or, indeed, anything that the housing officers had said to me when they came in November 2016.
I took him through to the kitchen & listened to what he had to say, which amounted to the ‘Gestapo’ (housing officers Lindsay Baxter & Sarah Payne from Cornwall Housing) having lied their asses off to him in official documents in an attempt to help my shitty neighbour, Melissa Janson, have me evicted after we fell out over her son back in October.
I listened to his questions & answered them all truthfully. I told him that when Lindsay Baxter showed us the house in July 2016 I had informed her that my daughter would only be home on weekends as she was Navy training as a flight engineer & that my granddaughter, who was 5 at the time, would only be with me on weekends & half the holidays as she was staying with her father in Helston during the week to attend school. I told him that Ms Baxter, when we told her about my daughter joining the navy, offered us the house straight away telling us she was from a Navy family herself.
Then my daughter appeared in the doorway as the conversation had woken her up. She sat down at the table & I left them to talk whilst I went & sat with my granddaughter in the lounge.
About 10 minutes or so later Mr Davies called me through to the kitchen & said “Right, I want you to tell Everything the housing officers said to you when they came to see you last month”. So I told him. I said they had ordered me not to complain about anything my neighbour did etc. & that they had threatened to take my home away within 2 weeks if I did not obey them. I also told him they had lied about my first house check with Sarah Payne in September 2016 & her telling me Melissas’ noise at night was her coping mechanism for Davids’ behaviour & screaming rages & that they had been informed I was living alone in my home fraudulently & that it wasn’t Melissa that had told them.
By this time Mr Davies’ face had turned quite red & he slammed both his hands down on my kitchen table as he leant half way accross it saying “ It Was Melissa”. I told him I knew it was & then he told me to lodge a formal complaint against the housing officers for lying & threatening to take my home away. I told him I was too scared to complain for fear of losing my home. He assured me that ‘I was fully entitled to my home & that as far as he was concerned it was the end of the matter’. He told me to complain to the housing officers manager, a Mr Mathew Clemments & he then gave me his business card & told me to call him if I had any further issues. I asked him if I could have a copy of his file, but he said I would need a solicitors request for that if it ended up in a courtroom in the future & again told me to complain to Mr Clemments.

I felt a little less stressed after his assurance I was not about to me made homeless, but was still too afraid to complain about the ‘Gestapo’ & their bully boy tactics so we just put up with all the noise nuisance from next door.

Christmas came & went fairly quietly, which was nice, then in the new year Melissa got herself a new boyfriend. (she had been left by her husband in November 2015 for a younger woman so one of the neighbours told me…Melissa put a brick through his caravan window when she found out where he was living! Such a charmer.)
The arrival of her new man, Lyle Trout (name changed for legal purposes) coincided with a phone call I was having on speaker phone with my sister, who lives in East Sussex where I grew up, one afternoon in early January 2019, when all of a sudden all we could hear coming from next door was the sound of Melissa & her new man having sex! (paper thin walls with no cavity insulation, you could hear a pin drop!) It culminated in a girlish Yelp from the man & then one from her….me & my sister laughed about him sounding more like a girl than Melissa did before ending our call. A fact that has irritated Lyle ever since, because they both heard me & my sister laughing about it!

Two weeks passed with a plethora of various purposely made noises, doors slamming, cupboards doors & drawers slamming etc. then one afternoon Lyle asked Melissa “Why are you being so horrible to the woman next door?” I didn’t hear what her answer to that particular question was (unusually because the walls were so thin it was like living in the same house!), but whatever it was it caused Lyle to join in with the noise abuse with gusto.
This went on day & night, with me being prevented from sleeping properly, my daughter being prevented from sleeping properly when she came home from navy training on the weekends & each time my granddaughter was put to bed at 7pm the noise levels went up tenfold to keep her awake as well. It was bloody awful & there was nothing I could do about it for fear of reprisals from ‘the Gestapo’.

