LET THE GAMES BEGIN… It is hard for me to quantify the emotional damage that those responsible for my being drugged, raped, abused, tortured & filmed for everyone to see have done to me… I still have problems accepting that people like that exist in todays’ civilised society, let alone in such large numbers allContinue reading

DID SOMEONE SAY ‘BITCH’?…Sorry my mistake, it was ‘BREACH’! Summer 2018…Another summer spent avoiding my garden due to Melissa & Lyle revelling in every opportunity to get their friends/family/neighbours to gloat in their abilities to make me miserable. Each conversation was interspersed with snide & derogatory comments.It was awful to listen to each time IContinue reading


I discovered last night, after doing a bit of online digging, that “THE SCOTSMAN” – Ex Chief Inspector that has been helping my stalkers Is, in fact, Still A Serving Police Officer!AND that he is linked on Twitter to Both the Ex Sergeants who have Also been helping Melissa & Co. for the last 3Continue reading “THE INVESTIGATORY POWERS TRIBUNAL”


APPARRENTLY ONLY THE FRONT PAGE OF MY WORDPRESS BLOG ACCOUNT CAN BE CLONED! I just posted a new blog by circumventing the home page which has been cloned & just keeps asking me to sign in! I video taped it as it was happening. KISS MY ASS BOYS! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT BRYAN…LEAVEContinue reading “CORRUPT CURRENTLY SERVING & EX POLICE OFFICERS AIDING & ABETTING A STALKER.”

A COMPLAINT TO THE IOPC ON 15th October 2020.

I wrote to the Police Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall police, Alison Hernandez, on the 4th July 2020 & the reply I received for that letter stated that the contents of it were “Very Concerning” & that it had been forwarded to police professional standards department to allocate to an officer. That officer wasContinue reading “A COMPLAINT TO THE IOPC ON 15th October 2020.”


MELISSA JANSON(name changed for legal purposes)Port Is It.(name changed for legal purposes) A Spiteful, Venomous little creature who’s greatest pleasure in life is to have her gargantuan ego drip fed by her minions. She was very probably a bitch at school too. We’ve all come across the type, there’s one in every year!A woman whoContinue reading “THE ENEMY CAMP!”