By February 2017 it had become so bad I went to see my GP back in Helston about it as the stress was making me severely depressed. (I kept my doctor there as he had known me for years. Spending ten of them trying to persuade me to go for therapy at the women’s centre for complex PTSD caused by child abuse then very abusive relationships as an adult, resulting in me shutting off from men altogether from 2006/7)
I asked him if I could be prescribed diazepam to help me cope with the stress. He told me I would have to stop taking the Tramadol I had been on for the previous ten years for my severe arthritis & back problems due to it being broken by my first husband when I was 22 years old. He said that because they were both opiate based medicines he could only prescribe one or the other. I didn’t hesitate to make my choice…the neighbours were making life intolerable for both myself & my daughter when she came home on weekends exhausted from training, even going through a miscarriage whilst in the middle of it.
The stress from the neighbours was too much for me to cope with so I took the Diazepam option & then had to cope with the lack of proper pain killers, something that was extremely hard to do after using them for so many years. I would wait all day to take the Diazepam in the evening to enable me to sleep & started drinking with them to make sure I at least got a few hours sleep. Melissa & Lyle would stay up late & then wake up at around 4.30 am every morning, banging around in the kitchen to make sure I was deprived of sleep.
It got worse by the week, with Lyle banging pans around in the cupboard repeatedly, then slamming drawers & cupboards whilst Melissa slid things up & down on the kitchen tops bashing them up against the walls before stopping to see if I had got out of bed. Lyle would say “Is she up yet?” If they couldn’t hear any movement in my house they would continue the pattern until I had been forced to get up.

During the day when Melissa was out for a few hours doing her Dance fitness classes (she holds fitness groups around North Cornwall) Lyle would do the same noise routines on a fifteen minute rota system until Melissa came home. In between this there were David’s constant & ever worsening screaming rages to contend with daily. My Diazepam was increased to 10mg from 5mg & more booze was consumed before bed time to help me get some sleep!
My dogs were stressed, my daughter was stressed, I was spiralling into PTSD induced depression at an alarming rate & my doctor once again begged me to go to the women’s centre for therapy. He had spent 10 years trying to persuade me to go, telling me I had ptsd from child abuse then abuse as an adult in my very violent relationships, but I kept resisting as I didn’t want to drag up my very abusive past if I could help it. Over a seven year period I made my doctor refer me to therapists, psychologists & finally a mental health Panel who All told me the same thing…I had absolutely No Mental Health Issues…no Bi Polar, no Personality Dissorders including Schizophrenia, no Manic Depression etc. Nothing at all, but that I did indeed have COMPLEX PTSD brought about by childhood trauma & abuse & then abusive relationships which could Only be treated via the women’s centre in Bodmin & Bude as it wasn’t a mental health issue! I conceded to my doctors diagnosis for my depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bouts of agoraphobia, self isolation & stress & agreed to call WRSAC for help & was put on the waiting list, which, I was told, was a long one!
I tried, amongst all the crap the neighbours dished out almost 24 hours daily & all the nasty lies they spread to villagers to stop them talking to me, to mentally prepare myself for dredging up my very abusive past; a journey into a very deep dark chasm I was dreading. All those little boxes that had been filed & hidden away at the back of my mind for so many years.

Next door were aware of how bad things were for me as they listened to every phone call made to my sister whilst crying, every call to friends doing the same. My daughter stopped coming home every weekend & skipped the odd one here & there due to the lack of sleep from the noise nuisance & constant screaming from David’s tantrums that were Never quietened by Melissa. It was like living in a never ending nightmare with no end in sight & all the while I was still too afraid to complain to the housing or the police due to fear of losing my home. My doctor was the only person I told of all the abuse, harassment, hate crimes, threats & intimidation hurled at me daily from next door, with ever increasing intensity. It got so bad he started hugging me every time he saw me to try to comfort me…bless him. He wrote to Cornwall Housing asking them if they would make an exception to the rules & give me a full tenancy early so I could get an exchange, but Lindsay Baxter refused. Even my dentist wrote to them to tell them the stress was making my gums recede at an alarming rate making my teeth loose. My life was Shit. My health was suffering. My dogs were unhappy & so was I.

By the 2nd June 2017 it got so bad from next door I decided, in desperation for help, to drive 2 miles down the road to a lay-by to make a call In Private to the PIP section of the DWP (I had been registered disabled for years due to physical problems & severe depression from the ptsd.)
I spoke to a man named Phil for about 50 minutes & sobbed as I told him about everything that had happened since 2016, with Melissa & her son, the ‘Gestapo’ preventing me from making any complaints, not even to the police, & the constant unrelenting abuse from next door day & night & the threats of violence made towards me from Lyle when he drank at night.
The PIP man was horrified & insisted I go home to call the police as I was being “SUBJECTED TO SERIOUS HATE CRIMES & THREATS OF VIOLENCE”.
I told him I was too scared to complain, but he insisted & said he would calling them too as soon as our call ended & that my call to him had been recorded in case it was needed for legal purposes. I asked for a copy to be sent to me & agreed to call the police when I got home, which would take me about 20 minutes. I thanked him for his help & drove back home.
The police took my details & the reason I was calling & told me that as my home was rural it would take 2 or 3 days to get an officer to come out to see me, then he said “Oh, no wait a minute, we’ve just had a call from the DWP about this, an officer will be with you within 30 minutes”.

That police officer came at approximately 6.30pm, sat on my sofa & said “I know exactly what type of people we are dealing with here & I can tell you now that THE POLICE WILL DO NOTHING AT ALL TO HELP YOU & NIETHER WILL CORNWALL HOUSING. They will simply tell you to move & that’s the best advice I can give you. You need to move as quickly as you can”
Then we heard Lyle say to Melissa “ Fucking hell, she’s got the police next door”.
The police officer pointed to the wall & said “Is that them?”… when I answered YES he said “If I go next door & tell them to reign it in it will only make things a thousand times worse for you so I’m not going to, you need to move as soon as you can, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help to you” & with that, he left.

THAT WAS THE ENTIRETY OF ARTICLES 2, 3, SEVERAL OTHERS & PROTOCOL 1 – ARTICLE 1 OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998 being Completely Denied me by the authorities & signalled the end of my life as I knew it.

Melissa called an ex police sergeant who has been a close friend & neighbour of her family for donkeys years in another village a few miles from Port Is It (name changed for legal reasons) to ask him for help to keep her & Lyle out of the shit for what they were doing to me. That ex Sergeant had been a dog handler & trainer who still rears & trains the dogs for the police & the Navy in Devon & Cornwall & also trains the dog handlers in those forces too. He & Melissas’ family are all originally from the same place in the midlands as well.
He was recorded by me just after that telling Melissa, in her lounge, that he would “Make sure the police did nothing to help me & would not act on my complaints & that he would call a friend of his, an ex chief inspector, called Douglas Mcbride (name changed for legal reasons) to ensure it”. He then instructed the dog he had with him to “TALK, TALK” to make it bark…upsetting my dogs. Lyle said “Hahaha, that’s great, we’ll have to get a dog & you can help us teach it to do that, it will really piss her off”
I then filmed that ex police officer leaving Melissas’ house & getting into his blue BMW with his dog. He visited several times after that whilst I was still living there.
From that day Lyle would sit in their lounge with David making barking noises together to upset my dogs & make them bark…everything was escalated & the stress became intolerable.

My life was more miserable than it had Ever been. I was severely depressed. Terrified of Lyle threatening to hit me, come to my door & threaten me. He constantly peeped through my windows, encouraging their visitors & his brother Del to do the same thing. He even said repeatedly very loudly “I’ll just get a shotgun & shoot the cunt”.
The police did nothing except give me crime numbers & close the investigation without doing anything…not even a caution or warning letter was given to my neighbours from hell.
My therapy with the women’s centre started a few months later & she would tell me every week that serious hate crimes were being committed against me & that I was to report them to police each time they occurred & she gave me a rape alarm to press if Lyle came anywhere near me. I went to Bodmin police station so many times the desk staff & I were almost on first name terms! Crime numbers were mounting, but nothing was ever done. I had proof, but it made no difference….I was fobbed off each time. & all the while Melissa & Lyle grew more obsessed with their quest for my decimation & more confident with the severity of their onslaught.

By December 2017 my weekly therapy sessions at the women’s centre were being totally taken up with what was going on with my neighbours, instead of talking about the abuse issues from my past that had caused my complex ptsd. My therapist & I both agreed it would be better for me to concentrate on trying to find an exchange & then come back for 1 to 1 therapy when things had improved. By this time she had given me 2 rape alarms & was very concerned for my safety, as was my elder sister in East Sussex. My daughter was so worried about what the neighbours were doing to me she cut down the amount of time my granddaughter spent at my home, which was gut wrenching for me as I had been involved in her life since she was born. I missed them both terribly, but understood the safety issues.


My Human Rights Were First Taken Away From Me In November 2016.

A visit from Senior housing officer for Cornwall Housing in my area,Lindsay Baxter & her assistant Sarah Payne (the same assistant that did my first house check in September 2016 entirely from my sofa, except for when she looked out of my kitchen window so I could show her the mammoth overgrowth in the garden that should have been done before we moved in on 01/08/16, which she said she would sort out for me straight away!) culminated in the complete obliteration of:
ARTICLE 3. of The Human Rights Act 1998
& PROTOCOL 1-ARTICLE 1. of The Human rights Act 1998.

(these rules are set out in a previous post here in my blog as reference)

This breach occurred due to a falling out with my next door neighbour on 25th October 2016 over her son David’s (name changed for legal purposes) frequent rages, which were very distressing as the walls between the houses on my estate were paper thin with no cavity wall insulation to dull the noise. It was like living in the same house!
I was also suffering from Complex PTSD due to childhood trauma & abuse & then a string of very abusive relationships, which made it very difficult for me to cope with at that time & I was awaiting therapy at a women’s centre in Bodmin…long waiting list!
A surveyor from Cornwall Housing (NM) who happened to be standing in my lounge one afternoon & heard the neighbours’ conversation whilst drinking a cup of tea was Horrified that it could be heard so clearly & said to me ‘’What’s that?’’… when I told him it was my neighbours he said ‘’My god, that’s terrible, you shouldn’t be able to hear that, you need Celotex soundproofing I’ll mention it to the office. I like your rugs by the way!’’
I told him ‘’That’s nothing, you should hear it when they start shouting, or play music, or when her kid kicks off’’. That was in February 2017. The surveyor had come to remove a ‘key safe’ from my back gate & I took the opportunity to show him my vastly overgrown garden that Cornwall Housing should have cut back prior to my moving in the previous year on August 1st. I was still waiting for it to be done as it was a 40 metre garden & far too overgrown for me to handle myself.
The surveyor said ‘’Oh, I see what you mean, you need a 4 man team for this job, I’ll get it sorted for you over the next few weeks’’. I was very grateful as it was preventing me from letting my dogs & granddaughter safely use the garden to play in so I offered him a cuppa; hence the conversation regarding the paper thin walls!

Back to my visit from the housing officers in November 2016 regarding the ‘fall out’ with my neighbour…
They arrived stone faced with an aggressive attitude & I knew at once it was going to be very unpleasant & biased in favour of my neighbour who had lived in the street for 12 years. I was correct in my assumptions … it was extremely unpleasant & they made me feel like a small child being severely chastised.
They weren’t prepared to listen to Anything I had to say about the reason Why I had banged on the wall at 3.10pm on 25th October during the half term to tell my neighbour to ‘Shut the f up & get that boy some help’. I had spent over 2 months being woken up at 5.30am every morning to the sound of the 9yr old son screaming & shouting in angry rages with his mother doing nothing to quieten him at all….Ever! & that particular day he had been doing it all day & my nerves were frayed to say the least. I had also just lost a dear friend whom I had not spoken to for 15 years & was wracked with guilt.
I told the housing officers that I had tried to apologise to Melissa 10 minutes afterwards, but that she was not interested & after screaming a load of abuse at me through my door she said she had reported me to Cornwall Housing.
Lindsay Baxter kept interrupting me to repeat like a mantra “Don’t forget, you’re on a 12 month Starter Tenancy & we can have you out within 2 weeks at any time”.
I tried to explain how thin the walls were & how the surveyor NM had heard for himself whilst in my home just how bad the noise nuisance was due to this, but they weren’t interested.
I even tried reminding Sarah Payne of our conversation about all the noise at night & David’s constant screaming rages & how she had written it all down in her file for the records in case of any ‘future issues’…. to my utter horror Miss Payne (in my ass) looked me straight in the eye & said in a flighty, condescending tone ‘’I have no recollection of that conversation at all’’. Then Lindsay Baxter chimed in for the umpteenth time ‘’Don’t forget, you’re on a starter tenancy & we can have you out within 2 weeks at any time.’’ & then, just to drive the blade into my back a little further she ended the sentence with ‘’We’ve been informed that you are living in this 3 bedroom house alone & that your daughter & granddaughter are never here & it wasn’t Melissa that told us. You are Not to make Any complaints At All about Melissa, her children (she also had a daughter called Philippa….name also changed for legal reasons, who was 11.) & you are Not to cause any trouble, walk in front of her house at any time, talk to her or her children, or upset them’’
Melissa had lied to the housing officer Lindsay Baxter when she complained about me telling her to get David some help when I banged on the wall on 25/10/16 & had falsely told her that I had made her son cry…a complete lie, I never did any such thing.
Again I was reminded of the penalties of losing my home within 2 weeks if I ever complained to anyone about Anything coming from next door, effectively giving Melissa free reign to make my life a living hell, which she did from that day forward.
As they were leaving my home I tentatively asked if it would be possible for the garden to be cut back as I was still unable to use the garden safely, as were my granddaughter & dogs. (yes, my granddaughter & my daughter, who was navy training in Portsmouth at the time to be a flight engineer at RNAS Culdrose, were indeed living in the house with me but obviously not all the time & Baxter knew this when we were offered the house!)
& also about whether the draughty windows could be sorted as Port Is It (changed for legal reasons!) is bloody windy at the best of times!
Lindsay Baxter said ‘’You’ll have to sort that out with my assistant Miss Payne, she’ll be Dealing with you from now on’’ dismissing me with a side sweep of her hand & with that they left.
I was utterly broken. Terrified of losing our home. In a part of Cornwall miles away from Helston where we had been living previously for 13 years very happily (move to North Cornwall was to facilitate my daughters navy training) & I just wanted to break down & sob my heart out. Not an option for me as the walls were too thin & I didn’t want to give Melissa the pleasure of hearing me. So I adopted the same survival tactics I had been using all my life to cope with stress & pain…..’’Adapt & Survive’’. A coping mechanism I had mastered as a child which stood me in good stead for my entire life up to that point in time.

& with that one, completely devastating visit from the women I would later nickname ‘’the gestapo’’, my entire existence became a living hell & my Human Rights took their first breach… that breach of human rights defences took a severe beating daily from then on & has now reached a point where I have No rights at all….not even Privacy in my own home.



2pm… Prevented from sending a subject access request to the POLICE & CRIME COMMISSIONER , Alison Hernandez, for Devon & Cornwall police.
My emails are being sent back to me under a ‘mailer deamon’ heading once again.
& her secretary’s emails to My email address are now blocked too, preventing me from circumventing the blockage of my email address on their system! …(Same thing happened when I tried to email in an additional request to the SA1 subject access form I sent in on 11/05/2020 to Exeter Police Headquarters Data Protection Office. STILL AWAITING MY POLICE FILES REGARDING THE LAST 5 YEARS…Keep getting letters every 2 months putting me off for another 2 months!)

I will now have to go back to Hastings Library to send my request with my identification documents & hope that Their system isn’t hacked again like it was in July… I had to write to the IT people at the library to let them know why their pc system was crashing repeatedly after I had been using their computers for just over a week after my New desk top was hacked & crashed twice! As have all 4 of my pc devices since 2017.
The library management/IT dept. sent me a reply thanking me for informing them that their firewall had been taken down allowing unauthorised downloads to their system, which is protected as a rule from this sort of thing due to the pc’s being used by the general public for private secure use!
I knew why their system was acting up as my Russian Yandex email account was still being hacked whilst using their server & pc’s! So I thought I would test their firewall by trying to download the Russian Yandex Server to their system & to my surprise it let me do it effortlessly…& believe me, I am 54years old & by no means computer savvy, but I have spent the last 4 years being hacked & cloned to shit on every device I own including 2 iPads, one laptop, one desk top pc, 2 smart tv’s, 1 mobile phone SIM card that was cloned 2 years ago when Melissa & Lyle (name changed) broke in to my mobility car after stealing my spare key, & still collects evidence to that effect every time I send a text message due to them setting my number to forward my messages to 2 other phones, one being Miss Jameson’s!
3 routers from SKY, who have kept all info from the routers hacked & returned for exchange & Sky Priority Services Fraud Dept. have been personally & exclusively dealing with my account since the end of 2018 up to the present time!
My sister has been hacked, some friends have been hacked & every online account including this one have been hacked & cloned. All reported to Police & Action Fraud with Feck all done about it!

The email sending prevention operational activity has been happening regularly since March 2019 when I was still living in B————, Cornwall.

Starting with online reports I tried to send to the police regarding my online accounts being hacked & cloned by Melissa Janson (name changed) & her friends Mick Nolan (name changed) + (ex army & living 2 doors down from me in B————), & others…

Ex High ranking officer for Devon & Cornwall police THE SCOTSMAN of B————, who has been a close friend of Melissa’s family, some of whom lived in the house next door to me in B————& have lived there since 2004 to the present time as specified on electoral role records! They are her aunt & uncle.

Ex Police Sergeant CANNOT BE NAMED-YET, ( dog handler & trainer, who still rears & trains the dogs for the services in Cornwall & surrounding counties) another close friend of Melissa & her family since she was at school & living in d———-where He still lives … they are all also originally from Birmingham.
I also have recording of him in her house in Port Is it… from 2017 telling her he would make sure the police did nothing to help me & that he would contact his friends to make sure she & her boyfriend were not arrested for anything! Accompanying video footage of him leaving her house on multiple occasions with his dog which he ordered to ‘Talk’ making it bark to upset my dogs, is also available for the police when they are finally forced to act due to my human rights being denied me, especially Article 3 & multiple laws being broken repeatedly over the last 5 years to date.

Ex Police Sergeant Andy Stuart who blames Me for his having to take sudden early retirement at the end of 2017 to protect his pension (&freedom!) after being reported to the then OPCC & complaints upheld both times for lying to protect WPC Helen Lentern (also reported to opcc & complaints upheld).
Sgt Stuart decided it was safer to do a runner after he received a rollicking in an email from a fellow victim of Devon & Cornwall Police services Corruption & also that of Cornwall Housing’s dishonest housing officers after I contacted her to discuss my own ‘difficulties’ with them all & to ask for advice!
By the way, I never requested that Linda Timpson (name changed) send ex-Sgt. Stuart an email asking him ‘Why he was bullying yet another disabled tenant of Cornwall Housing?’, but he very obviously thought I had…that is the only reason I can think of for his involvement in the unrelenting Hate Campaign waged against me by the ever delightful Miss Jansen & Co. !


© Collins 2020
Definition of ’libelous’


(laɪbələs ) also libellous
If a statement in a book, newspaper, or magazine is libelous, it wrongly accuses someone of something, and is therefore against the law.
…stories that are inaccurate or outright libelous.
Synonyms: defamatory, false, untrue, malicious   More Synonyms of libelous

The Above Official Legal Definition Of LIBEL/LIBELOUS & It’s Synonyms Has Been Included At The Beginning Of My Blog To Prevent Any Possible Attempts By The People Contained Within It To Have The Content Removed, To Have My Blog Removed From The Internet, Or To Have Me Arrested For Publishing It’s Contents…every word is true & I have proof for it all!



The following pages are a True account of events that, within the British Legal System, constitute a Flagrant Disregard for & a Total Violation of the Sanctity of My Basic Human Rights … drawing special attention to ARTICLE 3 of the human rights act 1998 which came into force in this country in October 2000.
But Woe Betide anyone that dares to threaten Their’s in return!


• torture (mental or physical)
• inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and
• deportation or extradition (being sent to another country to face criminal charges) if there is a real risk you will face torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in the country concerned.
As you would Expect, public authorities must Not inflict this sort of treatment on you. They must also Protect you if someone else is treating you in this way. If they Know this right is being breached, they Must Intervene to STOP it. The state must also Investigate credible allegations of such treatment.
What is torture?
Torture occurs when someone deliberately causes very severe cruelty & suffering (physical or mental) to another person. This might be to punish someone, or to intimidate or obtain information from them.
What is inhuman treatment?
Inhuman treatment or punishment is treatment which causes intense physical or mental suffering. It includes:
Serious physical assault
• psychological interrogation
Cruel or Barbaric detention conditions or restraints
. Serious physical or psychological abuse in a health or care setting, &
.Threatening to torture someone, if the threat is real and immediate.
What is degrading treatment?
Degrading treatment means treatment that is Extremely Humiliating & Undignified Whether treatment reaches a level that can be defined as degrading depends on a number of factors. These include the duration of the treatment, its physical or mental effects and the sex, age, vulnerability and health of the victim. This concept is based on the principle of dignity – the innate value of all human beings.
Are there any restrictions to this right?
Your right not to be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way is absolute. This means it must never be limited or restricted in any way. For example, a public authority can never use lack of resources as a defence against an accusation that it has treated someone in an inhuman or degrading way.
What the law says
Article 3: Prohibition of torture
NO One Shall Be Subjected To Torture Or To Inhuman Or Degrading Treatment Or Punishment.
This is specifically published here at the start of my blog for all those (you know who you are) that have BREACHED IN FULL my Article 3 Human Rights & have been doing so since 2016 & Intensely since 28/02/2019 up to the present time.
THE STATE HAS NOT UPHELD THE LAW & some have Aided & Abetted those who are breaking it.

An Introduction…

This is my first attempt at publicising the events that have unfolded over the last 7 years & since the Police in both Cornwall & Sussex have proven themselves to be completely corrupt & totally incapable of conducting themselves with any form of decency I have had to resort to writing a Blog! As I sit here typing I am fully aware that This account, like all my other online accounts, has been hacked & cloned & it has been par for the course since the middle of 2017, a year after moving from Helston, where I lived very happily for 13 years, to Mayfield Road, Port Isaac... A place that will be forever etched in my memories as the beginning of a hellish nightmare that seems to have no end.

I will start the proceedings by informing my readers that there will be things spoken of here that will seem too extreme to be true but, I can assure you all, that Every single word written throughout this blog is the Gods honest truth & there is Hard Evidence for everything… some on video that sees my next door neighbours attempting to break into my car to remove evidence against them & a corrupt police officer, some photographed, some in voice recordings that capture corrupt police officers admitting their crimes. Some from other people who have their own proof of events by either being witnesses or having filmed events as they occurred. All of which have been ignored by police officers for 5 years, so you will have to excuse me if I seem to exude utter contempt for them from time to time! 🐷🙉🙈🐵

My “Tormentors’’ illegally took videos & photographs of me whilst I was drugged ((more on this subject later)) which they gleefully shared amongst Their friends & My neighbours before uploading them to the internet to cause me maximum degradation & humiliation.
They broke into my homes, my mobility cars, stole from me, threatened me & my dogs, even poisoning one of them. They spread vicious lies about me to neighbours & even threatened some of my friends & my sister, before then contacting my ex husband to see if he would be interested in helping them to further their harassment of me…

My ex husband & I had a Very bitter ten year custody battle, which saw me awarded full custody with no contact allowed for him & it seems he has spent 20 years harbouring a terrifying hatred of me! His father is an extremely rich arab & I have discovered, to my horror, that he agreed to fund my being ’professionally stalked & harassed’ by ex police officers who are now working in the ’private investigator’ sector… Again, there is Hard Evidence for this & a money trail!

My home & my life have been completely & irreparably Violated in Every way possible by these Vile Monsters & it still continues daily, despite 4 house moves to date, since December 2018, resulting in me eventually being forced out of Cornwall altogether in May 2019 putting a distance of nearly 300 miles between me, my daughter & my three grand children… I made Cornwall my home for 16 years. My daughter grew up there, my grand children are growing up without me there, my friends are there & my eldest dog was murdered there…

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Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right.

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
  • Because it will help you focus your own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to do with it.

The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

When you’re ready to publish, give your post three to five tags that describe your blog’s focus — writing, photography, fiction, parenting, food, cars, movies, sports, whatever. These tags will help others who care about your topics find you in the Reader. Make sure one of the tags is “zerotohero,” so other new bloggers can find you, too.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right.

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
  • Because it will help you focus your own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to do with it.

The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

When you’re ready to publish, give your post three to five tags that describe your blog’s focus — writing, photography, fiction, parenting, food, cars, movies, sports, whatever. These tags will help others who care about your topics find you in the Reader. Make sure one of the tags is “zerotohero,” so other new bloggers can find you, too.